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When they come a fishin'
They Come to Maupin on the
M hutcs river.
With highways and ail-
roaas you can reach any
place from Maupin.
Maupin, Southern Wasco Couuty Oregon, Thursday, January iQ 1127
No. 11
Days of '19 to Be Rcenacted
By Local Legion Post on
Next Saturday Night
Everything Bui Boot and Honky
Tonk Will B. la Evidence
For Juit On Night
WiUoa Establishment FUtare Arm
Rearranged and Painted
Wild Animal Hunters .
Bring In Many Scalps
Watco County Men Rapidly Clean
Ing Out Bob Cat and Coyote ,
From Flat and Canyon
Power Sold at Less
Than Pre-War Prices
Water Power Expected To Shift
Population Center To Wait
Bob Wilson and Charley Crofoot
have boon busy leveral day. thi.
MurtDiiirlnfli AiSfl Imnrnvlnff the
i , .u..t ..... ft. Dur nir December. 88 hunter
interior 01 wieir iwr. me vu - - , i. oat
, .helving on the grocery aide has been ! working 1086 V. day. took 28
. j t i..iu I coyotes, 17 bobcaU, a total of 275
'LUlll uuwii miu lien buvivw jiiBhtst ,
i . . . i nVi.1ii(Artr ftnitrifili Alan nni fACOOfk
Heretofore the .helve, sloped up- ' . ' " . itv of chamrfn location of manv in-
SKunx, me iur oi wihvh - - - - -
Samuel Gompers, for many year,
chief of the American Federation
of Labor, as been succeeded by a
man who Is a student of industrial
affairs and who ' note, the poesibil-
"Place your money on the queen
and draw down what you win."
"Come seven come eleven." Pluy
the good old army game; chuck
your luck agnlnHt the best the gam
bler hun; Roll the bones and win
yourself rich."
All the above and much more will
be on display at the carnival at Le
gion hall on Saturday night. Money
will be no object and this will be
shown by a gift of "$500.00" in re
turn for your little old four bit
piece paid at the door.
In addition to the above there will
be booths in which will bo many arti
etc for sale
dustrtes because of
power transmission. William Green,
now head of the "Federation, has
made the following statement
which indicate, how closely labor
is watching the development of
"Power is one of the few com-
mA t,u k .kn tinoi U.n ' and one
m.,l.' nrf down. The r,er. ! were ved, while four badgers, 72
tition at the rear of that department porcupines and seven skunks were
ha. been removed, the bolt rack. ! taken, no part being saved. An
placed Inside the hardware quad-, "vcrnKe of . tight predatory animals
rungle, work counter moved to the P Pr so dav ekt I
back end of the shelves, the old br.cad ! Fnk Murphy and R. C. Fulker, .
cae done away with and a fine show ;n, working in Wasco county, sue-.
case placed to be used in lu stead.,"-- " . 'VV moditie. now sold at less than pre
One of the counter, from the dry Wo FuJ J'J0 war rate.. Thi. reduced rate fol
good. .ection ha. been moved to th near Maupin took three of the
grocery side and a showcase placed,1"1- "u Vi v"" v 7, , V Inower production and transmission c-am"""K VJm""wee-u
where the counter formerly set. Th One o f the mo remar cab e feaU Produ w R
helvM and other fixtures hava been 1 performed by a hunter in a long l uj -i.. I Hunt ,
- , , rlw wrtonneev mu using yurict-
treated to a new coat of white paint wa put over by Adam Knob. J to
lock oi Morrow county. Aosm nau , . . ,
. ....Mlahpd nnlaon line in iupplement each other in carrying
r r iik. - - -n u-
regular v wcu m uo yean
i 1 n .t .
IL.. v.. nennegnaa wooeen rretiaini -
Dr. Stovail New Director
The stockholders of the Maupin
State Bank held their regular an
nual election last Thursday. The
examining committee made a re
port to the effect they found the
affairs of the institution in excel
lent shape and commended Cashier
Stuart and Assistant Cashier Mc
Donald upon the fine showing they
found. Officers were elected for
the ensuing year, they being:
President L. C. Henneghan.
Vice-Pres. J. S. Brown.
Cashier F. D. Stuart.
