The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 20, 1927, Page Page 3, Image 3

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    TIlUtSDAY, OCTOItKIl 2i W27
rage 3
It ."- '
The -Traffic
lYi a afe bet that the can
which itcp.out with the
"go" signal are equipped
with Championi tho
tetter ipark plug. If every
car owner wed Cham
plons there would be
fewer traffic jama,
Champion lit hint
bur It plwi kmiH of Ut
JatMttbbtd ttiUmam-
chel MabMi tUclmliu.
ibu Foci
For your protection ( sure rfwTI
Champions you buy ar In Ik
lh ordinal Cnamfton carton. II
Ulg Mwu-y Making (iixxla s Hum Hpi
or full lliu. MM, Wumen. No iprlnr
HM)ry. Semi Ion Cur eamiil and full
Inform, 11, B. Ulllla, lloi lit, Calif
Rcfln4 Ijiillea ran kair their own btiltie
In own community on I'm lhaa It capital.
nroni, tile ili-mand. The IMreel Co.
KIT C, franklin, Mlnai-apolla, Minn.
4 III I I1H, four rich of fan vari
ant, III II Irle. (hie ram or nra variance.
II) puaipald. W V. klm ball, III X. Ilri
at., i-ortiatia,. uio.
turull any Hum. hnl fuMIM-rulur.
Formula Still in Use
An ancient Egyptian Imlr restorer
kiii ininlo from n donkey's hoof, the
tluw of n dug and boiled dates. In
(llniinpollii New.
Market men and con-
umers are insisting on uni
form color, now-a-days, and
no real dairyman can afford to
trust to luck any more. Keep
Jour butter always that golden
une shade, which brings top
prices, by using Dandelion But
ter color. All Inrge creameries
have used it for years. It meets
all State and National Food
Laws, It's harmless, tasteless
and will not color Buttermilk.
Large bottles cost
only 35c at all drug
and grocery stores.
SaTliaJfM, Vtttml
rlaka IT.0 ft Mk hi your tpart tlma or
lut wtwkijr ami mora full tin iUr.f
our BuarmntoMt lino of atitta, ovvrntat
Rml ti'pctwUat ttvv amaatntfly tow prlc
of tS Mch. No prvvktutt iiMirUnio
rmiutnvl, Youi rmnttMitm $3 W wi"f
mla, M on oVuM onlr, Oamwnta
natM In laUatptypMi of tturablo material,
Wvll owirilnpfti fur drww rand iHinlrt
wftur. W rito for ttm attractiva suuDpltj
kit today.
Keep Stomach and Bowels Right
Br tiring babr tha harmlaai, pnralr
brlnga aitonlihlnir.gratlfylnf raiulti
in making; boby'l itomach dlgwt
food and bowali mora aj
they thould at toe thing
time. Guarantoad free
f mm narentlra. onU
VC'J atea, alcohol and all
harmful IngradU
MiM n"- Baft and
L7'i utlifactorr.
I At Alt
PgiVrkrltai Pomata.
dy for thrat
aarwratlona for
U n U U f ,
'For bemfnff m aimlv IMa.
and to relltra li)ti-imnia
Hon and aeronaaa.iiafi Miiruitl
U.l. U' a- Jl
ttont, ioothlntr. haaling,
14T Wavarlj Floe Mew Ttrk
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrl
Since 1848 Has Healed Wounds and
Sores on Man and Beast
Honaj back for Bnt kottla If not nltad All daaich
9 himrH i
a- n
auvii m
1 Li V U
II. If, v -
pSi'l'" X MlA ai TO "!
birnu, ihllbltlm. "!a,Ji'j:' iaJiij'lai'Li'.'i T
California Gulch
MANY a WMK.n tlmt tre w-st-wnrtl
In the suminiT of 1VU
bcurliitf tho lifc'fiid, 'Tike's l'l-uk or
rtuHt." who ' to bo , m homeward
bound tho tii'Xt yt-ar with -the flmt
bruve sloun wlpod out, and In its
plnco tin finitlo word, "IJuMtwI."
I'.ut some ul tume who fnlli'1 of
uti-s In tlmt ruriti wito of Pternr
luff. Tlicy (irtnmod on scro the
Colornilo rtingu and found goldbear-
(nit t-nivcl In Koiilli Park.
