The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 28, 1924, Image 3

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t)r " XV Osx Writ
Portland, Oregon
Select Residential & Tramient
16th and Yamhill, Portland, Oregon.
Modern Fireproof American Plan
Real Franklin
Return Postage Paid
On Replated Articles
Auto Lamps and Spotlights Resilvered
tit East Oak, cor. Union Ave,, Portland, Ore
Gold and Silver Plating.
Send us your old Silverware, Reflectors
and Musical Instruments for repair and
resllverlng. We save you money, B. h.
Foote, 3861,4 Washington St., Portland.
That Fit-None Better
Dr. Harry Brown
149 Third St
We Specialize in
Hides, Pelts. Wool, Mohair, Tallow, Cascari,
Oregon Grape Root Goat Skins, Horse Hair
Write for Shipping Tag! & latest Price List
Portland Hide a Wool Co.
Branch at Pocatello, Idaho
All lone; rye straw stuffed.
Insist on having the collar
with the "Fish" Label. If
your dealer does not handle
this brand collar, write to us
53 Union Av Portland, Ore,
At less than Va Price. Mail orders promptly filled
Pacific Auto Wrecking Co. ZhLAno'1-
New Pacific Northwest Pocket Map
X The Union Pacific has just received
from the press a new pocket edition in
dexed map of the Pacific Northwest,
which is perhaps the most complete
and convenient map of Oregon and
Washington ever published. A copy
will be sent free to any address by Wm.
McMurray, General Passenger Agent,
Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon, upon
receipt of request by card or letter.
Clarke Bros., Florists, 287 Morrison St.
Gives smooth, Gliding1 fin
ish to hard or twit-wood
Your druggist has It If
not. send us stamps, too
tot one-pound package
Portland, Oregon.
t eat .
The gestures of the Italian require
a profound course of study, extending
over several years, before they can be
understood by the foreigner. When an
Italian wishes to signal a person to
approach, he flaps his hands as though
to wave him away. This keeps an un
educated American on the Jump when
he is engaged, for example, In follow
ing an Italian through the endless cor
ridors of an Italian government build
ing. The word ""no" in Italian, when un
accompanied by a gesture, has no force
whatever and Is not considered to mean
"no." To mean "no," It must he ac
companied by a wagging gesture of the
extended thumb and forefinger Held
ear high.
The motion of fondling the surface
of a large Imaginary sphere with both
hands means that the motioner is
adopting a purely judicial attitude to
ward the subject under discussion, and
that he is being In no way one sided,
the motion of holding an imaginary
Girl Kisses a Stranger;
Columbia, Mo. A party of univer
sity students was waiting at the Wa
bash station In Colombia to meet a
girl coming in to attend a fraternity
rt dortr when the train arrived
and the young folks rushed out on the
dimly-lighted platform. The girl ap
peared and waved at the group. As
the stepped off the train a young man
reached out. She run up. threw her
for your PRonurT.
Portland, Oregon
Complete Changs Saturday, Adults, Wok
day Matinee, 3uo; Evening!, 40s. CuMina
i 1 to 11 p. ro. Children 10 eenti til times.
ui for prices and market condition! on
togs, Poultry, Fruity Potatoes,
Onions, etc.
Forty Ytars in the Same Location.
Expert examination free All work guaranteed. Ben
Ible prices. We specialize In Complete Overhauling and
Cylinder grinding.
Moved to New Larger Garage, 9th and Hoyt, Portland
If taken In time, prevent operation! for Dlabetei, Catarrh. Asthma,
Lung, Throat, Liver, Kidney, Rheumatism, Blood, Stomach and all
female disorder!. Bladder Trouble!,
The C. Gee Wo Remedies are harmless, u no drugs or poison re used.
Composed of the cholsest medicinal roots, herb, buds and bark, im
'' ported by us from far away oriental countries.
Call or Write for Information
C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Company
New Locatlon-262H Alder St., S. W. Cor. Thiol, Portland, Oregon
Established 28 Yenri in Portlahd.
Out, seam, hem and machine oe ,,.,
pleat skirts resdy for band. 00 Cent!
Hemstitching, picoting and tucking.
85 Fifth St. Portland, Ore.
Pleating Embroidery
Hemstitching, Buttons Covered.
166V4 Tenth St., Portland
Sanitary Beauty Parlors Te fix you up,
we make all kinds of Ha..' Goods of your
combings. Join our School of Beauty Culture.
