The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 17, 1924, Image 4

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    The Maumn 1 imes
Published Every Thursday at Maupin, Oregon,
Jessjune E. Morrison, Fublisber
ubscriptlon: One Year $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50c
Entered as 'second class mail matter September 2, 1914. at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March o, 1879.
N. W. Flinn, Prop.
The Dalles
Rooms 50c to $I.OO
Meals, family style
Wamic News
The few warm days of the lat
ter part of last week have melted
the snow and destroyed the
An early pioneer who visited
his old stamping ground recently
was J. L Kanna who paid a vis
it to Dufur where he resided
before the town was built. He
witnessed the first load of lum
ber unloaded there.
L. J. Kelly was a Dalles visit
or last week from Maupin.
Mrs. Emma Chastain returned
Tuesday from lone.
Marion Farlow spent last week
in The Dalles.
Lon Wing has sold his place
to Mrs. Lulu Kartis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Woodcock
returned Tuesday from The Dal
les after a three days' stay with
Mrs. Woodcock's mother.
, ;
Where the Sun Shines
Most of the Time
and the very air seems to dispel worry
and tone up the nerves.
One can pick oranges, elimb moun
tains, dance at fine hotels, bathe in
the ocean, visit old missions and play
golf all in one day, if desired; or
every day for months and each day
something new.
4000 Miles of Paved Highways
The most wonderful system of
hotels, apartment houses, cottages,
bungalows and suites for the accom
modation of tourists in all the world,
and costs reasonable.
Representative of the
will Kindly furnish Illustrated booklets glvlnf
comploto information about the glorious play
ground of the West. Let them tell all about
rates, railroad lares, tnrougn oar service.
Card of Thanks
We wish to' express our sin
cere thanks and appreciation for
the words of sympathy and kind
deeds of our friends and neigh
bors during our recent bereave
ment attendant on the death of
our beloved husband, father and
brother. Thoughts of those
ministrations will be kept in
sacred memory.
Mrs. E. J. Fischer '
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Fischer
Charter No. 224 Reserve District No. 12
At Maupin, in the state of Oregon, at the close of business,
December 81, 1923.
1. Loans and discounts, including rediscounts shown in
item 29 and 30, ir any $153,188 06
2. Overdrafts, secured and unsecured .'. 163 35
3. II. S. ffoverment securities owned, including those
shown in items 30 and 35. if any 350.00
4. Other bonds, warrants and securities, including for
eign government, state, municipal, corporation,
etc., including those shown in items 30, 35, if any 3,478.44
6. Banking house $6,195.66 furniture and fixtures
$314101 9,339.67
9. (ab) Cash on hand in vault and due from banks,
bankers, and trust companies, designated and
approved reserve agents of this bank 20,180.22
11. Checks on banks outside city or town of re
porting bank and other cash items 46 43
Total cash and due from banks, items 8, 9, 10,11,
Total.... ' 186,746.17
Capital stock paid in $ 25,000.00
Surplus fund .-.2,000.00
(a) Undivided prolits
(b) Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid
Tygh Valley
Our mavor is combining busi
nes? with pleasure, in Portland
this week and if he does catch
a cold he will be still well when
he gets back.
A number of our young people
were taking in the sights in the
Wamic country Sunday.
The Logan Bros, construction
camp is being moved from Butler
Canyon to White River where
they have taken an additional
contract and which they will
complete before resuming work
in Butler Canyon.
Anyone contemplating a trip to
sunny California to make a for
tune will do well to first get a
prospectus from Dewey Lofton.
Lee Jackson was host to a
dancing party last Saturday eve
ning, a number from here were
in attendance and all reported a
good time and plenty of eats.
C. B. Dahl of Portland was
looking after business matters
here last Saturday
Arthur Muller is out alter a
seige of the measles.
Dan Gibbs left for his home at
Dufur Sunday after having spent
a month at the J. E.Morrow
home on White River.
Clarence and Max Woodruff
who are pursuing agriculture on
Wamic flats left for The Dalles
Fred Kennison was a Dufur
business caller last Saturday.
When the women go to throw
ing their hats in the ring they
snrelv be merciful enough to
take the pins out first if they
want to play fair.
Guy Reddington was visiting
the home folks Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sloan
were Dalles visitors this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown
motored to The Dalles last Mon.
Smock News
We are having beautiful
weather for the past week. The
Chinook took away our 18 in. of
snow almost overnight. Wheat
is locking fine since th-snow
has melted off.
