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When they come a fishin'
They come to Maupin on the
Deschutes River.
roads you cu i...h any
place from Maupin.
Maupin, South' Wasco County, Thursday, September 22, 1927
Number 46
Big Carnival Billed for This
City Shows Here October 8
Days of '49 With Attendant Games
Scheduled by Legion for
Saturday, October 8
Pendleton has iU roundup, Spo
kane iu air derby, Portland IU rose
fostlval, The Dalles IU frolics but
the crowning event of the season
will be the grand carnival, arrrangod
for bb the Maupin American Legion.
This great event will be pulled off
on the evening of Saturday, October
8 at Legion hall, Maupin.
Tho managers have delved deep
ly Into history of early days of the
west. They have arranged for a
truthful duplication of many of the
characters of early times; have un
earthed' games long forgotten and
will stage a real "Days of '49" at
this curnlval. If you like to take a
chance, there will be penty of op
portunity to do so, as old-time gamb
ling gumes will' be on hand. Chuck-a-luck,
keno, craps, black-Jack, and
maybe the Inldlun stick game. "Mon
ey" will be there In thousands the
"bankers" handling the game know
their stuff and all will be given a
chance to either make a stake or go
As an additional feature there
wll be supper and dancing. The mu
elc will be befitting the occasion
all those who attend will have the
time of their lives. .
Former Dufur DenUt Will Locata
Hare Permantly Office In the
Maupin Drwf Store
What is Dufur's loss is Maupin's
gain, for Dr. Short, the well known
denist, who has practiced his pro-
fession in the former town for many
years, has decided to make Maupin
hl permanent headquarter, and
will arrive here some time next
week. Dr. Short has disposed oi bin
rildcnce and artlce and as s on
as he has settle:! eome malten :n
Dufur will come to Maupin. He will
have parlors in the rear room of the
Maupin Drug Store, which aro be
ing fixed up for his accomodation.
"Tex" Rankin Will Represent Oregon
In Flight From New York to The
Inland Empire Capital
The "City of Portland," piloted by
Tex Rankin, will he Oregon's strong
est entry In the New York-to-Spo'
kane air demy sihi w .rum ...
eastern city September 21. Eanin
is president oi tne KanKin r lying
school here and vice-president of the
Oregon Aero club. With a splendid
record behind him, Rankin Is favored
by Portand backers to win the class
A derby.
. The "City of Portland" is a small
Waco plane with a wing spread of 23
1 feet and measures 22 feet from the
i propeller tip to the end of the rudder.
uJv. , , i V ;
.- Wright Whirlwind motor, capable of
Tt I. ..i. -J .LI. -
, making a maximum speed of 140
: miles an hour and with a general
; cruising speed of 120 miles an hour,
i The motor is the same type used by
Colonel Charles A. Lindberg on his
history making trip to Paris,
Rankin has been over tho route
several times and last August mapped
out hid entire course and solected his
four landing fields, which will be at
Chicago, St. Paul, Fargo, North Da
kota and Billings, Montana, lie plans
to fly a direct compass course be
tween stations in preference to fol
lowing the highways and railroads
as many pilots will dp. . He will carry
tho required 320 pounds of ballast
instead of the two passengers, reduc
ing the personal element to a mini
mum. The greater strength of the
f mall plane in rough weather will al
so aid him ho believes.
Refueling the plane and eath of
tho stops will take from three to five
minutes enabling him to lund, fill the fine five-point buck. Bates in
gas tank and be In the air again be- i tends to make another trip to tho
fore the propeller has hardly slowed ! mountains, leaving about the first
down. - , f . . ,
The National Air races will follow
the derby at Spokane, September 23
and 24. These will be followed by the
Spokane to Portland derby.
Eugene building permits for Aug
ust were $75,000.
Lowest Rata Evar Given to Capital
of Inland Empire Good
For Two Days
The Oregon Trunk railway haJ
made a special round trip rate of
$0.00 for the great air derby and
plane races, to be hold at Spokane,
Washinirtoii. September 21 to 25.
