The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 04, 1926, Image 3

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licrnord Welch of Wamlc wan In
Muupln on a business trip Wednes
ilny. (loo. Mullutt and wife wore In
from their Iiakvovun ranch on busl
iivhh Saturday.
It. E. Wilson and family wont to
The Dulles Sunday and while there
uttendod two funerals.
Joe Krumvr, wife and ion,
Sylvester, wont to The Dalles last
Suturduy on a business trip.
L. C. Henncghan and wife mo
tored to The Dalles Sunday and at
tended the Crlqham funeral.
Anton Soifert came down from
Nuna Monday and transacted busi
ness in Maupln a day or so
Jock Morrow wont to The Dalles
Tuesday for the purposo of having
hl Injured finger attended to.
Demie Roberts, one of the early
settlers of tli In section, came In from
Waplnitla to cost his vote Tuesday.
F. C. Butler ond wife wore noi'-nij
those from here attended tht
fur.erul of Mrs. Grisham at The
Dalits Sundiv.
E. T. Halbrook, predatory animal
exterminator, came over from Du
fur and spent part of lost week in
the vinicity of Maupin.
Krnent Berks and wife spent InHt
Suturday nijrht with the D. M. Goet
jen famliy and took in the dance at
Shady Brook that evening.
Mark Stuart and wife transacted
business in Maupln Monday. Murk
reiort that things on his Tygh Val
ley dinry ranch as humming.
Steve Connolly, bother of T. A.
and Tony Connolly, was in Maupin
from Shnniko Saturday, white on his
way to Portland to visit with hi
J. H. McMillan is again numbered
among Maupin citizens, Vic having
returned from a business trip to
The Dalles Friday, having lately
come ont of the mountain?.
Lester Crofoot and wife ' enme
down from Cove Creek Friday to at
tend the funeral of the lattrr's
mother, Mrs. Tunisnn. They re
turned to their home Sunday.
Nobert and Krnest Dor.ler, cotw
ns of Miss Uegimi Muller, from
Stnyton, Oregon, spent the week end
at tho Mullrr home at Tygh Valley;
rating on Miss Regina at Maupin
W. II. Stoats and wife went to
Dufur .Saturday. From there Mrs.
Stoats continued to Portland, where
she will be with her daughter, Mrs.
Gill, while tho hitter's husband is
absent in Idaho. Bill came home on
(Signa Fjicher, Editor.)
Mrs. Clark Richardson visited her
daughter, Mrs, 0. J. Willams, ami
friends in East Maupin Sunduy.
Little Alma Fratey spent a few
days last week with her aunt,, Mrs.
John Donaldson. .
Lester Crofoot and wife returned
to their homo at Cove Creek last
Louis Grishnm, who had been vis
ting with his aunt, Mrs. L. D. Kelly,
went to The Dalles lust Sunday to
attend the funeral of Mrs. Ir a Gris
lmm. Dave Donaldson haw return ed to
town, after herding sheep fcr the
Troutmnn ranch tho post ' three
"Dad" Fischer welcomed 'Queen
Mario to the coast - while ofc The
Dalles yesterday. ,
Mrs. L. D. Kelly attended the
funeral of Mrs. Ira Grisham at The
Dalles last Sunday.
John McMillan and Al. Kennedy
nro in town for tho winter and arje
staying at East Maupin. y
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Aubrey of As-'
torin, accompanied by Earl! ' Smith,
nlso of that place, visited ' Menu's
here Saturday and Sunday. Thcr
left for Klamath Falls, after enjoy
ing the Legion mask ball.
Father O'D "ltyn"es 8toppfi( 1 in
Maupin ono day this week to have
Verne Fischer go over his car.
Mrs. Put Kinney come In irom The
Dalles .Sunday to attend the services
held here on Monday, She will visit
with friends while In Maupln.
Mrs. L. Fischer gives tho follow
ing is a good recipe for the blues:
Into 2 cups of the milk of human
kindness pour 2 cups of lend-a-hand;
1 cup of will power and one-half
cup of common sense. Mix thoroly,
spjrlnkllng liberally with ha, ha, ha.
George Cunningham and family
were guests at the Andrew Cun
nnghom home Sunday.
