The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 13, 1927, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, October 13, 1927. "
- - . the maupin rnim
3 Z C
's Under a
We have them in all the New
Color Combinations and
Priced Right
R. E. Wilson Co.
VUUed Silica Mine.
Prof. J. II. Nagle, with Misses
Marjorie TilloUon and Ruth Mc
Corkle and Mr. Lucile Cantrell,
went to Terrebonne last Sunday end
impacted the tilica mine near that
place . 1
Graveling Street.
Ceorge Tillotaon ia having --revel
hauled from White river and is
spreading lame on the roadway op
poilte the entrance to the garage
nd shop. The road was badly cut
up while excavating for the garage
waa done, and the ralni cut into the
treet to a coniiderable extent
making repairs thereon imperative.
Aanual Fair Meeting.
Elewhere Jn - this paper will be
found a notice calling a meeting
of the stockholder of the Southern
Waecq County Fair association,
which will be held at Tygh Valley
on Saturday, October 22, at 2:00
p. m. All members should make It
a point to, attend the meeting as
there are many things of importance
to come, up at hat time.
Laet Deer Hunt.
A hunting party made ap of 0.
B., Elza and Lewis ' Derthick left
this morning for Silver Lake, east
Art Morris and J. W. Temple left
this morning for Siler Lake, cast
of Bend on a deer hunt. All have
been out once this season, but the
urge la so strong that another try
for t'oer will be made. The hunters
Vrrptse to hunt around tne lake,
gradually working this , ny, and
:il remain in' the hCls nntil the
end of the Jeer season.
Will Haul V.., BUck..
II.. McAllister of Dufur has taken
a contract to haul veneer blocks
from above Pine Crove to the 0. T.
depot His contract wUl kr-
busy all through the coming spring
and summer.
Carnival Great Sacaesa.
The '49 carnival given by the
local American Legion post last Sat
urday night proved a greater1 suc
cess than was anticipated. The at
tendance came from near and far
and none seemed to be "tight" when
it came to wagering on the chance
games, and surely none failed to get
all the dancing and eats wanted.
Nearly $160 was taken in and after
all bills were paid a substantial sum
remained in the treasury. '
Track Walkiag Dewa River.
Lester Crofoot, who has been at
work on the section at Two Springs,
has succeeded to the night track
walking Job and is now pumping a
handcar down river as far as tunnel
No. 1. Lester and wife are at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. Cro
foot for a time.
W. T. Norval wu over" from Wa
mie on business Monday morning.
J. W. Derthick apent a day or
two of this week at The Dalles.
Bob Fortune spent last Thursday
in The Dalle guest of the Bank
Lewis Derthick. who has been in
- charge of the Dufur drig store for
a week past, returned from that
place Tuesday afte.-no.n.
F. C. Butler went' to Portland
Tuesday morning after load of
produce. ' , . , .
R. L. (Dick) Harrir was among
those registered at the Bank hotel
In The Dalles Sunday.
Seventy-five cent' bottle of Cenol
Fly Destroyer and a io-cent sprayer
both for $1.00 at thi Maupin Drug
Store. ' ,
; . ,, . .... . .. . - ' ' ' "
0 T n
Heavy Lined Coats $11.95
Leather Lined Vests '. ; $7.50
0. D. Flannel Shirts ,. ....,............$2.85
0. D. Wool Shirts 1. .....:........1.$4.23
Army Mohair Sox, 3 pair $1.00
Army Cotton Sox ...10c
Boys' Overalls ...'....95c
Bell Bottom Overalls .'. '.. $1.45
0. D. Wool Breeches ... .. '.. ....,.$3.95
Whip Cord Wool Breeches $3.95
6-lb. Wool Blankets .!. $6.45
4-Ib. Wool Blankets .," ... .$3.95
Nashua, part wool blanket, large vsize, 6680....$4.85
Australian part wooh Blankets ..$4.25
Large size Cotton Blankets . ....... ...........$1.95
Large size Fancy Blankets .l.....:.........J..........$2.95
s Heavy Khaki Compters .......,....$2.95
- Army Wool Blanket ............................ $i50
Auto Trunks $5.95
' " , i ' '' 0 f:
Second and Washington Streets.. The Dalles, Ore.
F. D. TilloUon Auction,
F. D, TilloUon has decided to
quit ranching and la offering for
sale all his stock, farm implements
ad some household goods also, at
auction. The sale will be held at
his place, top of Wamia grade, on
Saturday, October 22, and WlU bo
coonducted by French Butler, with
Frank Btuart aa clerk. Read the
list of thing offered in another
part of this paper.
