The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 23, 1928, Image 3

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They're Coming to Maupin, and When
They Arrive Something '11 Drop!" Who
is this Bill Talking About? Why '
Who are coming at the behest of the Ladies Auxil
iary and who will introduce them to Maupin people
Friday, March 2
Josiah Brown (a deacon of our church)
Deacon Whitbcck (of the game church)
Sheriff O'Brien (one of the boys) ..... ......
Lester McCorkle
........ Floyd Kelly
.... Ernest Confer
Lynx (the detective, always on deck) Raymond Crabtree
Johnny Brown (one of. the, twins) v Howard Nye
Rastus (out of a job) Earl Crabtree
Mrs. Josephine Brown (looking out for No. 1) Agnes Crabtree
Josephine Brown Clifford (Josiah's daughter ;...t. Anna Kelly
jBecky Green (an energetic member of our church ........ Ella Nye
Fanny Brown (another one oMhe twins) Daphine Confer
SHOW TICKETS Adults 50 Cents , - Children 25 Cents
25 Cents 1
Moved lata New Shop
Mcwtr Temple and Ilaillke are
now doijig work in ti.eir enlarged
r-uto shop, having moved the ma
chinery thereto the lnxt of lat wwk.
They now have the largest auto shop
in Maupin and art better than ever
prepared to take care of all work in
their line. They intend to add sev
eral piece of machinery to the
equipment, and thb will be done be
fore spring i full upon us. .
Legion Danes Saturday
Don't forget the dance at Legion
hall on Saturday night of thia week.
The stage has been rearranged and
the floor placed in better condition
than ever, while the Troubadour
Four have been rehearsing some new
music for the occasion. Everyone
knows the Legion- dances are
pleasurable affairs and the coming
one promises to be one of the best
of the season
Sappr Well Attended
' The chiekefi supper, given by the
Ladies Aid at the Rainbow restau
rant last evening was well attended
by those to whom ehicken is a de
lectable dish. Besides the chicken
the tables contained many fine des
serts, naiads and other delicacies, all
of which met the- approval of the
Old Timer Calls
John V. Martin, at one time a
prominent rancher on Juniper Flat,
now living on a ranch near Boyd,
1 wa, a caller in Maupin last Saturday.
Mr. Martin tin! wifi cnVnp nvpr tn ntu
sitit their son, Percy, in getting set
tled on their old ranch, now owned
by Lester Kelly, and while here call
ed on many old friends.
The Stovall family were dinner
guests at Hotel Kelly on Sunday lust.
' E. 0. Martin ' was down from
Gateway on a bu: Iness trip on Mon-
day. ' : '
Mose Webb, the snge of Tygh Val
ley, was in Maupin Monday on bu 1
nessv , ' .
,. F. C.Butlur viuted. a day or two
in Portland the, latter part of lust
week, ' " ' ., ' '. ! '
J. S. Brown and wife were In Mnu
pn Saturday for their weekly shop
ping visit.
n -o ; ,
W. Hunt took time out" of his
farm, 'work and camo down Uty town
Moiday, . ' "
Wi B.' Sloan Jand wife were in
MdTpln from the Mays ranch, Tygh
Valley, last Sunday '
K j . t.
' uuo iierrung camu uuwn irum
Criterion Mondny and transacted
business .with Maupin merchants.
"" ' " o ' , ' ,
f Theodore Radtke spent the" week
end at Portland, going down on busi
ness connected with the Maupin gar
age. ' V- ' ':'""":'f --'.'. '.. ' ;
Js8 Bleakney, formerly a sheep
man, of this section, now living at
Redmond, was in Maupin last Sun
day. ,;.;.v; .' V-.' . ';
t ' "..' ''" ' V 0 " .'
John FitzpatricV was" V: Maupin
.vldtor .Monday. He reports that in
dications are for abumpcr lamb this
ye". '. :,. -'-.h:;
: Ed. Bothwell camo to Maupin on
his regular semi-annual visit Mon
day, coming down from the Juniper
Flat ranch.
Frank McCorkle camo over from
Dufur Tuesday and while here at
tended to matters connected with
, his cottages in Maupin. !
Miss Ruby Powell returned from
Portland Saturday. Ruby has been
: employed In the 1 big Montgomery
I Ward store and says that. Muupln is
. more homelike.
Bob Wilson, Dr. Stovall and II.
R. Kaiser took the basketball team
to The Dallci last Friday nighty do
nating the use of their autos for the
lack Donaldsoname home from
The Dalles last week, he having
been there with his wife, who is re
covering from an attack of pneu
monia at The Dalles hospital.
Ben fraley was in Portland : a
couple of days the latter part of last
week. On his, return he stopped at
The Dulles and called on Mrs. Jack
Donaldson at The Dulles hospital,
finding that lady well on the way to
Newt Morria eame down from
Millican Monday and while here took
care of business interests. Newt is
running a large number of sheep in
the Millican section and says he will
realize a big increa: e in the size of
his flocks this season. -
Oliver, Resh and wife and 0. J.