Asst. Cashier Geo. McDonald.
Director. L. C. Hcnnebhan, J. S.
Brown, L. S. Stovall, F. S. Fleming,
F. D. Stuart.
Examining Committee L D.
local mum
Degree Team Exemplifies
Work and Instructs
Order's Mysteries
Wapiaitia Rebekab Lodge No. 194
Haa Premier Degree Team of
Eattera Oregon
and the whole .tore made over. The
improvement ha. been noticed and
pusscd upon favorably by many.
! operation but was stricken with ap
cendlcitis on December 13th. Af-
I checks," the doctor performed a
'sucessful operation and Adam is
I well on his way to recovery. Dur-
I J. M. Conklin, who as been presi
dent of the institution since it. or
ganization, hes disposed of most of
i his stock, and is making arrange
ments to move to California. His
daughter is attending Berkeley Col-
lnrA an1 T ttnrt f l"Alr1f A n
may confidently expect the center ; . . , . . .t
. . ... , r., , ... i sire to be near her, hence the move.
, "With the tremendous water
power of our western country, we
Maupia Down Tygh Valley
Maupin school basketball team
won irum w. . f, f h -.. y l KV.-v.w.. ....... .... -v( n c0ll ,H W F W,,n .
Circus lemonade, pop , 'lygn vaney in game nun toca. hm ,. he icked up 19 irr.gai.on wu, maae p. - new ,tockholders in the bank. They
coyotes. The next few days, hi. " 'arer PPU "0"- are both clogely identified with the
business interests of this section and
with their association in our finan
cial lnstltuton means greater capi
tal and better facilities for ranchers
aid than the bank heretofore maintained.
com chewinif aum balloons, confetti gymnasium last Friday night. Both . . TU v. jnv. ui. the west to feed a larger population.
and all else which goes to mako a teams showed exceptional ability in twQ ionJ visiud hig territory tnd by Already industries are developing
real carnival Music will be In evl-jthe game, and although Maupin dU, t ,earch plckcd up n mort which will make the West self-sus-dence
for the dance which will take I proved to be the winner, it was the CQ ThJi u excenent work 0ltlnln?- Air and motor antporia
placo during the evening and every-1 breaks against the visitor, which the . of the Knoblock fami;y. ftion, telephone and radio communi
thlng within the ingenuity of man loat the game to them. "A return j j cation will reduce the barriers be-
wlll be provided so that the affair gam will be played at Tygh In the
will be the "real thing" of the sea
son. Everybody is expected to turn
out Those whoso gambling in
stincts are pronounced will have a
chance to exercise them to the limit.
"Money" will be on sale and those
who go broke on the faro, hazard,
crnn, chuck-a-luck and other tables
near future. The score was 18-11
House Committee oa Agriculture
Favors Farm Protection Measure
By a vote of 13 to 8, the House
Committee on Agriculture, on
may be supplied with another .take j Thursday morning last, favorably
by applying to the proper authori-, reported the new Haugen Farm Pro
tics. Turn out and have the best i tcctlon bill and ordered its chairman
time of the year. You will rcgTct
having been absent if you are not
there. v .
Portland W. O. W. Member Hark
Back To Childhood Day
to make every effort to have the
measure placed on the House cal
endar, at once, for action by that
body. '
This action wa. taken after a
week of constant debate over pend
ing bills. During the week the com
mittee has voted on and defeated
the new Aiwell bill, the Crisp bill,
' and the Adkins Debenture Bond bill.
Modern Conveniences " '
. The following ancedote was hand
ed u. by a resident of East Maupin,' Theie changes are of fundamental
who vouches for its accuracy: imnortance to the labor movement"
tween East and West Industries
are moving to the smaller town, and
farm work is becoming machinized.
Nora and Lena, two Swede girl.,
lately arrived from the old country, Herrling la Town
secured work in homes possessed pf ( Hm wm ,n Mtupin on
modern convenience.. They had ac- bualneM th of
quired a little knowledge of English his gh rf
i . . .1 ....... 1 . i. aminp.ntinn n
anu conuucicu muir iuutc. ,
Nora was much en-
that tongue.
thused over these and one day called
her friend up on the telephone.;, The
following conversation ensued,-
"Lcna, come over, bar and sa f.t
ve" got Dar is licorlee tltrhts, cre
mated cellar samitary plums, and a
'who is if." A'
Lena was anxious to learn what
nicely and that they are getting con
siderable feed from the range, as
the grass is coming on in fine shape.
