The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 03, 1927, Page Page Four, Image 4

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at Shady Brook
Very Best of Music!
obtainable will be on hand and will bring all , kinds
of pep and latest dance pieces with them
All Kinds of Eats
will be served during the evening, these being pre
pared in real country style by the ladies of
the Shady Brook Community Club
Correspondents' Weekly News Items
, The entire High school went to
Shaniko last Friday afternoon for
the return football game with the
Shaniko-Antelope boys. The game
was hotely contested from the etart
The Tygh boys, however, were out
played and the final tcore was 6-0
in favor of the Shaniko-Antelope
boys. On Tuesday afternoon the
Tygh Valley High school went to
Dufur for a practice game with the
strong and fast Dufur High school
team. In this game the Tygh boys
showed a marked improvement and
lost their chance to score only by a
mistake in signals. They did make
yardage consistantly and at one
time had the ball within eight yards
of their opponents' goal. The Tygh
boys ran a poor interference and
were decidely weak on defensive
playing. They somehow have not
learned to use their heads. They
are game fighters and decidedly
good sports. The final score was 7
to 0 in favor of Dufur. The game
was referred by Mr. George of the
Dufur schools. Mr. George is one
of those rare men who can referee a
game in which his own team is
terested and yet never give nor take
from either team. We of Tygh Val
ley have for him a very high regard.
The Tygh boys play three more
games of football, all of which will
be on their own grounds and the last
of which will be with Maupin on No
vember the eighteenth. They then
go in for basketball.
As stated previously in these
. notes, Tygh will run three basketball
teams: a High school boys' team, a
Junior boys' team, and a team com
posed of High school girls. We are
now scheduling the games. We of I ball ever held in this extremity of
Tygh consider , properly conducted Wasco county. The game was an
athletics very helpful to boys and jeven contest after the first touch
girls and a good preparation for the i down of the locals. Our boys threat
battle of life. It encourages young icned to cross the goal of their op
people to observe the laws of health, ponents a second time and the Tygh
because without health they can not aggregation made a pretty, march
compete successfully as members of ( down our twenty-five yard line in
the different teams. The writer has ,the last quarter.. Both teams show-
known boys to voluntarily discard
cirtain bad habits because those ha
bits' interfered with their success as
athletes. Athletic contests develop
aturday Even'g
those habits that are most necessary
to success in the battle of life, such
as courage, self-reliance, . stick-to-it-iveness,
quick and accurate thinking,
good sportsmanship, and most im
portant of all, honesty. Athletic
coaches who permit boys to be crook
ed, to say nothing of, encouraging
trickery, should be discharged, and
honest men secured in their places.
Unfair tactics of any kind shoald
never be permitted.
New equipment for the science
department has just lately arrived
at the High school. The young peo
ple stem to enjoy this subject most
of all. They delight to perform ex
periments. Next Tuesday, Nevember the
eighth is homecoming evening for the
Tygh Valley Rebekahs. Visitors are
more than welcome. Friendship
rules at Tygh. We want our rela
tions with our neighbors to be most
cordial and friendly and we are
ready to do our full part to make
such a condition real.
We are informed that C. D. Buck
ley of Sherman county has purchased
in-;the Rondeau farm and will soon be
an inhabitant of Tygh. That he will
be a most valuable addition to the
business life of the community we
are very certain. Tygh is slowly
coming into its own. , ,
News Of Busy Shaniko
On Friday of the last week our
Shaniko-Anttlope football team met
and defeated the Tygh Valley boys
on tht local gridiron, the score being
6-0. Approximately 200 people wit
nessed the game the first of foot-
i ed great improvement In their tac-
tics of the previous week, when they
played a scoreless game at Tygh.
The weather man was somewhat un
i S -f .1,
kind to us, but wind and rain failed
to daunt or chill the loyalty of folks
behind the boys. Gate receipts and
tnd advance ticket sale totaled ap
proximately $45.00. A. E. ' Grone
wald brot officials for the game
from The Dalles and himself served
js time keeper. After the game,
the boys of each team had their
ihowers at the school house. The
Tygh boys departed in good spirits
ind with a reputation as good sports
men. Arrangements for a game with the
Maupin boys was made the early
lart of the week. It will be played
it Maupin on Friday.
In the items of last week the writ
er neglected to mention the banquet
.he boys had at the Hotel Kelly at
Maupin after the game with the
Tygh boys at Tygh. Thru the cour
vesy of the hotel management, the
joys were permitted to use the bath
ub and dressing room so when they
ippeared at the table, they made a
?osy-cheeked and happy-eyed group.
Th eats were great, the main attrac
tion being four roast ducks raised by
Alfred Bennet on his ranch in the
Antelope country. When the ap
petites had been satisfied, the boys
)egan planning to receive the Tygh
ggregation one week later. Senti
nent was strong for more games, so
ilans were made and Ted McGreer
vas elected captain of the team.
When they finally shoved their chairs
'rom the table, the boys were feeling
ery jubilant over their first experi
nces in football.
