The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 01, 1926, Image 3

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    R. E. Wilson Co.
Eiflraoirdlkairy 'Valines
That's what we arc offering you for the coming;
week at Maupin' m Real Live-Wire Store. Get a
copy of uome well known eastern paper and you
will find that we arc right on the dot in up-to-dateness.
Our advertising; style may be copied,
but we have the real bargains for you.
8-oz jar MayonaiscDnufmr
6 boxes Buffalo Matches , 22c
Van Camp's Pork and Beans 10c
Medium Size, per can
Royal White Soap Zs
Easter Sunday, April 4th
Get your Eggs now. 'Doz. 20c
Bacon, per pound
Nucoa Nut Butter lZ lb. 28c
2-oz can Black Pepper
Small Loaf Bread st$y 9c
Kellogg Corn Flakes, pkg. 9c
Sperry's Cake Flour, pkg. 27c
Boys' Heavy Stockings, pr. 23c
Blue Jacket Sardines
Prices Good Until Friday, April 9, 1926
We are particular to haye our Bakery
Goods Fresh For the Table.
Mrs. Ollie Bothwell was shop
ping in Maupin Friday 'last.
E. W. Griffin and wife mo
tored to The Dalles last Sunday.
Lem Bailey of Shady Brook
was in town on business Mon
day. Wood-Tillotson Co. sold a Ford
coupe to Grover Webb this
Forty acres lor sale or rent.
M. J. Shanahan, Terrebonne,
Ask for Jung's arch braces.
They Btop foot pains instantly.
Maupin Drug Store.
Mrs. F. C. Butler visited at
the parental home at White Riv
er a short time Sunday.
J. G. Kramer spent Saturday
in The Dalles, driving over from
his ranch near Shaniko.
Mrs. Carl Pratt was taken ill
last Friday and was confined to
her bed several days since.
Ben Gabel was a Maupinite
who transacted business at The
Dalles the first of the week.
Verne Fischer made a hurry
round trip to Portland Saturday,'
returning Sunday afternoon.
J. M. Conklin arrived from
Portland Tuesday morning and
spent a day or so at the bank.
A. R. Wilcox came in from
the Wapinitia country Monda
For. Baking
all kinds of
WoodcocK Bros.
Milling Co.
and spent several hours in Mau
pin shopping.
Jack Morrow and family went
to White River Sunday to see
Mrs. Morrow's father, who is in
poor health.
Mark Stewart was at Tygh
Sunday, and while there in
spected the meat market of Lee
Mrs. R. Geiser is about again,
after having been confined to
her bed five days of last week
with grippe.
Ten cars of cattle were taken
from up the river Monday over
the Oregon Trunk to the Port
land market.
Spalding athletic goods for
sale. Special prices to schools
and ball clubs. Maupin Drug
Jack Staats has become
member of the great fraternity
of autoists, having acquired
Ford touring car.
J. E Hinton, one of the larg
est sheep raisers of this section,
was in from the home ranch
near Shaniko Monday.
Fostmaster Turner was on
another enforced layoff from his
duties the first of the week
grippe not him this time.
Georgo Moore, proprietor of
the Redmond garage, was in
Maupin a short time Saturday on
his way home from Portland.
Miss Loraine Stovall spent the
weekend with her parents, com
ing home Wednesday and return
ing to the Monmouth normal
school Saturday.
Walter Maye and wife, who
conduct a grocery store at Moro,
were in Maupin Sunday, guests
of Jack Morrow and wife. Mrs.
Maye is a cousin of Mr. Morrow.
Oscar Renick and family were
at The Dalles Sunday, Oscar go
ing there to practice with, The
Dalles baseball team, with which
he has signed as catcher for this
Darrel Elwood, after spending
a part of his mid-term vacation
with his father in Maupin, re
turned to bis studies at U. of 0.
Saturday, his father taking him
to The Dalles that day.
R. Ed. Williams, the cleaner
of The Dalles, was in Maupin a
short time Saturday. While
here Mr. Williams took member
ship in the Deschutes River
Anglers association.
Ed. Stephan, who has been
living on his place near Shady
Brook during (he winter was in
town the first of the week. Ed
is preparing to take a band o:
sheep to the mountains for the
Mrs. Orrin Farlow, daughter
of W. H. Morrison, is now em
ployed at the Hotel Kelly. (She
has been living on a homestead
in the sticks for some time past
and comes to town to throw off
the ennui caused by a lonely exis
tance in the wilds.
E. d. Martin of Gateway has
been in town several days re
ceiving treatment for blood poi
son in one of his hands. He
bruised the member and not hav
ing it properly dressed poison set
in. Dr. Elwood will soon have
him at work again.
There is no reasonable reason
why. Maupin people should go
around in spotted and dusty
raiment Williams' cleaning par
lors of The Dalles has a solici
tor making regular trips here
twice a week. Leave your duds
at this office and they will be
fixed up right at minimum cost.
