The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 11, 1926, Image 3

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R. E. Wilson Co.
(7T We are offering you a 30
viteday credit service and low
prices. We are well pleased with
the response we are getting on
these quality staple merchandise
offerings we are making.
Weinies, per lb. 18c
Rock Creek
Creamery Butter lb. 53c
Gem Nut Margerine 29c
Glen Willis Tomatoes
Number 21 15c
12-Quart Dairy Pails 43c
Campbell's Tom. Soup 8c
Shred Wheat Biscuit 12c
Palace Car Peaches
No.2Uin 28c
Standard String Beans 17c
Onion Sets, lb. 11c
Mop Handles 19c
Pancake Flour, pkg. 27c
Charles Pierce was in town
from Wapinitia Tuesday. -
Fred May of Wapinitia was a
Maupin visitor on Monday.
Ralph Kaiser and wife drove
to The Dalles Tuesday morning.
H. M. Greene is employed
these days pruning: his orchard.
Donald Morrison was in from
the Two Springs section Tuesday.
Jesse Cox and wife of Wapini
tia were tradingin Maupin Mon
day. Harry Walstrom, Dufur garage
man, was in Maupin on business
John Sinclair and wife of Wap
initia were shopping in Maupin
last Saturday.
Mrs. J. II. Kistner of Tygh
was shopping in Maupin Tues
day morning.
C. C. Davis and family were
in from Ilidgeway on a shopping
trip Tuesday.
Hugh Wood made a business
trip to Portland Sunday, return
ing on Tuesday.
"Kooney" Hauser drove in
from Tygh on Monday on a
merchandising trip.
George Tillotson and wife mo
tored to The Dalles Friday morn
ing on a business trip.
"Buck" Harpham spent Sun
day with his parents on the
ranch near The Dalles.
Wm. Sturgis, wife and chil
dren were in from their Wapinitia
Plains ranch Saturday.
Lew Mcoy and wife were, Sun
day guests of Hank Harpham,
coming in from Wapinitia.
C. E. Tunison and wife from
the Bakeoven country, were
shopping in thia city Tuesday.
Leonard Farlow drove to Hood
River Sunday for a short visit
with his uncle, Marion Farlow.
John Miller, who lives near
White River on the Flat, was
doing business in this city Mon
day. ,
Newlon G. Iledin was in town
Saturday doing shopping for
himself and some of his neighbors.
Dr. Stovall went to The Dalles
Monday having been summoned
as juror for the present term of
0. P. Wcberg has been con
fined to the house the past sev
eral days with an attack of in
fluenza, i
' Misses Crystal Hartman and
Anna West were shopping in
Maupin Saturday. They live at
Mrs. Stovall accompanied her
husband to The Dalles Monday,
the doctor having been summoned
for jury duty.
Welby A. Dane of Wapinitia
was in Maupin Saturday while
on hU way to The Dalles to re
port as juror.
, Mr- and Mr. and Mrs. George
Mallatt of Bakeoven were in
Maupin on business Tuesday.
The Wioinitia Cattlemen's as
sociation met in annual meeting
in the school house af that place
Saturday last.
Lee Kemp, an old friend of H.
R. Kaiser, was in town Saturday
in the interest of a San Francisco
fishing tackle house.
Mrs. J. F. Kramer is numbered
among those who are suffering
with flu, having been confined to
her bed several days.
Harry Lew is and H. M. Dodge,
two Wapinitia Plains ranchers,
were transacting business in
Maupin Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Lester Crofoot is takuig
care of the Turner home while
Mrs. Turner is employed at the
postofflce during Frank's illness.
Mrs. Geo. Tillotson went to
Wapinitia Monday for the pur
pose of making a better acquain
tance with her new baby brothers.'
Hugh Wood and Sol. Hauser
drove to Shaniko and back Thurs
day. Hugh says the rain fell in
sheets while they were on the
John McCorkle states that his
wheat has a better stand this
season than he has ever eeen
since coming to southern Wasco
Four inches of snow was on
the ground at one time Saturday
on the upper Wapinitia Plains,
Rain continued to, fall and the
snow came with it and piled up
tothe depth mentioned.
Konrad Hauser, the sheep
king of Tygh, was transacting
business in Maupin Tuesday
morning. He was on his way to
13 JG
Have Arrived
Get Ready Now For Spring Plowing
Seethe No. 95 (Gang Plow
Without donbt the best horse-drawn plow made
We are also glad to get parts for other makes of plows
for which we do not stock repairs
Place your order now and be ready when the soil is
R. E. Wilson Co.
J. H. Miller and wife came up
from White River electric plant,
where Mr. Miller is employed,
and spent a few hours in Maupin
on Tuesday.
