The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 12, 1924, Image 1

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    IE MAUPflN
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
NO. 36
Orval and Jesse Flinn of The
Dalles wen to Clear Lake fishing
on Monday.
A number of stockmen are
riding in thev mountains this
week for beef cattle.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Henneghan
were1 guests at the Roy Batty
home Sunday.
Mrs. W. 0. Wilson came up
from Maupin Sunday to spend
the day with her daughter, Mrs.
D. L. Retherford.
Wm. Sturgis is hauling wool
for J. P. Abbott.
Mr. and Mrs. Lou McCoy,
Vivian Barzee and Leonard We
berg spent Sunday and Monday
in The Dalles. Vivian remained
for a visit with her grandparents
Floyd Richmond and the
Walker boys went to Keeps' mill
The Richmonds came up to
attend Children's Day program
at the Grove Sunday.
Rosco Batty is enjoying the
Rose Festival in Portland this
Omar filoyd is the guest of
Oren Parker this week while his
parents and brother Dan are in
Mr. and Mrs. Keynolds of Till
amook are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Keen.
Work was begun Monday on
Dee Woodside's new barn.
Jesse Lewis ia home from
Newt Morris and others went
through here Saturday on their
way to the mountains for fishing
Grandma Delco visited her
daughter, Mrs. Arthur Pechette
last week.
Herb Hammer made a trip to
The Dalles Monday.
Dale Parker and Margaret
Magill are having chickenpox.
The Children's Day program
Sunday at the Grove was er joy
ed by a goodly number.
For Sale Two head horses,
several section Harrow, two tons
Alfalfa Hay Mrs. Eva Harpham
Maupin Ore. Phone Main 242.
Mary M. Patison, married to
Albert M. Patison at Rockford,
Wn., October 25, 1889, has en
tered suit in the circuit court
hre for a divorce, on the grounds
of cruel and inhuman treatment.
Ilhey have no minor children.
Mrs, Patison in the divorce com
plaint alleges continual nagging
her suit- Chronicle.
Small oil heater for sale. In
quire Times office.
t i m m 1 Send for our booklet
Is the Nation's Greatest Playground
Every American should share in the inspiration
of its towering peaks, imping ueysers. growling
grottos, boiling cauldrons, in the midst of which,
are magnificent hotels, charming cottage villages,
300 mlleR of matchless boulevards and all the'
comforts of home.
It tells the thrilling atnrv
of nature's wonderland. Our
Operated DAILY during the season
Portland and West Yellowstone
by the .
Union Pacific System
lot our representatives exptojn the various tours
wnich enable visitors to see the Yellowstone at
minimum cost; nlso quote fares, prepare your
Itinerary and make your reservations. Call on
R. B. BELL, Agent, Maupin, Ore.
or address
General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon
A Bargain A Sacrifice
320 A hog fenced 180 A plow
land 10 A water right Paid
Priced $17.00 per Acre Easiest kind
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
In order that the people living in the southern part of the
county who need funeral supplies may make their own
selections, we have placed stocks with
N. W. Flinn, Prop.
Open Day and Night
The Dalles
Rooms 50e to $1.00
Short Orders All Hours
B. D. Fraley and family arriv
ed yesterday from Oregon City,
returning home this afternoon.
Orval has returned home from
Patterson, California, and is
looking fine.
For Sale I. H. C. Primrose
Cream Separator & four Cows.
E. S., Disbrow, Wamic
Two hours of good honest rain
early this morning has changed
the countenances of fnany of the
farmers of this section and prac
tically assurred a normal grain
crop for this locality, although
the straw will probably be very
J. H. Woodcock went to Hood
River Sunday and was accompa
nied home Monday by Mrs.
Woodcock and Irene.
Cecil Kiste, 20 of Astoria, and
Edith Miller, 19, of The Dalies.
Journal, May 6, Vancouver
Marriage License column.
A big band of sheep, owned
by Konrad Hauser, passed
through The Dalles between 4:30
and 5 o'clock this morning on
the road, to Hood Rifer, from
where they were to be taken
across to the Washington side
for summer grazing. Chronicle,
June 5.
Three bands of the Fargher
sheep passed through here early
this morning enroute to moun
tain pasture.
Fruit tree and garden spray
for sale at Maupin Drug Store.
Mrs. H. F. Woodcock returned
home Tuesday after several days
visit in the metropolis
The Morrisons motored to Van
couver last Thursday, returning
home Tuesday night. ,
The dam in the spring bi a ich
is filled to the top, and an invit
ing looking swimming hole it i; .
Mrs. H. R. Kaiser is hostess
this week to relatives from Sig
ourney, Iowa, who arrived Tues
day. They leave tomorrow to
visit other relatives in the North
west and return this fall by way
of California. Miss Jenny Mc
Nabb, aunt of Mrs. Kaiser, Mr.
and Mrs. Lee McNabb and three
children, Paul, Vesta and Hex,
For Sale Sity head of horses
from 3 to 6 vears old, broke,
weigh froni 1200 to 1600 pounds.
Inquire Claud Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cyr left
the first of the week for two
weeks' vacation.
' Portland Painless Dentist, 305
Second St. The Dalles, Oregon,
over Lindquist Jewelry Store,
Rooms 1, 2, 3.