Quarterly CenfertM
The Quarterly conference of the
combined Wapinitia-Maupin U. B.
church wu held at Wapinitia Mon
day night. Qite a large attend
ance is reported and report; of the
doings of the church here were fa
vorable to a rapid growth.
jOoo ooeoeeoeooooeooeeoO
" There (s much speculation re
garding the meaning of Bobby Da
vlds6n's actions. Lately that young
and promising mechanic has been
furnishing a cottage and has been
batching therein. His friends are
Wondering whether to arrange a
house warming of a charivari, and
Bobby won't tell
4 X
. Quite a number of our subscribers
actually seem to believe a newspaper
must have support in order to exist.
During the past several have come
and paid their subscriptions, thus
providing a way or the publishers to
buy a sack of rolled pat and a brew
of coffee. Still ther'ei more to fol
low. 1
Maupin will soon be able to supply
all the auto in the state with gas and
oils. Up to this time there are seven
gas tanks in operation here, and now
another is going in.. Bernard Welch,
who conducted a service station at
Wamic, ii installing a tank on the
roead leading to the bridge and, being
arT old hand at the business, and most
accommodating, no doubt will get a
Always c 11 the J-ro '
ies and
Auto Supplies
Expert Tire Repairing-
-Tube Vulcanizing
fair share of that business. ' , !
Some are born , pugilists, while
oothers fight only when compelled te
do so in self protection. The specta
cle of two young men engaging in
fisticuffs does ont appeal to the aver
age person, but when one of .the
men has the fight forcer on him, tis
then that he ia to be commended for
"doing up" the other fellow. -
" ""x .
George Tillotaon took day or
so off the first of the week and in
dulged in 'a , geographic-typographic
suvey of the surrounding country. 1
He visited sections of Bakeoven,
Dead Dog, Deep Creek and others,
and says that this part of Oregon
covers considerable country. ,
Jess Temple and family feasted
on wild goose Tuesday,' the bird
having been killed by Maupin's husky,
mechanic on the Flat on Sunday.
Bobby. Davidson ate the wings and
aays he Is now waiting to 'see whether
or not they will sprout.' It they do
and he grow wings he imagines he
will be able to fly all the same as
the goose from which the wings came.
When it comes to opening ditches
Tom Henneghen is in a class by him
self. Last Saturday Tom cleared
out 700 hundred feet of ditch and
Tuesday remarked that he felt, his
oats as much as when he was a
boy on the range. At that his friends
believe him... '. .
- The men who are engaged in get
ting out veneer blocks to be sent to
the mill at Vancouver, Washington,
have opened up a new line of endeavV.
or in this section. The veneer mad?
from their timber has a utilitarian
purpose, and it is not to be compared
with the veneer used by people who
seek to create a good impression by
spreading "salve." -"
. . "N,. G. Hedin has been busier than
a scratching hen these days, and With
his multitudinous duties as manager
of the Wapinitia Irrigation company
he was mixed up in a mad dag scare
on Sunday last Enough to ..say,
Newt did his duty and there is one
leas dog to worry about
1. .
The MOGT important element in business success
and the most difficult is to be sure that you .
have all the factsi before you act. ' V
s- ' i '. . -
" "''C '
To GET them all, from every poGsible source,, is the
first objective in General Motors. The Research
Laboratories contribute some. These are nuggets,
left in the crucible, . after hundreds of ideas that
looked good have been burned away. The Proving .
Ground contributes others. Dealers contribute. The
public contributes Every department contributes.
Through the whole organization runs a spirit of
inquiry and of rigid insistence on proof. : ,,
Out of such thinking come the new models
announced from time to . time by ChevroletV
' Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Oakland, Buick, LaSalle,
Cadillac all with Fisher Bodies. And by Frigidaire.
Each new model is a tested step forward. Nothing
goes into it a a result of habit or guess or pride of
opinion. . . . '.';''''
Nothing counts but hard-won facts, gathered and
used with an open mind V; c ;
'' roxTuc
' : BUICK '
, thttlHirk rtfttgtrtltr
'A car for every purse and purpose"
CLIP THI3 coupon '
General Motors (Dept. A), Detroit, Mich.
Please send without any obligation to me, your Wuwated book
let, "Where Motor Car Facta Are Etablihd," together with
Information about the particular General Motors product or
product j 1 have checked at the right.