The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 02, 1928, Image 4

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TT 13
Elton Snodgrass, Maupin,
Albert Hachler, Wapinitia,
Maill Event: "Stub"
Eg Starts at 8:00 Sharp
Ringside Seats, $1.00; Reserved Seats, 75c
Sold at Paul Midler's, Tygh; Maupin Drug Store
The conte:t in Spanish vocabulary
last week resulted in a score of two
points in favor of the team led by
Gladys Martin. This week Avis
Crabtree and Madge Shearer are to
be Captains.
The cards were passed out this
week in High school. They contain
the period grade and also semester
Mrs. Cantrell and grades Five and
Six welcome a new pupil, .Gladys
Otterson, from Camar, Washington,
to the Sixth grade.
Ivan Donaldson has had a lucre
tive experience in trapping this win
ter, having secured several raccoons,
bobcats, coyotes and skunks.
Cyril Fraley and Charles Davis
were absent one day this week.
Rex Stuart and Charles Bothwell
believe in strenuous exercise and
take long tramps Saturdays. Inci
dentally they do" a little hunting.
Velma Crofoot taught for Miss
Barrij one half day last week. Doris
Bonney for Mrs. Joynt all day Mon
day. This should be a valuable ex
perience for her.
The various club members met
with their club leaders last Friday
We were sorry the "Antelope" de
bate team renigged, as it givs us no
hard practice before going up
psrp.inst one of the larger towns. Our
team is working undaunted and we
predict will give a good account of
themselves next Wednesday noon.
Alice Davis is our younge. t stu-1
dent in High school by some months,
but rolls up averages in study equal !
to any due to her studious habit".
The general science class is now
taking up the study of light ray". A
good deal of labratory work is In-j
If Correspondents' Weekly News Items
Tygh Valley Doings
The students of the Tytfh Valley
High school are giving a St. Valen
tine's 'dance in their new gymnasium
cn Saturday, February 11. Under
the direction of Billy Knox, ably as
sisted by Wiliis Norval, the work on
the gym has progressed very favor
ably. Material is on hand now and
the laying of the hardwood floor will
Legion Hall,
Twenty-Six Rounds of Scientific Sparring
1 The Radtke Midgets Two Rounds
vs. Dick Deleo, Wapinitia
120 Pounds Four Rounds
vs. Wallace Conley, Tygh Valley
145 Pounds Four Rounds
eluded in this course, an "lab" note
books are kept, upon which a per-
centag of class grade depends.
There are but few students who
failed in one or more studies last
remester. We are on our way for the
next semester exams.
Owing to the softness of the
ground we would like to see that
cars are not driven over the play
ground at this time. The ruts will
remain to be graded down before
track and field practice.
An oral recitation each week by
English two classes cerves a dual
purpose: (1.) Practice in speaking;
(2.) Search for current news of po
litical, social, and scientific charac
ter. It should lead to reading habit:,
and has been made obligatory once
each week.
The morning march has been re
sumed twice a week this semester.
All pupils and students will as
semble Friday morning to sing "Ore
gon, My Oregon," the state song.
The first pennant game in basket
ball in the conference will be played
a Shaniko on February 10th, Our
hoopsters will be at a disadvantage
on a new floor but we predict a win
at that.
All members of the board visited
the entire system of schools Tues
day. Ira Kidder, erstwhile High school
student, and lately of California, re
turned to Maupin Tuesday evening.
Several Etudents are preparing
Lincoln essays, which are due lo be
graded by the frfteenth instant, and
to be ranked.
Th regular monthly meeting of
the Student body was held Tuesday
j soon start. The, good ladies of the
community arn furnishing 'dinner
each day for those men who are
I working on the gym. The supper at
i the opening dance will be furnished
, by the same ladie-.
The "All of A Sudden Peggy" cast
and the orchestra of the Tygh Valley
High cchool are making enthusiastic
preparations for their invasion of
Grass Vally on February 4. Better
Lister, Maupin, vs. "Shorty" Behnke, Tygh Valley
-150 Pounds -Six Rounds
run up and enjoy younrself. 'Twill be
a jolly time. The students of the
Grass Valley High school are boort
ing. Some of the prominent towns
people also are boosting and pros
pects are good for a capacity house,
Twice before the boys and girb of
Tygh Valley have invaded Grass Val
ley with an orchestra and twice were
they royally received. Prospects were
never better than on this occasion.
G. A. Hood of the Pacific Power
& Light Co., has ordered the fixtures
and will begin very soon the wiring
of the new gym. Enthusiasm runs
high and the boys are doing every
thing they can to help.
