The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 21, 1926, Image 4

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    Picked Up About Town
Not alone is the automatic patentable feature of
Portland Painless
"I think that one thing which
caused the revolutionary war,"
asserts Bill Staats, "was some
fellow writing a national anthem
that nobody could sing."
. El
According to Oliver Resh even
the young man in wide trousers
may have no visible means of
1 S
unsurpassed by any other ironing board, and the
mechanical construction is far superior to all others
I have a few of these hand-made ironing boards left
and for quick disposal will sell them at
A postal ard to or personal call on A.
Lincoln Hartman, Wapinitia, Fischer's
Garage or The Times Office, Maupin, will
hold one for you. Act quick.
Wapinitia Church Service
Sunday School 10:00 a. m.,
Mrt. Josephine, Floyd, Supt.
Preaching 11:00 a. m. and 7:30
p. m., by Rev. W. A. Mershon,
Christian Endeavor meets at
6:30, Sunday evening.
Dee Woodside is around again
after a relapse of the flu.
Coming to
The Dalles
Dr. Mellenthin
in Internal Medicine for the
past twelve years
Will be at
Dalles Hotel
Saturday, February 6
Office Hours 10 A. 4 P. M.
No Cnarge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular graduate
In medicine and surgery and is licensed
by the state of Oregon, tie dues not
ODerata for phrnnii ammnilinitia troll
tones, ulcers of stomach, tonsils or
He has to his credit wonderful results
in diseases of the stomach, liver, bowels
blood, skin, nerves, heart, kidney, blad
dec. bed wetting, cntnrrh, weak lungs,
rheumatism, sciatica, leg ulcers and
ratal ailments.
Below are a few of the names of his
many satisfied patients in Oregon:
J. L, Chambers, Rosebuig, headache
John Wodtli, Waterloo, bladder and
prostata trouble.
Mrs. E. E. Holman, Richland, kidney
W. S. Bennett, Oregon City, ulcer of
th. stomach.
R. W, Meyer, Shaniko, heart trouble
Chas, H. Hoak. La Grande, gall
Mrt, M. I. Olsen, Portland, appendi
citis. ,y
Remember above date, that consul
' tion on this trip will be free and that
We treatments are different
Married women must be accompan
ied by their husbands.
Address: ill Bradbury building,
Lot Angeles, California.
-7 Each
Lincoln Hartman
Inventor and Manufacturer, Wapinitia, Oregon
Chester White, government
trapper, is again in the Wapinitia
section, after a time spent near
Wamic. N
Joe A. Graham and Johnnie
Sinclair made a three-day stay on
their recent trip to Clackamas
lake. They say the ground is
bare in spots near the lake, very
little snow having fallen. They
went to within six miles of the
lake in their car.
Richard Delco suffered a re
lapse of the flu the latter part of
last week, but is better at this
The C. E. held the regular
business meeting and social 0
the Ray A. Ward home Friday
evening. A large attendance
was out. Games were played, ice
cream and cake served. It was
decided to hold a public social in
the near future.
Ernie Endersby is another vic
tim of the flu. He was taken
ill the latter part of last week,
but is better now.
Mrs. Nellie Lewis is a victim
of the prevailing epidemic flu.
Ella Shepflin has resumed her
school duties after an absence of
the first week after vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess T. Lewis
left the latter part of last week
for Portland.
Rev. W. A. Mershon an
nounced Sunday evening that the
Salvation Army of The Dalles
would have charge of the servi ces
at the church on February 2.
Roy Rice made another trip to
the Warm Springs agency tfie
past week.
Rev. Mershon has been a suf
ferer with neuralgia in his teeth
the past few days.
I will sell my household sroods
at my house in Wapinitia, also
one milch goat, to be fresh in
April, on Saturday, January ISO,
1926. Sale will be for cash in
hand. It will be an auction sale
Mrs. Alice Paquett.
Joe Graham and Johnnie Sin
clair have concluded a trip to
Clear,. Frog and Clackamas
lakes. They say that 15 inches
of snow was the greastest depth
they encountered on the trip.
Tim Linn ha3 returned to his
home at Pine Grove, after hav
ing been at the mill for some
Carl Powell has secured em
ployment at the Heimrich mill
at The Dalles.
Ed. Beebe is now the owner
of a new saddle mare, recently
acquired in a trade.
J., S. Brown, who has been on
the sick list, is improving.
Cloyce Burnside spent Satur
day night at the Hedin home and
attended Sabbath school the fol
lowing day.
