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When they come a f ishin'
They come to Maupin on the
cKchutes river.
With highways drdaiH
. Jt I
roaas you can reach any
place rom Maupin. .
Maupin, South Wasco County, Thursday, April 21, 1927.
Number 24
b if 1 m 11 ii
Our Hijfh School Athletes
Another Meet List
"Wt won" become iilmoiit chorus
' on the street of Maupin Saturday
evonlng when the students and school
friend returned from the truck
meet nt Tygh Valley. Interview
anyone who' attended the meet and
he will tell you that It was a "great"
day, and If this person la a Maupin
ito, ho will have to lay more thun
that. The final score showed Mau
J)ln with 83 tt point! and her nenreat
competitor, Dufur, with 65. Mau
pin made ten first place in the
twenty-five event and there were
only six events in which she did nt
take any place. Some exciting mo
menta came taut Saturday, especially
when Kenneth Snodgrass, who lit
about five and a half feet tall, uc-
' ceeded in making first place in the
high Jump by jumping 6 feet, 3
Inches; and when Bonney Duus in
the class C broad jump made 13
feet, inch, which waa practically a
foot beyond his nearest' opponent,
Miller of- Waplnitia, Who jumped
12 feet, 1 inches. Theodore Klrsch
mude third place in this contest by
jumping 11 feet, 10V4 inches. The
class girls' relay team consisting of
Merle Snodgrass, Dorm Bonney,
Aliene Greene, and Alvls Crahtrcc
brough much praise by the chcercrs
when it won by a margin of a few
inches. The Javelin throw, an event
scheduled for the first time thin
year, brought first and third places
to Andrew and Jesse Crabtree.
Andrew hurled the javelin a little
over one hundred feet. Kenneth
Snodgrass lacked by '4 inch of mak
ing the first place in the broad jump.
The record of his three jumps reads:
17 feet, 0 inches; 17 feet, 2 ',4
inches; and 1 7feet, 7 inches. Stan
ley Wood made as many first places
as he could enter events, that is
three. Earl Greene made third
place in one of the most enduring
events of the day-the mile run. Karl
made second, and Clarence ' Hunt
third in the 880 yard race. The offi
cial report of the track meet will be
issued soon. The spirt of the Mau
pin group wan particularly commend
ed. All in one, It was a glorious
meet, from the first race,' which waH
not won, until the picture of the
Maupin group was taken.'
Following Is a lift of events with
the names of those winning points:
60 yard dash, B Boys Webb,
Tygh Valley; Cbnley, White River;
Claymicr, Wapinitia.
100 yard dash, A boys Heisler,
Dufur; Stovoll, Maupin; Crabtree,
60 yard dash. C Boys Slushcr,
Maupin; Miller, Wapinitia; Kirsch,
. Maupin.
60 yard dnsh, Midget Boys Hood,
White River; Conley, White River;
Reniek, Maupin.
50 yard dash, A Girls? Snodgrass,
Maupin; Laughlin, Wapinitia; Cal
lahcr, Dufur.
60 yard dash, B Girls Bourland,
Boyd; Knighten, Maupin; Endersby,
50 yard dash, C Girls Hood,
White River; Smith, Dufur; Allen,
Maupin. ,
60 yard dash, Midget Girls
Easton, Dufur; Slusher, Dufur; West
100 yard dash, B Boys Webb,
White River; Conley, White River;
Claymier, Wapinitia.
220 yard run, A Boys Heisler,
Dufur; Snodgrass Maupin; Wolfe,
880 yard run, A Boys Woods
Dufur; Greene, Maupin; Knighte;',
Mauri".' -
Pole v'ault Aood, Maupin; Huff,
Dufur; Greene, Maupin, McMurray
Dufur, tied. ' -
Javelin throw Crabtree, Maupin;
Easton, Dufur; J. Crabtree, Maupin.
Discuss throw Wood, Maupin;
Knighten, Maupin; Norval, Tygh
Baseball throw, Dis., C Boys Mil
ler, Wapinitia; Lewis, Wapinitia;
Slushcr, Maupin. .
Broad jump, A Boys Heisler,
Dufur; Snodgrass, Maupin; Knighten
Maupin. '
Baseball throw, Dis., B
Boys -1
Hammer, Wapinitia; Conley, White 1927 "nine." Budge is a good man
River; Padgett, Tygh. ! and will help the coach a lot in di-
Broad Jump, C Boys Duus, J recting our victorious Maupin bose
Maupinj Miller, Wapinitia; Kirsch,': ball "nine,"
Wins the Meet
Make points Enough to Cover
of Events and Winners
Baseball throw, Dis., A Boys
Fruley, Maupin; Crabtree, Maupin;
Easton, Dufur.
