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Ship to Mutual Creamery
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& Son
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, - Rest Room for Ladies.
Cafeteria 811 Washington St. Between Fifth and Sixth Streets
Typewriters-New & Rebuilt
Old Machines taken in trade as part payment Complete
Rental and Supply department. Typewriters Repaired.
A. F. Jaksha, Mgr. , 304 Oak St., Portland, Ore
BR 0270
Portland's newest and moat beautiful residential hotel opened Sep
tember 1, 1923.
Every Room with Bath. Unusual Dining-room Service
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The Cmpbell Court Hotel.
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g Outdoor Store Ot Holland, Or.
A That Fit Nnnf Rptter
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nation YOU should have on
rectal conditions oJm bow I
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M E NT Ion'" tm is paper WHCN WBITINO
Roads Employ 500,000
Washington. Ruilroads were em
ploying during July 1,954,687 workers,
almost 500,000 more thnn they em
ployed during the same month a year
ngo. They paid out during the same
month In wages and salaries $261,805,
649, against n payment during July,
1922, of $193,571,244.
These figures were reported recently
by the Interstate Commerce commis
sion. They indicated a slight Increase
V 1
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o a
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Portland, Oregon.
More Men This Year
In earning rates for all classes of rail
road employees during the year.
Trainmen In July last averaged $189
per month, while a year ago their
earnings were $180; maintenance of
way employees averaged $3 a month
more than lust year. Professional and
clerical workers averaged $178 per
month, while a year ago they got $172.
The planoj was Invented in Italy.
hhuhi '
KM 1
Salesman's Rest
a Success
, HIS. Western Newspaper Union.)
Ti?resa had a father who was a
salesman for a drug firm. She had a
brother who sold goods on the road
for a silk company. It was a sort of
family failing to be a traveling
salesman. If Theresa bad been a man
she believed she, too, would have been
carrying a bag from town to town dis
playing samples of perfumery or chil
dren's sweaters.
"There's no rest for a drummer,"
her brother used to say to her. "All
commercial hotels are alike and if you
don't go to them you are off the beaten
track. Even at noon while I am Jit
neying across country it is to the reg
ular traveling man's hotel that I must
go to feed."
This remark, for some reason which
Theresa did not understand, had made
an impression on her. Why could
there not be an attractive sort of place
where salesmen, going from town to
town as they do nowadays In little
touring cars, might stop and spend a
restful hour or two and then go on
their way, refreshed and ready for the
giving out of all their energy to the
men they were trying to Interest?
The thought became almost an ob
session until Theresa had actually vis
ualized a place which she was calling
In her mind, "Salesman's Best."
'But why not, Sis?" asked her
brother when she told him of her idea
rather timidly.
"Why not what?" she asked.
"Why not develop your business
acumen? Make your vision come true
and Join the two together have a res
taurant and rest room on one of the
thoroughfares of the Island and run it
for the benefit of traveling salesmen
going from one town to the other by
automobile. It is a good idea."
- "Do you really think so?" asked
Theresa, her eyes glowing with the
Joy of receiving encouragement from
her brother.
"I sure do," said the man. "It will
be a little slow at first and It will take
good management. But with your
wonderful knack of making things
comfortable and your gift of cooking
you ought to have a future In this
Theresa set out almost at once to
find an available place on the main ar
tery through Long Island. She went
up and down this road looking at old
houses and shops that might be close
enough to the road to be conspicuous.
She had never been in business, but
her mother had promised to give her
all the help she could and her brother
was almost as enthusiastic as she was
as the plans grew under their develop
ment. "I've found It at last," she cried one
night when she had been gone all day
in the little car her brother had let
her have.
She told the family what it was,
where it was located, Just what busi
ness and financial conditions she must
meet and, every turn, almost as if it
were fate dove-tailing her movements
for her, she met success.
It was not many weeks until she
was established In the old house on
the Merrick road, behind an attrac
tive sign which said "Salesman's
The big living room was dotted here
and there with tables in an Informal
way, and at each table there was a
little shelf containing volumes that
any man might pick yp for a few mo
ments while he ate or rested.
There was no Jazz; there was none
of the noisy, hotel-like atmosphere
about the Salesman's Rest. It was
homelike; the food was good and
there was a quiet, almost intangibly
helpful air about the big living room.
Business was slow at first, and there
were many nights when Theresa had
to look through cloud banks to see
her vision. But always, Just when she
most needed courage, a bit of blue
would appear on her horizon.
This time the light that pushed the
clouds away appeared In the big, raw-
boned person of T. M, Fox, drummer.