400 to 411 Dekum Bldg., Phone Broadway
8902, Portland, Oregon.
All machines taught and repaired. 428
Yamhill, Portland, Ore.
Northweet Welding ft Supply Co., 68 1st Bt.
Complete Line Bottlers' Supplies
Portland Beverage & Sply Co., 431 Stark
Lessons given firing done. 225 2nd at.
WABASH. Rooms 60c. 204 Madison St.
For Sale, hire or exchange, every kind of a horse
that can be found. We always '.have from 160 to
260 on hand. Whon you get to our plant, we can
show you the horses. We guarantee all horBes as
we represent them. We will exchange, if not
satisfactory. We take in horses, mule! or cattle.
We have truck! to haul them to .any part of the
country en good roada. Phil Suetter, Union
Stock Yarda. P. O. box 518. North Portland. Ore
Teaches trade In 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Wiitt
for catalogue. 234 Burnslde street. Port
land, Oregon.
Marry if Lonely; moat sticcesaful "Home
Maker"; hundred! rich; conf idential ; reli
able; years experience; descriptions free,
"The Suecessful Club," Mrs. Nub, Box 656,
Oakland, California.
Inquire grower, C. L. Johnston, Sher
wood, Ore.
If you are troubled with Appendicitis
or Stomach Trouble, write Hlzz Company,
Portland, Oregon, for free Information in
German or English.
For reliable Cleaning and Dye
frg service send parcelB to us.
We pay return postage. Inform
ation and prices given upon re
Established 1890. Portland, Ore
We have hundreds of plans at $10.00 and up. Send
us a sketch of the home you want and we will sub
mit similar specimen plans. No obligation except
to return plans if not suitable.
' O. M. A K E R S
Designing and Drafting. 611-12 Couch Building,
Portland, Oregon.
Set of ttQ.OO
Teeth, pu
We guarantee material
and workmanship.
Painless extraction oi
teeth. 60c. 20 years in
the same location. U. S. DENTISTS, Wash
ington cor. Second, Portland, Oregon.
Removed without injury to the skin by Ney-Borr,
Depilatory. Sample on request. Ney-Born Lab
oratories, 619 Morgan Bldg.. Portland Oregon.
bean In the finger tips of one hand
while the finger tips In turn are held
Immediately In front of the eyes or
nose of the finger owner's vis-a-vis
means that the speaker is restraining
himself with Impatience and that any
denial of his statements must be
backed by proof.
When a speaker makes notions a
though he were fighting an octopus, li
means that he doesn't care to be in
terrupted in his remarks. The motion
of dusting an Imaginary bit of Mm
from the under Jaw with the back nf
the finger tips means that the duster
holds In derision the opinions of the
person with whom he Is speaking.
If Italians were prohibited by law
from gesturing, the explosions from
suppressed emotion In Italy would al
most depopulate the country. K. L.
Roberts In Saturday Evening Post.
Violet scented seaweed grows In the
lakes of the Manylshlak peninsula In
the Caspian sea.
Is Introduced Later
arms around him and kissed him. Thi'n
she turned to greet the rest of the
Another young man put his hand on
her shoulder. It was her fiance.
"Just a minute, Mary," lie said. "I
want you lo meet my roommate, Ril
Jackson the man you kissed )ui
Cold is a natural disinfectant. '
"Ventilation In the dairy burn Is of
prime Importance both from the stand
point of the health of the herd und
for the production of clean, untainted
milk," is the statement of S. W. Mead,
dairy specialist at the New Jersey
state experiment station.
"Fresh air is the greutest enemy of
tuberculosis. Furthermore, an abund
ant supply of fresh air drives out all
unpleasant odors and thereby prevents
them from tainting the milk. Thus,
an abundant supply of fresh air Is
Just as Important for economical mill,
production as is proper feed.
"Various ventilating systems are on
the market, all of which work on the
principle of expansion and contrac
tion. Warm -air expands and becomes
lighter than an equal volume of cold
contracted air. The warm air, there
fore, rises and the cold air descends.
"A proper ventilating system must
provide for the entrance of fresh air
and the exit of foul air In such a way
that the warmth of the barn Is pre
served and the air kept pure and
about as warm at the feet as at the
heads of the animals. A cow weigh
ing a thousand pounds Inhales 224
pounds of air In 24 hours nearly
twice the weight of her food and
drink. This is at the rate of 3,542
cubic feet per hour. '
Haphazard ventilation may result
either in the cows not getting enough
air to supply their requirements or
getting it in a way which chills them,
thus making them susceptible to dis
ease and reducing their milk flow.