Why Not Organize
Parcnt-Teacher Club?
Mapin It Behind Other Communi
ties In Retarding Such
We have often wondered why
some public spirted persons in Mau
pin did not take the initiative and
proceed with the organization of a
Purent-Toaeher association. Hardly
a community of the Stotc of Oregon,
or of the whole Northwest for that
matter, but has such an organiza
ton. Such a society is always a
went factor in nromugating and
keeping alive matters of benefit and
interest to tho schools. Much can i
he done by such an association to
further tho influence of the schools
and a lasting benefit always ac
crues where such an association ex
ists. Who will take the initiative?
Retident Since 1904 Passes After
Many MonthV Illness.
Mrs. C. K. Tunison, well known
and much loved woman of the Wop
inilia Plains section passed to the
great beyond Thusrday, October 28,
death orcuring at The Dalles hos
pital ofter many months of suffer
ing. Her body was laid in its last
resting place in the Bakcovcn cem
etery on Friday, the funeral sermon
being delivered by Rev. Aldridge.
A large concourse of sorrowing
friends and relatives accompanied
the remains to tho cemetery.
Lorctta SworU was born at Can
ton, Ohio, in 1870. At the age of
for years she went with her parents
to Athens, Michigan. On July 4,
1881, she was united in marrage
with Cyrys Tunison, and in 1901
came with her husband to this sec
tion. To this union seven children
were born, five of whom survive her,
they being, Earl Tunison, Portland
Vern Tunison, Maupin; Mrs. Carl
Head, Tygh Valley; Nile Tunison,
Mapin, and Mrs. Lester Crofoot,
Maupin. Besides these children
four brothers are also left behind,
they being, Frank and Isaac Swartz
of Athens, Michigan, and Elmore
and Mclvin Swarti of Battle Creek,
Mrs. Tunison was a woman of
more than ordinary attainments. Of
a home-loving disposition she was
ever mindful of the comfort of her
husband and children. Her hand
was always open to the call of aid
and distress and during her long and
painful illness was the personifica
tion of patience. She bore her trails
with a christian fortitude, and when
the end come met it with a smile.
That she has gone before is not
cause for sorrow, for those of her
I'amly should console themselves
wthvlhe thought that the parting is
but f n short time and that she has
gone a)ed to prepare for a great
meeting vith those she has left be
Geo. Tillotson Found To Be Suffer-
ing With Malignant Disease
The George Tillotson homo is un
dor quarantine for having scarlet
fever therein. Several days ago
George complained of feeling ill.
Ho colled a doctor and on Monday,
not getting any brtter, went to Tho
Dalles. There he underwent an ex
amination and his ailment was di
agnosed as scarlet fever. Both his
wife and infant son were given
serum injections ond the family re
turned home. For some time to
come the smiling face of our ef
ficient school clerk and garage man
will not be seen around town, much
to the concern of his many friends.
Attended Boundary Board Meeting.
L. C. Henncghan, II. R. Kaiser
nd T. B. Slushcr attended the meet
ing of tho boundary boad yester
day. The meetng had been colled
for tho purpose of taking action on
the petition recently sent in by resi
dents of the Bakeoven section, who
sought to have a separate school
district set off from No. 84. The
board laid the matter over for a
r.ionth at the instance of T. A. Con
nolly, ono of those interested In hav-
ing-a separate district.
Fixing up Residence
Angeles, known to Maupinites as
"Nick" Korales, is in town from
Portland and is engaged in fixing up
his residence. For some time the
house bus been standing In an un
completed condition, but Nick real
izes that he has been losing money
by not having It in a habitable condi-' prise, he is kept on the jump 23
tiori, therefore Is fixing it up. j hours aday. Now he wants the re
Shingles on roof and walls greatly corder's Job so as to be able to fill
Improve It. ! out f"H day' work.
Quit Before Working
The school board of District No.
84 recently employed a teacher lor j on his way home when a figure
the Flanagan school, he coming from , loomed in the' road. Tom pulled his
Roseburg. He showed up in Mau-1 flash light and discovered the night
pin.cumpcd out one night and in the j hawk to be a big Mongolian pheas
morning packed up his baggage and ; ant, evidently one of those recently
family and proceeded to shake the
dust of this section from his brog
ans. It seems ne was ioiu me pupus
of the Flanagan district were accus
tomed tp attend school with a six
shooter strapped to their waists, and
bclievinsr that discretion was the
a . i i i - :i
better part of valor refused to carry i
Ul v
out his contract.
