The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 24, 1924, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
NO. 29
Home Destroyed
Fire early Tuesday afternoon
destroyed the home of Percy
Martin one half mile west of
Maupin. Mrs. Martin was look
ing after some turkeys in a field
consideradle distance from the
house, and when she saw the
fire ran to save the children who
were in the bedroom, arriving
only in time to get them to safety
Insurance had expired and the
house, cellar and" chicken shed
with all contents were entire
loss, including some young tur
keys and setting hens. Little
Vivian made it known in ' her
baby way that she had climbed
and gotten matches with which
to make a fire in the woodshed.
This is believed to have been the
cause, as Mrs. Martin had left
no fire in the stoves.
The family will live on the
J. V. Martin place, out six miles
until they have rebuilt.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin express
their appreciation to the friends
who have so kindly assisted in
relief for their loss.
Waraic News
The cream station established
at Sherars Bridge is a great help
to this part of the country where
the farmers can get their checks
Maupin high and grade schools
Saturday clipped off a new record
at the annual Waseo
Times. $1.50 a year.
. , .. i 'in iihj ciiutuui; cvruia aiiu null
and empty can9 the same day-,, . , . .
. the most points of any school in
that they take their cream to the' .... A, , .
station. '
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Driver
and son 'Leonard returned last
Monday to The Dalles from a
visit with relatives on Juniper
Chester Brittain and. firmly
were Dalles visitoi'3 Thursday at
the home of Mrs. Brittain' par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Flinn.
We had cold winds blowing
hera last week. ' Rain is needed
here now.
Plowing is about through here
A number went from here
Saturday to attend the track
meet at Maupin.
Mrs. Isaac Courtright, Friend
spent Saturday and Sunday with
Mrs.. Etta Large in The Dalles.
Mrs. W. II. Staats and Mrs.
Brenton Slusher were Dalles
visitors last week.
Sheep are being sheared at
Fresh Vegetables" and Fruits
Special Prices on Package ROLLED OATS, WHEAT
Harris Cask Store 1
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
In order that the people living in the southern part of the
county who need funeral suppiies may make their own
selections, we have placed stocks with
W. Finn, Prop.
The Dalits
by and Night
Rooms 50c to $1.00
Siiort Orders All Hours
Meals, "family style 40c
mini ft
j V.UUIJ t
County school track meet held at
Maupin high school obtained 52
points in its class and the grade
schools were given 75 in that
Wapinitia high and grade
schools were second, with 4!)
points' for the high and 29 for
grade schools. Dufur won third
place in the high school events
with 40 points, and Antelope
fourth with 12. Other grade
schools were as follows: Antelope
third with 21 points; Tygh Vall
ey, fourth, 13; Victor, fifth, 11;
White River, sixth, 7; Dufur and
Cbino tied for seventh place
wi'.i 4; and Pine Grove, Smock,
and Criterion tied for eighth
place with one point.
Bun ii. Tatro acted as starter
and C. U. Zeverly as field judge.
Superiniendentof Schools, A. E.
Gronewald, was recordor.
High individual points for high
school boys were as follows: Roy
Woodside, Wapinitia, 20 ( four
bleu ribbon;-) ; Archie Marvel,
Dufur, 18; Eurl Bronner, Wapini
tia, 14; Edgar Wolfe, Antelope,
12. For high school girls the
winners were: Helen Philmlee,
15; Doris Talcott, 10; and Wini
fred Kaiser, G; Maupin.
In the-grade school section the
bovs who won highc-st honor
were Jesse Crabtree, M..upin, 18
Lawrence Ilarpham, Maupin, 13:
and third place was tied by rep
resentatives of several sihols.
ihe grade school girls v. nose
names "appear as high honor v. in-
nersare: lMia anipnin, vvapini
tia, 10; Merle Snodgrass, Vic'.cr,
8, and Lillian Vanderhoof, An
helope, 7.