For Sale 1-3 interest in
Threshing machine, Mogul tract
or and Header Mrs. Eva Harp-
ham Maupin Or. Phone Main 242
We still have, all kinds of
matches, 6 boxes for 35cts.
Maupin Drug Store.
Baled wheat hay for sale at
DeCamps' barn$ Very reasonable
For Sale Baled wheat or rye
hay in large or small lots, phone
or write Otto Herrling.
Good September Bull calf fom
6-gallon cow, 34 Holstein, 1-4
Gernsey; sired by registered
Holstein. Will sell or trade for
cow. Lee Jackson, Tygh Valley
To World War Veterans
For Sale at Sacrifice
One nearly new advance Rum
ley separator, blower attachment
20 36, 125 ft. endless drive belt,
long and short feed elevator
Buskuhl Bros., Friend,
Meals, family style
jm. J r 'J - A
This Is Dr. U. 6. Honch of (he United Statei Burcaa of Animal
Industry, (left) who has been placed by Secretary Wallac In complete
command of the fight being effectively waged on the foot and mouth
disease outbreak In California, and fl. 11. Heche, director Department of
Agriculture, Stale of California, who Is assisting Dr. Honck ! quickly
Wd permanently stamping out the epidemic
(ore of tha United States govern
ment has been brought into play
tffectively against the foot and
oath disease In California. The
disease has been confined to cer
tain limited districts in the state
and the work of stamping it out is
proceeding rigorously under the
direction of Dr. U. G. Houck, per
sonal representative of Secretary
Wallace, department of agriculture,
who has complete control of the
combined federal and state forces.
"Every method Justified by our
past experience and by scientific
study la being used to prevent any
possibility of spread of the disease
and to wipe it out so thoroughly
that there will be no chance of Us
recurrence," said Dr. Houck.
"There la no danger of spread of
the disease through shipment of
fruits, vegetables or dairy products
from the great non-Infected areas
of California. We know of no ln-
i stance where the disease has been
carried by such shipments," Dr.
Houck said.
Complete confidence In the men
! in the field was expressed by Dr. 3.
I R. Mohler, chief of the bureau of
animal Industry, United States de
partment of agriculture, in a mes
sage he has Just sent to Dr. Houck
and the local federal inspectors.
"We have In California," he said,
j "the best equipped force of Inspec
; tors that was ever assembled on s
foot and mouth detail.
"Our methods are not experl
; mental, but have been weighed In
! the balance of practical experience
i and have always produced the d
' sired results."
World War Veterans of this
part of Wasco county are notified
that Maupin Post No. 73 Ameri
can Legion of Maupin,' Oregon,
has been officially designated by
the War and Navy Departments
at Washington to assist in obtain
ing for veterans of this territory
benefits due them under the
Federal Adjusted Compensation,
or Bonus Act.
This announcement was made
today by M. F. Van Laanen,
Commander Maupin Post. Mr.
Van Laanen explained that the
national organization of the
Legion has made the Govern
ment a blanket offer of the ser
vices of every Legion post in
this regard and that this offer
has been accepted at Washing
ton. The services rendered by
the Legion are extended to all
World War veterans and their
dependents who are eligible to
the benefits of the Adjusted
Compensation Act, regardless of
whether the reterans are mem
bers of the Legon or not. The
Legion's services are offered
without cost to the Government.
Official bonus application applica
tion forms will be available at.
every Legion Post. Officers of
the Post will explain to appli
cants how these forms are to be
filled out and thus save veterans
irritating experience.
Commander Van Laanen states
that a supply of application
blanks sufficient for all eligible
veterans or dependents rending
in this part of Wasco county will
be available at Maupin Post,
Card of Thanks
We desire to thank the neigh
bora and friends for their deeds
of kindness and sympathy and
the floral offerings at the death
and funeral of our brother.
Emil Hackler
Fred Hackler
Maupin, about July 15th. When
the forms arrive a "call will be
published by this paper for a
special bonus mass meeting at
which every person eligible un
der the law is urged in his own
interest to attend. For the pro
tection, of the veterans and the
Government the requirements
concerning the execution of
these forms are very rigid,' some
twenty odd statements must be
made on eyery form. - These will
be fully explained nt the meet
ing. The forms may be filled
out on the spot and forwarded
to Washington without further
delay. ,
Notice is hereby given that
the County School Superintend
ent of Wasco county, Oregon,
will hold the regular examina
tion of applicants for state Cer .
tificates at his office in the
County Court House as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, June
11th, 1924, at 9 o'clock a. m.,
and continuing until Saturday,
June 14th, 1924, at 4 o'clock p.
m. Programs may be had upon
application to A. E. Gionewald,
The Dalles, Oregon.
Times. $1.50 a year.
To close out our present stock of tires wc will give
a 10 percent discount from standard prices for the
next 10 dajs. The tires we have arc all new stock
of high grade tires of standard makes.
Wc have in stock a complete line of
Let us hauc your business on anything in the auto
motive line. Our aim will be to give you high class
goods at standard prices and courteous service. ?
Hogs and Cows
We have on hand a few copies of the booklet
"The Cow the Mother of Prosperity"
We have ordered a supply of the booklet
"Hogs for Pork and Profit"
You certainly are interested in one of these subjects,
so write or call for your copy and we will fill your
order at once or place your name, on file and mail
your copy as soon as a supply arrives. These
booklets are free.
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval