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    I With highways and ail-
Yrhen they come a fishin
They come to Maupin on the
rhutcs river.
roan you can reach any
place from Maupin.
Maupin, South Wasco County, Thursday, May 19 1927.
Number 23
This la Commencement Week in
the Maupin schools end the exercises
incident thereto began lust Sunday
evening with the baccalaureate ser
mon, which was delivered by Rev.
Jos. A. TenBrovck of the Episcopal
church of The Dalles.' The auditor
ium of the High school building was
well filled with friends and patrons
of the school, and a fine program,
wltich follows, was rendered:
Baccalaureate Sermon
Moonlight Serenade two pianos.
Merle Snodgrass, Chas. Bothwell,
Crystal Stewart and Velma Cro-
Vocal SoloMrs. J. H. Woodcock.
Scripture Reading.
Melody In F two pianos.
Jean Wilson, Marjorle Tlllotson:
Sermon Rev. Jos. A. TonBroeck of
The Dalles Episcopal church.
"Awakening of the Birds" Two pi
anos Crystal Stewart, Mabel We-j
Rough Riders, two pianos Olga Ab
bott, Lucille Walters, Merle Snod-grais.
Class Prophecy Stanley Wood.
Piano Trio Carmel Woodcock, Ma
bel Weberg, Jean Wilson.
Advice to the Class Jas. Appling.
March Trlumphate. two pianos
Carmel Woodcock, Helen Weberg.
Graduation Day
Monday, May 23, will see the last
meeting as students of the Class of
'27, at which time they will receive
tlwir diplomas signifying they have
completed the prescribed course of
study in the Maupin schools. The
program for the occasion follows:
Comrades la Arms, two pianos
Marjorle Tlllotson, Jean Wilson,
Carmil Woodcock, Olga Abbott.
Ladles' Quartet "Come Where the
Llllles Bloom" Mrs. E. R. Wil
son, Mrs. J. II. Woodcock, Mrs.
George Morris, Mrs. II. F. Both-
Postoffic Team From The Dalles
and'Stubbl Jumper v.
Cra VeJIeyitea
berg, Velma Crofoot and
Maglll. J
Clan Day
Wtnesduy was Guns Day and in .
the evening a large concourse was
present to listen to orations, and
Naomi , Salutatory Helen Weberg.
j LtCarillon, two piunus Mi-rle Snod
gras, Lucille Walters, Olga Ab
bott, Mabel Weberg.
Adtlren Rev. C. A. Edwards of
The Dalles M. E. church.
Valedictory Alda Pugh.
Mau pin's Stubble Jumpers went
to Madras Sunday last and cleaned
up the baseball team of that place
by a score of 7-6. This was the
second game Maupin has taken from
up the river boys.
On the coming Sunday there will
be a double headrer game here. The
first game will be between the post
office forces of The Dalles and Bend,
and promises to be a game for blood,
as there is quite a little rivalry be
tween the teams.
Immediately after the postoffice
forces game the Stubble Jumpers
will warm up for a game with Grass
Valley. -The latter team has been
taking all comers down the line this
season and promise to make Maupin
hu mpifour players, get the verdict
On the other hand the Jumpers say
that If Grass Valley wins over them
the ywill know that a real game of
ban-bull has been played.
Everett Wilson, Noted Beekaroo,
Will Give Two Day of Real
1 Wild We.t Skew
Everett Wilson, who pulled off a
big roundup and wild west show at
the Tygh Valley fair grounds last
year, will repeat the performance on
Friday and Saturday, June 11 and
12 this year. He has arranged a
program which includes bucking conr
testa, 'wild steer riding, chariot and
horse races, wild horse races and
many other stunt incident to the
cattlf and horse" ranges. There will
also 'be other attractions provided
for the enjoyment of all who attend.
Mr. Wilson carries a string of real
bucking horses and has several riders
with him, each of whom has won re
nown as a rider and steer roper. The
show will be better and larger than
any like event ever staged hereabouts.
other offerings of the graduates, j Grand Valse Caprice, two pianos
The program opened with: Jean Wilson, Mrs. Geo. Morris.