Broad Jump, B Boys Padgett,
Tygh; Cole, Boyd; Hammer, Wapin
tla. - Mile run, A Boys Woods, Dufur;
McCoy, Wapinitia; Greene, Maupin.
. Shot put, A Boys Wood, Maupin
Wolfe, Antelope; Easten, Dufur,
High Jump, B Boys tlc:(Alexan
der, Wapinitia; Webb, White River) ;
Padgett, Wamic.
High jump, A - Boysr Snodgrasa,
Maupin; Wheeler, Antelope; Fraley,
Maupin; O'Brien, Dufur.
220 yard, B Girls relay Dufur.
440 yard B Boys relay Tygh.
220 yard, A Clrls relay Maupin.
880 yard, A Boys Dufur.
Following were the point winners
at the meet, with (the class in which
each one scored:
J. Slusher, M. Snodgrass (2,) S.
Wood 3.) A. Crabtree," Duus, C.
Fraley, K. Snodgrass.
Seconds ,
Estil Stovall, Knighten (2.)
Snodgrass (2,) Greene, A. Crabtree, when aware that his guilt was known
Bonney. j acknowledged being the purloiner
ThirdB jand restored the artlcles'takin. The
J. Crabtree (2,) Theo. Kirsch, F. ;boy seems to have a penchant for
Renick, Gen. Allen, Hunt, J. Slushcr, other people's .property, as things be
J. Appling, Kniirhten. Greene (2.) C. Ilonirlnar to neighbors were taken bv
Fraley, A. Crabtree.
A specfal assembly was held Mon
day worning to Inspect the cup which
urday.. At that time much praise r
was expresited of the participants ln,D M Shattuck VUit-i Here,
the track meet and also of the ecr- D. M. Shattuck, former member
gctic way which the teachers train-1 of the firm of Shattuck Bros., with
ed and trained the contestants. The
cooperation of the rest of the school
helped, too, to mako the whole affair
a success.
The date of the May festival
planned by the lower grades has been
changed to May C. The change was
due to the senior class play at Tygh
Valley, which is scheduled for May
The high school baseball squad
wil play Its first game Friday, the
22nd, at Dufur with the high school
team of that town. If the enthus
iasm and training from the track
meet lasts, this will be another vic
tory for Maupin.
BaieballitU Out
Maupin High School baseballists
had their first real - workout and
practice last Monday. After winn
ing the Wasco County track meet
the boys are digging in and promise
to give every other school a good
walloping in baseball, and with the
material out there is nothing to pre
vent such an occurence.
Right now, light workouts are be
ing held at noon to develop a fast
snappy infield, and a good depend
able outfield.' All arms are in' good
shape and throws are becoming ac
curate as the lameness disapears.
For pitchers, "Stan" Wood and
Andy Crabtree are showing some
mighty good stuff, and "Stan"
shows promise of being able to make
the grade against Dufur in the
opener next Friday. At the receiv
ing end, Orville. Fraley is going
great and isi getting his peg down in
good shape. At first, Cyril Fraley
is streching his long self out and
snagging everthing his way. At
second, Ken Snodgrass; at short,
Earl Greene and Jesse Crabtree; at
third, Elton Snodgrass, are all show
ing up fine and give promise of de
veloping into one of tlrose snappy,
dependable "million dollar" in
fields.. For outfield positions, Hunt,
Kidder, A. Crabtree, Jim and Art
Appling, Estal Stovall, and Knighten
are getting their eyes on long flit,
and getting able to judge drives,
even in these howling winds of the
last fe wdays. The boys all promise
to give Maupin a dandy fighting
baseball team.
At a meeting last Monday "Budge"
Greene was elected as captafn of the
Maupin Proves Superior
To Wamic Baseballists
Ziggenhagan and McCorkle Twiit
Them Too Crooked For VUitort
Maupin'a "Stubble Jumpers" and
the Wamic "Loggers" tangled In a
game of baseball in Maupin last Sun
day, Maupin winning by a score of
7-2. Clarence Ziggenhagen and
Lester McCorkle worked the points
for, Maupin, while Clarence Wood
ruff did the heaving for the visitors.
