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! Vol xiii
Maupin, South Wasco County, Thursday, June 9,1921
Number 31
WTasco County U; B. Sunday
Schools In Convention Here
The 27th annual session of the
Wasco County Council of reli
gious Education met at the
United Brethren church at Mau
pin. June 7, 1927, with the presi
dent, Mr. W. L. Tobie, ( presid
ing. All day and evening ses
sions wens held. The program irlimn tn HflllrPSSlR bV the
oatf.tsi fyvr the country, ana i
christian workers, and special
music was rendered by. Maupin
and Dufur people. Dr. W. r.
Milliken, the Baptist church
field secretary for Oregon, spoko
both in the afternoon and even
ing Besions. , David L. Kratz,
the christain minister of lac
, Dalles, gave a special talk to
young people in the evening
One special feature was a dom-
....otn.ntlr.n in Bprnitlltt! 111011101
. -I, k tu wviitn itivpr Sunday
wl l.wl hv Mra. Ad. bchwld.
Many interesting reports were
Ku th fiffippra and the
workers of work done, the last
year. The president ai a secre
tary. Mr. and Mrs W. L. lobie.
reported they had traveled 1211
miles during the year. .
A basket diner was served by
the ladies in the basement of
the American Legion at noon,
the remains being, consumed at
All the officers were reelected
for the coming year, with two
exceptions. They are: Miss
Leafie Craig - for Ktemcntjry
Supt. and W. L-Dillinger mien
Supt, and Mr. W. I, Mhn
ger for vice-president for im-
coming year are as follows:
rl J w l. Ta h w. Dufur:
vice president, Mrs, Robert Hall,
The Dalles; secrewy-uwui
. w t Tnlii Ilnfur:.
.niivtnf Re hmous education,
Departmental: Adut fcupt.
Mrs. L. W, West, Maupm: The
young peoples i Supt .Mrs. W. U
Gilhousen. cieiiwnwiij
Miss Leafie Craig, The Dalles:
Cradle Roll Supt., Mrs. K. A.
' Ward. Wapinitia. Vwtnr0SSn
presidents, Geo. L. Car ol,
Ener; Mrs. Walter Ryan, The
Dalles; Geo. F. Croeni. The
Dalles W. L. DiKnger, Dufur;
Mrs. N. G. Hedin, wapinua
Mathews Will Hold Sale.
Ed. Mathews has decided
sell his farm implements, live
stock and some" household goods
at public sale, and has announced
Saturday June 18, as the data.
Ed has rented the old Bonney
place at Tygh ana wn
present occupuni. - -
move thereto. Mr. .Mathews has
Bcheduled a number- of things
for the block, each of winch is in
good condition and useful. N.
G Hedin wil cry the sale and f.
n Rtiiart act as clerk. Everyone
is invited to attend the sale,
which will be held at the Geo.
Bumside place, one mile west of
Pine Grove school house , com
mencing at 1:00 o'clock sharp.
Maupin had the largest at-
4TiHf.npo tntfllinff 23. ihe
White River Sunday school had
the largest attendtnee coming
from a distance, totaling 17. The
remaining attendance as fol
lows: Wapimtia o; uuiur
Christan 12; Pine Grove 3; The
Dalles, Christain 3; The Dal es
Congregation 4; me yauva
Union, 3; The Dalles Baptist, 1:
Simnasho 3; Totaling 75 and
the special speakers ana visitors
making a grand total oi over ov.
The entire registration was a
follows: From Maupin: Mrs.
ton, Mrs. Geo. Cunningham,
Jean Rcmck, Mrs. Aima wen
n,nni r.rpatha. and Lena Turner,
rmfruti Mrs. W. Sem-
mou Mm n. v. Wtiberir. wr. ana
Mrs. W. II. Staats, Mrs. II.- J,
Bothwell, Mrs. A. W. DeVoe, W.
H. Taicott, Rev, Everett llazcn,
Our readers will, no doubt
discover something peculiar
about the appearance or tnis
isue of The Times. 1 ne Burn
ing out of the generator at
the power plant necessitated
lis going to Dufur and using
the intertype macmne oi
the Dufur Dispatch. As the
type used on that paper is
different than ours, the ap-
week may seem to be a little
U)rAnh,.A in tilacr. The kind-
nf MtRRrs. Lvans and
Bliem of The Dispatch is
Uopninw with the clean Dolicj
and liberality of the gentle
men, and we are . J'aa
thev have extended the use of
tioif niAf4iinf to us n our
Place Chosen aa Central Point
Between Dufur and Maupin
For New Lodge
Maupin Power Plant Hit
by Lightning and Made Idle
Given to Raise Funds for Dis
abled Soldiers and Sailors
The Women's auxiliary to the
ivit. will irive a
from Waoinitia
were: N. G. Hedin, wife and
daughter, Evellyn Powell, , A:
Lincoln Hartman, Mrs. Alice
Cobbs, Miss Jessie Cobbs, Dick
Dufur contributed the follow
inir tn th cflfhprinp: Mrs. R.