Picked Up About Town
Buck Harpham is getting
pessimistic. His latest outbreak
is: "Modern girls are just like
autos they may be painted up
pretty and then not have much
to brag about under the hood."
"The fellow who paid a whole
lot of money for a coat of tan in
Florida," elucidates Jim Chal
mers, "will soon be able to get
one for nothing at home,"
"Now that women wear such
short skirts, it may help them in
running for office," says French
Oscar Renick shows he is a real
philospher. He declares that
Most of us ought to be thank
ful that the prayers of our ene
mies are not all answered."
Dick Johnson says that after
pricing hats in The Dalles he is
more than ever convinced there
is good money in both men's and
women's headgear. He says
prices cf each he looked at
would buysa dozen of the mail
order kind.
"Man has learned to fly like a
bird," observes Bob Wilson,
but he'll never be abls to imi
tate a bird when it comes to sit
tin on a barbed-wire fence."
Bates Shattuck is tempting
fate and inviting a fracture of
the fishing laws. The fishing
tackle display he is showing in
one of his windows would make
any ardent disciple of Izaak
Walton break any law just so he
could wet a leader in the De-
chutes at this time.
Lew Henneghan says the hog
is "the mortgage lifter on the
farm, but who would carry such
an impediment if he raised
plenty of hogs?"
Maupin Wins, Loses
Wapinitia's grade and high
school baseball teams engaged
similar teams from the Maupin
schools Sunday ai this place.
The grade visitors lost to Mau
pin, while the Wapinitia H. S.
team won their contest
Spring weather best for
picture taking. Keep a supply
of film3 on hand, Maupin Drug
ElevenYears Ago
FromTheTimej Apr. 2, '15 I
The big water supply for the
farmers on Juniper Flat will be
ready in from 60 to 90 days.
Near that time the water will'be
let into the big ditch that i3 al
ready completed to a distance of
about six miles from the outlet of
the storage reservoir. The pro
ject when completed will furnish
water for 40,000 to 50,000 acres
of land. (The accompanying
story was run 11 years ago. It
was optimistic in tenor, but, oh,
how that-system has failed to
live up to expectations and
promises made at that time.-Ed.
W. H. Dufur and wife came up
from Portland Wednesday and
Mrs. Dufur has been visiting
with Mrs. W. H. Staats. Mr.
Dufur, who is a brother of Mrs.
Staats, continued on his way to
Prinele Falls, near Lapine, to
look after some valuable inter
ests. It is the intention of Mr,
Dufur to develop the wonderful
power at these falls and furnish
electricity for both lighting and
manufacturing purposes.
Roy Crabtree drove a nice
bunch of cows through town
The farmers are rejoicing over
the good rains which have fallen
during the past week.
Have You Met
Very soon to arrive in Maupin.
You will be very glad to know her,we believe
very chic, beautiful and right up to the minute
in design and fabric, this line of house dresses
and afternoon frocks we are sure will please
Expected about the 10tht possibly before, two
lines of
$2.50 and $5;00
vShattuck Bros.
Maupin's Leading Merchants
Miss Ilda Miller is now em
ployed at the A. T. Lindley
Lester Kelly is busy these days
digging irrigating ditches so as to
water his peach orchard. '
Wanted Milch cow, either
fresh or to be fresh soon. W.
A. Matthews, Simnasho, Ore
gon. 2l-t2.
The Richmond Service station
has installed a new showcase in
the station, and now a fine line
of auto accessories, such as
socket wrenches, tire patches,
cement, etc, is visible to any
who may need such articles.
barrels daily capacity, reopens
i after 3-year shut down.
Bend Crooked River bridge,
300 feet high, will be opened by
Hermiston Heavy crop of fine
asparagus now being harveated.
Cascade Locks-D. C. Eccles.'
Portland, buys Wind River Lum
ber Co. and will start operations
with about 75 men.
Oregon News Notes
Hood River 40 men begin re
planting 777 acre3 in Columbia
National forest.
St. Helens-200 men will have
new paper mill ready to run,' by
Nov. 1.
Burns Burns Flour Mill 60
For Sale Used threshing out
fit, including Case separator, 1
Case 15-30 Tractor, McCormick
12-ft header, loading boxes and
other threshing equipment, all
in splendid condition at a bar
gain price.
For Sale Used threshing out
fit consisting of 24-30 Racine
thresher, equipped with Jackson
feeder, wind Stacker bulk grain
elevatorl and 10-50 Twin Titan
Tractor, 1925 McCormick header
wagon boxes and other equip
ment at a bargain price of 1985.
Terms on either of the above
outfits if desired. Shattuck
Bros , Maupin Oregon. 19-t4
and General Machine Work
Cylinder Grinding, General Machine Work, Truing
Crankshafts, Making Pistons and Rings, Bearings,
All Sizes Made to Order. Sheet Metal Workers
Complete Line of Parts for All Makes of Cars
Full Line of Lahers Springs
Electric and Oxy-Acetylene
609 East Second Street
Phone 400
Phone 383J
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