"Farmers desiring Information on
good methods of ventilation may get
it by writing to the New Jersey State
College of Agriculture, New Bruns
wick." Sunning Rack for Milk
Cans Is Best Sterilizer
The sun is the cheapest as well as
the best sterilizer we can use. A ruck
for milk cans and palls can be built
cheaply and easily so that the cans
will receive the full sun's rays, says
Power Farming. The framework is
two-by-fours and braces one-by-fours.
The construction is shown In the
High Feed Bills Do Not
Indicate Small Profits
High feed bills do not necessarily
indicate small profits from milk cows.
Take, for example, the high cow in an
Iowa test association last year. Her
feed bill amounted to $84.58, but she
returned her owner a profit of $128.38.
The lowest record in the same asso
elation was made by a cow of mixed
breeding whose feed cost was $34.85.
Her owner's profit was $5.39 for the
It Is possible the low cow did not
have the ability to return a good profit
even though she had received a gen
erous ration. However, a cow is like
a cupboard, you can't take anything
out unless you put something In. The
Ideal arrangement is, of course, good
cows well fed.
Develop Calf Early if
Thought Worth Raising
The young calf is often neglected;
If a calf Is worth raising develop It
early. It is best to leave It with the
cow for two or three days. Then feed
It about nine or ten pounds of warm
milk per day. Always see that your
buckets are clean, In order to prevent
scours. At about three weeks of age
start substituting skim milk gradually.
The calf should be on skim milk alone
by the time it is seven wees old.
Expensive Dairy Barns
Not Requisite for Milk
Expensive dairy barns and equip
ment will probably make dairying
more interesting, and increase some
what the year's total production, but
are not a requisite for success. Many
great dairy cows have been developed
and have produced wonderful records
in barns that would not measure up
to the standard so far as up-to-date
dairy barns go. .
Make Fall Pigs Profitable.
To make fall pigs profitable It is ab
solutely essential to make them com
fortable. The -fall pig must be han
dled very differently In winter at com'
pared to the spring pig in summer be
cause the conditions are so different.
Mangels for Cattle.
Mangels have been more generally
grown for feeding to cattle because
they stand well out of the ground,
are easily' cultivated and harvested,
ind keep better in winter than do
sugar beets.
Happenings of
to Folks of
War Veterans Need Jobs.
Seattle. With 692 world war veter
ans ot this district completing voca
tional training during the first six
months ot this year, L, C. Jesseph,
Pacific northwest manager of the
United States veterans' bureau, earn
estly requests active co-operation of
local employers in the matter ot fur
nishing employment opportunities for
these men who have successfully over
come vocational handicaps due to war
Of the total number ot training com
pletions, 257 are being rehabilitated in
trades and industries, 96 along com
mercial lines, 88 in professions and
151 In agriculture, according to Mr.
Jesseph. Special appeal is made to
have employers place bookkeepers, ac
countants, watch repairmen, shoe
makers and auto mechanics, a large
percentage of the rehabilitations being
in these occupations.
'One hundred and twenty-eight ex-
service men of this district will com
plete their training courses during the
month ot March," said Mr. Jesseph, "It
is essential that they be provided with
suitable employment immediately up
on their rehabilitation under the Juris
diction of the veterans' bureau. It
should be kept in mind that the war
disabilities suffered by these men do
not hinder them in the carrying out of.
their newly chosen occupations. A
large percentage of the men have had
training on the job. Much interest
has been shown in the bureau's rehab
ilitation and employment program by
employers of this district in the past
and further co-operation is looked for
in order that the task of restoring
these ex-service people to economic
usefulness may be properly com
pleted." Mr. Jesseph stated that on January
1, 1924, there were 65,000 ex-service
men and women in vocational train
ing in the United States. More than
49,000 others had completed their
training courses and many of these
are now earning more than they did
before the war. President Coolidge,
governors of a dozen states and nu
merous national civic organizations
have called upon the citizens ot this
country to join actively in the solu
tion of this employment problem.
Employers in sympathy with actual
and complete rehabilitation of world
war veterans should write to the dis
trict office of the veterans' bureau at
Seattle, it was urged.