In the niirlUK of ome of thPMe
daunllf.n ironi.'tors worked tttWr
ray ai-roxs the second rante Into the
headwaters of the arkaumis river,
from which Diuny millions of dollars
worth of iducer gold was destined to
be wimlieil.
No sooner hud the first parties
worked their way Into this rich ter
ritory than gold strikes were reported
In what was known as California
Gulch. Kluter. Currier, ltafferty, Rte-
ens and Tubor were names among the
earliest of those who found the cov
eted treasure.
The most astounding thing about
the California Gulch strikes was tho
rapidity wllh which the news spread
Although the region was one of the
wildest Into which prospectors had yet
ventured and almost no one had even
traveled through the region prior to
the. strikes of IJSOf), seventy prospec
tors poured Into the gulch within a
few days after word of the dis
covery had gone out Ity July 10,000
persons were In the camp, according
to the estimate of 8. K. Kmmons, gool
oglxt In charge of the United States
geological survey In 1 8H5, who studied
the history of the place. It was said
that r..(HK),(KK) worth of placer gold
was taken out the first summer,
though Kmmuns considered this an ex
The characteristics of a mining
camp based on plucer gold rather than
on the more substantial "rock In
place" type of diggings, which is to
say, the true lode or vein, soon mani
fested themselves In California Gulch
Once the richest yield of the placer
cradles had been extracted the popu
lation begun to diminish swiftly. In
three or four years' tlmo, only hun
dreds remained where there had been
thoUMiiiulM. Kellogg and other pros
pectnrs of the restless type sought
newer fields. Tubor, settling down to
the business of running tho only store
In the place, thereby put himself in
the way of fortune, for It whs a grub
stake from that store that led to the
discovery of the Fryer hill deposits
In which was luter to be U-ndvllle.
Homcttake and the Dlack Hills
"pl!AT the rhli gold deposits of the
1 niuck Hills In South I lakotn should
liuve remained practically untouched
until after JS-SO was due chiefly to the
jealousy with which the Sioux Indians
kept whites off the mammoth reserva
tion that hud been given them by the
government under the treaty of 1S.1S.
This treaty guaranteed the Sioux
against the encroachment of white
Stories of Dlack Hills gold origin
ated In the tales told by a Delglun
priest, Father De Smet, who lived with
the Sioux In the first half of the Nine
teenth century and reported many
finds of nuggets.
In 187-1 the government sent General
Custer to iimke u mllltury reconnol
8m nee of the region, and he took with
til in I'lof. N. II. Wlnchell, a famous
geologist of tho University of Minne
sota, who later played a big purt In
the discovery of Minnesota's Iron de
posits. Gold wus discovered by this
parly, and s a result of their reports
a party of miners who thought them
selves strong enough to light off the
Sioux, established themselves In a
blockade on French creek. The gov
ernment, however, lived up to its
treaty und brought them out But
news of the gold strike had spread and
the Invasion of the Indian reserva
tion now seemed Inevitable.
In 1873 the government sent another
party to prospect the ltlnck Hills un
der strong military escort. This ex
pedition con lined Its attentions chiefly
to the southern purt of the hills be
cause of the dense forests that made
the more northern ureas practically
Inaccessible. It did not even reach the
region of the Uomestake mine. One
of the geologists found abundant gold
In the Whllewood und Deadwood
gulches and described them as "the
best place In the hills for a poor
Much of the gold district of the
northern lilnck Hills has been referred
to os the "Uomestake" without dis
crimination between a number of prop
erties of which that particular mine Is
one. The Uomestake und the Old Abe
deposit, nearby, are said to have been
located In 1870 by two French boys,
Moses and' Frederick Manuel.' The
Uomestake property passed Into the
hands of n group of well known min
ing capitalists, among them J. B. Hug
gin and George Hearst, the father of
William llundolph Heurst. The son Is
still a prominent owner In the prop
erty nnd Its profits helped support his
papers In their early days.
This , mine is celebrated among
geologists us one tlmt has always been
made to pay although the ore on which
It Is based Is not of n particularly rich
vnrlety. The splendid technical skill
with which operations have been car
ried on, however, has made It famous
tor Its profits.