Camp of Glory March, two pianos ! Presentation of Class,
Nova Hedin, Mabel Weberg, Merle
Snodgraas, Charles Bothwell.
Class Will Berta Mathews.
Vocal Solo Mrs. R. E. Wilson.
Class History Fred Shearer.
Prewntatlon of Diplomas.
Bullata and Blzzanatwo pianos
Marjorle Tlllotson, Merle Snod
grass, Jean Wilson, Carmel Wood
cock, Olga Abbott, Mabel Morris.
Spark Suppod to Have Ignited
Celluloid UuholiUrlng I
Ruined by the Blaae
On Tuesday George Claymitir drove
his Chevrolet car into the Maupin
Motor company's garage for the pur
pose of having a broken fender re
paired. "J. W. Temple went to work
on the job with his welding outfit
He was compelled to quit when a
spark, supposedly from the flame,
struck a celluoid window In a side
curtain. Soon the whole top was
aflame, and the fire continued until
all the curtains, top and upholstering
of the car was consumed.
M. Plyler Booking Act and Get
ting Ready for Big Tim
Will Install Electrie Rafirgor-itor.
Bates Shattuck has ordc ed and
expects to receive about Ju are 10, a
nctwypo refirgerator calljd "Zero
lone," The new piece of store fur
niture will have an inside measure
ment capable of giving eight cubic
feet of space. It will bo electri
cally operated, and is s'jtld to bo the
last word in refrigerators.
Emboldened by last year's suc
cess with his Fourth of July cele
bration ot the Tygh Valley fair
ground, C. M. Plyler will stage an
other big time at that place the com
ing celebration for three days July
2-3-4. He is now booking attrac
tions for the event and promises a
high old time. There will be races,
horse and foot, a big free show in
front of the grand stand, shdws and
dances. Flyler knows how to sat
isfy the public with entertainments
and the coming one promises to be
the best he has ever attempted.
Spcmored tf The Dalle Monday
Mu.ical Club Would Help to
Make Mu.ical Nation
' .
"Eggsprt" of Agricultural Collage
Tell About Poultry and How to
Car For Suck
Secluded and darkened nests are
preferred by hens, making egg
eating habits lees common.
Injured and frightened hens some-
Correspondents' Weekly News Items
The music contest, sponsored by
The Dalles Monday Musical - club, times lay soft ahelled eggs.
deferred until May n, iyn,
Will Baffl Burglars end Fir.
Richmond and Son and the Maupin
Motor company ea:h received fine
Mosler safes on Tuesday. These
iron boxes are said to be as near fire
and burglar proof as is possible to
make them, and add to the appear
ance of the servlcre station and office
wherein they are. installed.
Wearing Out Scales.
F. C. Butler's business has been
such that his scales havn been about
worn out. In order to give his cus
emtors 'correct weight French has
ordered twtj of the latest typo coun
ter computing scales, and expects
to receive them next week.
Excavating Coing On.
Joe Kramer haa a force of men at
work evcavnting for his new bun
galdo, which ho will build on his lot
next to James Chalmers'. Frank
Creager with his team and several
other huskies are keeping picks and
shovels warm on the job and soon
will have tho basement deep enough
to suit our popular gnrage man.
Delegates to Astoria.
Carl Pratt and B. F. Turner are
at Astoria this week as delegates
from Wapinltla I. 0. 0. F. lodge
No. 209, and Mesdames Lawrence
S. Stovall, Mayhew and Pratt repre
sent Wapinitia Rebekad Lodge No.
194. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt left for
the lower Columbia city by car Sunt
day, theothers going by train.
Dance at Fair Grounid.
C. M. Plyler w ill give another
dance at the Tygh Volley Pair
Grounds this week Saturday nif?ht,
with Rorick's Musical Gnng furnish
ing the music. Numbers will be
given and at the fourth 'dance of the
series aomootie holding tho lucky
number will be given o $50.00 dia
mond ring. ' ' t
Uuderwent Operation.
Mrs,. Maud Hammer, well known
to many here, who is nuw living at
The Dalles, underwent o major "per-
ation at The Dalles hospital Monu'ay.
At this writing hear condition is re
ported as being favorable. ,
Sold Registered Cattle.