Maupin meets Tygh Valley here
next Sunday and the following Sun
day Maupinites will sec the fast Mad
ras team in action here. Other frames
have been arranged for several Sun
days to come, notice of which will be
made in the columns of The Times.
Proved To Be Young Boy With Pen
chant For Other's Coods
Ry a little detective work on the
part of Postmajtter Frank Turner the
boy who reached through a box and
abctracted some parcel post ' pack
ages was. apprehended and restora
tion of the goods made. Mr. Turner
suspected the lad and went to his
jhome in quest of the stolen articles.
The boy upon being accused, slrcnu-
ously denied taking the parcels, but
him, a fact which was made known
by the owners finding them. In one
case an article was stolen and part
ly camouflaged with a coating of
his wife and mother, Mrs. J. W.
Shattuck, came up from Portland
Saturday and visited with Bates
Shattuck and wife over Sunday, re
turning to the big town Monday
Dairy Special Train Tuoday.
The Union Pacific's special Dairy
train of seven cars will be in Maupin
next Tuesday afternoon, stopping
here for two hours, between 4:40
and 9:40. Those of our people who
are interested in dairying and dairy
subjects will do well to visit the train
while here. Interesting displays of
fine dairy stock will be made and
some elevating and instructive talks
given on the subject of dairying by
men who have made a life study of
Here For Track Meet.
Maupin people were agreeably sur
prised last Friday evening when R.
Gieser, former principal of our high
school, with his wife drove into
town. The Gqisers came over from
Battle Ground, Washington, for tho
purpose of taking in the track meet
at the Tygh Valley fair grounds.
Mr. Geiser has been invited to head
the teaching force at Battle Ground
next year, and the directors thjught
so highly of his work that they voted
him a substantial increase in salary.
Two more teachers, maJting 18 in all
in the schools under his suporvubr,
have been engaged, to leach there
next' year. ' ' '. V'
Fine Eaater Program.
Tho faster program of the U. B.
Sabbath school,, held at, the church
on Sunday evening was mogt
appropriate to the occasion and was
rendered in fine shape by tho
scholars. Nearly every member of '
the Sabbath school hnd a pnrt and ;
each acquitted himself or herself
with credit." The rolos by Mrs. R.
E. Wilson ana Mrs. J. "H. Woodcock
were especially fine, while the num
bers by the quartette were timely
and appropriate.
Tygh Beat Antelope.
Tygh Valley baseballists seem to
have all the luck! possible this sea
son. On Sunday they again took in
the Antelope team by a substantial
score. Stanley Wood officiated in
the box for Tygh and the Antelope
hoys found great difficulty, in solve-
ing his slants and speed. ' '
Tgh Senior Class Play,
"A Pair of Sixes"
Senior Clai Play to Be Given
' May 7 at Odd Fallows Halt
One of the most laughable and at
the tame time instructive plays ever
essayed by amateurs will be produc
ed at Odd Fellows hall at Tygh Val
ley on the evening of Saturday, May
7. The play will be staged by the
members of the senior classof that
school, and is said to be one of the
best ever cast for three acts. Fol
lowing are the members who will
take part with the chaactters each
will represents
George B. Nettleton.-Henrv McGreer
'T. Boggs Johns Clair Norval
Krome Robert Holman
Sally Parker Alberta Wing
Thomas 3. Vanderholt Arthur Muller
Tony Taler Milo Steers
Mr. Applcgate William Cervin
Office Boy Albert Padgett
Shipping Clerk .... Howard Crawford
Mrs. Geo. B. Nettleton Rachel
Miss Florence Cole .... Portia Butler
Coddles Verna LuCore
Admission has been placed at 50
cents and 25 cents and those prices
should fill the house. Maupin peo
ple are especially invlfed to attend
and witness one of the best acted
plays ever attempted in this part.
Oregon City Publisher Calli.
-. E. E. Brodie, publisher of the Ore
gon City Daily Enterprise, was "a
welcome caller at The Times office
Friday morning. Mr. Brodie and
son, George, were on their way to
Bend to spend the week end. For
nearly four yearss the Oregon City
newspaper man was U. jS. minster to
Siam and while in that country was
of great value to our country, as he
went into the heart of matters and
proved a trade getter for the United
States. .
Visit Relative Here.
Jasper Sumpter, brother of Mrs.
