The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 08, 1928, Image 3

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Hairy Lewis was in town Tuesday.
Dr. Stovall was spraying hi trees
Cecil Chnstaln wait
buMinwMH on Tuesday.
In Maupln on
Miss Mamie Walker of Wapinitia
wan in Maupln Friday.
Dr. Klwood visited with friends on
tht Flat Monday evening.
Julius Shepflln wag down from the
lunch Monday on business.
W. S. Woodcock und family were
In town on business Suturday.
Georgo Caymler was down
Wapinitia Plains on Monday.
Sam Drown of WaplnltU was
Maupln on business Tuesday.
Juliu Shepflln, reports that there
it still mow on tho timber line.
suniihine huit dried
it out c-oriHidcr-
Dolph Goetjen wan In town on
businiss from Tygh Valley Tuesday.
Wm. Woodcock and wife were ov
er from Wamic on business Monday.
Vern Tunnison of Dukeoven wan a
business visitor In Maupin Monday.
Cus Derthirk and daughter, Fan
ny, visited In Tygh Valley Monday.
Leonard Chatitnin transacted busi
ness with Maupln merchants Mon
day. o
A number of tourists passed thru
Maupin Tuesday enroutc to Portland.
Ollle Weberg was keeping himself
busy on Tuesday spading up his car
don patch.
A. A. Derthick of Dufur was a
business visitor in Maupin Saturduy
and Sunday.
Many farmers on the Flat are (ret
ting ready to do their spring plowing.
To date the ground has been too wet
to work, but the last few days of
The firm of Duvldson-Mayhew are
putting their trucks In shape for
spring hauling.
Dr. F.lwood visited with Mrs. El
wood und son, Darrul, at The Dalles
on Sunday last.
i H o
Miss Fern Burllngume is visiting
with the Misses Fanny and Edna
Derthick for a few days,
Cyril and Orval Fraley hauled
stind from the Deschutes river to
their home Monday evening.
Ctto Herrllng reports spring on
the way at Criterion. He was down
from his ranch on Monday.
The local school board recently
barred school boys up to 16 years of
age from loitering in the pool room.
Deputy Came Warden E. Cramse
was In Maupin Sunday night, and
while here called on The Times man.
Bob Fortune has decided that the
Huchler sheep needed his attention,
therefore went to that ranch Mon
day. ,
0. Poquette and Sam Well were
down from Waplnltla Friday and
traded with Maupin merchant while
S. A. (Brick) McLeod was over
from Tygh Ridge Monday, visiting
with relatives and transacting busi
ness. ,
Clarence Zlggenhagen drove the
Standard Oil truck to The Dalles
Tuesday, going there after some re
puirs. Theodore Rndtke went to Portand
Monday morning, going down on
buHiniss connected with the Maupin
Mis Dorothy Harris, one of Mau
pin's popular teachers, was registered
Kt the Bnnk Hotel at The Dalles last
Roy Crabtree and wife were in
town In yesterday. Roy has begun
his spring plowing and savs the
ground is in fine condition for auch
Ben Cook came up from Portland
tho latter part of lust week, and
spent severul days with relatives in
this vicinity.
L. C. Henneghnn, accompanied by
hit wife and Mesdames Chalmers and
Kramer, were visitors at The Dalles
on Tuesday.
Charlie Redding gtartcd up his
Ford car for the first time since last
fall, und took a trip up town to lim
ber "Betsy" up.
Tho show and dance given by the
Ladies Auxiliary of the local Ameri
can Legion post last Friday night
was well attended.
Floyd Vanderpool and Mrs. Geo.
Gill were guests at the Statts home
in this city Sunday, the visitors com
ing over from Dufur.
Dee Talcott was "hauling lumber
for his new house on Tuesday. Mr.
Talcott recently had the misfortune
of having his home burned down.
Chester Crabtree, after spending I
the greater part of the winter in j
California, has gone to work on the !
ranch of his brother, Roy, on Juni
per Flat.
fy St.
Q .Day
George McDonald and wife were
at the county seat Tuesday, they go
ing there for the purpose of having
a physician give Mrs. McDonald
Miss Edna Derthick went to work
as assistant to Miss Regina Muller,
who has charge of the cook house
at the Butler Canyon quarry, yester
day morning.
"Stub" Lister has decided to take
his training for a while on the
Lester Crabtree ranch. He will
work out holding onto the handles
of a footburner and direct a bunch
of horses while plowing.
Job and Earl Crabtree drove to
The Dalles Sunday, going down for
the purpose of visiting their sister,
Mrs. John Donaldson, who is recov
ering from a severe attack of pneu
monia at a Dalles hospital.
Spalding baseball supplies. Special
rates for ball clubs and schoolr, ut the
Maupin Drug Store.
i ' j ; 1 THm
Given by the, Altar Society of Sacred
Heart Catholic Church, on
Maupin Legion Hall
Chicken Supper, 50c Plate
Bigget arid Best Dance of Season
Tickets $1. Everybody Come
Everybody living in Maupin and vicinity
, is cordially invited to attend a
Kimiejr Catches Beaer
Mile Kimscy who has a beaver
iarm on White River, hag augmented
his stock by the addition of five fine
beaver. He caught five of the rodents
on Tygh Creek and there, with the
one caught on Frog creek gives
him a parent stock, of six fine animals.