T. B.
Astociate Solicit Stories
By and For Children
Mr. Beckwith Homo
.ilrs. Wm. Beckwith Is . at heme
again after a time spent at The
Dalle, hospital, where she went for
medical attendance. Her brother,
the last convenience was and asked Chas. Crofoot, took her down and
dor an explanation. Nora described last Sunday went to the county seat
it thusly: land brought her home.
"It's a ding on de vail vit a din
on de side. You dake the dine on
W. F. Exley, one of tho pillars of
J. O. Wilson Camp No. 77, Portland, IWhen the vote on the Adkins
..4.1il r.(atma mnLlinna tn Ilia u'na tnLitn PnmAITMaft Sllrlna nf
members of that camp, and went ! Illinois, its author, .tated that he , de side down ana say nam,
back to pre- B. II. (bobbed- hair) I had no pride 'of authorship and da sa 'who iss it.
dnys. He recounted some of the knowing that his bill had no chance, '
privileges accorded all during those ' ho voted against it himself. Contemplate Building Home
days and hits the nail ( on the head It is thought that Farm Protec- j J0e Kramer contemplates th erec
In the following: 'tlon legislation will become the or- tion of a modern residence building
To J. O Wilsbn Camp 77, W.O.W. dor of business in the House early on the lot adjoining the James
GREETINGS next week. I Chalmers home. Joe purchased
When I was 16 or 17 a follow . Ithe lot some time ago and now that
rould taW his girl out on a tandem Fine Stage Car. j the residence where he lives has
Mi-yck-1 vvus not pinched for speed- ( Charley Brown is determined that been purchased by Chas. Crofoot,
inir or parking; stop nt a renl gar- nis p!i;(acnBor3 hall ride in the very who will want to soon live in it, ft is
den, imbibe Rood mnsic with "liifht bl,st 0f mxr3f nnd a a guarantee of up to .Kramer to provide a habita
or dark" at a nickle a class, and the t, i, n.i.ioH n nw rirvslnr tion for his family. Joe will build
Road Very Rough
The road leading to Wapinitia
from the main highway is in a very
rough condition. The recent rains
have softened the surface in spots
and they are many, making the
road very bumpy and full of holes.
Three cash prizes of $50 each are
being offered for the best story for
children by the National Tubercu
losis association this year. The con
testants in Oregon should send their
storys to th Oregon Tuberculosis
association 310 Fitzpatrick Block,
Portland, not later than Feburary
15th. The contest is open to every
one. College students and others
who have special training in writing
stories for children are especially
urged to enter the contest
The three prize winning" stories
will be used all over the United
States by local newspapers, giving !jv6i
A lodge without its auxiliary is not
a real lodge. To have an adjunct in
which the wives, mothers and daughters-of
the members are instructed in
the objects and aims of the order are
members speaks for the greater good
and poptiarity of such order.
Wapinitia Rebekah Lodge No. 194
of Maupin is a valuable and able aid
in the teaching of the precepts of the
Golden Rule the foundation of Odd
Fellowship, as well as assisting in
building up the order composed of
ther men folks. .
At the regular meeting of the Re
bekah. held last night nine new mem
bers were instructed in the mysteries
and secrets of the order, received
lessons which will tend to make bet
ter women of them, and inculcated
in them the idea that Christ's ad
monition to "Do Unto Others as Ye
Would that Others Do Unto You"
would be followed throughout life.
Those initiated into the order at
last nlght't meeting were : Julia Fra
ley, Lenna Woodcock, Ella Shepflin,
Signe FischeT, Amy Fischer Elsie
Tillotson, Olive Turner. Two men,
George Tillotson and F. C. Butler,
also learned the secrets of the Re-bekahs.
