The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 08, 1927, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Thursday, December ft. 1927.
titc maupin mm
"Shorty," '-Stub,- "Slim," "Big
Foot," "Scotty," -Buck," "Skunky,"
etc. But on nick-nun in which
we can tec no canection. cither with
K3ithe perun so "-' r 'ii tu 1-
nes, U that of "Ding-bo."
Campaajr Mttharaatic
- "Johnny, what does tlx
Legion Hall, Maiipin
Good 4-Piece Band !
Playing Latest Music, has been engaged
and comes with a Guarantee of Satisfac
tion to all who attend. ,
Every One Invited
There Is a nan in Maupin who
can see no good in any dog. He is
so tet against them that b declares
all dogs should be poisoned, begin
nlng with his own, and that if he
had his way there would be no doga
remaining on earth. It ia a question
whether or not he means what he
says, at any rate his vituperations
against the canine family have not,
to date, caused a lessening in the
dog census of Maupin.
Some time ago The Times spoke
of organizing a band. The matter
died abornin', for the reason, it was
said, that such an organization could
not live because interest would die.
That matter is again before the peo
ple, and a canvas of the situation
discloses there are many here who
are willing to go to the expense of
buying instruments and who promise
to attend rehearsals. Other towns
have bands, and there is no reason
why Maupin cannot have such an
organization. i
Ranchers are busy with their plow-
ing and generaly find the soil plenty 1
damp. There . are those, however,
who never have the earth wet enough
for good plowing, and those are the
first to cry and "knock" the weather
generally. Farmers around Maupin
are almost a unit in saying that crop
prospects were never brighter and
that a bumper crop ia expected for
next harvest Better to laugh than
to cry, even over condition of the
soil. i
"Tum-A-Lum" Renick has troubles
a plenty. Recently he bargained
for about 800 cords of wood, to be
hauled immediately, but so far not
one rick of the stuff that warms has
been unloaded at his company's
The offer to overhaul can at a
discount rate, made by the Maupin
garage, is one that should be taken
advantage of by car owners. Hardly
an auto hereabouts but needs work
done on it, and in order to keep the
shop force busy the garage manage
ment makes the offer. By letting
that work go until later savors of
"saving at the spigot and wasting
at the bunghole."
Not Coif
Mrs. 3. "You in town?"
Aunt "Yes, I had to corr-
town to buf Henr; -',. J. . ,
L;- . ' " "Eleven."'
' '-' ' 'J-i - ' i to "No, guess again.
tell you about Roert's luck. He made "Twelve "
a hole in one Monday," , "x0. Why don't you try ten!"
Aunt "Ch! isn't that too bad. I ! "Aw, that ain't right Five and five
hope Henry doesn't make one in his." i is ttn."
As this is the dull season of the year and we desire
to keep our shop force busy, we have decided to of
fer special inducemsnts to car owners who want
their cars overhauled and placed in shape for next
year's use.v Come In and let us tell you just what we
will do the work for you. Remember our prices
will be lower than those charged in the busy season.
o ,
Grocery apd
r" jaM Derthick has concluded his
Pwcnimllticc mason's labors with aheep, having
j ' raufwuuK6. bcen at the Fareher ranch( and came
Uv.w,wMwy,vvJ to town for the winter Wednesday.
W. A. Dane was in town from the
Upper Flat Saturday.
Milt Morris and wife of The Dalles
are sojourning In Maupin this week.
W. II. Williams and wife made a
hip to Hood River Fridsy, return
ing Saturday.
Miss Florence Cavan Is serving as
ussiHtunt to Mrs. George Tillotson at
tho Home hotel.
R. W. Richmond and wife left
Monday noon for Portland, where R,
W. went on usiness.
F-cd Miller, who is employed cr
th. highway at Shaniko, spent Mon
day right in M'i'ipin.
J. G. Kramer and son, Ernest,
were transacting business in Maupin
from Lakeside last Saturday.
Ed. Steffan was in town a day or
so the first of the week, coming over
from his Shady Brook home. .
Otto Ilerrling tore himself away
from hla ranch duties at Criterion
and spent Wednesday in Maupin.