Budget Notice Published
The budget for the year 1927 has
been passed upon by a committee ap
pointed by the city council, and that
jbody has computed that the sum of
$1,500 will be sutncicni
for the
needs of Maupin for the ensuing
year. There are estimated receipts
of $50.00, leaving the sum of $1,450
to be added to the tax roll.
Welch Doing Good Business
While at Wamic Saturday we call
ed on Bernard Welch at his new
garage and service station. Bern
ard told us he had b11 the work he
can trke care of and that his sales
of pan and oils, also accessories, keep
him on the go all the time. He
handles Khell gasoline and his custo
mers are loud in their praise of that
brand of auto fuel.
Speecfcirs Cot Theirs
Joe Krnmi-r, special cop for Mau
pin, has been earning his salary.
Since he has been on the job he has
gathered in six violators of the local
speed laws, and incidentally the city
treasury has been augmented to the
extent of $10.00.
Motor Market Man More
R. W. Brown, proprietor of the
Motor Market of The Dalles, was in
Maupin Monday demonstrating a ra
dio outfit. "Brownie," as he is fa
miliarly called, hus gone in for radio
to the limit and has several pros
pects in Maupin.
Maupin Pictured In Big Paper
In last Sunday's Oregonian, on
the automobile page, appeared a pic
ture of our hustling little city, taken
from the first turn on the east hill.
The view is a fine one and shows
Maupin up like a real metropolitan
Cutting Wood In Hills
John Confer is in the mountains
theis week getting out his winter's
fuel. Ho is cutting wood on the
right-of-way of the Wapinitia cut
off and expects to put up sufficient
to last him for a year at least.
Another Shady Brook Dance.
The Shady Brook Community
club will stngo another of that kind
of dances which please all who at
tend, on the evening of Saturday,
November 6. The newly organized
Maupin jazz orchestra will be , on
hand to furnish the inspiration, and
when that is said a whole mouthful
h:s been exploded. If you want to
enjoy a dance that contains all the
elments of pleasure, attend the ono
mentioned nere. ,
. i
To Go With Hot Cakes
In making smoked sausage of
country sausage, use the following
ingedients in the proportions indi
cated. 85 pounds pork trimmings
16 pounds lean beef
2 pounds common salt
4 ounces black pepper
1 ounce red pepper
Cut tho meat into small pieces,
sprinkle seasoning over it, and then
run through the grinder. Hold for
21 to 36 -hours in a cool place and
stuff in the casings. Then smoke in
hard-wood or corn-cob smoke until
a dark mahogany color is obtained.
Store in cool place.
The meat may be all pork if desir
ed, or the percentage of beef may
be increased and additional season-
ing such as one ounce of sweet mar-
joram, mace, or sage' may be used.
Keep bread in a ventilated
crackers in tight tins. 1
Apples For Sale
Al kihds of fancy apples, picked
onri 4cA trnm 9.n rpnts to BO
cents a box. Also sweet cider. End
of market road west of Dufur.
Edgar A. Smith, Dufur, Oregon
Ooo oooooooooooooooo oo 0
Jim Woodcock is the busiest man
in town, what with his milling Luai-
ness, the electric light and power i
plant and his Oak Spring enter-j
Tom Henncghan experienced
quite a scare Sunday night. He was
released near the school house,
The decision of the manager of
the Legion hall to employ home
talent music for the dances, is to be
. commended. Our local musicians
I fan mulfA a mitfti nnito nnr! rw.
. , ,
duce as good harmony as any or-
chestra from outside, " and they
should be recognized whenever the
chance offers.
Dad Cole is a democrat because
his father was. He was betting on
the election of Haney, but refused
to place any money on Pierce, say
ing his coin was backing democrats.
And he may have been right at that.