This I the lowest rate ever quoted
to and from Spokane and applies to
all stutions on the O. T. line, as well
as from scvral stations In southwest
ern Washington. The air derby has
drawn noted pilot from, all over
the United States and some of the
fastest planes in the country will
take part In the races. The derby
planes have already begun their
flights from New York City, and will
bo In Spokane today.
. , .... s
uoaia mil ror same vtm joon wa
Marbat Flrtt Venture of Kind
In The Country , '
Goat's milk for every tablo will
bo a reality if a newly organized Pa-
cific Coast Industry can supply the
demand. '
A California concern, the J. P.
Mcycnlcrg labratoriea of Salinas has
entered the unique business of can
ning goat's milk and already the out
put has justified the faith of the or
iginators. It is believed that this is the first
venture of iU kind in the United
State. The first large order placed
through advertisements in trade
magazines, was sold in Porto Rico.
but orders from concerns throughout
the United States are coming in for
the new product. ;
A large plant has been Installed by
the Meyenberg encern at Salinas and
its capacity is being increased to
scores of cases a day. , '
Marketing Big Crop.
Frank Gabel is in Maupin looking
after marketing of his wheat crop.
Mr. Cabcl says he will have about
3,200 bushels to haul to the ware
house and has trucks hauling day and
Bruce Hull W.piniti. Teacher. ' rictad fon patch on the hill above
. . . 4 ,. - his residence. In that patch he plant
Superintendent Gronewald 6i mdSf imong othet vegetables.
nvvtim uujs mulling ihuj vile ijuuu-
ficutions of several applicants for
tho position of principal of the Wap
initia schools, finally choosing Bruce
1Iull Mr IIuU WM prlnclpa, of the
, Joseph G. Wilson school at The
Dttllej for twQ year8 and at
junior gchooJ in that dty
Will See Big Fight.
Thos. Connolly left Sunday
i..nicago, wnere ne win uxe in tne
DemfFcy-Tunncy prize ficht. Mr.
"M i ... lie i t -a I
Connolly Is an ard?iit fight fan ard
follows thut game with all the en-
thusiasm of an amateur.
Fulkerson Got Tho Bear.
In another part of this paper will
, D6 found story of Phil Starr see-
'. lnK tnre0 hears on, top of Faquets
gulch last Sunday. Tuesday Trapper
Fulkerson went to that locality, and
up a canyon above the Abbott sheep
ranch ran onto the old bear and cubs.
Well, all we will ay is that there
ore three bears lesand that the ta-
ble of the Times family Is liberally
sunnlicd with hear meat. Thanks.
Shattuck Got One Deer.
Bates Shattuck, who with his wile
and brother, Lew Shattuck, and
brother-in-law, Ed. Slerrett, of Van
couver, Washington, hunted deer in
tho Paulina country, returned to
Maupin Saturday evening. The men
each succeeded' in bagging a deer,
the ne fulling toBates' aim being a
of October.
Attended Mother's Funeral.
J Mrs. Chas, Crofoot was among
I those from Maupin who attended
I the funeral of Mrs. Emma Magill
at Wamic last Saturday. Mrs. Ma
Gill was Mrs. Crofoot's mother..
Nine new little faces have shown
themselves in the primary room and
the owner of each seems to be eager
to learn.
On Monday morning the first and
second grades were pleased to find
their room unusually bright and Lindley, Betty Slusher and Greatha
cheerful, due to the fact that the Turner.
walls had been calcimined during Since that time our attendence has
the week end. been 100 per cent perfect
The Third and Fourth grades have Genvievs Seithoff and Glenn Gra
been presented with a beautiful pic ham of the Senior class were absent
turc "Feeding Her Birds," by the first part of the week. They
Millet, which was purchased by the ' were in Portland,
school hoard and chosen by Mr. KaUl v During Mr. Weberg's absence on
ser. The selection shows Mr. Kai- jury duty Cyril Fraley has been do-
ser s apptitude in matting suitable i
purchases of pictures for the grades.