Big Area Awaits Water.
Seattle. Washington's present cul
tivated area can be increased at least
10 times by use of the present water
supply in irrigation, according to a
statement made by E. C. McClelland,
civil engineer and irrigation expert,
who is in the city prior to discussing
with state officials his method of
developing agricultural resources
through a minimum water supply.
"Superior returns can be secured in
agriculture by using less water on
land," he stated. "Thu3, the irrigated
acreage of the state can be greatly
increased, even with the presentsup
ply of water."
Canada Has Advantage.
Washington, D. C. The tariff com
mission wfll hold its final hearing on
wheat and flour costs this week and
shortly thereafter will make a report
on which President Coolidge will de
termine whether to proclaim an in
crease in the tariff duty.
The total cost of milling and market
ing hard spring wheat flour, as deter
mined by experts of the tariff commis
sion, is $0.5808 per hundred pounds In
the United States and $0.4803 in Can
ada. Seattle Man Ax Victim.
Seattle. Joshua Mummey, 78 years
old, was found near death with three
ax wounds on his head outside his
burning home north of this city Fri
day, and a search was begun for his
wife, 75. Mummey, talking Incoherent
ly In a hospital here, said that the
house was attacked by robbers in the
night. The fire that destroyed the
house attracted neighbors, who ex
pressed the conviction that Mrs. Mum
mey was not In the building.
Nile Temple, Ancient Arabic Order,
Nobles ot the Mystic Shrine, of Seat
tle, Washington, has the reputation of
being the most traveled temple In the
Jurisdiction, having traveled more
than 90,000 miles on various pilgrim
ages. ,
Duty and Vice.
Duty, like vice, is often a creature
of unpleasant mien, but unlike vice,
improves on acquaintance which Isn't
followed by regrets.
African Land Crabt.
African land crabs, which spend
their early life in salt water, have
periscoplc eyes, and leg pads on which
to wipe them.
the Northwest
Cheese Output Is Sold.
Tillamook, Practically all of the
1923 production of Tillamook county
cheese has now been sold, according
to a report from the office of Carl
Haberluch, secretary ot the Tillamook
County Creamery association. There
is a small amount left in storage in
Los Angoles and San Francisco, and
probably one car all told in Tillamook
county. '
Most ot the factories In the county
are now making the largest part of
the curd into loaf cheese, tor which
there seems to be an insistent demand.
The low price of feed and the high
price of cheese please dairymen and
has made feeding more profitable and
general than ever before.
Blast Reveals Money.
Oregon City. 'While engaged in
blasting stumps on their land between
Aurora and Wtlsonville recently, Naef
brothers, prosperous farmers, found in
the wreckage of one big stump a $10
gold piece and two silver dollars. A
careful search failed to reveal any
more money, but it is believed some
at least was destroyed in the blast.
There is a general impression that
the money was a part of the loot stolen
from the Aurora bank.' As a result of
the find and acting on the theory that
the money was not all put in one
place, stump blowing will be a favorite
pastime here for a while..
State Sales Are Record.
Olyrnpia. Two state land office
sale records were broken by proceeds
ot the sale of Tuesday, February 5,
when receipts of $577,256.45 for tint
ber alone shattered all former timber
sale records, and the total receipts of
$608,361.49 established a new mark
also, states Land Commissioner Sa
vldge. Besides the timber, which brought
slightly in excess of appraised yalua,
uplands sold brought in $14,871.55 and
tldelands $16,233.49. ,
From this sale approximately $600,-
000 will be turned in to the state per
manent school fund to begin earning
interest which may be applied on cur
rent school expense.
Peak Committee Named.
Seattle. A sub-committee ot the
United States senate committee on
public lands has been appointed to
deal with a resolution offered by Clar
encesC. Dill of Washington to substi
tute "Tacoma" for "Rainier" in the
names of Mount Rainier, Mount Rain-
ier national park and Rainier forest
reserve, according to a Washington
dispatch. On the sub-comrnlttee were
named Irvin L. Lenroot, Wisconsin;
Peter Norbeck, South Dakota; Ralph
H. Cameron, New Mexico, and Alva
B. Adams, Colorado.
The dispatch said that Representa
tive John F. Miller of this city had
asked the sub-committee to hear him
in opposition to a change.
Phone Dismissal Error.