W. B. Sloan, of the Mays ranch at
Tygh Valley sold and delivered five
head of registered short homed bulls
to A. M. Bennett of Antelope Mon
day afternoon. The bulls that he
has just sold are in good Bhape
and give promise to build up the
herds of Mr. Bennett in a ' great degree.
Visited With th Stat.'.
The homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Staata was visited over Sunday by
Mrs. Staats' brother, George Dufur,
and wife of Portli md, and Harry
May and wife of D ufur. ', Mrs. May
is a niece ' of Mrs. Staats, While
here Mr, Staats . and Mr, Dufur
made a trip up the river and caught
nearly the limit of ; fish.
Serve hot foods hot and on hot
dates. Serve cold foods cold not
lukewarm. It Is astonishing how
many homemakers ignore this simple
and obvious detail of an attructive
A bread pudding will be "soggy
and snd" if you use too large a pro
portion of bread to egga. Or it mny
come from cooking at too high a
temperature. It is much better to
cook any custard-like pudding in a
pan of water in. the oven. ' The water
keeps the eggs from being over
cooked. .
Always grease an iron with lard
or" vaseline beforo putting it away
for a long time or it will rust. To
remove rust on an iron, scour it with
scouring powder, and rub well with
a flannol cloth. .. ,
when it was held in the High school
auditorium of .hat city. The pur
pose of the contest was to help make
us a musical nation.
Following is the program es it was
rendered: ' . . i
1 Dorothy Hennecke
Second Mazurka, Godard
2 Frances Shogren
Second Mazurka
3 Elizabeth Yantis
, i Second Mazurka
4 Georgia Forney ,
5 Helen Linquist
Second Mazurka
;....Rondo in C Major. Beethoven
7 Alma Yoder .?
'. ......Second Mazurka
. Malcolm S. Krier ...
',. ........Second Mazurka
9 Helen Weberg
Second M:".:urka
10 Louise Swanser
,.., Rondo in C Major
1 Ruby Randall
In the Time of Rosas
V2 Erma French :
Sing Me a Song of the Time That
Is Gone.
1 Helen Lindquist
Londonerry Air
2 Donald Ingle
Londonerry Air
The winners were: Piano, 1st Hel
en Lindquist, 2nd, Frances Shogren
3rd Frances Shogren.
Voice 1st, Erma French, 2nd,
Ruby Randall.
Violin 1st, Helen Lindquist, 2nd,
Firv a A Tn rrtn 1
VW "ft'VI
The judges were Rev. Eichenearb,
Prof. Goodrich, both of Portland,
and Mrs. Sexton of Hood River.
The first prize in piano contest
was awarded to Miss Helen Lin
quist, who showed fine technique,
fine position and her playing was
beautifulyy executed.
Kcnnard Sexton, who won the sec
ond prize,' rendered his selection in
a masterly manner and with the skill
would have considered able these ar
and poise. A real music critic would
have considered his position faulty
and bad.
Miss Frances Shogren of Mosier
won third prize at the piano and tho
she did her part wonderfully well,
she had a close competitor in our
own representative from Maupin,
Miss Helen Weberg, who caused
many favorable comments In the au
dience during: her performance at
the piano. She showed , composure,
skill and a fine technique.
, Carmel Woodcock and Olga Ab
bott were unable to attend the con
test, the former having been unable
to prepare for it because of illness,
and the latter because of an infected
A decided inprovement in the
texture of eggshells is observed
when hens are turned out in the Ex
ercising yard after a long confine
ment, states experiment station.
PulleU taken from free range and
confined in laying houses often lay
thin-shelled eggs within a short
Granulated bone is a good mineral
food for laying fowls.
1 For furms, where poultry keeping
is the major business, at least 10
acres of land Is ncssary for success
ful operation, says the extension
StiVice. - o i.f.,. ....... ,., - -,
Concrete brooder-house yards are
used in Oregon to overcome soil con
Thin shelled eggs do not hatch well
and do not stand 'shipping. Much
can be done by using only heavy
shelled eggs for hatching.
Shell is always, kept before the
fowls to enable them to produce
good-shelled eggs.
Overfat hens have a tendency to
lay soft shelled eggs, says the ex
periment station.