Williams and wife took . a ride
around the highway circle Sunday.
They left via Bakeoven grade, thenoe
to the Sherman and Columbia high
ways to The Dalles, and came home
over the Dalles California highway.
t'his week and while here registered
at Hotel Kelly.
Johnny Williams has about com
pleted one cabin and is at work a
second one, the two being part of
six new ones be will put up this
spring. ' ' ( v -'t
Emil Hackler was in East Maupin
Thursday last while on his way home
to the Flat from Portland, where he
had been on business connected with
his theep ranch. '
Lester Crabtree is registered at
Hotel Kelly as coming from Tia
Jauna, Mexico. Lester went couth
curly in the winter to get away from
the cold and blow of Eastern Ore
gon. Three state highway trucks were
here Monday, they being in charge
of J. C. Shannon, Bob Painter and
W. J. McGee. They were on their
way to Redmond for work on the
highway and came from Salem.
j. H. McMillan' came down from
Connollys sheep ranch Monday. John
is making arrangements to leave for
Millican, where he will work in lamb
ing for Newt Morris and may take
J a band of sheep to the mountains for
Morris. . . '-. i . -."
Rented Kelly Ranch
Percy Martin has leased the L. D.
Kelly ranch on the highway and has
moved thereto. Percy has been at
Gateway for tome time", but the lure
of Juniper Flat was too strong to re
main away, hence his return.
Shipped Two Cart Hog
Leonard Weberg and O.
ters, with other Flat hog
shipped a couple carloads
hogs to the Portland stockyards last
Saturday night. Mr. Walters ac
companied the shipment to Portland.
S. Wal
growers, of fat
Stuart Took Hogs Down
Mark Stuart went to Portland late
la t week with a carload of fat hogs,
which he gathered up around Red
mond. Pork prices are looking up
from what they have been for sev
eral weeks past and Mark took ad
vantage of the rise to get his porkers
to market.
Library Hoars Correction-
We were misinformed last week
regarding library hours in that we
made mention of change from Mon
days to Fridays. ' The only change
made was that of closing Monday
evenings and opening instead on Fri
days from 3 to 5 p. m. The hours of
opening will be the same as usual.
The library received 46 new books
Monday, and it is the intention to :e
cure new reading matter as often as
possible hereafter.
0 o o c o o p o o o o o o o o o o o o 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Je s Temple felt the urge of spring
on his pitching arm Sunday. He
lolled up his sleeves and proceeded
to "shoot 'em ever" for some of the
boys who have a predeliction for
baseball. But, oh! how that arm did
hurt the next day.
Billy Heckman tried his -hand at
pruning one day last week. He said
he did not' know much about that
work, but in feted that he got a big
bunch of brush from the trees as a
result of his labors with the pruning
"joe Kramer says that if all those
who raid they wanted one of the new
Ford cars would place their eiders
now, the Ford factory would be com
pelled to put on extra hands to
tne orders out this season.
Johnny Williams has already just
about completed one of the contem
plated six new auto park cabins.
Tha weather the past few days
gave him the needed impetus to get
busy, and be improved the time as
x- ,
oen iticnaro on entertained a
company of young people at his Pine
Grove hall last Saturday night. Ben
says that while bis hall is not as large
a some others, ttill the fun and good
times had therein compensate for
lack of room,. He proposes to pull
off other entertainments there as the
weather becomes more favorable.
New Hedin b one of the most am
bitious men in this section. Wrhile
in town one day last week he busted
himself in clearing his lot from 1
stones, placing them in an old excava-1
tion, thus making a good draining
place for, waste water from the bou;e.
Dick Johnson is baching while his
wife ia at Portland taking treatment
Dick says he can bake griddle cakes
all right and open a can of jam, but
when it comes to preparing- a real
meal, well then he comes down to
Ben Fraley's and puts his feet under
one of the restaurant tables.
Dave Donaldson, while on the riv
er last week, observed myrids of
small fish heaving out of the water.
They seemed to be headed for Bake
oven, where the water was clearer,
but our lucky fkherman was unable
to determine the species of the fish;
says they appeared to be about the
size and color of smelt -
' Much speculation is being indulged
in around town concerning the box
nig match between 'Spin" McClasky
of The Dalles and "Shorty" Behnke
of Tygh Valley. Both boys have a
following and it is expected boost
ers for each will be at the ringside to
"holler" for their favorites. The
smoker promises to be a hummer and
many from this tection will be at
Tygh Valley tomorrow night.
E. A. Mayhew was. struck by Joe
Ruggles car last Saturday. He had
alighted from Joe Chastian's autc
just as Ruggles drove up, but had
presence of mind to jump on the
running board and was thrown over,
it to the ground. He walked with a
cane several days after the coition.