Susan Derthick, from Bond, visited
from Thursday list until Tuesday
with his slsiter and nephews in Mau
pin. Saturday, accompanied by Geo.
McDonald and wife, Mr. Sumpter
made a trip to the O. B. Derthick
ranch up BabeovA and visited there
for a few hours.
Frans Confer Viiiting Here.
Franz Confer and. wife came in
from Portland Thursday last and
while here Franzwill take advantage
of every opportunity to cach rain
Ibows in the Deschutes. He also in-
! . . . 1 . . 1 t M I -
tenas to Duy some catue wnue . in
this vicinity.
Connection With John Day High
way About Ready For Road Gang
The county boad went over the
contemplated extension of the road
from Antelope to Clarno, and upon
their return agreed that such exten
sion would be of great interest to
this county, therfore have let a con-
trurt .nd tAA rrmv will soon he at
work on the section.
Monday a construction crew pass- ,
ed through Maupin on the way to
Antelope. They had a large num-
ber of horses and road building
equipment with them and were going
there in order to make arrangements
for quarters to be used while at
work, on the highway.
The building of this unit will
prove of great interest to Maupin,
as it will make direct connection
with the John Day highway, over
which travel is increasing every
year. The new road will lessen the
distance from the John Day to The
Dalles and will decrease the milage
toward Portland when the Wapinitia
cut-off is completed, thus diverting
a great many travelers this way.
Rod Rout Say Goodbye
R. P. Newland, for some years at
the head of this part of the state's
road program, was in Maupin a
f.hort time Saturday, bidding good
bye to the men who have been under
his supervision since Tho Dalles
California highway was constructed.
Mr. Newland has accepted the job
as chief of all road work jn Montana,
and expects to soon leave
for hist
new field of labor. ,
9iv . V
Spalding's base ball goods,-
ball 1
ciai prices to schools anu case
I clubs, toaupin Drug Store.
Correspondents' Weekly News Items
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Knox wint to
The Dalles Monday, bringing back
with them Mrs. Alda Magill an J son,
Wesley, who remained her until
Tuesday evening.
Regina, Mary and ' Mrs. Muller
went to The Dalles Tuesday.
Dr. Elwood was here Wednesday
morning from Maupin and treated
James Kistner's broken shoulder.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wood and
daughter, Reva, were visitors in The
Dalles Wednesday.
Mrs. C. B.-Dahl was a caller In
Maupin Wednesday.
Mr. and Mm W. R. Norval were
visitors in Wamic Tursday.
W. II. Johnson of .Wamic was In
Tygh Wednesday.
Miss Thelma Bonney and F. L
Wertz went to Maupin Wednesday.
Miss Oro Duncan of Wamic stopped
here a short time Thursday oh her
i way to Yakima, Washington.
A. E. Brown, our service station
man, was in Maupin on business one
day this week. , , ,
Mrs. Alfred McCorkle end two
children were in Tygh one day last
week, visiting at the E. C. Rhoads
'Arthur Muller and Clair Norval
were in Maupin Friday evening.
Gerald Wing was here a short
time Monday on ' his way to Ante
lope. ' . ,
A. J. Kistner left Monday o go to
Antelope, where he will work on the
new market road.
Mrs. Chester Brittaln, Mrs. A. C.
Brittain and Mrs. George Magill
Lvent to The Dalles Tuesday
Mr. end Mrs. J. H. Scheer and two .
mns, were visitors in Hood River
Easter Sunday.
A. E. Gronewald, C. W. Daigh and
Mr. Kinder were here Wednesday
evening and showed a boys' and
girls' club picture.
Mr. and Mrs. Nixon of Toppenish,
Washington, visited with relatives
and friends over the week end.
A large crowd attended the bass
ball dance given here Saturday night.
I . i ... . u ,.
ine annum cuumy uttkn mccv,
which was held at the Fair Grounds
Saturday,, was attended by a large
number of people from various parts
R. B. Beebe, Former Raiident
Died at Bend April 13.
A piece of sad news was broad-
nalsA omnnff Alii nPOTlll lflRt FH-
whon the bodv of Mrs. Georjtelspected and-loved by;a large circle
R. Beebe, former resident of Wap-
Plain3- was brouSht here fr
1 anal n the morning tram, :she
saving aiea bi vne. ou., u
pital at Bend on W ednesday,
was csused by pleuro-pneumopia.
Bertha May Davis was born at Du
fur, this county, October 27, 1898.
