The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 17, 1925, Image 4

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J. W. Ayres, Smock rancher,
was in Maupin today.
Clifford Allen wa3 in town
from his ranch on the Flat Mon
Anton Seifert was down from
his Nena ranch Saturday on busi
ness. "Jack" Fitzpatrick was in
Maupin from his sheep ranch at
Nena on Monday.
J. E. Wing was looking over
Christmas goods in town today,
coming in from Wamic. .
John and George Heilmeyer of
the Wamic section, were holiday
shoppers in town today.
Star car for sale cheap. In
good condition. See Oliver Resh
at Shattucks' store- 3 t4
Bob W ilson is excavating the
hill at the rear of his store and
is leveling his home lots with the
Ben Cook has been in Maupin
the last few days, coming up
from Fairview, where he now
H. M. Barnum passed through
town Tuesday. He was on his
way to the eastern section after
a horse.
Richard Welch, automobile
man of Wamic, was laying in a
supply of auto repairs in Maupin
o .
Wm. Woodcock was in from
Wamic the latter part of last
week, visiting with his brothers
and parents.
Carl Powell accompanied Floyd
Richmond to Portland Sunday,
going with the idea of securing
Mrs. John Donaldson was
taken to a hospital at The Dalles
Monday. There she will under
go an operation.
J. W. Davidson, Flat rancher,
drove to town Tuesday in a
brand new Oldsmobile sedan,
lately purchased.
Drs. Elwood and Stovall ac
companied by Mrs. Stovall and
L. B. Kelly, went to The Dalles
yesterday morning.
George Morris and wife drove
to Bend Saturday for a short visit
with friends, returning to Mau
pin Mondav morning.
L. C. Henneghan and wife
have returned to their Maupin
home after several weeks spent
at Sunnyside, Washington.
Floyd Richmond drove up from
Portland, where he is attending
school, Thursday and visited
with his parents until Sunday.
Holy Mass will be celebrated
In Sacred Heart church Christ
mas Dav, December 25th at 10:00
a m. All are cordially invited.
Since the rains fell and warm
weather prevailed, the grass has
taken a start on the hills, pro
viding fine feed for range stock.
Mrs. J. H. Kistner, who has
been visiting a daughter in Boise,
Idaho, the past six weeks, has re
turned to her home at Tygh Val
R. P. Newland. chief of the
maintenance corps of The Dalles
California highway, with his
wife, was a Maupin visitor Sat
urday. Mrs. R. Geiser held a meeting
of the Degree of Honor at The
Dalles today. She will return!
this evening to spend Christmas
at home.
Miss Verla Lewis wa3 a week-
end guest of hr sister, Mrs. Geo.:
Tillotson, and husband, last
week, coming from her home at
Jess Derthick and mother, Mrs.
S. E. Derthick, spent Sunday
and Monday with the family of
Jess'd daughter, Mrs. Arthur
Morris, on the Flat.
Fall plowing has been halted
on the Flat by freezing weather.
Most of the ranchers were pretty
well along, so the freeze will not
put them behind in that work.
Marshal impounded one of the
horses which have been raising
hob with Maupin lawns If the
owner does not claim the animal
within five days it will be sold.
A Maxwell car bearing a South
Dakota licence, was wrecked on
the White River grade Tuesday
morning. Two men in the car
escaped injury. They were on
their way to Spokane.
Frank Tillotson, the father
of George Tillotson of this
city, and Gabe Stakely and
wife, all of Tygh, were Sunday
guests at the home of their son
and nephew in Maupin.
Quite a bunch of yearling cattle
were driven through Maupin
last Sunday. They were taken
to the 0. T. stockyards, where
they were corralled while await
ing shipment to the Portland
Word reaches us of the death
of Carl Ober's mother, which
occurred at Gearheart on Sunday.
We have been unable to get in
touch with Mr. Ober, consequent
ly a write up of deceased will
have to go until next week.
W. H. Smith, who has been
attached to the Dufur office of
the forest service, has been trans
ferred to the timber division of
the service and will hereafter
make his headquarters at Bend.
He passed through Maupin Tues
day morning.
About the best piece of work
some men can do on Saturday is
to take a good bath.
The city council will soon be
busy with the annual budget.
We hope the members will make
it so strong that even a court
decision would fail to budge it.