Mrs. Marcus Shearer went to The
Dalles Monday and visited from that
day until tomorrow with friends.
o .
Lawrence Powell, sans beard, is
in town and is stopping atj,he home
of his sister, Mrs. R. E. Richmond.
Lloyd Woodside and wife spent
Sunday at the home of Mrs. Wood
aide's parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. S.
Stovall. i
Darrel Elwood came to Maupin
Sunday night and spent a few days
with his father, Dr. J. L. Elwood.
Darrell has but recently recovered
from a severe spell ofillness.
Cliff Miller left last Sunday for a
visit with his folks at Mikkalo. -
Elmer Hornquist left on Tuesday
fof a short visit with friends at Port
Ben Richardson of Pine Grove
called on 0. J. Williams and
last Saturday. J
Planning Bos Social.
The Community club members are
planning a box social, to be given as
soon after New years as possible.
The ludies of that organization are
many and comprise nearly every
public spirited woman in Maupin.
That their social will be a success
goes without saying, for each one is
bending all efforts to provide boxes
that will appeal toj nearly everyone
who attends the function.
Takes Vacation in California.
Charley Pierce will . leave either
Saturday or Monday for California,
to which state he goes on a vacation.
He will ticket to San Francisco and
after a time there will visit all other
cities of prominence in the southern
state. This will be Charley's first va-
wife cation for 22 years, the last one be
ing taken by a visit to the Lewis and
Clark fair at Portland.
F. C. Butler and wife arrived
home from Snoqualmie, Washington,
Saturday after spending a few days
visiting relatives there.- N
Laverne Fischer and Ernest Trout
man returned Monday from a four
day duck hunting trip to the Klamath
Jesse Cox stopped a short time at
the Williams service station last Sat
urday, while on his way home at
Tygh, after making a trip to Klam
ath Falls.
Mr . and Mrs. Sam McVay of
Newburg and Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Thomas of Corvallis visited with W.
II. Williams and wife last Saturday
and Sunday.
Sheepherdert Gathering. .
The sheepherders are gathering at
East Maupin, presumably to hold
their annual convention. Big Buck
McMillan, Little Ram Hornquist, Bell
Wether Lister and other officials of
the past year, with Chief Camp Ten
der Mannion, are here and many a
star chamber meeting has been in
dulged in. Just when the convention
will be called depends on the coming
of Flock Master Andy Mann, who is
expected at any time now.
Some Contraction
Ceorge Miller, who was employed
in the forest service the past sjnsoo.
hfitt come down from the mountains
and is again at home at. Tygh Vil
Indian Farmer Leaves.
Wm. Drake, who, for the past
several years has been instructor of;
farming at the Simnasho part of the
reservation, has completed his labors
for the government and with his wifo
has gone to the Willamette Valley,
where they will visit a time. Mr.
Drake has been retired on a pension,
he having put in better than 23 years
in the service, having been located
on many reservations during his ten
ure of office. The best wishes of a
host of frinds go with Mr. and Mrs.
"Rastus, you-all am most narrow
minded pusson Ah know."
"Say, bo, if yo was a little more
narrow minded yo' ears would be on
the wrong sido of yo hald."
North Dakotan. Here.
Harold Peterson, an old friend of
W. W. Richmond and son, coming
I from Stanley, North Dakota,' arrived
0 , in Maupin Tuesday afternoon. Mr.
' John McMillan returned Sunday Peterson is much taken up with this
from Thef Dalles, to which place he part of the country and plans on re
had gone that his doctor could exam- mainlng at least for the winter. Be
ine his leg, which was broken in an I fore coming to this place he visited
automobile accident early last year, for a time with hia uncle at Yakima.
Ooo oooooo oo oooooono no 0
Morris Greene has a conscience,
although some have thot he was be
reft of such attribute. His eldest
daughter had a birthday party Sun
day night and fed her guents roast
chicken,. When Morris appeared up
town Monday morning he wore a
woebegono look and upon being ask
ed tho reason therefore replied : "Too
much Chicken." It is said that when
ever he hears a rooster erow Friend
Greene shudders and seeks a place
to hide. ' .
Nick-names are common in Mau
pin as in any other place. Among
those rampant around here are
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