The attendance in Mrs. Joynt's
third and fourth grade room is 100
per cent up to date.
The Fifth and Sixth grades are
showing their willingness to do some
real work. They will be encouraged
by the clean, bright atmosphere of
the room, which hat been newly cal
cimined. Mr, Crabtree has cut away large.
white margin from one of the pie
'tures and thus improved it He
.... ,
also perched himself on a risky scaf-
fold support to hang our thermome-!
ter from the ceiling. ;
The janitor haa been busily en-1
eegaged in searching out and discard-
7'.h and 8th Grades
Our initial enrollment on Wednes
day, September 14th, was as follows:
Eight Men Kill 12 Dear Found Ro
mains of One Killed By Tjhem
Last Season -
A party of Dalles hunters passed
through Maupin Sunday having the
biggest bag of deer so far recorded
this season. There were eight men
in the party and their bag amounted
to 12 big deer. , While they were in
the mountains they found the re
mains of a deer killed by one of them
last year, but which could not bo
found at the time. They brought in
the horns with them, the points of
which numbered five with a perfect
I Soma Big Spud.
' George Cunningham has a small ir
Friday evening he showed The Times
men a peclmen of his potatoes that
for size is hard to beat. The tuber
measured just one foot in length and
at ita greatest circumference nine
inches of string just met ends.
George says he will send the sample
back east to an aunt, to whom he
told the story of growing potatoes in
Oregoon and that when they were
dug were corded on the arm like
Btove wood. He will thus prove his
New Clerk at Wilson's.
Orville Fraley will receive Instruc
tions in the fine points of merchan
dising tit the R. E. Wilson store,
Orville has begun putting in the time
before and after school hours at that
establishment, and the way he takes
j hold is evidence1 that his chief attrt
, bute is meeting the public and Uking
care of its wants.
Continued Journey South.
W,. W.' Richmond and son, Ralph,
' who ,atc'y came her9 from Stanley,
' N- D- Packed P trusty Ford
Sunday and left for the south, in-
i tending to seek work in the Klamath
country. Mr. Richmond is a brother
of R. W. Richmond of this city and
spnt some time in Maupin last sum
mer. (
Brought Deer Through,
A party of Cherryville hunters,
made up by F. W. Huntington, W, J.
Faliboane and W. E. Welch, passed
through Maupin on Saturday, their
cars containing the cacftssea of threa
fine bucks, shot In the Blue moun
tains. Attended Magill FuneraL
Lester Crofoot and wife came
down from Two Springs last Satur
day and went over to Wamic, where
they attended the funeral of Grand
ma Magill that afternoon. ' ,
8th Grade Charles Bothwell, Alta
Chastain, Mary Greene, Beth Ruth
erf rd, Harry Rutherford and Ed
mund Wilson.
7th Grade Bonney Duus, Laco
Greene, Melvin Lindley, Wendell
jng the janitor work.
io, Chastain is the driver of the;
Fairview school bus, which has been
' ' i mi I Y . . J !
pamiea m naming orange, .luuging
from its color it should be seen afar
arjd not missed by lagging students.
Madge Shearer, in addition to her
Ichool dutiea, delivers milk each
morning at the R. E. Wilson Co.
tore. . i
" No new names have been enrolled
In high school since last week. Afew
more are expected In later. '
There seems to be some prospect
of the athletes engaging in a belated
start in football. There is a lot of
good material for this, considering
the size of the school. The solu-
tion resolves itself into the securing
of equipment and a field.
. At present typing seems to have
enolled the largest number, with
American history and English IV
close runners-up.
M. J. Anderson, Formerly Miss
Rodman, Passed Away
Last Week
Word has been received here of
the death of Mrs. M. J. Anderson,' a
native of Wamic, which occurred at
her home In Portland the latter part
of last week. Mrs, Anderson was the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Rod
man and was born at Wamic. Details
regoarding the funeral have not been
obtained by us.
Home From Portend.
