The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 17, 1924, Image 1

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& 11 M
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
NO. 23
To Build Church
Money has all been collected
for the erection of a Catholic
church in Maupin. Construction
will be commenced on their prop
erty across from' the high school
building as soon as arrangement
is completed for the lumber. A
convenient structure 24x42 feet
is planned. For the past two
years the members have attend
ed services in the apartments of
Mr. and Mrs Griffin in theO. T
depot building and all realize the
need of larger place of worship.
The highway contractors here
are quite busy. The sub con
tract to Ilaneys by Baucis &
Bauers is ncaring completion.
Striking a difficult rock cut pre
vented it having been completed
some time ago. II. M. Greene
who has a sub- contract from
Sharen & McCall is progressing
nicely. Mr. Greene's contract
starts sligntly south of the Cri
terion school house and extend:?
a mile north. He has struck,
rockin one (ft the cuts. This
may delay hfnl some. Mr. Kelly
L..L... J V.- '
who has the two miles south of i
Mr. Greene is making good head
way. lie expecis 10 nnisn in
the next thirty days and intends
to take another contract. Above
him are two other contrrctpr,
D. II. Appling and B. Kennison,
both of whom are reported get
ting along nicely.
It seems probable that thisajj suinmer
strip of road between Maupin
and Cow canyon will be com
pleted before that road adjacent
Maupin on the north.
Mrs. V. E. Hunt has a contin
ued bad cold.
Alien Greene who has been
cooking for her father ha.-; re
turned to school at Maui in.
Clair is now doing tli3 cooknij.
and hauling water.
Conditions here in regard ti
the future water supply do no.
look optomistic. Several con
tractors are now hauling watei
for stock and household use.
Some of the old residents hav
been heard to remark that the
water in the wells is lower now
than ordinarily by the 15th ol
Sunday night was accompanied
by an extreme change in the
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
supplies. --Maupin Drug Store.
Bring us your filing for develop
ing:. Mr. and Mr3. John Muir, Tom
Muir and Melvin and Raymond
Jory left Monday for Burmah,
Idaho. The boys evutct to stay
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Special . Prices on Package ROLLED OATS, WHEAT
Harris Cash Store
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
In order that the people living in the southern part of the
county who need funeral supplies may make their own
selections, we have placed stocks with '
N. W. Flinn, Prop. i The Dalles
Open Day and Night
Rooms 50c to $1.00
Short Orders AH Hours
Meals, family style
Notice to Stockmen
Registered Shorthorns
Golden Superb No. 102485
Beatiful Dark Red, 3 years
- Maggies King No. 10B23IO
3 years old
find fay Others, all Ages
71 fu
ays itanm
Tygh Valley
These Bulls For Sale Cheap if taken soon
Little Jimmie Agidius who is
attending school in Maupin is en
joying a visit from his mother
ind younger brother this week.
Mrs. Agidius resides in The
II. Wood of Tygh Valley re
ports the sale of a new Overland
Champion to Jean Uocring, Tygh
Valley, a new Overland Touring
to'Ira Kistner, Maupin, and a
new Overland Touring to Geo.
Woodruff, Waniic.
For sale-Beardless seed bar-n-y
and Early Bart seed wheat
Claud Wilson. Maupin Oregon,
Box 133.
Lite Dent seed corn for sale.
Alia.i..ed supply on hand. 11.
L. Morris.
Link Ilarpham and "UUizx"
Rinick were engaged in the
automcbi'e business at the side
of the confectionery yesterday.
Mrs. Monist, mother of Mrs.
A. Agidius, and Mrs. Dowers of
The Dalles were Sunday guests
at the Agidius home.
Mr. and Mrs. Hates Shattuck
returned from Portland Satur
day, driving a now light. Stude
baker Six. They also brought a
family of Ginea pi;::? which are
proving a real delight to Miss
Bernice and her little friend;?. ..
Jrh ;V' J-
George Routh
Feature Comedian
Lancaster andBairds
I. 0. 0. F. Hall
Wednesday and Thursday
April 23, 24
weather; ice here was about half
an inch thick, and though the
sun shone Monday the ice thaw
ed but mengerly.
Generally speaking, the farm
infi in this community is' not
much more than half done. Some
of the farmers who got at the
plowing as soon as condition
would permit are now finished
but very little harrowing has
been done.
The annual Wasco county
grade and high fchcol track
meet will bo well attended frcm
herc.The Criterion school though
having a scanty number of ath
letes to draw from, expects to
give competition in nearly all the
grade eventJ.
Tygh Valley
II. A. Muller was a Dalles
business visitor Tuesday.
E. Doering, Frank McCorkle
and II. Wood were attending to
business in The Dulles last week
Owing to a lack of ink we fail
ed last week's edition.
Mr. and Mrs J. VV. Davidson
were callers here Monday.
C. B. Lake of The Dalles wxs
visiting with his parents ovu
Sunday at Wamic.
Our tonsorial artist is visiting
in The Dalles, Hood IUver anc.
Portland this week, sort of at
annual vacation, and we maj
nave to look over our stock oi
shoes and rice when he geU
back. You never can tell what
may happen.