" rr. e,T.
F. O Bnen, Clarence - oiepne",
wife and son, W. fc Tobie, Mrs.
W. L. Tobie, Velma, and Etta
Tegarden, Uons Vhwn, fiia ly-
lor and Mrs. neien uuauus.
W A. Matthews and Mrs.
M .T Drake renrestcnted Sim-
nooiirt nf thA mpetinsr.
, .The banner delegation consisi-
nt Mm AA Schwid. Selma
Ashley, Zelma Brown, Marjory
Doan, Helen, Herbert, Sherman
ntAanAn Tonlpv. liCster Bu-
n litu'li Rrown. Mrs. M- Km,
Hood and Ceiia, ueorge, .wiw
m , TI - 1 H ! I . , t Wohh
and lerrance nwu, iuivm "
and Mrs. C. L. Webb came frgm
!J MfVif. Dimr
anerars unuger ni: v..
Representing Portland was W.
V, Millikin.
Those from The Dalles were:
Mrs. Walter Buzan, Mrs. C. L.
Hazen, Mrs. E. P. Brown, C,M.
7p11 and wife. Geo. Crom and
A wifp. .
or auxiliary in months and the
lad'u s promise one of the best
times ever nad m mis cny. uw
music is promised and as all
know the quality of the cuts fur
niaKoi hv ihe aiiviliarv. it goes
without saying that they will be
of the best. . Buy a ticket and
thus help the sponsors ot tne
dance in a worthy cause.
-.1 9 r '
Roach Bak in Town.
PloMln V Tfnnrh has COm-
pleted the Abbott building and
next will do some paper
inn. fnr Rpti TValev. Since com-
ing here Roach has been busy
as the proveroiai cat ana
been doing woi-k equal in quality
that of many of the best paper
hangers and painters.
An Encampment of the Odd
Fellows was organized at Tygh
Valey last week with the lodges
Of Maupin, Dufur and Tygh Val
ley in its jurisdiction. The r.n
camnmpnt Hreorrea team of The
Dalles carried out the work of
installation and also exerntmnea
iha rWrf work of the order.
- Those irom waupin wno cm
in ai charter memiwrs were: F.
D. Stuart, James Cholmers, K
r T.nil(.i Iivprne Fischer. B.
F. Turner and Dr. J. L. Llwood
At last Monday's meeting R. E.
Wilson was taken in as a charter
member and given the work ot
iha Pwamnmpflt.
Meeting are schelduled to le
held on the first and third Mon
days of each month.
- Tn i4inns mtr Tvcn vaticy as
fho ninrA for onranizinsr the
fciirW rank of Oddfellowsnip, it
wa3 considered that that place
was about central oetween inw
city and Dufur, and that mem
bers of the order front-, each
place could attend the meetings
Monday evenine's electrical
storm worked havoc with the
generator in Maupin Power com-
nnnv'R n ant. a streaK oi naiurw
"juice" hitting a wire and then
connected with . the generator,
burned put the " coils therein.
lhn Maunin has been
compelled to "pull in the side
walks at dark ana ner ciuzens
to emulate the chickens and go
to roost early. - t
WnnAmclt T5ros. owners of the
plant, immediately sent word of
the accident to an electrical firm
at Portland and a man was sent
here for the, purpose of taking
out the generator and getting it
ready for shipment. It was
taken to tne metropwiia, wnnc iv
will be rewouna. yxxwoj.
feature of the fixing of the
piece of machinery was that it
requires a special wire for re
winding, and there was none in
Portland at the time, w ire re
quired1 is of special make and
that will have to do made oeiore
the, generator can be made ser-,
viceabl acrain.
As a result of the accident
many households have been com
pelled to install old ranges while
some found it necessary to pur-
pare meals. The Times shop was
compelled to forgo setting typo
on the linotype, ana omer pi an is
suffered as well. Among mese
being Butler and Fraley refri
geratorsthe liour mm. ana au
the garages of, the city, as all
use electric power for both
light and for driving machinery.
if thav tt-ufp helrt there uettei
than they could if held in either
of the other places. -
Riff Time Promised at Tygh
. tf 'II
Fair Grounds ny vuson
r.fovott Wiknn. the man who
has staged more successful ro
deos and wild west snows -man
Former Teacher Calls. 4 , " "
Mrs. Vere DeVoe. former
atnt principal of the Maupin High
school, with her husband, waa a visi
tor in Maucin Friday and Saturday.