He stood, hat in hand, bag beside him,
In the doorway when Theresa came
Into the big living room to mend the
log fire that was burning low. It was
damp and drizzly and she had tried to
make the room seem warm and cheer
ful In spite of her own depressed, dis
couraged mood.
''Could I get lunch 7" asked the man,
Theresa smiled and the big drummer
became Instantly more ill at ease. He
was accustomed to going to men's
hotels where a clerk had promptly
assigned him to a room or the dining
room, as his needs might have been,
The sight of this lovely young woman
beside a blazing fire in comfortable
homelike room was too much for him
"You could certainly," said The
resa. "Put down your bag and be at
home. What would you like? I'll at
tend to It when you warm yourself at
the fire."
un anything to eat," he stam
Theresa saw at once that he was
from the south of the Mason and
Dixon line and she knew that be
would like fried chicken, corn bread
and buttermilk. "How would fried
chicken be with corn bread?" she
Theresa was as bashful as be was.
She was not a Southern girl, and yet
she knew what he, a man from that
country, wanted.
mmmmmjnaixziak t
"That would be the very best," he
Theresa arranged table near the
fire, and soon had It ready for him.
Meantime, a number of drummers had
arrived, and, one by one, bad refreshed
themselves and were waiting for some
thing to eat.
As she moved from table to table,
cheerfully greeting the men she knew
and courteously caring for the
strangers at her table, Theresa was
quite aware of the almost constant
gaze of the big varnish salesman.
'I don't have to be at my next town
until three o'clock," be explained as
Theresa gave him the check for'what
he had eaten. "Would it be all right
If I stayed here? Driving In this driz
zle's none too attractive," he said.
But of course," exclaimed The
resa, with another of her bewitching
smiles, this time right into his funny,
unsophisticated eyes; "that's why I
call my place the Salesman's Best. So
that you may rest until you need to
go on. i
Torn Fox sought the big couch in
the corner, and found a book, over the
top of which he watched Theresa
when she was not looking. Then and
there he decided (for he was that sort
of a person) that every time that he
could possibly find an excusf for be
ing near Merrick on the Merrick road
he would come to this place. It seemed
to leave nothing to be desired in his
He set out with a determination to
make good customers of all the shop
men in the towns within a radius of
fifty miles of this place. For then,
having constantly to attend to their
needs In a business way, he would find
ample reason for being so much in the
One, two, three times a week found
him at Theresa's table. They began
to get acquainted. He met her broth
er. He found out how and why this
lovely girl was running this" so-much-
needed restaurant for him and his pro
fesslnn. Theresa's brother liked him.
Theresa him.
The autumn found the little rest so
busy that Theresa had all she could do
to take friendly care of her traveling
'There's one thing I don't like about
your success, Theresa," said the big
drummer one evening at twilight when
he had remained for suppj at the
"What's that, pray tell?" said The
resa lightly, though she was trembling.
She could see what was on the tip of
her now acknowledged lover's tongue.
"It takes you away from me. I
never see you alone," he said earnest
ly, and reaching for the hand that
hung at. her side.
"I'm alone now," she said.
"Yes, and while I have you I'm go
ing to tell you how I love you. I can
not go on without finding out whether
or not you could care for me, Theresa.
Could you?"
Theresa tried to turn away but he
had taken her other hand and was al
most forcing her to look at him.
"Could you?" he persisted.
She nodded. "I do anyway," she
Fortunately no one came to the rest
for a half hour during which time the
lovers found out the wonderful pos
sibilities of their lives together If they
might go on doing good and living for
others. 1 !
"We'll have a salesman's rest al
ways, won't we?" she asked.
He agreed.- "But you, dear, are
mine all mine."
Bangkok's Water Ceremony,
Twice a year all the members of the
royal family, as well as the military
and civil officials Of Slam, gather in the
principal temple in Bangkok for a
water drinking ceremony. Each In turn
presents himself before the king, mak
ing a profound obeisunce, and fulling
on his knees. He then drinks of water
contained In a golden Jar, In which are
soaked spear heuila and other instru
ments of wur, and sprinkles It on his
head. This custom Is a testimony of
loyalty to the Siamese monarch, and of
late years even foreign employees of
the government have participated in
the function. ' This Is the great oath
day, and formerly the officials on tak
ing the oath 'were pnhl six months' ad
vance salary. Officials residing far
from the capital gather at some central
place where a representative of the
king presents the Jar of holy water and
the drinking and sprinkling and oath
taking goes on.
Fifty years ago meals were far more
heavy than they are now one has
only to read Dickens to realize this.