Eggs saved for hatching are kept
in a cool place of about 50 F. They
are not saved longer than 10 to 14
The profit producing period of
the laying hen is usually two years.
Hens are sold at the end of their
second laying season, .before moult
Sodium-fluoride is an effective
lice powder. Fowls are held by
their leggs while the powder is rub
bed into the feathers.
. Tygh Valley items
Class Gradual
The graduating exercises for the
Class of 1927 of the Tygh Valley
High school were held in tho L O. O.
hall Friday evening, May 13. The
members of the class were Clair
Korval, Rachael LuCore and Henry
McGreer. . ,. .
The address to the class was given
by Rev. Bruce J. Ciffin, pastor at the
University of Oregon. . Owing to
the unavoidable absence of chair
man of the school board the diplo
mas were presented by Prineipal
Clyde T. Bonney. "
An unique feature of the evening
was the presentation of track, base
blal and basket ball' letters. Thirty
letters were given. To th two boy
graduates the baseball suits which
they have worn during the season
just closed were given them as a re
minder of the jolly times on the
baseball field. To Kenneth Webb,
who was next to the highest point
man in the county track meet, was
given the shoes and track suit which
he wore, as he covered himself with
honors on the third Saturday of last
April. It is confidently phophefied
that the suit will be in evidence on
the third Saturday of April, 1928.
Everyone voted the school year
just closed a grand success. Tygh
will accomplish greater things an
other year.
"Tygh Down Wapinitia.
Since Maupin would not permit
the Tygh ,and Shanikc-Antelope
baseball teams to play off a tie on
neutral grounds, the Tygh boys went
to Wapinitia last Wednesday after
noon, May 11. and played the Wapi
nitia team. The score was 22 to 7
in favor of Tygh. This score would
seem to indisate that the Tygh boys
could have given the Maupin High
school team a run for their, money,
inasmcuh as Maupin had been able
to beat -Wapinitia the week before
by a score of only 8 to 7. The Tygh
boys were oManppointed that Maupin
did not see fit to include them in
their baseball schedule.
. The Tygh Valley High school boys
played the Wapintia High school
boys Wednesday afternoon on the
Wapinitia diamond .resulting in a
sweeping victory for Tygh Valley,
Mrs. Hazen la recovering from an
dines that eenfined her to her bed
for two or three days.
Mrs. Frank McCoy and Grandma
Woodsid were visitors at the par
sonage Friday afternoon. ;
Mrs. Frank McCoy was a caller at
the Wapinitia church Friday after
Oscar Xenick of Maupin made
his student trip over the mail root
with Mr. Pratt Friday. He Is tak
ing the letter's place while he la
gone to grand lodge at Astoria .
Rev. Matthews and Mr, Drake of
Simnasho were business visitors in
Wapinitia Friday.
Mrs. Frank McCoy has been help
ing at the Wapinitia hotel siace Sat
urday. Mr. Matthews was a duller at the
Wapinitia parsonage Saturday. Re
ports they are carrying on an evan
gelistic campaign at Simnasho mis
Mrs. Ben Forman was a visitor at
the home of Grandma Woodside Sat
urday afternoon.
Roy Batty and ftmily were in Mau
pin Saturday afternoon visiting his
mother, who la now at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. L C. Hennoghan
Rev. Hazen delivered the Bae
caularate sermon Sunday evening
at the Wapinitia church. A large
crowd was 'n attendance.
Mrr. Roy Ward
the Ted r-lub
wis a visitor at
home Sund
Chickens need a dry, well venti
lated, draft-free house to give best
A good poultry house is located
on high or sloping ground, with dry,
well drained soil.
Open-front houses are desirable
in western Oregn, where the winters
are not very cold.
Cement floors in poultry houses
are sanitary and easy to clean.
From 8 to' 10 nches of roosting
space is allowed to each fowl in Ore
gon. All roosts are of the same
height so that fowls do not crowd
and fight for the highest roost..
One nest for every six fowls is
recomomended for best results. A
good nest is at least 15 inches
Tommy Kingsley has completed
his labors at the Abbott sheep ranch
and on Mondey went to Portland
for a short atay.