A lister of Mrs. Nora Philmafee,
and Mrs. W. D. Roberts died at her
home at Wakeeney, Kansas, on the
21st She was preparing to come to
Oregon when heart failure over
came her.
John Foley and his young bride,
formerly Misa Kate Murphy, are ex
pected home from San Francisco in
a day or two. They were married in
the California metropolis recently
and upon reaching Maupin will be at
home in a neat cottage which 'Mr.
Foley had prepared for his bride.
John Anderson, teacher of the
Hungry Ridge school, contemplates
a trip to the Sandwich Islands when
school here is over. He has received
a good offer as teacher in that part
of the world. ;
Noah Flinn and wife went to
Portland the first of the week. While
there Noah will take up the matter
of a broken Jeg, sustained 19 months
ago, with he State Industrial Ac
cident department. .
Johnny Williams was splitting
wood one day last week. In some
unaccountable manner the axe de
scended on John's thumb, almost
severing the member from the hand.
Anyone living west of the Des
chutes Tiver an d south of Tygh
is invited to become a member of the
White River Federal Farm Loan as
sociation, so says W. H. Mayfield,
living on Route No. 1.
Mrs. Donaldson Improving.
Word from The Dalles relative to
the condition of Mr:. John Donald-
rson, who nas Decn Buiiering wnn
pneumonia for some time, is to the
effect that the lady is making rapid
recovery. Mrs. Donaldson has been
very ill and there havev been times
when "hr life was de: paired of. That
she is making a headway toward
health is welcome news to all hep
friends. .
Registered In Portland
,An Hern in Friday's Oregonian
told of Jim Woodcock and wife be
ing registered at the Seward hotel in
' that city Thursday night. Jim went
to the big town on business con
nected with his interests - here, his
wiaccompaifcang him. ';:
Qfte Dulles
Floral Co.
When you desire Flowers for a
party, wedding, funeral or any
other purpose, phone 710, The
Dalles, or leave your order at
The Maupin Times office and
your order will be delivered on
the Best mail or stage. "
James Baxter , and E. Herman
from Antelope were in East Maupin
; --0 :
Bob Fortune has returned from a
visit with a cousin at Vancouver,
Washington. , '.,
' ' . 0 '
Arthur Philmaleo came over from
The Dalles and is visiting with his
cousin,, Marion Lister.
Cliff Miller wai in East Maupin
a short time Monday. Cliff Jias been !
wintering at The Dalles, , .. ,
, George Richardson has enlisted
as section hand and la at work on the
0. W. road in East Maupin. : v
.",'.'.' ; o '
Lester vCrofo0 returned "to his
work at Two Springs after visiting a
short time at the,Tunison ranch on
Bakeoven. ' ( ' V ,
Fred. Miller and D, Falkenhngen,
members of the Shaniko road crew,
were working on the Criterion hill
Scraped Sixth Street 1
Richmonds evidently grew jweary
of tramping in the mud from, the ser
vice station to their residence. On
Monday Everett Richmond hitched up
one of the big trucks and with a
scraper in tow proceeded to lever the
earth the length of a couple of blocks
on thfft thoroughfare, making it like
the highway. .
Visited At Webergs v -
Mrs. Leonard Weberg and little
daughter were guests at the O. P.
Weberg home in Maupin Levaral days
last week. She returnd to her Juni
or Flat home Sunday, eing taken up
by Urandpa and uranama weDerg.
Prof. Nagel III - ' -
Trot. Nagel was taken with a se
vere cold last Thursday and was com-
reile.i to forego teaching froM that
dny.VTitil this week. He laid off oh
Monday," and :ay! ho was preparing
t'B,h, off fto, nttatkiOf pneumonia,
but the ailment failed to materialize.
At that he was a very stfk man.
Here From Fossil . .,
Gordon Metteer, his brother, Carl
and Emery Davis drove over from
Fossil Tuesday and spent a day or!
two at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Jess Temple, they being father and
mother of Gordon'o wife, - '
Confer Spotted Shi
John Confer and wife were at the
Fitzpatrick sheep ranch up the river
several days last week. While there
John assisted in marking a band of
ewes for the Fitzpatricks, and pro
phesies, a bumper lamb crop in that
flock this season, .
Kelly Beat The Flu
Lester Kelly allowed himself a lit
tle out side air Saturday, that being
the first time he was out of the
house last week. - Let ter had been
fighting an attack of flu and at this
writing says the ailment was almost
too strong for him, ,but is improving.
Winter Overhauling
will continue through the month of
We are now also prepared to do all kinds of ACETYLENE .WELD-'
ING. No job too small and none too large. We will give contract
prices on all work we do, if you desire it.
Our Motto: Honesty and Square Dealing With All.
0. P. RESH
Kreso Dip, standardized strength.
All sizes. 40 cents and 75 cents at
the Maupin Drug Store.
ft. Mar,