The work was exemplified by the
Rebekah degree tenn. . By emphatic
and ceaseless rehearsals of the work
the degree team of the local - lodge
has attained such a degree of perfec
tion that its members are in a 'class
by themselves.' The work was put
on from, memory, not ritual, beinjr
used. There is not a Rebekah degree
team n Eastern Oregon superior to
that of Wapinitia Lodge. Each
as being the real part she is repre
senting and therefore makes the
work both Impressive and instruct-
the names of writers. They will I the conclusion of the iniatitory
be released to the papers in Novem- jfc the members, with several of
ber for use during the 1927 Christ- the Odd Fellows, sat down to a
mas Seal sale. !
Anyone wishing to enter the con-
Spring Clearance Sale.
The Wernmark Shoe store of The
Dalles announces a stock reducing
sale of all lines of shoes carried by
test write at once to the. Oregon
Tuberculosis Association for the
complete instructions.
Dropped Their Coal
We were told yesterday of a
couple of men, whose coal bins had
that establishment Every pair of
shoes in the store will be marked. to replenish same, descended up-
down, and these include all the very
tempting repast There were 41 at
the tables and it goes without sayin?
that when the banquet was conclud
ed there was not much left with
which to feed the birds v
Wapinta Rebekah Lodge now he.
a membership of 99, and the 100
count will soon be made and added
to, if the past gain in membership is
anything to judge by.
sandwiches cost 10 cents; no tips nulo to hi9 equipment. His old car
were given tho waiters and the hat ig , the Bhop undergoing repairs,
check grafter was yet unborn; the j and Charley says the new outfit
phonograph was in its squawking in- seemg to draw more passengers than
fancy; bobbed-haired cigarette- j did the 0jd buBi
smoking girls were unknown, but I
our gray haired old grandmother i
sometimes nit me pipe : ccsiae me
kitchen stove; hired girls received $5 I
a week and did the was'ning; appen-1
dieitis carried a commoner name; no
one ever bought glands; microbes
were unheard of; folks lived to a i
good old age, and walked miles to
wish their friends
Today you know, everybody rides
in automobiles with their bright
lights, on, or play golf, shoot craps,
and turn on the loud speaker when
their neighbors want to sleep; go to
the movies nightly, then go to a
dance, drink good nalured gin and
rt. uertnicK Recovering
Mrs. Gus. Derthick was confined
to her bed several days last week
with the prevailing .ailment, sore
throat and flu. She has so far re
covered as to be able to be out
though still very weak. Her daugh
ter, Fanny, was compelled to remain
away from school several days Jast
week on account of the same illness.
a structure Z4xao ieei in one, ui-
vided into six rooms and bath.
Read T'ue Time for the new.
latest patterns and styles of shoes
made This sale will begin Tuesday,
February 1. See their ad in another
part of this issue of The Times.
cn a loaded coal car at one of the
depots. They had filled two sacks
with the black diamonds . and were
about to abscond with them when
they espied the agent approaching.
They dropped the sacks at the side
of the road and made a hurried get
away. It is supposed that the agent
confiscated the coal.
Tha Profitable Pig
The profitable pig. Is one that
gains continuously from date of far
rowing until market During the
suckling period the sow should be
monshine straight; put off to tomor- given feed that will stimulate the
row what should bo ' done today; production of milk. Give her corn
The second semester comes to the That the principles of the Haugen-J. H. McMillan Back.
Maupin schools without a break in McNary bill be enacted into law. i j. h. McMillan, who has been at
the regular schedule. The only , As a result of the preliminary con- J The Dalles hospital for several weeks
change in the High school courses is I test- Helen' Weberg and Frd Shear- receiving treatment for a broken
the addition of a class in commercial jer will uphold the affirmative, and; hip, came back to Maupin recently,
law Six students have enrolled in ! Alda Pugh and Clarence Hunt the having been discharged from the sick
this class. ' 'negative side. Doris Bonney and
Velma Crofoot drew places as alter
The basketball game Friday even- natM ln th comng contest The
ing between Tygh Valley and Mau- gpcond debate wlll occur at an in
pin schools was a successs to both tervai of two weeks from the first
groups. To Maupin, especially, who j In the f (rst debate the affirmative
made the winning score of 18 to L . win travel, and the second,
their opponents' 11. A good crowd i negative. Monday evening Mrs. has become rather weak and stiff
Bothwell and Miss Tillotson wererom such confinment.
the judges ,
Borea Blow Icy Breath
Heavy Snowfall Results
house. Mac says his leg bone knitted
nicely; the only difficulty he exper
iences is that of a rather stiff knee.
