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.Grocery and
i I ( ,
mi in imh ii ii 1 1 i ii nr iii riTirin
The Main- nmes
Published every Thursday ct
i s i Jlaupin, Oregon U 1 i "t'i'li
C. W. Semmes, Editor
C. W.. Semmet, and E.- R. Scmmei ,
Publisher . j
Subscription: One. year,. 1 1-50; six
months, 75 cents; three months, 50c
Entered as second class mail mat
ter September, 1914 at the. post-
office at Manpin, . Oregon, under
the Act of March 3,; 1S73. . .. ;
In his recent speeches I. I. Pattern
son has emphasized the need of a
business man ut the head of Ore
gon's affairs. He. has pointed cut
how needless commissions have in
terrupted ?rad confused the business
of the state and how each commis
sion has cost Oregon much money.
He makes the promise that if elected
many of the existing ... commissions
will be done away with and many
more will be consolidated with oth
ers to the end that a system of
economy will be inaugurated and
the business of the state administer
ed at a great saving to taxpayers.
. Mr. Patterson is a business man
first, last and all the time.. He has
made a success of his own business
e : i v.- I . .I--.
imiiuiiK--tutu uaa veeu a l-ivoc
He promises, if elected, to con-
duct the state's business along lines
which will be economical and at the i
same time allow needed public im
provements to be made ; ,..
; He is in favor of higher education,
is an advocate of more and better
roads, favors a commission to admin
ister to the affairs of public institu
tions as a whole rather, than have
separate bodies for each institution.
He desires to. see laws, enacted that,
will have the effect of bringing more
capital to this state and. .to .a further
settlement of vacant, territory. .. He.
is honest and forceful and has no
chimerical ideas .regarding, what
might be done,. but. proposes, that
what is best for Oregon is, done. He
is nqt. in favor . of income ,, taxe3,
which have a, tendency to. keep capi
tal from being invested in our state,
neither does ie favor such nonesen
sical propositiuns like the proposed,
Housewives' Council .amendment.. ....
I. L. Patterson has served in the
legislature and has always been a
supporter of those measures that
promised a betterment of conditions
for the whole state. He is not biased
in any manner; his ideas regarding
measures that propose a .betterment
of conditions are sound and as gov-
ernor. would see to that laws were
enacted that are sound and sensible,
and not incorporated on the statute
books as special favors to a few to
the detriment of the many ,
A vote for I. L. Patterson is a vote
for a, sound, constructive adminis-
tration of the state's, business, and 1 . ol1-. R:. w: ,. remembered the
with his election we may expect that ! omission when the buyer eft
Oregon will attain a higher standing (the station took after him. Rich
among the states of our Union than imond chased the delinquent to the
it now has. Voters.consider Mr.' Pat- j
. i. iu." ii..' ...' i i
ivncii jiuu iu me pons, ana
by voting for him help' yourselves
and your conditions by assisting irt
a program that will reduce' the taxes
of the state. - ' :'
Governor Pierce.. has. shown .that
his coat can be changed and the
colors altered. He was one of the
original sponsors of the' Housewives'
Council measure, and it, was his fav
or of that measure which prompted
its draughters to have it put on the
ballot. '
Pierce's coat lias been turned. lie
now proclaims the Hydro-Electric
measure as against good nolicv. Hp
disavows any and all connections
With it, and is campaigning against
its adoption. .. ..
On August 12, 1925, Governor
Pierce made public pledge, to sup-
port the hydro-electric measure. He
approved the personnel of , the com.
nuttee named to administer the pro-
posed law, and in other ways in -
dorsed the, proposition., On that date
he was to havo appeared as princi-.have
iiiiwin mri'"iTT"ni rir-
pal speaker nt n public 'meeting held
I t;t the rrrtland Auditorium in sop
port of, the pleasure, but was called
j back'' to Salem by the penitentiary
'outbreak" ' He' appointed , ' Judpe
j Dickson "to act for" him, nnd that
pe'ritlemnn publicly stated that "The
governor has burned his bridges be
hind him and is absolutely for this
measure.'"" 'That statement was the
essence of Governor' Pierce's stand
ion the hydro-electric, measure'' in'
j Orepon.