The postman has discontinued
the use of his car since Newi
Year's. I
Callie Duncan trapped a coon
of which he is making a pet.
Elwood and ElnoraSmith went
to The Dalles on Wednesday to
enter school again after- missing
month because of measles.
Their mother accompanied them.
Mrs. Ethel Duncan and Sula
went to Wamic Tuesday to visit
her father, J. R. Woodcock, and
will remain a few weeks.
Claude Roberts is working on
a woodsaw at Unas. Duncan s
this week.
At the annual meeting of the
White River Farm Loan As'sn.
held in Wamic on the 7th inst,
J. C. Bradway and F. T. Feltch
we reelected president and vice
president with F. Magill as sec-
retary-treasurer. A district meet
ing will be held at The Dalles on
the 23rd of January when bank
officials will participate in the
program. Delegates have been
appointed from each association
to meet with them.
A successful surprise was per
petrated on F. T. Feltch on Sat
urday' evening which was the
occasion of his birthday when
Mr. and Mrs. C. Duncan, Miss
Sharps C. N. Farlow. C- Morris,
Mrs. L. Farlow and Ladelphia
went in a body to hishome and
spent a pleasant evening piaying
500. . t
Jesse Pitcher of Shaniko spent
the week end with Wilbur Mul
Mr. and Mrs. Zenas Watkins
and daughters of Tygh Valley
spent Sunday with the Mulvanys
i M
v n
IF you have not shipped to "SHUBERT" yet
this season try "SHUBERT" NOW
get some REAL prices the highest of the
season. We want every Muskrat Coyote
Mink and all other furs you can trap or buy
well make it PAY YOU WELL, Ship quick
while our demand lasts. Take advantage of
these better prices.
Muskrat . . $ 1.10 to $ .80
Coyote ." 11.00 to 9.00
Mink r. ti 6.50 to 5.00
These prices for orlgln.l collections of seasonable furs,
consisting of proper percentages of all sites snd grades.
Cut this ad out and enclose it with your furs.
Try for one of our prizes! $50.00 FREE every day for
the three best handled shipments of furs.
First Priza
1 i aa
Sucond Fnza Ihird Enze
$15.00 10.00
Shipment must consist of not less than But legally
caught raw fur skins. 1 ne way tne xurs are uauuieu
determines the winners, (jet some oi inis prize moneyi
Ship us ell the fur3 you have at once go get
some more and ship ship ship quick! Out
' checks will make you happy.
No child learning
should be without
auto writer. A. A.
Stevenson Wn. '
to write
Cucumbers in salt. A few
gallons to sell. J. E. Morrison.
Vernon Norval, who has been
employed with A. M. Williams
and Company for the last three
years, will leave the first of the
week for Pendleton where he
has taken a position in the Peo
ples Warehouse, a large depart
ment store there. Mr. Norval
will be manager of the dry goods
department of 'the Pendleton
store. Chronicle.
For sale or trade for a good
team and wagon, unimproved
oronerty in Bend, Oregon. In
quire Times office.
Disbrow's auto writer will
.. r 1 1
save its cost in a lew cays ana
used properly will last a lifetime
A. A. Disbrow Stevenson Wn
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
Times. $1.50 a year.
Intensive practical instruction' in
agricultural specialties varying from
one week to 20 weeks as follows:
General Agriculture Jan. 2-March 19
Horticulture Jan. 2-March 19
Dairy Manufacturing Jan. 7-Feb. 2
Herdsmen and Cow Testers
Jan. 2-June 12
Farm Mechanics, Tractors, Tracks, etc
Jan. 2-March 19
Farm Mechanics one week
Feb. 18-Feb. 23
Third Annual Canner's School
Feb. 4-D'eb. Z6
Land Classification and Apprisal
Jan. 7-J an. xi
James Chalmers
Horse Shoeing and
General Blacksmithing
Plow Share Grinding
Maupin, Ore.
For Sale Milk cows.
A- B. Matthews.
Disbrow's auto writer is on
sale at The Times office. A few
of them are here in stock, while
they last.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land OHice at The Dalles, Or
egon, Jan. 11. 1924.
Notice is hereby given that
Marearet Betsworth
of Criterion, Oregon, who on November
18th. TJ20, made Hofhestead Entry
No. 017253 for the El-2sEl-4. SE1-4NE1
4. section 29. se1-4nw1-4. n1-2ne1-4,
section 32, Township 5 south, Range
15 east, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Register and Receiv
er, United States Land Office at The
Dalles Oregon, on the 25th day of Feb
ruary, 1024.