((&, 1127, Wuateru Nuwapaptir Uolon.l
The Kitchen
(U4. Aeaura Nwwapapor Luton.)
What's dong we partly may com-
put. V
BuUtnuw not what's reflated. '(
There are several varieties of gooii
noodles packedjn cartons on the mar
ket, but, for, real
goodness, as well
as economy, the
homemade variety
Is much superior.
It takes but one
egg, a tablespoon
ful of milk and
one-half teaspoon
ful of suit, with
flour to mix, and roll to make enough
noodles for a family of four; twice
the amount will make enough for a
good meal with soup, for a large fam
ily. '
itoll out so thin that the dough. Is
trunspurent, let dry for an hour or'
two In air, then roll up and cut Into"
strips with e knife. Shake out tlur
noodles and drop Into boiling salted
water or soup and cook for several
minutes. They will float on top wheo
about done. To serve them in place of
potatoes with chicken, drain them sm
put In a hot dish In which bus browned
a cupful of crumbs with a tablespoon-
ful of butter. Stir until the noodles
nr tt-ell eoverpil with tha buttered
crumbs, then serve. Noodles are good
baked with cheese, egg or with a white
sauce and a bit of green corn from
the ceb. One will find many ways of
serving this good disiu . i
Chlcktn Warmeln. Cook a good fat
fowl until tender in a large kettle with
pleuty of water for broth. Remove
the fowl It should be well seasoned.
Itcniove the meat from the bones lr
smull shreds and set uway to keep
tint. In Ihn hrntlt rook bunch or
more of celery two bunches will nof
be too much If serving a large family.
The celery Is cut Into smull pieces be
fore cooking. When tender remove'
the celery nnd drop In the noodles
which have been previously prepared;
cook until well done. Serve a nest of
the noodles on a large plate; on these
a few spoonfuls of celery and top with
chicken and gravy.
Shrimp Gumbo. This Is a popular
New Orleans dish. llce three slices
of hui'oii und try out In a stew pun
Add one smull onion minced nnd cook
live minutes, add two tublespoonfuls
of Hour and brown, stirring constantly,
Blend two cupfuls of tomato with six
teen okru pods cut Into smull pieces;
add two pounds of shrimps, uncooked
and two cupfuls of wuter. Seusun
with salt, pepper and a generous dnsh
of cayenne; simmer one hour. Serve
hot with rice. Cunned okra may be
used, In which case add fifteen min
utes before serving.
A nice Icing for a sponge" cake Is:
Orange Frosting. To one cupful
of confectioner's sugar add the gruted
rind of an orunge with Its Juice; yel
low coloring may be added If desired.
Beat until smooth, adding a little
cream If needed, for richness.
Everyday Good Things.
For a good-sized family or any size
for that matter, the following dish Is
a good one, for you have
a whole meal, vegetables
and all, in one dish
ready to serve:
Cornish Pasty. Take
a good round steak, the
amount depending on
the number te serve.
Cut It Into small cubes
or half-Inch pieces, pilx-
Ing well with suet, or
batter may be added If
expense Is not to be considered. Par-
boll u turnip or rutubaga, cut Into
slices. Slice potatoes with an onion
or two. Prepare a good biscuit dough,
roll out, line an ordinary large pie
plute two or three may be needed If
serving ninny. Lny In the beef, add
the vegetables In layers and when well
tilled cover with a layer of the bis
cuit dough. Make small vents. Season
well with suit und pepper. The amount
of suet will add to the flavor und
richness. Bake In a moderate oven
for two hours. When the vegetables
are well done, remove and wrap the
pasty In a cloth; let stand to steam
for at least ten minutes before serv-
Ing. Cut In pie-shaped pieces to
serve. This Is a dish much used
among the miners, where a hot dish Is
so needed. Its siivory odor will ap
peal to most appetites.
Dinner Chees. rut through a meal
chopper one-hnlf cupful of stuffed
olives, add two cupfuls of irrated
cheese and one cream cheese. Season
well with suit, red pepper and roll Into
o long roll. Place on a dolly-covered
gloss plate and decorate with slices of
stuffed olives. x Serve with a cheese
knife from the plate.