In "speaking' of the prest nt atti-
:tu(ie pf jlr. .Pierce
repardihg the
measure above spoken of, Mrs. Alice
M'MeNaupht, a member of the gov
ernor's party and one of those re
sponsible for the proposed "measure,
said in' a recent letter given to the
public: '
"Governor Pierce as a public char
acter seems to' have no underlying !
principles except expediency I.nd
tricky politics. He " has demon
strated this' heretofore and is doitv,?
so cgain by using the same methods ,
of double-dealing in the hydro-elec-;
i trie campaign by issuing misleading j
j statements that insult the intelli
' gence of every careful student of the
! measure.1' '-'
" If Governor Pierce has resorted to
double-dealing in this instance, why
is it not consistant to suppose that
... ,,:... , ...
in all other matters connected with
.. .
nis campaign ne is aomg ine same.' j ,
By his flop in this one instance how'iyo" . . , ml
. 1
any reliance
whnt.pvpr nn fltiir sfnfpmonf ni ntocro
he- . M make? .Consistencyt fa.
deed thou art a jewel."
A, foxy gazabo named Dan
Has fixed up a slick little plan
A taxpayer squeeze
, The ."housewives", to please .
But work it I doubt if he can.
With fifty-three millions to spend,
He'll borrow much more if we lend;
' Hey bankrupt the state
And not hesitate - :'. '- - - ;
To sell us all out in the end.
The-scheme of this Kelleher man " '
Resembles the ostrich's plan,
""Who stuck his small head - " -
In the' sand as he said: ; "'
"Discover me. now if you can!"
Forgetting the owl in the tree,
(The wise birds like you and
me) '" ' " '. .
lie hands us a hunk
Of political bunk
But know3 what the answer will be
November Second.
You know that R. E. WILSON
CO. brought prices down in Maupin.
' cla,e1 Delinquent,
R' ' Richmond filled a traveler's
eas tank with the stuff that makes
jan aut0 go and collected the coin
I therefore. He also put a quart of
oil in the machine,
011 m the ,machme- he driver paid
or the Sas but forgot the price for
turYl"ott 'the East hill and there col-nefK.
lected the SB runts "Hnb' Thof ttan.
!pened TuesJay afternoon,
I " ' 1
Want Separate School District.
Petitions' were circulated this week
looking to the separation of the
Flanagan district ; from No. 84.
Nearly every resident of the Flana-
gan district has signed te paper and ,
a lev in Maupin. As there is suffi
cient pupils to attend school the pat
rons there feel as though they were
entitled to a place where their chi'ld
ren could receive instruction nea?.- to
home. .
You know that R. E. WILSON
CO. brought pricei down in Mauoni?
tbahf iwitu -rur-i
j , , . '
'Another Teacher Needed
j So. large is the. student alien-
dance at the High school that the
board is seriously considering the
employment of another teacher in
the upper department. With each
j suceeding year the school attendance
; increases and it will . not be many
, years before Maupin schools will
a large corps of instructors
j The chemistry lahnrntory room hnsjttmo wiih reported by nil. Tho honor
been partitioned off and bereuftrr ' given these Html.'iit uloiiit wllh th
the lab work in ehemmtry ami gener-. vnhis roeoivod from th work, pointa
ul science will bo conducted in it two townrd larger club niemberiihip lor
times each week regularly. ";.u'st year. ""
;The book keepers are noy wrestl-y, Th first jiml necond prudes wo
ing with triul balances, balance' TleiK'hted with their new " chairn,
sheets nnd profit nnd loss state- which pive to nmw of their exercises
ments. To get these is tho goul in o-
counts nnd ."can't get my bulnuco''
may be epected often In the tiext few
weeks. "" -
The common errors on the part of
the algebra class have beeu discov-
ercd and they have been requested ' nnd to suijiplenient it. Thu boys nre
to remain several evenings to perfect : ,,r,w starting drill on the fundament
theniselves in these f undamenttulaj j uls pMsauUf, pivolinp, shooting etc.
Teachers are trying to iwsist j tho i Hm officers in Urn. Seventh nnd
city council to mako school children..
jas safe as possible from fast atuo.