Miss Ethel Kidder, who spent the
summer at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Laco DeCamp, in Portland, re
turned last week and again is at her
studies in the Maupin schools.
Awaiting Household Goods.
George Carl and wife arrived in
Maupin from Carlton Saturday even
ing. Mr. Carl has been here some
time, in charge of the Maupin gar
age and left for Carlton after his
wife over a week ago. As soon as
their household goods arrive the
Carls will take up their residence in
the Ben Fraley cottage, next the
Henneghan residence, and make
! Maupin their home.
More Deer Hunters Leave.
O. J. Williams, Oliver Resh and A.
J. Roy, a Portland hardware man,
left Sunday fr the mountains in the
vicinity of Prineville after deer. The
members of the party have hunted .
in that section before and it is a sate
bet that if any deer are sighted their
carcasses will supply the tables of
the hunters -with venison.. The men
will be gone until October 1st
The Kramer Auction.'
Don't Vorget the auction sale at J.
G. Kramer's on Friday, September
30, Mr. Kramer has listed many
articles of farm machinery and live
stock, all of which is in good con
diion, and which would all grealy
to anv farm ecuipment French
Butler wil cry the sale, whl,h will
start at 10:30 in the morning of the
day advertised.
Wilson-Fraley Deer Hunters.
Bob Wilson and Ben Fraley have
gone after deer. They will seek the
shy denizens of the forest in the vi-
cinity of Prineville, in the Blue
mountains andnntend to stay until
they each get the limit They left
Tuesday morning.
Crofoot Had Quiniey.
Charley Crofoot was laid up the
first of the week with an old ailment
-quinsey. He has been subject to
attacks of the ailment for several
years, but ths late seige proved
about as severe as any he has en
dured. ,
Use Your Ingenuity and
Try to Win a Fine Prize
Thrae Observed at Top of Paquet's
Gulch One Killed on Top
of Buckhollow
Bear seem to be numerous this
fall, as hunters and tourists report
having seen them in many different
localities. Last Sunday, while return-
ing from a trip through the reserva
tion, Phil Starr and family saw three
bears feeding on the carcass of a
1 dead horse at the top of Paquet's
When t'bruine noticed the
approacn oi tne buw tney amoiea
into the brush. The same day while
near '.he Ashley ranch on Buckhollow
Elza Derthick saw a bear cub in a
tree. He got his gun and now the
steaks from that youngster are piece
de resistence on the Derthick table.
August Daily Traffic Exceeded Oilier
Months By 199 Check Made
Each Month
Foreman Addington checked traffic
! on The Dalles-Calif onia highway
Saturday, checking those cars pass
ing through Maupin. He noted 161
cars going through that day. A
check of traffic for the months of
June, July August and , September
showed the following: ' ; ' .
June 165 cars.
July 169 cars.
August 268 cars.
September 161 cars.
Taking the check as an average
would show that 109 cars went thru
this city each day, 8,220 each month
and 16,100 cars for the five months j, the matter in hand have made ar
checked. These figures are conclusive j rangementa to take care of a large
evidence that many tourists choose
our highway as a means , of travel
both to and from California and the
east 1 . ' -"
Hunters of Lost Men Return. ' "
Eighteen members of the seekers
for the oet Dalles men, Henry Cra
mer and Guy Perry, were in Maupin
Sunday night, and took supper here.
They said they had covered practi
cally 'all that part of the mountain
where the young men intented to go,
but failed to discover any trace of
them. Several of .the party vouch
af ed the information that they in
tented to stage another hunt for the
lost men, starting next Sunday. t
AumnAmA TaAom Meettnf.
Messrs. F. D. Stuart, James' ?f WaPmtia' been reassigned to
Chalmers, B. F. Turner, F. C. ' But- Manor' Washington, circuit
ler and' iaVerne Fischer ; attended , ZZIZLT
t fv. p fit ,parker a third assignment to the
Tygh Valley Monday evening, they
i being Maupin
; lodge.
members of that
Visiting With Father.