The Devoes are teaching at liwaco,
Washington," and were on their way
to the home of Mr. Devoe'a parenta
nt Iion Lake, above Spokane. They
will return to Ilwaaco at the bebinn-
ing of the achool year. Mr. DeVoe
keeos advised regarding Maupin
school 'matters through the medium
of The Times, and says she would
rather be here than Hva in a place
where semi-twilight prevails.-
Tested Warehouse Scales.
v vr TioriAdiot- a reoresenta
J, Ae - -j--
tutnnf tvo Tlftwn Scale company,
f tH and wni in Aiauuin
M,o,f anil Tiioflav and while
here adjusted the large scales at
the Maupin warenouse.
Fall nf Babylon Here,
rtnre show held
the screen at Legion hall last
night, showing Griffiths, spec
tacular picture, "The Fall of
Babylon." The showmen car-
ried tneir own powcj
by were enabled to tnrow ui
pictures on the screen without
having to depend! on local juice
which trrey would have been out
of luck in obtaining. -
Lamps Dug Out.
- ThP acident ' at t-ie power
plant on Monday resulted , in
more or less discomioa amonx
our people. All had to dig, out
their old coai on ana g w"'i
clean them and put them in cpm
mision in order to have lUununa
tion in the homes. Most of the
stores went dark alter sunsci.
Almnct I vit Hl.4 liotr.
While coming irom ueai
las-t Kndav. L. V.
Broughton's dog took after a I
jack rabbit. Broughton waited
J . . , r t , , it-ma
for his return ior a n"s
finally back-tracking after him.
Still no "Teddy" showed up. Our
school teacher men sianeu iw
home and proceeded about a mile
when Teddy was seen sitting in
the midle of the road, his tongue
out and panting in greai snaiju
There was no sign of the rabbit.
niVior man in this section
...ill ,.iii nff rrt nf his best ef-
fnre ar "wfl vaiev lair kiuuhuo
Saturday and bunoay, June j.
and 12. Listed as attractions
wil be horses races, chariot races
Roman races, steer riding, buck
hrnnco breaking, relay
races and wild horse races. Many
r. anA nnvpl features will also
IIV 11 .
be shown, the whole making an
Two Big Pictures Schelduled for
Saturday and Sunday, June
1th and 12th
Manager Pvler is some picker
when it comes to choosing pic
tures to .be shown at the pavil
ion at the Tygh fair grounds.
He has secured two oi tne lat
est releases in western storiej-
'Rex. the Devil Horse" and "ins
Flaming Front."
The showing of Kcx outlines
a time wnen tne ironuer w u
section was a real outline oi we
tvHfAtinn' of the west.
The picture shows al the fury of
the frontier, tne circling
H. nHvip the ciosinK oi
Clear Lake for this season, thus giv
ing the trout therein a chanct to
eroww. The lake went nearly dry
De SUvWII, UlC nnvis iruww. . -
attraction worthy anyone's timet season and the consequence was
and money.
We prjee our merchandise rfght the first
Back on Stage Run.
, ruv.intr lJmu'Ti nwner and
manger of The- Dalles-Maupin
Hno Vina hopn takinc a va-
cation of severay days, but is at
the wheel again, unaney tw
that covering the same sneiui
of road twice each day gets
.,o thorotnre seCKS a
Autoed to Bend.
n a rw nnrl.wifp made a
trip' to Bend last Saturday. Mr.
Cyr returned Monday, but i his
wife w-il remain were a coupc wi
weeks while having dental work
done. i
Hollis In Town. ;
JIurstel Hollis, who has been
uv, Vorlon ranch ' all this
4Xv 11 1 J ' , . ,
season, came to town the latter
part of last week and speni, bv
eral days visiting and attending
to busines masters. Hurstel
in one of the best sheep handlers
in this' section and his services
are in demand at eh times.
Returns to Portland.
Jack Kelly, who lies been at
tending to matters connected
T.iv Vlat ranch
WlCn HIS ilU"F- . -r. Ii J
dnp Anril 6. left for Portland
Tuesday,; coming 10
casionally to looic aner u-e
ranch.' "
Craped at Clear Lake.
Dr. Stovall and wife drove to
Clear Lake Saturday afternoon and
camped there that night. On &un,i i,, arrows
day the Slovak states that the I - n - wk , th& snarl 0(
there are small, those making tne riflpo The red game of WaT is
, 4 r;r7-:. - mustratea wi n m.
tiersman's inena, u ierur .w
brought prayers arouna me nn
:4. Via mliVinp men of the
Indians. Yakima Canutt, Gladys
McConnell, Koom
Roy Oemens and Master Fred
Jackmanhave important parts
in the picture.