While the names of the grade
places in the high school events
50-yard dash girls, Winifred
Kaiser and Helen Philmlee, Mau
pin, Mary O'Brien, Wapinitia.
50-yard dash boys, Archie
Marvel, Dufur, Kenneth Batty,
Maupin; Earl Bonner, Wapinitii1.
Shot-put boys, Arch Marvel,
Dufur; Earl Bronner, Wapinitia
Elza Derthick. Maupin.
Baseball throw (accuracy)
girls, Helen Philmlee, Maupin;
Ruby Powell, Wapinitia; Doris
Talcott, Maupin.
Baseball throw (accuracy)
boys, Roy Woodside, Wapinitia;
Elza Derthick, Maupin; Edgar
Wolf, Antelope.
100-vard dash boys, Archie
Marvel, Dufur; Ellis Woodford,
Dufur; Earl Bronner, Wapinitia
880-yard run boys, Roy Wood
side, Wapinitia; Bill Temple,
Dufur; Elwood Boen, Dufur.
Baseball throw (distance)
girls, I'da Miller, Doris Talcott,
Maupin J .Elsie Lewis, Wapinitia.
Baseball throw (distancef
boys,' Roy Woodside, Wapinitia;
Arch Marvel, Roy Martin, Dufur
Walking race ( mile) girls,
Doris Talcott, Maupin; Jeanettc
Burnside, Wapinitia; Helen Phil
mlee, Maupin.
Walking race (1 mile"!' boys,
Roy Woodside, Cloyce Burnside,
Wapinitia; Elza Derthick, MaupinJ
tiroad jump c-oys, Jiari uron
ner, Wapinitia; Edgar Wolfe,
Antelope; Elza Derthick, Maupin
Horseshoe pitching (20 ft.)
girls, Helen Philmlee, Maupin,
Elsie Lewis, Wapinitia.
Horseshoe pitching (30 ft.)--bovs,
Elza Derthick, Maupin;
Eldn Fraley, Dufur; Robert
Lewis. Wapinitia.
Mile run-boys, Edgar Wolfe,
Antelope; Earl Bronner, Wapir.i-
lia; Roy Martin, Dufur.
I Discus -boys, Eldon Fraley,
Dufur; Edgar Wolfe, Antelopi ;
Dickinson and Leslie are h
with the spring farm work
White Dent seed corn for sale.
A limited supply on hand. H.
L. Morris.
Local Agent, E. W. Griffin, re
ports the foiling shipments to
Portland last Saturday night:
John M. McCorkle and A. M.
Morris each a car load of hogs.
W. N. Nickerson two car loads of
cattle, and C. B. Dahl one car of
cattle, the latter going from
Sherar Station.
B. F. Cook and L. C. Wilhelm
returned Wednesday from a
motor trip to Portland. Mr.
Wilhelm reports many thrilling
Let us figure with you on your
painting and wall papering
Maupin Drug Store.
Mr. and Mrs L. C. Henneghan
made a trip to Dufur yesterday,
Mrs. P. W. Knowles is visiting
here today.
I have ten head of strays , at
my place: 1 bay mare with halt
er and bell on, 1 sorrel, several
bay3 and three grays. M. L.
Webb, Sherars Bridge.
Sale of the Dufur Dispatch, a
weekly newspaper, to A. Y.
Zolter, was announced this morn
ing. , T. C. Queen has been the
ownea for seventeen years, al
though the management has
been under others for the last
two years. Chronicle.
school contestants who were win E.P1 Bronner, Wapinitia.
ners and runners up in the field j Relay race (4 mile) boys,
events had not been tabulated J Dufur.
completely by Superintendent' Relay race (200 yards) --girlr,
Gronewald this morning, those 1 Maupin. .
who won first, second and third I Chronicle.
Open Letter
Tygh Valley, Ore.