Horseradish Sauce. To serve with
steaks or fish, the following Is espe
cially good: 'ake a tublespoonfiil of
fresh grated horseradish, add vlncga
to moisten nnd a tublespoonful of
finely-minced blanched almonds. Sea
son with salt, a hit of sugar and a
dnsh of red pepper; add a tablespoon
ful of thick sweet cream, mix well and
serve In a glass cup. ;
Sandwiches are always. In order at
any supper . meal or when tea Is
served. One may have them sweet,
or with succulent vegetables like
sliced cucumber or onion, or tomato,
or with various meat combinations,
An American staying at a ScottUh
shooting lodge was awakened early in
the morning by an ear-piercing noise
under the bedroom window.
"Luvva Mike," he suld to the man
who brought In the morning tea,
whafs thatr
That's Donald playing the bagpipes.
sir," came the reply.
Gee, muttered the Americun, "I
thought It was some one torturing a
haggis rTlt-Blts.
Mary He says he has a good posi
tion In the tie department of the big
May So he lias he's bundle wrap
per, my dear.
All Together
"Com Join me." said the buzzing bet
"In sweet community singing"
"There'g a mlaehlcvioua boy around
the hive." raid the been,
"Let's Join In community stinging.
Call for Flowers
"Hello!" came from the phone,
Rose there?"
"Is Violet there?
'Is Lilly there?" '
"Say, what do yon think this Is, a
bloomln' conservatory?"
The golfer missed the ball three
limes.' Plowing ur the turf.
"You've revoked." said his partner,
"I'.ut I'm not Playing cards." remon-
ttrnted the unfortunate player.
"Alt the same." wna the renlv
"you've been playing a spade Instead
of a club!" Edinburgh Scotsman.
The Easier Way
Fireman (to captain) Please, sir,
the schoolhouse Is burning down, but
we can't get. up to the second floor
without a ladder.
Captain That doesn't matter; yon
Just wait till the second floor Is
burned down and then you can get
in. Klkerlkl, Vienna.
First louth Do you Und yourself
popular with the girls?
Second Youth Oh, yes, I own a car.
How to Boast
Boasting's a thing most men despise
But If you have that bent,
Better to boast about your rlsa
Than brag of your descent
Second Thoughts
Mrs, Spende I don't like the look
of this dress.
Dressmaker It's tile most expen
slve thing In my shop.
Mrs. Spende Well, I might try It
on. Philadelphia Bulletin.
Trouble Averted
' "I quarreled with Meyer; I shoui
have beaten him black and blue, If
hadn't been prevented."
. 'Who prevented you?"
"Meyer." Nenelspatter, Zurich.
,n ?,What Dad Knows
"Sir, I have proposed to your daugh
"And. she refers me to you.
"Then your case Is hopeless." Lou
Isville Conrler-Journnl.
Nearly Successful
floblis So your wife recovered.
henr the doctors nmde a grent fight
for her life..
Dobbs They did, and they almost
Find Throws Light on '
Old Times and Customs
Kitchen utensils of the Greeks and
Romans of the Fourth century B. C,
have Just come to light at Cannpos.
near one of the mouths of the Mle,
according to Prof, Ralph Van Demnn
Magoffin, president of the Archeolog-
ical Institute of America. Excavation
at a temple near this site bns yielded
up mementos or offerings left by thou
sands of pilgrims that make clear
many phases of life in antiquity. The
collections Include many kitchen uten
sils and s nearly complete set of
Greek and Roman weights. Many of
them sre tokens vowed by soldiers
who boped for success In war. "Some
are sling shots," explulued Doctor
Magoffin, "while many are tiny re
plicas of the soldiers themselves on
elephant or horseback. Grain baskets
and camels seem to have been the
favorite gifts from merchants;
weights from looms found In con
siderable cambers. Many of the
pieces are nnlqne, and their publica
tion and exhibition will add much
more to our growing knowledge of
ancient times."
77ie Rarer Sort
Gen. Mason JL Patrick, chief of the
air service, said at the Army and
Navy club In Washington the other
"Young Colonel Lindbergh Is re
markable for the nonmercenary char
acter of his ambition. He's ambitions
to do better and better work, but be
cares nothing about money. .