For six weeks a 40-pound weight was
attached to his ankle in order to keep
the hip bones in place, and the re
sult is that the lower part of the leg
blnme the high cost of living on tho
party in power; never go to'bed the
sameday they get up and think
they are having a holl: of ft time.
Theso are the days of sufferaget
ting, profiteering, excess taxes and
prohibition, and if you think life is
worth living, I wish you
A. P Exley.
Revival Meeting In teretting
The evangelistic meetings being
conducted by Rev. Hazcn at' the
church are proving interesting to
many of our people. Mr. Hazen's
sermons are appreciated, and as a
result attendance is- increasing with
each) succeeding megting.
witnessed this. first victory. These
enthusiasts will doubtless attend the
nsmua Hnriner io rpst. of the Season.
or ground barley as the main feed, 0r ized yellinK wa8 enjoyed by
supplemented by shorts or middlings thg BtU(lentai
tankage or fish meal, or old-process , '
linseed meal. The corn may be fed ( A preliminary debate was held at
on' the ear or shelled. The other , the Maupin High school auditorium
feed may be fed dry or in the .slop. ' on Monday evening. , It served two
Tho sow should have all the feed she purposes: First it gave the debater?
will clean up twice daily in addition experience and material other than
to pature. ( j this year's question, thus rounding
It is very important that the pigs' out their argumentative ability,
mako good gains during the suck-. Secondly, to name the students who
ling pediod. If the hand-feeding will be pn the teams which will meet
method is followed, the labor of car- the Madras debaters on February
ing for the sows and thoir litters is first, , at 2:30 p. m. The topic 'dis
considerable, but whore the self- 'cussed Monday evening was, "Re
feeder is used, several days or even solved, That the Philippine Islands
a week's supply of feed may be be given immediate and full inde
stored in tho a verv short nendonce." Tho question' . for5 the
The Third and Fourth grade room
received library books from The
Dalles. These books seem very popu
lar. Outside reading is expected of
these pupils.
Merle Snodgrass and Fred Shear
er were elected yell leaders at an
assembly meeting last week.
, "Jean Wilson and Ira Kidder were
absent a few days the first of the
week. ' '
'.'Through the courtesy of Hon. N.
J; Sinnott isix students received
more than one "hundred farm bulle-
New Legion Piano.
Maupin American Legion post has
concluded the trade of their old
piano for a new instrument Leo
Crowe, representing the Schwan
Piano company of Portland, was here
Monday nnd effected the transfer.
The old piano was shipped to Pprt
land Tuesday evening.
Snow succeeded rain fall Tuesday
evening and when Maupin people
arose the next morning were sur
prised to see a white blanket cover
ing the ground. By 9:00 o'clock
fully six inches had fallen. Reports
from the upper country were to the
effect that from eight to 10 inches
of snow had fallen, and in some
places drifts had formed to tho dcnth
of five to eight feet. This snowfall
will be welcomed by wheat growers
as it will provide a warm blanket for
j!l sov.-i v.heat
Rain Injured Road
The new grade leading to Wamic
is said to be in a poor condition ow
ing to the excessive amount of raim
falling on it thi3 winter. . At one
place near the Knowles ranch there
is said to be a spot where the bot
tom seems to have fallen out across
the highway, leaving a large sur
face hole, and one extremely dan
gerous to drive an auto over. '
Former Maupin Boy Married
Earl Locke, a former , Maupin
young man, was married to a young
lady from Hood River on New Years
last week. Both the contracting
parties have been in the employ of
, inter-school debate ' is," ''Rcsdlved'I to the raising of geese.
tins, which they had requested. They Montgomery Ward at Portland,
range from the killing of bedbugs Maupin friends extend congratula-
Here After Hone
Ace Fraley and Sandy Fargher,
ranchers from near Dufur, were in
Maupin last Saturday on.' a quest bf
horses. From some unaccountaW
ailment each lost a number of fine
farm horses lately and they were put
this way to see if they could not buy
enough equines with which tofdo
their spring work. '
I tions.
Radio and telephone batteries.
Fresh stock Maupin Drug Store,