She was later a resident of Wapini
tia Plains spending nearly all her
life in that section. On September
17 1013. she was united in marriage
with George R. Beebe at Stevens,
Woafcmonn her hnshnnrf havinp
" ""CI
been a long-time resident
of tho
Wapinitia neighborhood. To the;r
union three children were born,
they being George Edward, now
deceased; Violo Mary and Richard
Dave, the latter -two surviving their
mother. Decedent was ths daughter ,
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dave Davis,
now residing at Pine Grove; Four
brothers, Aaron Earl, of Maupin;
; George Henry, of Wapinitia; John
E. E. Wall, Mrs. Sam. Appling and
Lloyd, of Bend, and Charles Lewis
'.of rhilomath, and four sisters, Mrs.
Mrs. Carl Hasler of Bend; Alice and
I Dorthy of Wapinitia,1 as well as the
; parent? survive her.(
I Mrs. Beebe had been a consis-
! fpni. mpnihpr nf Pinp Hrnvp Kflhhntk
, ', . : ......
j t uooi, tuit iiuuiK u11 st'ssiunn wneu-
j.ever her ', health permitted. A
i beautiful flower tribute was given
b the" many friends at pjne Grove,
as well as" many more from friends
from Wapinitia and. Maupin.
J of the county. The Maupin schools
won first place and Tygh third'placa.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller ami ion
of Shaniko spent- Sunday vitiidng
with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller.
Mrs. Emma 'llayward of Hood
River spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Brittaln.
The Antelope base ball team
played the Tygh team Sunday at the
Fair grounds. The score was 10 to
8 for Tygh.
Carl Dahl was In Grass Valley the
first of the week.
H. L. Morris of Maupin was
Tygh Wednesday.
,Mrs. K. L. Hauser and Mrs. Mary
Ackley were fn The Dalles Thurs
day. Joe Wing and Miss Verda Wing
were here Thursday from Wamic.
Miss Doris Bonney came over
from Maupin Friday evening and
spent the week end with Hilda Nor
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deering
and Mr. and Mrs. John Illingworth
of The Dalles spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. O. C. Brittain.
Rachel, Verna, and Friend La
Core spent Sunday in The Dalles.
News Of Busy Shaniko "
Mrs. Alex McLennan from Bend
is visiting her father, Jaa Robertson,
for a few days.
1 . ' '
Mrs. tare Mooay nas returnea to
her home in this city after an ex
tended visit in California. Mr. and
Mrs. Price from The Dalles return--d
with her. m '
Fred Fish from Portland is visit
ing at the W. A. T.ecs y home thia
week. .;
Johnny McLennon's new garage la
about ready to open ita, doors for
business, : v :
Tennis season is open again.
Everyone who owns a racket is out
The court is filled from dawn until
Mrs. Priday from Trout Creek waa
a business visitor in town on Thurs
day. ' . , v"
Dick Kinney has purchased a fine
span of black horses, with which ha
I ojn to do hi3 ut wovj(
Mrs.. Minnie Bleakney from th
Fisher ranch was visiting her mother
in town on Thursday.
Funeral services were held at the
Kelly Cemetery, being contucted by
Rev, Everett Hazen, and the remain
laid to rest on the Plains where she
had spent the greater portion of her
life. . :
Mrs. Beetie waa universally re-
or inenos ana ner passing nas re-
moved one from that circle whose
place will never be filled.
New Race Circuit.
A. H. " Gillis,- . secretary of the
Southern Wasco Fair association,
went to Moro last week and met with
representatives of the Sherman
county association and the Klickitat
association from Goldehdale, Wash
ington. The result of th confer
ence was that a three-cornered rac-
ng circuit was formed with the three
associations mentioned entering.
associations mentioned
Arfother meeting is scheduled to be
held at the local fair grounds on May
14. at which'time programs will be
err-need and other matters peN
tain'nT to the "sport of kings" at
tend to.
Fre Dane at Brook. '
A free dance will be given at Shady
Brook hall on Saturdey evening,
April 23, to which all arc invited. A
supper will be served, for which a
charge of 50 cents a plate will be
made. Good music will be en hand
and all are enured a good time.
HU Liquid Accent
Jane: "There's one thing I don't
like about Joe his English is bad."
Joan "Yes and his Scotch is
Fishing tackle that gets the fish.
, Maupin Drug Store. We issue fish
ting licenses. ,