Mrs. B. F. Turner is
at Airlie,
roue county, wnere, sne wiu thi s
with her father for the coming fort-
night bhe len lor tne vaiiey wwn
last Bunaay morning.
Trapping at Conroy's. :
Trapper Fulkerson and son re en
gaged in setting traps for coyotes
at the John Conroy ranch near
Sherars this week. On Monday
Fulkerson succeeded in catching
three coyotea in that vicinity and
went there Tuesday morning to look
after his trap line. ,
John Confer Improving
John Confer, who underwent an
operation for goitre at a Dalles
hospital last week, is improving md.
will soon be discharged from the in
stitution. John had suffered with
the afflicition and all hope the re
sult of the operation will prove of
permanent benefit ' ." . V
Mare Breaks Leg.
Don Miller is unfortunate in that
one oof his best mares "suffered a
broken leg one dsy last week. ; The
animal was in pasture and when
Don went after her found that one
of her f rent leps had been broken
below1 the ; knee. Dr. Stovall was
called and he is makng an effort to
save the mare.
Carl Pratt and 'wife attended the
Magill funeral at Wamic last Saturday.
Corson Music Store Seeka to Encour
! age Wasco Youth By Offering
Prizes in Puzzle
On another page of this issue will
be found an Ad of the Corson Music
store, in The Dalles, offering a num
ber of fro prizes for the most artis
tic answers to a puzzle given in the
Believing that we have as artistic
a people in this vicinity as anywhere,
we are venturing the wish that a
number of these prizes might be
brought to our locality. We under
stand the judges awarding the prizes
will first pass on the correctness of
the solution, then on the most artis
tic ' presentation. If those blessed
with originality or with particular
talents for art needlework, pen and
ink or other sketching, or handicraft
of various kinds, would spnd some
time and thought on the making of
the most artistic answer to this puz
zle, no doubt the results would be
very much worth while.
No doubt the originality, together
with the artictic working of this puz
zle, will count for much and we
would especially like to see our
people bring home some of the prizes
the Corson people are offering.
Community Hall to Be Seen of Har
' vest Ball as Opener of Season
Beit of Music , -
The directors f the Shady Brook
Community hall have bills out an
nouncing a harvest dance at their
hall, to be given on the evening of
Saturday, October 1. Those having
crowd, havemg smoothed the floor
and one of the beat dance or
chestras in this section will fur
n ish ehtmusic. As the bills say, lay
aside all care and take in the Shady
Brook dance.
Rev. Hazen Returns.
Accrding to the Portland 1 Or
gonian Rev. Everett Hazen has been
returned to the Wapinitia charge of
the United Brethren church. As
the church of Maupin is in the Wap
initia district, Mr. Hazen' will re
turn here and remain for the com
ing year. Rev. Mershon has been
assigned to his present charge,
Hazel Gren and Hopewell, a much
more desirable charge than the one
here. Rev. J. I. Parker, formerly
i rfnfjmf
a W4V.V vu c uJVi v vsv u
Scraped Roadway.
Gus Derthick got busy Tuesday
morning and scraped the roaway
north of the Tillotson garage. That
stretch of street was in a deplorable
, condition( butthe Iittle work Gul
did on it placed ft ,a fair shapft
Returns to Her Home.
Mrs. Aylesworth and new baby,
with her two little girls, has gone
; to her home at Two Springs. The.
lady was at the Frank Dyer home
before and during her confinement,
and was mot anxious to get back
in harness at her home again. She
went to Two Springs last Wednes
We take this opportunity of . ex
pressing our appreciation to our
many friends, and to the Masonie
lodge of Dufur, who so. generously
assisted us end extended words of
cheer during our recent bereave
ment.' Mrs. G. C. Stakely.
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Meiser. :
We the surviving members of the
Magill family, wish to convey ouf
heartfelt thanks for the kind words
and ministrations during the long ill
ness of the late Emily Magill. Es
pecially do we thank those who
bought beautiful flowers as tokens
of love to lay upon her beir. Your
acts will live long in our mmories.