A civil engineer was over the
highway east and south of Mau
pin last week. He was "pick
ing up levels" for the Pacific
Power company. One man re
marked that the levels must be
old ones and the visitor probably
would supply new ones for the
road crews.
"I see where they are rec
commending mud baths as beauti
fiera," comments Ralph Kaiser,
"but" mud baths never seem to
have done much for the turtle."
"Maybe the reason some men
want to fight when it is insinuated
they sprung from monkeys,"
says Lester Kelly, "is because it
is the truth."
Andy Mann sajs that he can
supply a kind of face paint for
women's faces that he will war
rant will not "sleep oh!."
The old-fashioned dance held
last Saturday night must have
appealed to old timerj-and quite
a few young-timers ss well. The
management of the Legion de
posited one of the biggest bunches
of coin derived from the hop,
ever banked from a dance of the
order, on Monday. ,
Bootleggers must not do a
great business in this section.
At a reO?nt function held here
gentlemen of that ilk were trying
to sell their goods to each other,
with no takers.
The question of "when is a
man drunk?" has given away to
the more puzzling question of
"when is a woman clothed?"
We've often wondered what
college students find to do after
the football season closes.
Oliver Resh says most people
get in debt because they think
"wants" is synononous with
"needs "
Notice is hereby given that I
will prosecute all persons tres
passing on my place,- known as
"The Horned Toad" ranch. All
fisherman, hunters, and sheep
and cattle drivers are warned to
keep off. Dated December 17,
1925. Al. D. Kennedy 6-t4
Eleven Years Ago
From The Times, Dec. 16,'14
Dave Donaldson states that his
father, James, is not expected to
recover at Dufur. He and his
brother have just returned from
Dufur for third time, and ex
pect to go again soon.
Ed. Brown landed a trout from
the Deschutes Monday that mea
sured 23 inches.
Robert Cantrell and Hazel B.
Coleman were married at the
home of Judge Oakley last Satur
day evening, it being the Judge's
first nuptial knot tying since his
appointment to office. The
young couple were serenaded at
a late hour by the Maupin band
and several friends, after which
they were served with a light
Joe Riggles i confined to the
house with rheumatism and un
der the care of the doctor.
Maupin home talent will pre
sent "Paid In Full" at tne opera
house in Maupin next week. A
free dance will be given after the
Mr. Conklin was called to Port
land Tuesday. He received a
message that his wife had re
ceived a severe fall and to come
at once.
The eagle on a dollar is no
carrier pigeon send it away and
it won't come back.
Wess Ray and wife expect to
move to Prineville soon where he
expects to work on the Tom Law
son ranch.
News of Interest
The boys and girls of the school
are working earnestly toward
the success of their part of the
Christmas Eve program, to be
given, in connection with the
Community Christmas tree. Al
though not completed the pro
gram is arranged to include the
following numbers:
1. Christmas Drill Pupils of
grades 1 to 6.
2. Playlet - "The Dolls Take
land" Mary Greene, Wilbur
Mathews and Beth Rutherford.
3. Recitation Pupils of the
5th and 6th grades.'
4. Songs "Christmas Round"
and "Snowflakes" -r Pupils of
grades 3 to 8.
5. Songs - "Christmas Bells"
and "Silent Night" Pupils of
grades 3 to 6.
6. Songs-"The Angel Song."
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
and "Star of the East" Pupils
of 7 8 and High school.
7. Duet Mrs. Todd and Jean
Wilson- a
Make The Times
An X-Mas Gift
While the gift-giving sea
son is on why not remember
The Times with the amount
of your subscription? We are
sure all our readers are satis
fied with the paper, otherwise
more than one hundred of
them would not have paid up
and others subscribed for the
paper. We are trying to give
Maupin the best paper eirer
published here, and as it takes
money to "make the mare go,"
your arrears and a year in ad
vance will be appreciated.
Don t take a chance on your
weak battery freezing. Bring
it in for recharging. A fully
charged battery never
Gus Derthick Wears Star
Gus I. Derthick is now the
official arrester for Maupin, he
having been appointed city
marshal by Mayor Shattuck and
confirmed by the council at the
last meeting of that body. Gus
will make a good officer and it
behooves wrongdoers to watch
their step, for Gus will not stand
for law infractions none at all.