Claimant names as witnesses: Frank
Sinclair, Carl uus. Bertram Knight,
Orval Betsworth, atl of Criterion, Ore-con.
J. W. Donnelly, Register..
Agricultural Economic Conference
Jan. 21-Jan. zt
For further information regarding
any course, address
Corvaliis, uregon
Department of the Interior
U, S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon. Jan. xx, xyt.
Notice is nereoy given mat,
Clyde B. Marx,
of Gateway, Oregon, who on Feb. 15.
1921, made Homestead miry, xno.
022212, for NEl-4, NE1-4NW1-4, 8EI-4,
El-2swl-4, section 21. N1-2NE1-4, bei-4NE1-4,
e1-2nw1-4, section 28, Township
7, south, Range 14 East Willamette
Meridian, has riled notice of intention
to make final three year proof, to
establish claim to the land above de.
scribed, before F. D. Stuart, United
States Commissioner at Maupin, Ore
gon, on tne 2Gih day of February 19r4.
Claimant names as witnesses: Rob
ert Hillyer, Grover Douglas, Jasper
Hollenbeck. Samuel Hillyer, all of
Gateway, Oreeon.
J. W. Donnelly, Register.
tt. I.O. O.F.
erjJsti yv A P I N I TIA
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
I. O. O. F. hall. Visiting uuem
ners always welcome.
F. D. Stuart, Secretary
B. D. Fkalev, N. G.
19. Reserved for taxes, interest, or depreciation .-
20. Dividends unpaid1
Demand Deposits, other than banks, subject to 'reserve:
24. Deposits due the State of Oregon, and deposits due
county or cities nnd other public funds
23. Individual deposits subject to check .114,606.40
25. Cashier checks of this bank outstanding, payable
on demand 9,297.35
Total of demand deposits, other than bank deposits, sub
ject to reserve, items 23, 24, 25, 26, $123,903.75
Time nnd Savings Deposits, subject to reserve and paya
ble on demand and subject to notice:
27. Time certificates of deposits outstanding '21,443.88
Total of time and savings deposits payable on demand
or subject to notice, items 27 and 28, $21443.88
Notes, and bills rediscounted including
bonds or other securities sold under repurchase
agreements with contingent liabilities 10.82113
32. Bills payable with federal reserve bank or witJi
other banks or trust companies
Total $186,746.17
State of Oregon, County of Wasco, ss.
I, F. D- Stuart. Caiier of the above named bank. . do solemn
ly swear that the above statement i3 true to the best of my knowl
edge ana belier.
P. D. Stuart, Cashi et.
Correct Attest: L. C. Henneghan, J. M. Conklin E lirectors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 4th day of Jan., 1924
E. J. Fischer, Justice of the Peace, Maupic, DisU
Eyes Tested Glasses Fitted
Broken Lenses Duplicated
Lens grinding shop in connection
Hours 9 to 5 Phone Black 3251
or bj; Room 10 Vogt Bldg
appointment The Dalles, Ure.
Dopartwnt of the Interior
U. S. Land CWke at The Dalles, Ore
gon, December 2( 1923.
Notice in hereby .liven that
George F. Mcl.eod,
of Maupin. Orvgon. w'uo on Feb. 2:1,
1921, mails Hompstead Kntry No.
0161121, for LoU 2. 3. 4. snUswM.
Sec. 19, T 5 8, K. la a Ei-ibi i. otc
24 Township 6 south. Uange 14 enst,
Willamette Meridian. na iiica nuurr
nf mtnti.n to make three ar prooi
tn Mli i nh e aim to the land anove
described, before F. I. Stuart. United
at.toa CommiiMMOner l maupin, vre-
gon, on th 14th day of February. 1923;
Claimant names as wiinnm; ..
Hornquest, of Maupin. Oregon. H. F.
Sinclair, of Criterion. Orsgon, Chester
Crabtree, of Maupin, Ort-gon, S. A.
McLeod, of Maupin, Oregon.
J. W. Connelly, Regiitet
In Stock at Times Office:
Carbon Paper, 25x39 inch pieces
Thin paper for tracing patterns .
Butter paper and cartons
Typewriter paper and ribbons
Envelopes, commercial and 10 inch lengths
Cardboards, heavy to 24x46 inch sizes
Business and calling cards
Ruled letter paper part of this is ruled
on both sides ideal farm stationery. Low
prices in lots of 100 or more. In tablet
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The MauDin Times