The benefit social and box supper
aa a great thing. About one hun
dred people o gathered at the school
'louse Thursday, "night, enjoying the
program, took0 part in the' community
ringing, banqueted on .the" contents
if dainty boxes, and showered words
af praise, and encouragement upon
the members of the Shaniko-Antelope
football team. The program
vas built around the survices of our
rchestra members, Dean Hartzel,
Vern Shipman and Harry Graham,
ibly assisted by Ivan Olsen and A. R.
ltermatt. Margaret Reeder, Ger
rude Olsen and Phyllis Hanna ap
peared in songs, Lawrence Gott and
Phyllis Hanna in readings, while
Jack Reca and Ralph Reeder demon
strated the mysteries of oxygen and
carbon dioxide gases. Mrs. Wheeler
sang a ballad and ror an encore
"Annie Laurla." Mrs. Casebult gave
a reading "Dot Baby of Mine."
Song lover then gathered around
the piano, and under the leadership
of Mrs. Wheeler and Mri. Rees, aattg
old time and popular verses. Two
mlniture football games followed
and then a cracker eating contest by
the. primary pupils.
The animated voices and laughter
(gradually ceased as the auctioneer.
Mr. Reeder, and his clerk, Mr. Case
bolt mounted the platform. , This
was the event of the evening. Bid
ding was brisk from start to finish.
The first box was knocked down to
Viv Bolton of Antelope. Then fol
lowed in rapid succession twenty-five
more, in fact, bidding waa ao spirited
that all but one of the busketa weie
told when the auctioneer first reali
led the danger of losing out' on a
feed for himself. Then in a bidding
contest with his son he won the last
basket at the premium price of $5.
BO thereby securing " the . highest
priced basket of the evening. Mr.
Casebolt had to pay $5.1)0 for his
box ao Mrs. Reeder and Mrs. Case
bolt had the pleasure of seeing their
boxes make the largest contributions
to the bene fund for the foo'tball
by a. Th gross proceed r from the
sale of boxes and lunch was (65 00
I Then came the speachmaklng.
Principals Springer and , Broughton,
of Antelope and Shaniko respective
ly, and Alfred Bennet, coach, started
the ball rolling. .., Others s spoke in
rapid succession, proclaiming . their
Interest In the game and their confi
dence that the boys would give a
good account of themselves on the
gridiron Friday. The climax came
when Mayor Gavin. arose to declare
a half holiday iorhe game. There
upon, Mayor Bolton, not to be out
done, did likewise for Antelope, and
Mr. Bennet announced that his ranch
hands were all getting time off to
come to the game. The hour was
getting late ao the party broke tip
singing "Auld Lang Syne."
i . i ....
L V. Broghton photographed the
football team In their new togs on
Tuesday of last week.
. Eugene Warner, registered as a
Freshman, Monday morning. He has
spent the first two months In a pri
vate school in Portland.
Optician Coming
Dr. Clarke, of the Clarke Optical
Co., No. 360A Alder St, Portland,
Oregon, Eye Sight Specialist, will
be in Maupin, all day and evening,
Monday, November 7th, at the Home
Hotel. See Him About Your Eyes.
New Cattle-Shipping Point
Nearly 1,000 head of fat steers
were shipped in one day reecently
from Seneca, on the high plain of
Grant county, a spot which a few
years ago was one of the bleakest,
coldest and most isolated in the
An honest cigarette honestly
Delightful tobaccos, the choicest
grown Blended with skill
and care. Sold without bunk
of any kind, and it leads the
world by billions
192T. It HotmU Toomm
ay, WkutoavotlMa, N. C
United States. A railroad has been
built northward from Burns to get
to the timber belt of southern Grant
county and it will also nerve tho
great cattle country embraced in tho
70 miles from Burns to Cunyon City,
with a wide area east and west.
Oregon Newt Notes
Bend turkey growers will ship 00
tons of turkeys this year.
Record area of winter wheat being
sown in Eastern Oregon this yrar.
Redmond reports a great scarcity
of houses to meet renting needs.
Salem Elsinore Theatre adds
$20,000 worth of electrical equip
ment Marshfleld :G, W. Moore Lumber
Co. buys 1,000 acres timber on Co
quille River.
Gold Hill 400 cars cement and
US cars of fruit iro from here in
Brooks Japanese gardeners give
carload of celery toward building a
Japanese school.
Portland to have an extension of
New York stock exchange ticker.
t, Pendleton Jamca Moloney ranch,
900 acres, has crop of 48,000 bushels
wheat ,
LaGrande building two $250,000
Burns Levena Hotel to be
doubled in size.
economically .
i Of ftoilM
PACK UP the family and (
old kit bag; go to sunny
California for a few weeks,
months or for the winter.
Visit movidand, orange grove,
the oil field, beach resorts, big
cities. Golf courses galore!
Float art Union Pacifklraina afford
connections via Portland or Salt
majuyovb mnuYAnoM NOW
R. B. Bell, Agt., Maupin.
Ore. Sdw. H. McAllen, T.
F. & P. A. Bend, Ore.
' if 7
The Dalles, Oregon. Phone 31-J
Where U laJrf Mast belt Fall
Any Time
lee Ci
CoU Drink ."
Shoes and Repairing
Wasco County's Exclusios
Shot Stort"
hooa fnr th
General Repairing
Too Miles, Ore,
1 !
Suit 15-16 Vest Bleek
TeUnoM 1U-W
Dr. Fred HlPageler
itrlttly Optlta)
TU DalUe,
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring it to The Times ofF.ce
and Mr. Semmei will send
it to
UBiiu'fwiturlmr Jeweler
mui Watchmaker -auctwM
to U. Liadqulst
If all cigarettes were as good
as Camel you wouldn't hear
anything about special txeaU
merits to make cigarettes good
for the throat. Nothing takes
the place of choice tobaccos.