Who Got the Weenies?
Someone who evidently had
a taste for weenies helped him
self to about six pounds of that
delectable table "delicacy" at
the Legion Hall last Saturday
night. When the supper things
had been cleared away there
was that amount of "hot dog"
remaining. A couple of the
house committee went to the
supper room to wrap up the
sausages with the idea of re
turning them to the meat
market They looked around,
but no "dogs" were in evidence,
so they arrived at the conclusion
that some hungry fellow had
appropriated them. No doubt
the stolen stuffers sufficed as the
piece de resistance for a Sunday
50 cents paid for old storage
batteries. 50 cents. Maupin
Predatory Animals Killed
The predatory animal depart
ment of the Oregon Live Stock
and Sanitary board have been
extremely busy the past month,
During that time they have suc
ceeded in exterminating 437
coyotes and 35 bobcats, a total
of 472. The Wasco county
hunter, F. R. Murphy had one
bobcat and 12 coyotes to his
credit, standing 12th in the list
of 53 hunters.
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From the Schools
8. A Mandolin Solo "Barca
rolle," from. Tales of Hoffman
Winifred Kaiser.
9. Song "Away in a Manger"
Pupils of grades 3 to 6.
10. "It Came Upon a Midnight
Clear" Pupils of grades 7 8.
11. Trio - "Paper Chain"
Doris Kelly, Chas. Bothwell, Le-
lah Weber)?.
12. Duet "Sleighride"-Ma-bel
and Lelah Weberg.
13. Solo Mrs. Todd.
14. Adult Quartet-"The Road
That Led You to Me."
15. Piano Solo, left hand-Mrs.
16. One -act play-"The En
chanted Christmas Tree," by
Percival Wilde The High school.
The Maupin high school basket
team played a scrimmage game
with the Tygh Valley boys Mon
day night. The score wa3 in fa
vor of the Maupin boys, although
the Tygh team proved themselves
good loser9. On the preceding
Thursday the local team played
I)s)4-s)rc ' 'Diamond Brand'
rezerb shoes
X)iamcnd ffllaniC
In Shoes and in Oxfords
In Black and Brown Kid!
Sold in Maupin by
Exclusive Dealers
the Town Ruff Necks, a team
composed of members from both
Don't forget to come to the
game Friday, December 18, at
the Maupin high school gym
nasium; Maupin High vs. Culver
Primary certificates for pro-
nciency in typewriting were
awarded by Mr. Geiser to Olive
Turner, Jean Wilson, and Wini
fred Kaiser.
Harold Crampton was absent
from school Monday on account
of illness.
The pupils of Mrs. Morrison's
room are making their room
cheerful with Christmas decora
tions. Their sand-table is being
arranged to represent the Christ
mas story.
Bonney Deuss is absent from
Mrs. Cantrell's room on account
of illness. Some of those present
are suffering from severe colds
but are endeavoring to do their
best under this handicap.
Irene Woodcock, Ruth Math
December 25, X-mas
New Years 31
January 9, 1926
February 14, Washing-
ton's Birthday, 22d
St. Patrick's Day,
March 17
Remember 'em jj
Aristo Motor Oil
The Dalles Oregon
For Genuine
Foot Comfort
Try Them and You
Will Always
Buy Them
ews, Mabel Roberts and Henry
Wilson of Mrs. Deeg's room,
were absent from school on De
cember 14.
Low Round Trip Fares
For X-Mas Holidays
Via Union . Pacific between
points in Idaho, Oregon and
Washington. Sale dates De
cember 18, 19, 22, 23 and 24; re
turn limit Janury 4, 1926. For
further particulars see local
Irrigationist Dies
Word reaches us of the death
of Joseph R. Keep, which took
place at Portland November 23.
Mr. Keep was the father of the
Wapinitia irrigation project and
a man well known to many Mau
pin citizens. He was 66 years
of age at the time of death. Sur
viving him are a wife and five
The only Grocery
Store on the
East Side
Fischer's Grocery
Makes a Specialty of
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring it to The Times office
and Mr. Semmeg will send
it to
Manufacturing Jeweler
and Watchmaker
Successor to D. Lindquist
Look over your office sta
tionery and before you are
entirely out plaee your or
der for