Ray Sharpe from The Dalles
has been visiting with his bro
ther, Walter Sharpe.
Walter Sharpe has sold his old
drag saw to Jess Cox and has
purchased a new Wade wood
sawing outfit.
George Beebe was fortunate
in capturing a large coyote re
Mxs. N. G. Hedin and daugh
ter, Nova, are again in normal
health after a severe spell of
The Lewis and Leander WaY
ters families have been under
going a siege of Grippe, but are
now all convalescing.
The Sunday school was well
attended last Sunday, notwith
standing the prevalence of
Phone your news to The Mau
pin Times.
Speaking of congress John
Confer rises to remark that the
enate will do a lot of talking in
its effort not to talk too much.
"Every old maid," declares
Ralph Kaiser, "thinks it perfect
ly shameful the way married
women fail to manage their hus
bands." El
"When a bootlegger holds up a
married man," says Jim Wood
cock, "the proceeding is about
as much a complaint as a crime."
Bob Wilson is authority for the
statement that if Opportunity
did knock at a fellow's, door his
wife would probably tell Op to
go around to the back door and
be sure to wipe his feet.
Jack Staats says the reason
Henry Ford resurrected old-fashioned
dances was because Hen
ry had been looking at his first
flivver, and felt homesick.
Our Son say the kind of a
deal most men are looking for
is an ideal, but in most in
stances they get a misdeal.
According to Bob Bell there
would be a lot of heartaches pre
vented in this country if a girl
cared as much about a man's
morals as she does his manners,
Buys Valley Farm
C. C. Conley, Tygh Valley
rancher, closed a deal Monday
whereby he becomes owner of
the W. E. Hughes ranch in the
valley. Mr. Hughes lives at Roy,
Washington and being engaged
in other business, had no time to
take care of the ranch.
Grandmother Compares
Present With Long Ago
JENNY and her great-grandmother
were having a little chat while
they waited for the announcement from
the maid that Christmas dinner was
ready. Grandma Smith had been born
and reared In the South. She was
spending the holidays with her daugh
ter In the North. Grandmother was
In her enrly nineties, but a remarkable
woman for her age. Tall, erect, spry,
she would never grow old mentaUy for
she was too progressive In her think
ing. "Jenny, as I looked around the house
Just now, I couldn't help but realize
what a difference a generation or two
fnj P Mrti'rffc nearof n
3j jCff via the
1 I Union
fM Pacific
fi Leave Maupin 12:30 P, M.
3.H Ar. The Dalles 3:00 P.M.
nil Lv The Daiies 7;06 p M
t Continental
; Limited
I ' ' Ar. pitUago 3;55 p. m.
, ! t ' third tiV
V J For tickets. ref rvatloni, call
R. B.Bell.Agt
fSjjl K. A. KLIPPSX; Jf,
If l ANv s-v Traveling Freight
if lllTlOV 8 P"eenS Agent,
I I Be"!. Orcgoa
Hp -
These teeth are first class and the best
money can buy. They are guaranteed
to give satisfaction. Why pay more?
Painless Extraction $1
Proprietor, Over Wasco County Bank
has made In our node of living. I
couldn't keep from comparing this day
and home with ft Christmas Day and
home I knew long ago. You know,
Jenny, Andrew and I were married on
one Christmas, years ago. Andrew
built a little cabin on a plot of ground
he owned. It was perched up on a
hill. I thought It was the loveliest,
most beautiful cabin ever built in the
whole world. And It was. It was the
last word In cozy, home architecture
of the times. Inside it had a dirt floor
and a few pieces of hickory furniture
which Andrew had made. I wove all
the linens and other cloth which we
used. We were so happy. We had a
big home wedding., One of my wed
ding presents was a tin cup. That cup
was a prized possession, much talked
about and envied by my neighbors.
Sometimes I wonder, we lived so sim
ply and happily and now how com
plejtare "
Maupin Times
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or mad it
Who wants to buy one or two
old Oakland cars? One '11 run,
the other can be coaxed to. May
be seen at The Times office.
Wild Flowers Blooming
The extremely mild weather
we are enjoying has caused wild
flowers to put forth shoots and
many of them are coming out in
bloom. Saturday we were pre
sented with three wild Easter
lily bulbs, each of which had
produced strong shoots and buds
ready to break forth. Pussy
willows have .been out for some
time, and salmon flies are to be
seen on the willows at the river.
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..5afe-.. ....
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