driving by the school premises. , , 'Kidder; erKts.-at-nrnm, Tom Slusher
Eurl Greene returned to school on
Monday after several days' absence,'
ne hnd. assumed somo of his father's
duties on road work while the lutterl ,
! was ill
Parts have been assigned in, the,
coming lerni oi "circuit court, 10 o
hud In the auditorium court room in1
the near future. - The . princijial litir I
gnnts will be McFaddtn versus Swen
son in an action for debt. -
' Rob Lewis was out pf school Mon
day. ' ",' ' ' ' ' "
i The small school paper Crrent
Events, now has-- many. :subaerib-,
ers in the grades and. several in lligb
school. It is just ns essential, if not
more so, to study current events as
jit is past history. .From the time a
student leaves school and as long as
he lives, he is in the current assisting
to make history, and rarely do welt
informed people wait for it to be
written in formal text books except
to review and supplement passing
If any families having two copies
oi ue voiers pumpmen g -
.l A 1.1-1 v... I
ments for and contra the. proposed
miiiaiive ana reierenuum jiieaauica
iofMa Vi o Alairtrnfa . c Y r month
. , . . ,, . . , , -
the school would be grateful for the
, ... , , ,
loan of them for a few days. - Thank
.uaujJlll was ivyi eacuicu ui, i ire
banquet given last Thursday at The
Dalles in honor of club workers who
had won blue ribbons at the South
ern Wosco County Fair. Those at
tending from . Maupin were : From
the Seventh and Eighth grade room,
Harry and Beth Rutherford, Jesse
Addington and Ada Knighton; from
the Fifth and Sixth grade room, Bet
ty Slusher, and from the High school,
Ailene Greene, Dooris Bonney and
Howard Crawford. . An excellent
You know that R. E. WILSON
CO. brought price down in Maupin?
Commend Self-Government Plan.
In a letter accompanying her sub
scription to The Times, Miss Mabel
Turner, former Maupin teacher, now
teaching in the Tyndall, South Da
kota, has the following to say regard
ing the self-f tovernment being fol-
j lowed in our echools this year:
It affords a.- former teacher a great J
satisfaction to note that the prepara-
ton for studer.t self-government, in
formally begun last year, is being
followed up in an effective way this
year. May the' progressive young
citizens and their present teacher
have . the best s uccess in their goocf
Home From the Mountain!.
Mr. anfj Mrs. J. H. Kistner have
returned to their home at Tygh
Valley ,, after a; soujourn in ; the
mountains all summer. Mr. Kistner
has bee.n at work o n the . road, but
now that winter 13 approaching will
enjoy the home ffr-es for the season.
They -were in town. Monday on busi-
"All present nnd patt members o
the Maupin Volumteer fire depart
ment, with their w Ives', re expected
to be at Legion hall next Tuesday
evening, October 26 at 7:L5 o'clock.
Loosen your belts and come pre
pared to (tighten theon with y our feet
under the table. .
By order of the c'liief.
Believing that the .interests of thy
city would be best su bserved by the
office of city recorded being kept on
this side of the river, I hereby offer
myself 03 a candidate for that office.
If elected I will use ,Tny best endea
vor to carry on the ! business of the
office in a manner satisfactory to
all. ' (Signed) J J. W. Richmond.
Maupin,' Ore., Oc bber 19, 1926.
You know that . (L E. WILSON
CO. brought pricei down in Maupin?
-n mm-e homey utmosnhere.
. Harry Gordon, from Kelso,' Vuh
iiptoft," enrolled in the Third prade
Wedncfdny. - - -
. A new basketball has been ordered
to take the ilace of the old uno
Eighth prudes room are: President,
h-mi Donuldson; necretary, Ethel
imd Orville Addlnpton;' judpo, Alta
You know tUl R. E. WILSON
i CO. l roue hi nr'ieei down In Mauuin?
Beautiful autumn days. : :
Wheat sowing over in theso parts
nlinos-t.' . . . ,
ML'u Klsa Ledford returned from
Vnkitmi, Washington,' last Friday.
Miss Ethel Ledford will return later.
They have been away since early
summer. ',:.. ; . . , ,1 .
Edw. Dfchrow is at homo now,
after nn nil summer nbsence in the
mountains with sheep. Elliott
Roberts wns with him.
V. E. Edw.'.rds and family have
moved from , Wcmic to , the Marion
Duncan place for the school term.
Mrs. John Cervin went to Jerome,
Idaho, to attend the golden weeding
anniversary of her parents, who re-
Jside tnt,rc. ghe nccompnns0d , her
j BiKtcr md husbanJ( who ive in Sl,at.
fhey returned
Sunday after-
Our Loss is Your Gain
When you buy your
t .Wernmark's, . the big
gest shoe store In The
Dalles, you get .
Men's, Women's
Children's Shoes
.'-'Bring or Send Your
-; i".'i:E?AUHNG,:.