Ill TI
i i Fi
Shipped Hereford.
Mark Stuart went to Wamic last
riday and while there purchased 26
ine Hfreford beef cattle from John
son Si Son. The cattle were brought
to Maupni on Saturday and that ev
ening were taken to Portland. They
were the finest beeves seen here in
many moons and elicited much com
ment when on their way through
town to the depot stockyards.
Novel Mirrors Installed
Saturday, March 10
This is designed as an introduction to
the public of our new place of business,
and also as an exhibition of the
n.7. TTn About
riCIl Upd Town
Hillstrom Bros, will soon move
one of their drilling outfits to Mau
pin. ' While it is here it might be
well for our county board to arrange,
for gravel for the Bakeoven rpad.
Jess Temple came out of the solo Dan rjibbs says there is no virtue
tournament at the Rainbow Tuesday j an old deck of cards ne j, an
night wearing the victor' crown. He J inveterate pinochle player and one
duplicated his playing of a week ago ;iay recently made way with a deck,
but had 15 more point8 to his credit anj just because there was nothing
than at the last play, marking upidown wnen ne bid on his trumps.
850 to the good. Joe Higgles came
in for his regular low man's trophy.
Joe Kramer will not again try and
find out the trouble with a motor
when it is in motion. The loss of
the end of a finger by so doing will
serve as a reminder whenever he is
tempted to do that trick in the future.
The Modern Barber shop has
recently purchased mirrors for use
in the establishment conceded to
be the most novel applianqe seen
for shops of this type for some time.
The mirrorg are invisible as installed
on the rear of the barbers chair, but '
when brought into view can be used
to allow the customer full view of
any portion of his hend when the
trim has been completed. Six angles
can be used by the barber in adjust-
tuste. Optimist
i Newc Cars-Tractors
The Show will be a five-reel showing of
the makiag of the New Ford Car the
Model A-and will depict each transac
tion from the raw material to finished
product. Everybody come; it's FREE!
Kramer Bros. Motor Co.
Cleaning Up City
Fiske Bothwell is busy these days
hauling the winter's accumulation of
garbage to the dump ground. Among
other things he hauled away wasi the
content" of that big box which Jias
set on our front porch for lo, these
many moons. This was done to sa
tisfy the aesthetic idea;, of some who
should have busied themselves in
cleaning their own yards.
D. L. Rutherford came down from
Criterion on a business trip this
Ed. Steffan was hob-knobbing;
with Munpinites thi mornine,
coming over from his Shady Brook
Tourists have begun to arrive and,
of course, are tieing up at the Mau
pin camp grounds. Johnny Williams
reports several as having occupied
his cabins during the past week.
Trout fishing promises to be good
this season. The early appearance
of trout flies is said to be a true in
dex of good fishing, and some of
those insects have already made their
appearance, so says a prominent East
side fisherman.
Lew Kelly is said to be a 'candi
date to' succeed himself as county
commissioner. Well L. hi. has made
good and there is no reason why he
should not be continued in office.
He has gotten used to the knocks of
the public and can stand another
term of such.
Charley Lake, the literary genius
of Wamic was in Maupin Tuesday.
The Wamic writer is hiding his light
under a bushel, only allowing it to
shine when there is a mail route con
troversy in the air. At that Charley
deals out some interesting reading.
A new deck changed his luck.
Candidates promise to be as thick
as hair on a dog before long. Sever
al already have their hat3 in the po
litical ring and more are expected to
be running around bereheaded be
fore the campaign has fairly started.
Julius Shepflin had an interesting
chase with a coyote, which had a
trap and a chain fastened to one
foot. He killed it on the barks of
White River.
The snow at Pine Grove is
ported as being 13 inchs deep.
A large cougar is said to be roam
ing the Plains Rround Wopi iiui. Its
tick measures 6 inches in danger
Wm. Hunt returned from a trip
to Portland yesterday.
A nine-pound boy arrived at the
Peter Kirsch home Wednesday even
ing. Among the numerous advertise
ments that appeared in this issue is
one announcing that a stage will
leave Maupin for Wapinitia at 8 a.
m. and leave Wapinitia at 1 :30 p. ni.
Bates Shattuck mnde a business
trip to The Dalles the first of the
A freph egg will sink rapidly when
put in water while one that is stale
has more tendency to float.
Tomato juice from enn'nod toma
toes may be substituted for orange
juice when the latter cannot be ob
tained. Children may be taught to
drink it exactly like orange juice,
for between -meal lunch in winter
time tomato juice may be heated
seasoned with a little butter, , salt
and bay-leaf, and served as a warm
drink with a cracker. '
fooceiry mi,
tail EMki