Putting aside all musical criticism
the young people deserve great cred
it for their performances, and wo
hope the ono who was overcome
with stage fright, wtfl take heart
and try again. ' '
There were only two contestants
in the vocal department and two in
the violin department. Erma French
won first in singing and Ruby Ran
dall second, Helen Lindquist won
first on violin and Donald Ingle was
I csecond, ,
Miss Helen Weberg is a pupil of
Mrs. II. F. Bothwell and has progres
sed so far as to be recognized as a
coming musical celebrity. The young
lady has acquired a technique and
touch simply wonderful, while as a
sight reader there is hardly her su
perior in this section. Mrs. Bothwell
is entitled to great praise for tho
showing Miss Weberg made in so
large a field of young musicians.
R. G. Weiabcck went to Wapin
itia the first of the week.
Lee Jackson was In The . Dalles
Mr: and Mrs. Willis Norval were in
Maupin Wednesday
La Verne Scarfing of Shaniko
was in Tygh last week.
Jim KIstner and Hugh Wood were
in The Dalles Tuesday.
Guy Brittain was in The Dalles.1
one day last week. "
Mr. and Mnw Callie Duncan and
Mr. and Mrs. B. W.Welch of Wamlc
were in Tygh Tuesday.
Albert Padgett, Arthur Muller and
Clair Norval were in Maupin Wed
nesday. -
Miss Verda Wing of Wamlc spent
a few days last week with Mrs. Milo
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Mr. and
Mrs. Wheeler of Shaniko were here
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGreer of
Clarno were here Friday for the
commencement exercises.
Clarence Plyler of Portland gave
a show and dance at the fair ground
Saturday night.
The Tygh' Valley baseball team :
played at Grass Valley Sunday,
winning by a score of 14 to 2.
Miss Margaret Elllo, the assis
tant high school teacher for the past
year, has , returned to her home at'
Swappa Oregon. -',
. " .
Mr. and Mrs.: Willis Norval and
Mr, George Miller left here Sat
urday mornins; for Astoria to attend
the R"bekah lodge.
Henry and Walter McGreer have
returned to their home at Clarno.
George Claymier had the sad '
nifnrt!tne of t'avinr kis car prvJ7
Lutm-d up at lie Tillotson garsur
Monday. "
Mrs. Katie Graham wss a visitor
at the Grandma Woodside borne
Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hazen and Lincoln
Hartman were visitors at the F.oy
D. Woodside hade a business trip
to The Dalles Monday and come
back Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Bonney
were callers at the parsonage Tues
day morning.
Grandma Woodsde spent the day
with Mrs. Hazen Tuesday.
, The grade school rendered a com-
menable program at the school
house Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Kate Graham and Mrs.
Walker made a business trip to The
Dalles Wednesday. ,
The Ladies Aid of Wapinitia haa
calK'd off their program for a later
Rev. Hazen will speak at Maupin
Sunday morning and in the even
ing at Wapinitia.
On Business to Portland.
Floyd Richmond went to Portland
on Monday, goinng down on businesa
for the Richmond service station.
At The Dalles he was joined by
Tommy Kingsley, who went on to .
the big town, and will remain until .
Saturday, Floyd returning on Thurs-'
day morninj.
Muir Sells Horsr. '
Bob Muir hits disposed of h
'horseB. On Wednesday he so'd
head to A. H. Lindley, who will vs
! them on the ranch. Bob went ,
jTygh Valley that afternoon for ttj
I purpose of disposing of tho rest t , )
Neufchatcl and cream chceaa s
" Mr. and Mrs. 'M. : L. Kinkey are I valuable for the protein, fat, pK
. . . . 1 1 . 1 i r - f , 1 y, f .
tne parents oi a Daoy gifi com moiv
day morning. '
Visited at The Dalles.
Phil Starr loaded his family into
their Dodge car Monday and drove
to The Dalles. Those going with
him were his. wife and daughters,
Minnie and Bessio. , ?
paorus vna caiciuia vc tumjj
The American diet is said to be i j
in calcium. It is well therefore
romember that all cheeses tatm
calcium. t
shearing sheep the last month, f
in Maupin Tuesday transad
business. 'n(S
. ' -t2