Our grandfathers would have felt
starved on the diet that most of us
find sufficient
But If we go back a few centuries
we find appetites that seem amazing.
Louis XIV of France, who had the
reputation of being a very moderate
trencherman, used to breakfast off
four cutlets of whole chicken, four or
five eggs, and some ham. The records
of a dinner, given by Henry VIII show
that each guest consumed nearly seven
pounds of food. The fish course alone
Included eels, salmon, pike, barbed
(now considered rather unfit for food),
mullet, land sturgeon.
Hen Mothers Kittens.
A ben In Wingham, Ont., took to
clucking and setting In a manner with
out eggs, while at the other end of the
manger a cat was mothering some kit
tens. When the kittens were shout
two weeks old they wanted to play
with the broody hen but she pecked
and scolded them. However, the kit
tens were persistent and It wasn't Icvg
before they regularly found shelter at
night beneath the hen's feathers.
r. -
wssnu il -s w
Salem. There were nine fatalities
due to industrial accidents in Oregon
during the week ending November 29,
according to a report prepared here
by the state Industrial accident com
mission. Eugene. A co-operative slaughter
house and stockyards were discussed
by representatives of various locals of
the farmers' union in Lane county at
a meeting here Saturday. It was
stated that some definite plan will be
worked out in the near future,
Dallas. The seeond attempt of T.
S. Brown, a Salt Creek farmer, to en-
Join the construction of the Dallas
Wallace bridge market road ended
abruptly Friday, when Judge Belt in
circuit court refused to grant the re
quested injunction and dismissed the
Salem. That business conditions In
Oregon this year have been better
than for many previous seasons was
indicated in a letter received at the
offices of the public service commis
sion here from E. L. King, superin
tendent of the Southern Pacific lines
in Oregon.
Bend. Deschutes county's tax next
year for county purposes will require
a slightly less mlllage than that in
effect for the present year, a report
Issued Friday by Assessor August A.
Anderson shows. Next year's millage
will be 15.65, as compared to a pres
ent millage of 15.84.
Salem. There were 2660 passenger
cars and 162 trucks licensed during
the month of November, according to
a report issued by Sam A. Kozer, sec
retary of state. The aggregate li
censes issued during November, 1923,
showed a gain of 61 per cent over
those granted during the same month
in 1922.
.Cochran. When a car loaded with
logs broke away on a heavy grade and
came hurtling toward the locomotive
on which they were working, D. C,
Hemminger, 29, engineer, and II. C.
McKiddy, 24, fireman, Jumped to es
cape injury, only to be buried beneath
flying logs from the car, which struck
a derailing switch.
Pendleton. The Columbia farm
bureau in the west end of Umatilla
county has effected a big saving in
the cost of dairy and hog feed pur
chased by farmers there, according to
Fred Bennion, county agent. During
the year they have purchased 13 car
loads of teed at an average value af
about $650 and saved 20 per cent-
Portland. Orders have been placed
by the Southern Pacific company for
6500 new cars, out of a total of 11,000
for which inquiry was made recently.
The Pacific Fruit Exchange company,
owned Jointly by the Southern Pacific
and Union Pacific, is in the market
for more than 3000 refrigerator cars,
to be delivered during the first half
of next year.
Salem. Application for extension
of time in which to file a petition for
a new trial has been submitted io the
supreme court by the defendants in
the case brought by August Wemme
et al. against the First Church of
Christ, Scientist, in Portland. The
supreme court in an opinion handed
down two weeks ago, held In favor of
the plaintiffs.
Baker. Characterizing the Baker
Sumpter mining district as unques
tionably the best now available in the
northwest to the prospector and oper
ator, Sidney Norman, editor of Mining
Truth, Spokane, declares the future of
that industry here is exceedingly
bright. Mr. Norman has Just com
pleted a 10-day Investigation of all
mines in this territory.
Salem. The state board of control
at its regular monthly meeting ached
uled for Tuesday, may select a supep
intendent for the Oregon employment
institution for the adult blind to suc
ceed J. F. Myers, who has resigned.
It was said Sunday that the board
has received a number of applications
for the position, including one or two
men who previously were engaged in
institutional work.
Hood River. The Apple Growers'
association, which last year shipped
a total of 1,300,000 boxes ot apples,
will not quito reach the 1,600,000 mark
this year. Up to Saturday the co
operative agency had received from
growers a total of 462,226 boxes. De
livery of fruit of late-keeping varieties
is continuing to some extent, and the
1,600,000-box mark, a record for the
association, will be passed.