Now most of ns are like Jones. A
man said to Jones one day:
"'Jones, what would yon do If yon
had $1,000,000?"
'Dor said Jones. Why, Td do the
same as anybody else would do, of
course. I'd overwork myself into
dyspeptic neurasthenia trying to make
It $2,000,000."
Does Weakness Detract
From Your Good Looks?
Baa Francisco, Calif. "About two
years ago I was weak and rundown
In health. I suffered so much with
backache and pain
In my side, and did
not get any relief
until I took Dr.
Pierce's Favorite
P r e s c r Iption. A
few bottles of the
'Prescription' was
a permanent bene
fit to me and I am
glad to recommend
It to others for I
believe it will do
for them what It did for me." Mrs.
E. Webb, 1103 Lagruna St
Obtain this famous "Prescription"
now, In tablets or liquid, from your
Sruggtst, or write Dr. Pierce, Presi
dent Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y,
for free medical advice.
Early Caterpillar Train
A Humpstead correspondent recalls
that nearly "0 years ago he saw In
Hyde park a trial of a military train
of wagons loaded with soldiers dressed
In fatigue jackets nnd drawn by a
steam engine bearing the name India
This engine, he says, laid and raised
Its own track, each, "slipper" being
apparently about 4 feet long, mounted.
and revolving on rollers much like the
modern caterpillar movement The
experiment, according to the London
Post, appeared to aim at improved
mllltnry transport, and the meu hauled
would probably number about 200 In
eight wagons.
Among the Missing
Sergeant Well, uiaduiu, we'll do
our best, out if your husband hasn't
been heard from In twelve years-
Wife Oh, It's not him I'm worryin
about What 1 want Is the sample of
the ribbon I sent him out to match
London Passing Show.
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are not
getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe by mil
lions and prescribed by physicians over 25 years for ;
Assu-lB Is tbe trail mark of Bayer Mannfactiir of MonoacetlcacidesU of, SalievllwM
Cy Taking Lydla L ruikham'a
Vegetable Compound
As Mrs. Weaver herself says, "1 was
ntver very strong. This is a mild
statement describ
ing her condition,
for.according to her
letters, she was sub-
t - - S IJecieu io no sman
"fi 'J I amount of 111 health.
4 I Fortunately. hersls-
ter was familiar
with Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound anil
begged Mrs. Wreaver
to try it "After
three or four
weeks," writes Mrs. Weaver, "I felt a
great difference in myself. I would g9
to bed and sleep sound, and although I
could not do very much work, I seemed
stronger. I kept on taking it and now
I am well and strong, do my work and
take care of three children. I sure do
tell my friends about your wonderful
medicine, and I will answer any letters
from-women asking about tha Vege
table Compound." Mas. Lawbescb
Weaves, East Smithfleld St., Mt Pleas
ant. Pa.
If you knew that thousands of
women suffering from troubles similar
to those you are enduring had improved
their health by taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham s Vegetable Compound, wouldn t
you think it was worth a trial?
In some families, the fourth genera
tion Is learning the merit of Lydia 7.
Pinkham s Vegetable Compound.
Stop Coughing
The more you eousrh the worse you feeL
and tbe more Inflamed your throat and
lungs become. Give them a chance tij
Boschea's Syrup
has ben giving relief for elity-one
years. Try it. 30c and 90c bottles. Buy
It at your drug store, u. u. ureen, inc.,
Woodbury, N. J
Carboil draws out the core
and gives quick relief 1
Captain Smith, what's that mud
doing on your collar?
Private (after carefully examining
his collar) It's not doing anything
right now. sir.
Prepared Especially for Infants
and Children of All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Castorla has
been In use for over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless substitute for Cas
tor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops and
Soothing Syrups. Contains no narcot
ics. Froven directions are on each,
package. - Physicians everywhere rec
ommend It.
The genu'ne bears signature of
W. N. U, PORTLAND, NO. 42-1927.
The Main Question
The Boy Do you think we could
live on two thousand a year?
The Girl P'r'nps; but who Is going
to give It to ns?
A t ' . 4
Neuritis .
.Accept only "Bayer" packagft tuiudms yiuvcn mrecuons.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets.
Also bottles of 24 and 100 T)nmriafa
got It, too.