Ye editor made a hurried busi
ness trip to Dufur Sunday, being
conveyed there and back by Lee
Kemp, fishing tackle salesman
of Portland.
Bert Crofoot, who recently un
derwent an operation for appen
dicitis at The Colville, Washing
ton, hospital, is reported as be
ing on the gain.
Clarance Zigenhagen painted
the oil tanks and gas receptacle
at the Richmond service station
Tuesdayred, white and blue
colors being used.
Farmers from the Wapinitia
plains say the soil is wet down
to a deptlTol fully IS inches,
about four inches deeper than at
this time last year.
Miss Elizabeth Rutherford of
Criterion, who is attending
school in Maupin, remained in
town over Sunday a3 the guest
of Mrs. James Chalmers.
Miss-Regina Muller of Tygh
left Thursday morning for Van
couver, B. C and expects to
spend several months in the
northern city with her sister.
Marshal Derthick warns mo
torists that the proper place to
turn is at street intersections.
Those who make wrong turns
are apt to be reminded of their
error by the marshal.
Mrs. Dolph Goetjen went to
The Dalles Tuesday for the pur
pose of having an operation per
formed in the hope it will al
leviate a trouble which has been
bothering her for some time.
The recent rains have changed
the usually clear water of the
Deschutes to a color resembling
that of the Missouri. Water is
rising and if the t rains continue
the river will soon be a raging
S. B. Meiser and wife arrived
at Tygh Thursday for a short
visit with G. C. Stakely and
family. Miss Ercell Stakely,
formerly of Tygh, accompnied
them. Mr. Meiser was' a visitor
in Maupin Saturday.
If anyone thinks to break into
this print shop and make way
with the dollar marks from the
tyDe cases, he had better take
warning before hand. We now
have a bull dog, a present from
Clarance Zigenhagen.
J. M. Conklin, president of the
Maupin State Bank, arrived from
Portland Monday and will re
main a few days. Mr. Conklin
and wife lately returned from a
trip to Berkeley California where
they went to visit their daugh
ter. Tony Connolly, who has been
in California since the holidays,
returned to Maupin the latter
part of last week. While away
Mr. Connolly took in some races
at the Tia Juana, Mexico, track,
and also visited in various cities
of the Golden State.
. Bates Shattuck is nursing a
badly sprained knee. Somehow
Bates took on a spurt of ambition
and proceeded to split some wood
Monday evening. He climbed
to the top of the pile, which be
gan to fall over, and Bates, in
order to save his neck, jumped,
badly spraining his right knee.
Sol Hauser lately returned
from a 10-day visit to his ranch
near Ellensburg, Washington.
Numbers 8 and 9
Copper Boilers
$4.9 5
14 and 16 vSize
White and White
Oval and Roued
Regular $1.15 and $1.50 values
Shattuck Bros.
King' Neutrodyne
,At Richmond, (Service Station
Sol reports Ellensburg as taking
on new life. The high-line irri
gation canal is being completed
by the government, and this,
with the report that the Northern
Pacific is to build a direct line to
the Kittitas county metropolis,
from Lind, is making things hum.
Sold Another Piano
For Sale
At Maupin Warehouse Co.
Oats, tnillfeed, wheat, corn
cracked or whole, alfalfa hay.
If in need of any kind of feed,
patronize your own business. If
we haven'tgot it we will order
it for you. A farmers layout.
Geo. L. Morris. Mgr. 14-tl
Dr. Stovall is proving to be a
good. piano saijsman. Wednes
day of last week he disposed of
a fine instrument to Ernest Con
fer and from now on the neigh
bors of that enterprising rancher
will be regaled by. the latest mu
sic rendered on a high grade
player piano.
Valentines all descriptions
1 cent, 2 cents, 5 and 10 cents,
especially for school trade.
Maupin Drug Store. ?
Horses For Sale Also one
Duroc Jersey boar. S.N.Morris,
phone 5F2. 13-14
j These With Mail Order j
. Pricesi
Fresh Stock Tires
30x3' ..... . ,
31x4 .......
32x4 . ... . . .
33x1 .... . ..
32x1'- . . . . . .
20.20 I
1 w
30x3 Casings
29x4:40 Balloons
$ 8.00
Wood-Tfflotson Co.