Eugene. Members of the state
game and fish commission made a
trip to Triangle lake, in the coast
rango 35 miles northwest of Eugene,
Sunday, with a view to establishing a
trout egg-taking station. Different
sites on the shores of 'the lake were
inspected and a report will be made
soon. Triangle lake Is the source of
Lake creek, which flows Into the
Siuslaw river.
Out, seam, hem and maohins OR pAYitS
leas sairts ready for Sana. :
.emstitching, pieoting and tucsinf.
EAHTE1U1 MUVCljlZ mil w.
86 H Fifth 8t
Portland. Or,
Sanitary Beauty Parlors Ws ft you up,
w. make all kinds of Hair Goods of your
oombings. Join our Brhool of Beauty Oullure.
40 10 41 iiesura siug., cuvuv
6902, Portland, Oregon.
Northwest We ding Supply UO., BO ai or.
Clarke Bros.. Florists, 287 Morrison as.
Teaches trade In 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Write
for catalogue. 134 Burnside street. Port-
land. Oregon. a
Marrv if Lonelr: most successful "Horns
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential;
able; years experience; descriptions
'The Successful Club,'
Mrs. Naah, Box 658,
Oakland, California,
For your convenience we have prepared a Spe
cial Fresh Christmas Assortment; Sugared
Dates. New Figs, Wrapped Kisses. Best Milk
Chocolates, Nut Caramels,
and Choice Xmas Mixture of Candy and
Nuts. All prepaid for t3.B(K Boxes of
Candy 60 cents and up. Choice Xmas
Boxes of Cigars $1.00 and up. Write us
your wants. Larger or smaller orders re
ceive the same courteous attention.
535 Washington St at 16th, Portland, Ore.
We started our weekly auction sales
Wednesdny, Nov. 21st. If you have any
Ihiinr to consign lu horses, mulex, i:t"
harness or wagons, also farm
ou can ship direct to the North 1'ortlann
loraa & Mule ComDanv. Wire, write of
phone Empire 0121, and we will give you
prompt attention. North Portland Horse
& Mule Co., No. Portland, Oregon.
Central Mirror & Glass Works
Manufacturers of High Ornde French
Mirrors; lievellng; Damue-ed Mirrors Re-
silvered, 4uc a square loot, ana jmrrors
Framed. GlasB for Auto Curtains, Wind
shields, Headlights and all Purposes. 355
Wheeler Street, Portland, Oregon.
How Do You Pronounce It?
Your grocer calls it en-dive, (ac
cent on the first syllable), with the
sound of "i" as, in "light." Probably
you do, too, from force of habit. Don't
do it, though; say en-dlv (accent on
first syllable), giving the sound of "i"
as in "tin."
Explaining the Difference.
They are twin boys noticeably
alike, but whose temperaments are
widely different. David in speaking
of them said to his uncle: "Uncle
Dave, their faces are twins, but their
thinks aren't."
Mrs. R. E. Jones
Have You A Daughter?
Watch Her Health
Salem, Or eg. "Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is the finest
tonic and nervine that a young girl
can take. My daughters have always
been so greatly benefited by the
use of the 'Favorite Prescription
that I do not hesitate to recommend
it to other mothers whose daughters
suffer. One member of my family
also speaks in terms of highest
praise of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, which she takes during
expectant periods. She claims that
it enables her to have health and
strength, and practically no suffer
ing. She has fine healthy babies,
too. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion is truly a woman's tonic."
Mrs, R. E. Tones, 596 N. High St.
Get Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription today from your neighbor
hood druffgist, in tablets or liquid,
or write Dr. Pierce, President In
valids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y for
free confidential, medical advice.
Enclose 10c for trial pkg, tablets.
Once upon a time there was a young
lady engaged to a young man who
promptly broke off her engagement
when she found that the chap was
really not a poor boy, but a million-.,
aire. Aesop's Film Fables.
Why Both?
Can a woman be both intelligent
and beautiful?" asks a social workor.
Certainly, but what's the use? Bir
mingham Age-Herald.
To Clean Aluminum.
The best way to clean aluminum Is
to squeeze the Juice of a fresh lemon
over a cloth and apply this to brighten
the metal. When the aluuminum is
very much soiled a paste ot whiting
and water will help to clean it.
used for bsby's clothes, will keep them
sweet and snowy-white until worn out.
Try It and see for yourself. Atfjtxm
Are Von Satisfied?
IS the biggest, most perfectly equipped
Business Training ben
west Fit yourself fr
Hchool in the Nortk-
nlgher position
with more
money. Permanent positions
ajisured our Grsduates.
Write for catalog Jfourtn anu iamhll
P. N. U.
No. 49, 1923