Washington, D. C Petitions for ad
vance of the hearings on appeal of the
Home and the Pacific Telegraph &
Telephone companies In rate cases as
recorded in the supreme court led to
the discovery last Thursday that the
announcement of the dismissal of
these cases was erroneous.
The cases appeared upon the of
ficial list of the cases which had been
dismissed and the verbal explanation
was made In the clerk's office that the
dismissal had been at the request of
the telephone companies.
New Town to Spring Up.
Klamath Falls. A new town will
spring up at Odell lake within the
next six weeks with a population of
more than 1500 persons, according to
the railroad contractors on the Eu-gene-Klamath
line, who plan to estab
lish camps at Odell where a small
army of workers will be quartered
probably for the next year. Tent
houses and stores, with a few tem
porary buildings will make up this
record mushroom town,
Committeemen Dodge Inquiry.
Walla Walla. Frank M. Lowden Jr.
chairman of the committee to investi
gate whether to ask for a grand Jury
to probe the office of Sheriff Springer,
said that so far it had been Impossible
to get a meeting of the committee,
Most of the members do not want to
The Grand Lodge of Oregon is plan
ning to establish at the University of
Oregon and the Oregon Agricultural
college suitable Masonic club houses
for the use of the students.
Must Have Been Jealous.
Mr. Jack "Isn't that skirt-dancer a
peach?" Mrs. Jack-"I should say she
was more like brown sugar; very
sweet, but coarse; a little off color,
and decidedly unrefined." Boston
Jljter every meal
A pleasant
at) agreeable
aweet and a
l a - w-t-l-n-g
benclll aa
Good far
leetb. breath
aad digestion.
Make the
neat clgai
lasts better.
Gold In Black Mud.
Cold valued at $1,806.89 was recov
ered from a trunkful of black mud
purchased at a sale of unclaimed ex
press by a buyer in Omaha, Neb., who
was ridiculed for his purchase until
a chemist's analysis proved its value.
People of Tasmania.
They are 79.2 per cent native Tas-
mahians, 11.5 natives of the United
Kingdom and 7.3 natives of other Aus
tralasian colonies. There are 600 or
700 colored aliens and about 250 half
caste aboriginals.
Mrs. Elizabeth Zander
Reap the Reward
of Perfect Health
Salem, Oreg. "Thru heavy lift
ing I developed a severe case of
feminine weakness. I suffered with
backaches .and bearing pains. I
got so weak I could not do any
work, I would get very severe dizzy
spells and the least excitement I
would faint dead away. I was so
nervous I could not stand any noise,
could not sleep, and had very little
appetite. I went down in weight
from 118 pounds to 96. I was a
physical wreck when I began tak
ing Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion but thru the persistent use of
this wonderful woman's medicine I
was completely relieved of my ail
ment and restored to perfect health.
I gained in weight and never felt
better than after taking the 'Favorite
Prescription." Mrs. Elizabeth Zan
der, 1370 Norway St.
Your health is your most import
ant asset. So why not write Dr.
Pierce, President Invalids' Hotel
Buffalo, N. Y., and receive con
fidential medical advice free, or send
10c for trial pkg. tablets.
Pioneer Building for Oregon Urged.
Erection of a building to the mem
ory of the Oregon pioneers, which
would provide a meeting place for
patrlotio orgauizatlons as well as
house the valuable exhibit of the Ore
gon Historical society, was suggested
at the annual meeting of the Sons
and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers at
their Admission day banquet at the
chamber of commerce rooms in Port
land last week, where 400 of the de
scendants of the earliest Oregonians
commemorated the state's 65th anni
versary. The Final Goal.
Oh, yet we trust that, somehow,
good will he the final goal of ill, that
nothing walks with airless feet, that
not one life shall be destroyed, or cast
as rubbish to the void, when Cod has
made the pile complete. Tennyson.
Valuable Material for Doors.
Many ot the flfteen-foot-hlgh doors
and portals to Havana houses are built
of solid mahogany and other richly
colored native woods.
Sea-Water Gold Unprofitable.
Average amount of gold in sea wa
ter is one ounce to 31,000 tons of wa
ter, but as it is in the "colloidal" state,
the cost of production is about twenty
times the market price of the metal.
Is needed In every department of house
keeping. Equally good for towels, table
linen, sheets and pillow ceeee. Croon
Business College Pls-es Graduates In
Good Positions
Enrol! any time of year. Write for free
success catalog. Fourth and Yamhill,
Portland, Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 9, 1924