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    TflE MAtJttW TIMES
The Maupin Times
C W. Smum. Editor
C W. Sm mad . R. Semmn
Published vnrj Thursday at
Maupin, Oregon
cmbicripttoa: UM rear. $1.50; aix
months, $1.00: three months, 50 cts.
Entered aa second class mail mat
r September 8, 1914, at the post
Xc at Maupin, Oregon, under the
Act of Marc S. 1879.
All the processes of production,
distribution and business in general
would immediately be thrown intu
chaos if the intsitution of insurance
became suddenly nonexistent.
Mora Beef To Portland
Mark Stuart returned from a trip
to Portland Monday night, he having
taken a couple of carloads of cattle
to the stockyards there. The cattle
were procured at Gateway and con
si. ted of one car of heifers and one
of cows.
Down From Smock.
Henry Kramer was down from
Smock yesterday. In speaking of
the condition of the roads Henry in- .
aisted that the only way a traveler
has of telling where the roads are
is to watch the fences on each side. !
of the road. !
Will Remodel Residence
F. D. Stuart Stuart has completed
arrangements for changes to his
Maupin residence. Among other
things he proposes to have done is
the placing of new underpinning un
der the house and the construction of
a basement.
Stovall's Cascara Tablets for con
stipation. 25 cents at the Maupin
Drug Store.
1L ifrs
Cascade Blend Coffee 51b s ....... $1.90
Parlor Blend Coffee, 51bs $2.15
Golden West Coffee, 5Ibs.. $2.65
Ghiardellis Chocolate, Sib tin $1.00
Tea, Green and Black, per lb.... 40c
Elbo Macaroni, 13 lbs.... $1.00
Fancy Head Rice 13 lbs......... $1.00
Small White and Red Mexican beans, 13 lbs $1.00
Bulls Eye Peas, Extra Standard, per case $2.95
Tender Sweet Corn per case $2.95
Festival Golden Corn, per case $4.00
Waldorf String Beans, per case $3.35
Happyvale Alaska Salmon, per doz $1.95
Merrimac Salmon, per doz $3.25
Waldorf Apples, No. 10 tin ...50c
Brookdale Pears, No. 10. tins 50c
Blackberries, No.' 10 tin ..60c
Brookdale Peaches. No. 10 tin 60c
Silverdale Catsup., No. 10 tin 60c
Libby Milk, large tins, per case, $4.75
Sperry White Down Flour, per bbl $7.23
White River Flour, per bbl $8.00
Best Grade Dane Sugar, per cwt $6.29
The cut below symbolizes the greatest Health Foods
in the World, for which we are agents, carrying
a full line of all kinds.
Wfi?d. a tig
VMM t4j
mm v i
ar lor
110 East Second Street.
Went To Portland
Mrs. R. E. Wilson left for Tort
land Tuesday morning, going down
for a visit with her daughter, Jean,
and with other relatives, Mr. Wilson
took her as far as The Dalles.
Old-Timer Returns-
A. S. Creightou, an old-time car
outer of Maupin, but who for several
years ha; been living at Portland, re
turned to this city Monday and will
work with Job Crabtree the coming
season. Mr. Creighton's family will
join him later.
Passenger Agent Calls
E. H. McAllen, traveling passenger
and freight agent on thb branch of
the 0. W. railway, was a welcome
caller at The Times office Tuesday
morning. Mr. McAUtn had been at
The Dalles and stopped off here
while on his way to Bend.
Two Night Without Frost
Since the lait chinook came nights
have been rather frosty. Sunday
and Monday nights, however, passed
by without the usual white covering
showing the following mornings.
Those Maupin people who are con
templating papering their homes
this spring are notified that Wilson
Paint Co., formerly Wilson & Miller,
are at hand and are ready to do all
such work. If you leave your orders
at The Timer office they will have
immediate attention.
Little Girl Injures Ankle
One day last week Irene Woodcock
was engaged in play with a small
companion and in jumping from a
sidewalk sprained her left ankle. It
was thought for a time that one of
the ligaments of the ankle had been
torn loose, but now Irene, although
walking rather lamely, seems to be
well on the road to recovery.
i ftV&AWK:
The Dalles, Oregon
Visiting in Salem
L. C. llenneghan and wife went
to Salem hist week for the purpose
of visiting with .Mrs. llennoghan'a
mother and sister, Mrs. Mike Van
Lnuneu. They got ahead of the
snow : tonn,f but encountered quite n
buneh'cf rain.