.T'e. D?.i'QS, Oregon ;
- wti
L . . .
glOO.CCO la crem2ttC3s U8.0v r4jW.J
Larger, Greater,' a more stupendous array of ptire bred Beef f
and Dairy t-attle. Horses, &wlne, &nccp, tioats ana i-oxca inun
ever pMembled here or eluewhere, A'o Manufacturers and
Land Produces Show; Pacific International Dairy Products
8!iow;IndutrlBl Hit)Ulonand World-Famuuc Hone 6b o olfering orearcrt
premium ll't in Amfrica. 16th Annual l-.ipo.illon. lO.mcre txpoiltloo
builuuig, PortUnd, Orcon,Occ. 30-Nov. 6. Reduced f"i il lUilioJ.
L m., tt." m: jr.!"? """" .a?'jnjmMxt hp ,"' y w kWA
, ' 1 ii j iiiii ill 1 1 ' I
General Machine Work
Cylinder Grinding, 'General ' Machine 'Work, ' Truing ;
Crankshafts, Making Pistons and Rings,
. . Bearings, All Sizes Made to Order.
:-'" 'Sheet Metal Workers. ' - " ;;
Coniplctc Line of Parts for All Makes of Cars
, . ;' 'Full Line of Lahcrs Springs.
fJ09 Eat Second Street
" Phono 400 . ., .
?M !V'.'
Meet Sarah Ann Duplicate ;
OU may never soe Sarah, Ann though perhaps
you might. ""'Sarah Aim was pronounced the
world's greatest llolatein last yearthe All-American
Agon Cow. And where 'did she appear? Why,
at the I'acific International Livestock Exposition in
Portland where many, many world's champions
appear! ' . ' .'.
Farnh may be tiioie apain tbia year, October HO-Noveuibeh 0. But,
if net, you will twe thoUMinds ot the finest bred, pest producing
' dairy btoek in Amiricnfor they eonio ffu.n the four corners of the
continent to bo at thi the grudehl combined livestock exposition
new known in tho world. 'Also comu the fluent lleef Cattle, Horses,
Hogs, Sheep, (ionir. and l oc. Then there the famous Horse Show
nnd Land, Industrial and Dairy Products Exposition-all. housed in
1 the treneiulous 10-uere KHiilin building.
It irouc lincCr brlirf Hint thar it not farmer in thit community
who can afford to mii, or who will fail to profit by thii big ibow.
: v',. ..... ,.. . (INCOIU'OUATED) , , . , ' lff
' ' - 1 ' '" I-' . " '"" " ' ' ' ''
Mrs. M. I. reltch of Dufur visited
with the family of her son, V. T.
Feltch, nnd niphbors several days
last weeK, returning to her home on
Thursday last. P. T. Feltch nccom,v , , , .
panied her to her home, going from j Fondcl Batty,
th.,m to tho countv seat. lU'censec , and has qualified as such
I . . ,, T ,
. Mr. and Mrs. S. C Ledford
. motored to ilaupin on ittontiay anu
to The Dalles on Wednesday.
You know that R. E. WILSON
CO. brought prices down in Maupin.
Notice is hereby given that I for
bid ull hunters to tresr.pui.s on my
property. Anyone known to have
hunted thereon after date of this
notice will be prosecuted acceding to
law. ' ',.,''
(Signed) T. A. Connolly.'
Dated, Oct 21, 1020. 60-tl
. You know that R. E. WILSON
CO. brought pricei down in Maupin.
Applet For Sale
Al kinds of fancy apples,
and sorted, from 25 cents
to no
cents a box.
Also sweet cider.
of market road went of Dufur.'
Edgar A... Smith,'
40-t3 Dufur, Oregon
TO LOAN.?2000.00-or part, there
of at on good real estate se
, .-curity.; Apply Jiox 130, care of
, . The Maupin Times,' Maupin, Ove
' gon. ' '' 48-12
.' aitk mi f 0 a Ai i
'. PhontK33J
i ? M' ?
Notice is hereby given thot the
undersigned L. C. llenncttlmn has
wjch lhe wi uniH,xcd ofi the estaU
i Administrator.
j Au pi.rNons having claims against
tf)Uid eslule ure hereby notified and
ruiiuired to present tho same, duly
verified, to tho undersigned at thu
office of Galloway & Hrown, In The
Dalles, Oregon, within six month
' from the first date of publication of
this notice, to-wit, October 7, 11)20.
L. C. Hcnncghnn,
Administrator with the Will an
nexed. . o7-n4
Dance Dates
Legion Hall
DEC. 11
MARCH 31 u
(East end of Bridge)
Oils, Tires,
Good. always on hand
for convenience of '
.: Tourists ' ! "
Good work, lowest cost