Practice on "When a Feller Needs
a Friend," by the Freshman cla s pro
gresses slowly. They are trying
hard but their lack of experience
makes the work difficult for them ss
well as their coach. That they will
succes. fully uphold the honor of
their school goes without saying.
The play will be given some time in
March. Those of you who wish to
enjoy a pleasant evening should not
mks this Freshman play. It will be
Clyde Oliver, one of the stalwarts
of the town, has been laid up during
the week with a bad cold. He does
not feel especially well just now
but manages to put in just about the
entire day at work on the High
school gym.
We appreciate the many friends
who are standing by us so loyally
and are assisting us in every way
they can to secure those things
which all boys and girls in High
school are entitled to have.
Shaniko School Notes
The report of the last school
month showed that less than 50
of all the pupils attended regularity,
being neither absent nor tardy. This
record is low compared with our at
tendance in October, when 90 of
our pupils were perfect in atten
dance. Some of the recent ab
sences were due to absence from the
town, but most of them were due to
illness. " Perfect attendance record
ed by departments were as follows:
High school, 80; Grammar school,
33 1-3; Primary, 25. Lets do
better next month.
Having been startled by reading
the above parents and guardians of
the boy3 and girls will not feel so
guilty when they learn that the per
centage of attendance wa.t 92 plus.
It is a case of a large number of pu
pils being absent for short periods.
There is, however, some room for
Maupin, Ore.
Bob Shepflin, Maupin,
vs. Young Cervin, Tygh Valley
160 Pounds Four Rounds
"Red" McCoy, Wapinitia,
Dance After vSmoRer
improvement in the matter of tardi
ness. High school student:; this week or
dered copies of "Lady of The Lake," I
"Silas Marncr," and "Twelfth Night"
for future study. "The Merchant of
Venice" is already being studied by
the Freshmen.
On Friday night, January SO, the
boys and girls of the Antelope and
Shaniko schools met the Metoliuo
cagerj at Metolius. The teams of that
town outpointed our shooters in both
Last Friday saw the beginning of
the season for the Shamko-Antelope
basketball team, with a game In
Shaniko against Metolius. Hoth the
boys' and girls' te?ins competed,
Metolius making high set res in both
game w,inninr the girls' game by a
margin of one point, whim oar bays
lost by two point".
I. O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon
meets every Saturday night in I. O.
O. F. hall. Visiting members always
James Chalmers, N. G.
O. F. Renick, Sec'y.
new international
Hundreds of Supreme Court
Judges concur in highest praise
of the work as their Authority.
The Presidents of all leading UnU
versifies, Colleges, and Normal
fohools give their hearty Indorse
ment. All States that have adopted a
largs dictionary as standard have
selected Webster's New It.torr.a
tlonal. The Schoolbool;n of the Country
adhere to the Merriam-Webster
system of iiacritical marks.
Thfi Government Printing Office
at Waahingtor. usts it as authority.
WRITE for a lam -ilc page of the Ncu.
Wards, specimen of Regular and India
Papeti, 1&.HZ.
4 rm i x - '1 Of j'.9i
4 iviomoim mjFA UfftL
vs. Elmer Conley, Tygh Valley
135 Pounds Four Rounds
Business Amenities
The Atchison Globe claims that
its town has a citizen who punctual-
! ly observes all the niceties of busi
ness etiquette. Even when saying
his prayers he begins with: "This
is Jones speaking."
Where the tao? Man Gets Full
Aviv Time
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks and
Suwfnn Good
You can
live at
m at home
PACK UP the family and
old kit bag; go to sunny
California for a few weeks,
months or for the winter.
Visit movieland, orange groves,
the oil fields, beach resorts, big
cities. Golf courses gulorel
Finefast Union pacifictraintaf ford
connections via Portland or Salt .
R. B. Bell, Agt., Maupin,
Ore. Sdw. II. McAllen, T.
F. & P. A. Bend, Ore.
Duker Oregon Copper company
spent $100,000 in mine development
in Baker county last year, and will
do as much this year.
Shoes and Repairing
Wasco Ccunty'g Exclusive
Shoe Store
hjms for U General Repairing
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doinsr its work
brinpr it to The Times office
and Mr. Semmes will send
it to
Mvuuw.itring Jeweler
owl Watchmaker
, faucCTwr l) U. Llnduuist
Suit 15-16 Vogt Block
Telepon. 111-W
Dr. Fred H. Pageler
Strictly Optical
ZLm Dallas, . . Oragoa
Th one place in Th. Dalles to
maka tha rancher and out-of-town
fellow feal at homo.
Tha Dalles, Oregon. Phono 3S-J