Oh, How It Snowed
Those people who thought we had
seen the last snow of the season were
previously disappointed last Friday
when flakcj the sine of half dollars
began to fall. The storm continued
nearly all night and when it finally
did let i:p several inches of the
beautiful lay upon the ground. Our
Pine Grove correspondent reported
four inches on Wapinitia Plains and
six inches at Tine Grove.
Thanks For the Oranges
Dan Gibbs h;u a son, Andrew
Gibbs, who is working in an orange
packing house at Corona, California.
Last week Andrew set his father a
nice box of some of the finest
oranges that came to the packing
house. As Dan is baching and really
does not care for oranges, he handed
the Times man a fair portion of the
fruit in the box. The Times family
are pnrticuarly partial to oranges
and greatly appreciated Dan's gift.
Repairing Harness
Dan Gibbs has his shop full of
harness and is busy as a mink repair
ing :.ame. Recently Dan scoured
several r?ts of six-horse lincV and has
disposed of all of them to ranchers
of this part. If my of our ranchers
have harness or horse collars in need
of attention, brinr them in to Dan
and he will soon hav tlem a; good -s
Mrs. Beckwith at Home.
Wm. Beckwith went to The Dalles
last Wednesday and when he re
turned was accompanied by his wife,
who had been in a hospital at the
county seat for a couple of weeks
While at the hospital, Mr:. Beck
with was operated upon, that being
found necessaary to correct an ail
ment arising from a former afflic
tion. Church Being Wired.
J. W. Temple was busy a day or
so this week wiring the Catholic
church for electric lights. This im
provement ha , long been needed by
that congrecation and now the mem
bers may hold night services with
other than the old-fashioned oil
Greene Fully Recovered.
Morris Greene, who has been con
fined to the house, and part of the
time for the past three weeks in
ted with an attack of ereysipelas,
came down town yt3terday. Morrir.
says his recant nmes3 was tne iirsi
he has had in the past 26 years.
Visited in Portland
Earl Cunningham and wife went
to Portland the first of the week and
'spent a few days there, transacting
business and vLiting with friend
School Board Entertains.
The evening of Washington's
Birthday will long be remembered
by the teachers ' of Maupin who
were in attendance at a party in
honor by the members of the school
j board, at the home of Mrs. II. F.
Bothwell. Cards were the diver
sion of the evening and were follow-
At Shady
- ON
This will be the opening dance of the season at
Shady Brook and as the dances given there are al- s
waays pleasing affairs, this one will not be different.
Load up the family fliver and bring all the folks to jj
Shady Brook on the above date and pass an evening E
of unalloyed pleasure.
ed by mo. t delightful refreshments.
After this part of the program those
who were musically inclined render
ed songs and piano duets.
Si.bbed For Richmond
Rev. Everett Haien was substitute
for the Richmond recently, he tak
ing the job of dispensing motor pow
er liquid 'and oita during the absence
from the station of the proprietors.
Directors Hold Meeting
W. E. Hunt. Dr. L S. Stovall, Jess
Fleming and J. S. Brown, directors
of the Maupin State Bank, held a
meeting lust week. Dee Woodside,
member of tho Security examining
board, was absent.
Made Final Proof.
James P. Abbott made final
proof on his additional homestead j
last Friday, proof being made be- j
fore F. D. Stuart, U. S. commis
sioner. Witnesses were Arthur L. 1
Pechette, Thomas Kienile, A. R.
Wilcox and Frank McCoy, all of j
Temple Again Winner.
Je.s Temple again came out high
man at the solo tournament at the
Rainbow 'Tuesday evening, ho hav
ing a total of 835 beans to the good
at the close of the games. Joe Hig
gles, is the consistent winner of the
; booby prize, he being 325 points be
i hind rchedulo, and received a can
!of Tuxedo smoking tobacco as a
token of his proficiency.
Working at The Dalles.
While at. The Dalles on Tuesday
I The Times man was agreeably sur
prised to tee the finiiliar face of
IJack Morrow behind the counter at
the Parlor Grocery of that place.
Jack is a fine clerk, knows the gro
cery game and no doubt will prove
a valuable acquisition to the clerk
force of that popular store.
Erin's Day March 17.
Saturday, March 17, is the one
day set apart by all true Irishmen
on which to commenmmorate the
birth of the-patron saint of that
country St. Patrick. Maupin peo
ple of that nationality will not be
behind those of other places in such
observance, and to fittingly cele
brate the event the Altar society of
th local Catholic church have arrang
ed to hold a dance and sunner at
the Legon hall. Kemembor the
date and arrange to attend, as the
function promises to be one of the
outstanding affairs of the season.