Ji. G. Weisbeck spent hut
week in The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Mackv Ashley ol
Sherar Bridge were callers here
We suggest that they move
the teapot dome oil reserve ma
all the officials that are implica
ted in it over to Germany anc
sell the whole kapoodle lor what
the Kaiser will pay and apply it
on indemnities.
A sure winner would be to
start a lime kiln and ship the
white wash to Washington D. C.
as it is going to take considera
ble between now and election.
Headline states, Most gamblers
are single men" and we always
heard that marriage was a lot
tery. We cannot draw the moral
from this one.
Is a keyhole transparent?. You
can see through it.
Average American's public
debt is $301. We're broke.
Ralph Chandler was a Maupin
visitor on Monday.
Forest Ranger Graham of
Wapinitia was a visitor here on
Forest & Berke have the
ground broken and will com
nence the erection of their new
parage on the highway this week
Mr and Mrs J. H. Kistnei
returned last week from a trip
to lJjise, Idaho.
Ira Kistner is visiting with hit
sister, Mrs. V. P Steers, this-
week. ,
W. Sledder and Torn Atkim
departed from here Monday U
;ake in the sights in Canada.
Cara For Sale
This week I have
1921 Dodge Touring 1024 lice s
a good by at if 435 00. Terms
1918 Chevrolet 1924 license,
good tires, mechanically good,
$150.00. Terms.
1919 Chevrolet, new tires, 1924
license, $150.00. Terms.
Starter type Ford, new tire?,
run about 5000 miles. $225 00
fygh Valley, Oregon.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our many
frienns and neighbors for their
many kindnesses tendered us in
time3 of' sorrow, and for the
many beautiful floral offerings.
May the grace of God be with
each and every one, and when
the shadows of death draw near
may we be as willingly prepared
as our beloved.
Cecil Mayfield,
Mrs. Li'lie B. Austin,
Wayne Spoor,
Mrs. W. H. Yancey,
Mrs. A. Vandetta,
Mrs. J. L. Broyles,
Mrs. S. M. McMillin,
Ray C. Austin.
Smock News
Cecil M?.yfild is helping his
brother Virg.! saw wood for a
few days.
Callie Duncan is making ditch
es for Farlow Bros.
uauue uooerts, nvmsr near
Waniic, wa3 taken ill Friday,
caused by eating canned fruit.
Sohn Cervin and Olaf aro plow
ing for I. T. Courtright.
Miss i?eta Watkins of Tygh,
accompanied by some young
friends, was canvassing in this
lection Monday for the Chroni
cle contest now on.
Edward Disbrow made atrip
to Maupin Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Bradway accompanied him.
Quite a fret-ze on Tuesday
morning. We're hoping it did
not kill the fruit.
Master Richard Pierson came
from Portland on Friday to make
his home with Mr. Bradways.
Mrs. Kester went to Portland
Saturday, returning Wednesday.
The ditch leading from a point
near the head waters of the
jouth canyon on H. M. Greene's
fruit farm north of here is being
repaired and put into service.
G. W. Vanderpool built this ca
nal seueral years ago, before
selling the property, but its use
had been discontinued. Practic
ally all of the south side of this
place is thus put under irrigation
Highway work is now over the
hill out of sight from Maupin.
In Far East
Following a tour of duty with
the American fleet of destroyers
in the vicinity of Canton, China,
Francis Joseph Paquet, formerly
of Wapinitia, Oregon, is now
with the U. S. Marines in the
Philippine Islands, according to
recent advises to Marine Corps
Headquarters at Washington.
Francis is a member of the U.
S. Marine detatchment of the
Cruiser Hdron, which has a rov
ing commission to patrol' the
waters in the Far East. During
the last few weeks the Marines
of the Huron were temporarily
assigned to duty with the fleet
destroyers, and have been cruis
ing about in . the vicinity of
Canton and Hongkong. They
recently returued to the Philip
pines to resume their duties on
the U. S- S. Huron, now lying in
the harbor at Manila. That ves
sel will probably steam for other
ports very shortly.
Francis lived at the home of
his father, Mr. Oliver L. Paquet
of Wapinitia, before he joined
the Marine Corps at Portland.
in July, 1922. Later he left for
the Far East and was assigned
to duty on the Huron.
Woodcock Bros, and crew have
nearly completed set the light
and power poles in Maupin.
The man is hep to give you service
on your car.
Repair your battery.
Overhaul your generator or magnito.
Do any electrical work you need done
All work will be guaranteed to be sat
isfactory or your money will be
returned, freely.
Give us a trial. We can tell you what
your job will cost you when you
bring it in to us.
Overhauling Cars, Tractors and stor
age batteries, or anything you
will need in the electrical line
a specialty.
iiiaiipiii Garage Jolto ilenzei
logs and Cows
We have on hand a few copies of the booklet
"The Cow the Mother of Prosperity"
We have ordered a supply of the booklet
"Hogs for Pork and Profit"
You certainly arc interested in one of these subjects,
,co write or call for your copy and we will fill your
order at once or place your name on file and mail
your copy as soon as a supply arrives. These
booklets are free.
Ilaupin State Bank
Vvc Strive to Merit Approval