"The Flaming rront is an
other ttiriller of the west. It is
wide and bigness as tne sweep
- i;wiitiaeo troctprn nlains.
For sheer breath and Thousands'
Mafiy are in the cast tnaians,
cavalry, pon yexpress riders,
nininsmen. scouts; characters as
real as if filmed in- life fifty
years ago. "Kex", xne wevu
Horse," will be shown baturaay
evening and "ine
Front" will be en the screen bun-
day night.
that nearly all the trout pensnea.
those there now being some that en
tered during the high water this
Roof on Bnildlai.
Dr. Elwood hss been rushing
tiling nn the nfw addition to nis
residence. The roof has been com
pleted and soon the whole structure
will be enclosed. When completea
the residence will add greatly to the
appearence of our main througu-
:fare.-. -".- ' '
3 Packages of liellogs Corn
Visitor From Nevada. '
Mrs. John McVicker, aunt of Mrs.
with here sister, Mrs.
monotonous, vneieiuic . .
Change When 'Opportunity Ofers. Wilson's nether ;s a guest t the
Vicker comes from Smiths vaney,
Nevada, and is on a visit to relatives
in Oregon. The lady says the cli
mate of here section closely resem
li i.f f tViisi tiart. but does not
like the rain prevalent in Portland
this season.
.Visited at Shanike.
R. E. Wilson, wife and son, and
Mrs. Wilson's mother, Mrs. Mar
garet Hammond, of Portland, and
her aunt, Mrs. John McVictor, oi
Smiths Valley; Nevada, drove over
to Shaniko Sunday and visited there
for a time.
A tfpnHpfi Manlev Funeral.
Mrs. L. D. Kelly and daughter.
rtn umni in Portl and 1 ues-
M-'Jlia, ntu ,w )
day to be present at tne lunerai v' rAh fact to do much
of the late A. rJ. Maniey, wno t r 0 Einie's home
one time was a resident of Junt- needed w oik on rame
ped Hat.- 'stead.
Building Fence. (
Tnnfer and Howard
Nve went to Criterion country
yesterday morning iur wic im
pose of , building -a fence at the
rJLt-A th latter. The
I1UIUCD kbu - , .
wet spell made farm work im-
posible, and tne Doy
AVatchmaker In Town.
An itinerent watchmaker call
ed -on Mapuinites Monday. He
was traveling in a car which was
eauiDoed with 9, work bench and
tools. The caller also som
jewelry to dealers. . vymie
town the man con-ected the bad
habits of the watches of several
of our people.
FlaRes 3 for
Maxwell House Coffee
1 pound can .
3 pound can
Galaxy of. Pretty Girls in Musi
cal Comedy ttxiravaganw
Unm From Hospital,
Tool, Rntlmla. wha recently wu
:j a ,v,iin ot. wnrk at the Mau-
pin warehouse, and wno, ior u
past three weeks has been. in . a( hos
pital in Portland, came back to Mau
pin Saturday. Jack has improved
kf tVootrnl,, of his back
Maupin is gaining a place; pu Lreclude8 his going to hard labor
the snow map 01 vm w for some ume
Lately some mighty good shows
have apeared nere, m- c
mained for, the "Ideal Follies to
stage a real big time eutei
tainment. :;: That company of
vottv o-ii-la and finished come-
dians will oe ai Jbegiun uau im
one night, Friday June 10, m a
pot-pourri of New York's latest
dances r and . pleasing patter.
ta will ho 9.Fi tents and 5U
l llLtO ,
cents, and we expect that stand
ing room will be at a premium on
the evning of the company's appearance.
Many at Fair Ground Dance.
Maupin was well represented ai
teh dance at the pavilion at the fair
Tvirh Valley, Saturday
nijrht. Among those 'from this city
noticed there were: Messrs. -ac.
Mnrrnw. Jesse. Andrew, Earl ana
rwtpr Crabtree. Earl Greene,
Cyril and Orville Fraley, Edw. Sem
mes, and the Misses Mary.a.nd AVeen
FHa nnd Fanny Derthick,
n- Vniiw rinvrft Semnies and
lui its aa-vj i -tf t
Mrs.. John Morrow.
"Safety First has long been a slo
gan that we all follow in most ev
erything, but we do not take suffici
ent car of our valuables.
: ' r - '"'.' '"',
Day by day we read of robberies
of' thousands of dollars in paper and
. jewelry. You can combat that by
rnting a safety deposit box at this
bank. Now is the time to act be
fore you suffer a loss. Let us show
you the way to "Safety First" for
your valuables. It is a practical
. " plan that many men and women
, have adopted. , Come in and let us
tell you all about the plan.
Maupin State Bank
'I '