He Reads The Adds
A Chinese boy was asked to ex
plain the difference between the
pictures on a couple of signboards,
one featuring Bull Durham, the
other Carnation milk.
"See," he told his young friends,
"in America there are the She Cow
and there are the He Cow, the She
Cow, she give milk, and the He Cow
he gives tobacco."
Tarnished nickel cleans and
polishes easily if rubbed with a paste
of powdered pumice-stone and sweet
or paraffine oil.
Selected celery tops make a very
ornamental garnish and the tender
tips are delicious in salad.
An apple or piece of bread in the
cake box will prevent cake from dry
Brook Hall J
arch 3rd
dour Four i
W m . .
. J a
as an
Thoughtful placing of your funds in this bank
means investment in something concrete, converts
inactive savings into active investment, idle cash
into new earning power. Then when a crash comes
you are insured against a drain on your income.
Come in and let us tell you about our saving plan.
Maupin State Bank
Tha Cow, Tha Pig and The Hen
The Wa hington Grange News
says that Cowlitz county has adopted
the slogan "5,000 cows and 1,000,000
hens by IDoO" and that it i a good
slogan or any firming country, with
the further suggestion that it could
be improved by adding at least 10,
000 hogs. Dairy cow;, poultry uud
swine have saved thousands of farms
end the logan adopted in Idaho h
"The Cow, The Pig and the Hen,"
and every farm that has those in
quantity and is giving them the
proper care is "getting, by" while
thousands of "one-crop" fumu are
going behind each year.
From Tho Times March 2, 1917
Farlow brothers, shipped 'j' fat
hogj from Wumic to the Portland
market last Thursday.
Cattle growers held a meeting at
Wamic last week to make plans for
turning cattle into tho reservation.
A. J. Coruoy's car went off the
second brdgo from the top of IJake
oven grade last Friday night. Tho
car skidded and Mr. Conroy was
unable to straighten it out before
going over. Neither Mr. Conroy
or his wife, who were the only oc
cupants of the car, were injured.
John Foley returned from San
Franelco, coming alone,, his wed
ding having been postponed a year
because of the death of his intend
ed's sister.
Fourteen inches of mow fell at
Wapinitia Saturday making the
spring a thing of the past.
Chester Paehette returned to his
home at Wapinitia lust Friday after
spending eight months on the Mexi
can border. He was a member of
Battery A, Oregon Artillery.
The Hotel Kelly was formally
opened to the public lust Friday
evening. Mr. Kelly and wife hav
ing invited a number of friend:) to
the function. A fine banquet was
spread and all enjoyed the evening
in great shape.
The patrons of the Criterion
school have voted to erect a wind
mill aand construct a concrete res
ervoir at the school house. '
Some one slipped and fell thru
one of the large windows of the
Hotel Maupin during the ttorm
Friday night.
Mr. Moore, who has been acting
as agent at Sherars Bridge, has
been transferred to Kennewick, a
Mr. Buchanan taking his pluce at
the bridge.
bungalow, located on Grant street,
We mean that now is the time to have your
Automobile Overhauled
This is the place to bring it. We have the largest
and best equipped machine shop in Wasco county.
SUM fcuu '.. Ultnk
pwi no
Muupin. Cull Geo. Cunningham,
phone 6-F-18. lfl-tf
FOR SALE One Fordson tractor
in fine condition. J. G, Kramer.
Phone UF888 10-t4
desiring seed rye for spring
sowing call at the Hunts Ferry
Warehouse. lOtf
broke horses for sale. Weight
froml300 to 1500 pound. Phone
VVi, D. B. Appling. 16-tf
A-l condition, 600 pound capacity,
$27.60. Reason for selling, too
smull for present user. Call or
phone Shattuck Bros., Maupin, tf
Tho undersigned having been ap
pointed by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Wanco County,
executor of the will and estate of
Matthew O'Conaer,
deceused, notice la hereby given to
all persons having claims ogulnst
snid deceased to prenent them, veri
fied as required by law, six months
after this notice to Gavin & Gavin,
nt The Dalles, Oregon.
James O'Conncr
Executor of the will and estate of
Matthew O'Connor, deceased.
U)c Dalles
Floral Co.
When you desire Flower for a
party, wadding, funeral or any
other purpose, phone 710, Tha
Dalles, or leave your order at
The Maupin Times effice and
your order will be delivered on
the naxt mail or stag.
.Undertaking and
Call Maupin Drug Store
Where the best 35 cent
meal is served in ,
The Dalles
Next The Dalles
C. N. Sargent, - Prop.
TIm Dallas, Onti
PUm S83-J