. x
Al Kennedy says his horned toads
suffered greatly during his absence
the past summer. They got so
hungry they ate nearly all of the
barbed wire fence around the cor
ral. x
Joe Kramer got bawled out proper
one day last week. A man he ar
rested for speeding told Joe he had !
no need to tell him to stop in such a j
loud tone of voice, that all the offi- j
cer would have had to have done !
as to roll in front of him, then he
would have stopped on his own ac
count. For a local carnival that was
given by the Rebekahs last Satur
day night was a winner. While the
crowd was not large, still it was
made up of people who let go of
their coin like true sports, thus en
riching the lodge treasury to a con
siderable extent.
D. M. Temple says he likes to
fish, but when a school of rainbow
trout deliberately swim' near him
and virtully twirl their thumbs at
him, he loses all conceit he possesses
as a fisheman.
Tony Seifert voted in the Maupin
precinct. He asked information re
garding the proposed amendment
and when the word "prohibit" was
mentioned emphatically stated that
"that stuff gets, my 'noes.' "
Bland, Sweet, Savory, Tart
Serve a vegetable dinner, similar
to the restaurant combinations
known as "vegetable plate" once in
a while. To be satisfying it must
contain enough protein to make it
substantial. To bo appetizing, it
must have a variety of flavors the
bland, the sweet, the savory, and the
tart. There must be contrast of tex
ture also, such as the soft, the hard,
the rich, and tho crisp. Here are a
few good combnations: Creamed
potatoes, buttered string beans,
beets or beet greens with vinegnr or
lemon juice, raw celery; cabbnge
scalloped with cheese, carrots, and
fried potatoes; baked sweet pota
toes in season, spinach with hard-
egg, raw cucumbers; scal
loped corn, steamed carrots, Swiss
chard, raw sliced tomatoes; baked
eggplant, buttered lima beans, water
cress; fried tomatoes, mashed tur
nips or squash, baked potatoes, raw
Doctor On the Job.
An enterprising tradsmen sent a
doctor a box of cigars which had
not been ordered, with a bill for six
dollars. The ascompanying letter
stated that "I have ventured to send
these on my own initiative, being
convinced that you will appreciate
their exquisite flavor."
In due course, the doctor re
plied: "You have not asked me for
consultation, but I venture to send
you thrre prescriptions, being con
vinced that you will derive there
from as much benefit as I shall de-
e f mm vnnr ficnrs As mv ehfircro
f. b twQ dolarS(
makes us even."
Tho only way to be sure a piece
of colored goods won't run is to take
a sample home and wash it. If you
think it might fade, cover a part of
it and expose the rest to sunlight for
! at least a week. Household methods
of setting colors are useless.
Radio batteries, all kinds, at the
Maupin Drug Store.
rxrszKrx slv nr.-wjiL'j .am : j.'.yy;
At Maupin
Delivered Here I l.OJL
Here in Maupin..... $4WU.Od
Pries at cur garage yuvuJJ
A good buy at the price.... yOVOi&O
Cab and Stake Body...' JPO-S. 0
Remember, our prices are the same as in The Dalles
or in Portland
Tillotson Co.
Phone Main 221 Maupin, Oregon
Suite 1516 Vogt Block
Telepone 111-W
Dr. Fred H. Pageler
Strictly Optical
The Dalles, - - - Oregon
Where the Inner Man Gets Full
Any Time
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks and
Smokers' Goods
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doine its work
brinp it to The Times office
and Mr. Seniines will send
it to
Manufacturing Jeweler
and Watchmaker
Successor to D. Lindquist
The Dalles, Ore. Phone 35-J
Shoes and Repairing
Wasco County's Exclusive
Shoe Store
f hoes for the
Whole Family
General Repairing
The Kalles, Ore.
The Maupin
Times only
Fl 0 tR -HOP
"Mtnhanbs o, L'ea.'itj"
Flowers for All
The Dalles. Phone 7G4
I. 0. 0. F.
Lodge No. 2(J9 Maupin, Oiegcr.
meets every Saturday night in
I. 0. 0. F. hall. Visiting mem
bers alwaVs welcome.
J. C. PRATT, N. G.
Aristo Motor Oil
The Dalles
- Oregon
Service Station
(As you come into town)
Gas, Oils,
Free Air ond Water
For Heavy Hauling
Cars and Accessories
My Aim is Srvice to the
Public Courtesy in
Every Peal
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