Dear Sir:
If you are in the market for a
car this spring I would certainly
appreciate your business. I can
take care of you in new or used
cars. 1 have a large stock of
second hand cars to draw fom
that are priced right, really good
Whatever kind of a car you
want if you will let me know I
will call on you, and I am sura
we can make a deal on prices,
terms and cars that will suit you
Very truly yours,
H. Wood.
Tygh Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Muller and
son Billy of Centralia, Wn., are
visiting at the Muller home here
F. Konck and F. Kennison of
Portland were calling on friends
here over Sunday.
A. J. Jones of The Dalles was
renewing acquaintances here
this week.
Paul and Regina Muller were
Dalles visitors Saturday.
W, Morrison and J. Simos of
Maupin were visitors here Sun
day. Gladys Morrow of Maupin was
a caller here Monday evening.
Engine Co. No. 1 and Hook
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oun cement!
Golden Superb No. 182465
Beatiful Dark Red, 3 years
Maggies ling No,
3 years old
find Many Others, all Age
Tygh Valley
These Bulls For Sale Cheap if taken soon
Cars For Sale
This week I have
1921 Dodge Touring 1924 license,
a good by at if 43 00. Terms.
1918 Chevrolet 1924' license, 5
good tires, mechanically good,
$150.00. Terms.
1919 Chevrolet, new tires, 1924
license, $150.00. Terms.
Starter type Ford, new tires,
run about 5000 miles. $225 00
1 Moline Tractor and plows
cheap as I have no use for same.
Hudson Speedster same as
new, cheap.
1919 King roaster.
fTygh Valley, Oregon.
Mrs. W. 0. Wilson has return
ed to Wapinitia after spending
several weeks at the hon:e of
her son Don in The Dalles.
I Antelope and other places,
j Olga Abbott and Carmel Wood
cock came out from. The Dalles
Saturday to spend Easter Sun
day at their homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Driver
jcame up from Hood River Thurr
dav to snend a week at their
home here and to plant their
! garden.
! Many attcned the dance here
Saturday night. The Columbia
j orchestra from The Da!lc3 furn
! ished the music.
! There are several cases of
whooping cough here. Guy Har
vey's children and Nadine Har
vey are among tho3e who have
the whoopirg cough. Several
Mr. Baney and family left
Tuesday to work on a section of
the Mt. Hood loop highway near
Mt. Hood.
Tillie Richardson obtained a
decree of divorce yesterday aft
ernoon from Finley Richardson.
The decree was filed with the
county clerk this morning
Chronicle 22nd.
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
supplies. Maupin Drug Store.
Bring us your films for develop
ing. Frank Morrison of Vancouver
drove up Monday and ia employ
ed with his brother W. L. Mor
rison in the highway construc
tion blacksmith shop on the east
side of the river.
For sale -Beardless seed bar
ley and Early Bart seed wheat -Claud
Wilson. Maupin Oregon,
Box 133.
Rodcny Cooper accompaned his
brother. Forest, of Tygh Valley
to Dufur Thursday niggt where
the latter received the first de
gree of the Masonic order.
Mr3. Fred Dickinson and Mar
garitte are guests of the latters,
The man is here to give you service
on your car.
Repair your battery.
Overhaul your generator or magnito.
Do any electrical work you need done
All work will be guaranteed to be sat
isfactory or your money will be
returned, freely.
Give us a trial. We can tell you what
your job will cost you when you
bring it in to us.
Overhauling Cars, Tractors and stor
age batteries, or anything you
will need in the electrical line
a specialty.
Maupin Garage
John Hunter
Otto Denzel
children in Tygh Valley are brother, A. A. Britton while Mr.
logs and Cows
We have on hand a few copies of the booklet
"The Cow the Mother of Prosperity"
Wc have ordered a supply of the booklet
"Hogs for Pork and Profit"
You certainly are interested in one of these subjects,
eo write or call for your copy and wc will fill your
order at once or place your name on file and mail
your copy as soon as a supply arrives. These
booklets are free. ,
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval