The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 11, 1923, Image 4

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    auDin i imes
Pulliahttl Every TLurkVay at Mwpn. Orcn,
JkksiI.inK li. Mokkison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50c
Enrureil as second class mail matter September 2, 1014. at the
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Popular Wtocl.anics Company
SOU-S14 K. Ontario eiront, CHICACO, ILL.
Pomiltir fifnr.ttanfca buM'na la dccof&
axtiiulKty .0 tat ffjoiawn of (Mj
c. w.
b isiness.
A little
Fiinn was over frcm
last Weluesday on
K-.'L W 'Ml Vii
Kir.eck News
Beautiful Autumn days.
Wheat is showing green in Hie
field.", owing to recent rains,
Leonard Fallow iscmployed in
a dime store in Prineville.
0. N. Farlow enjoved a week's
viat in Portland, returning' Sat-1 Mr. and Mrs.
daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hartman last
Hoy Ward has been on the sick
list. He made a trip to Maupin
Thursday to see Dr. Elwood.
xMra. Alice Chappie is home
again from Simnaaho where she
was employed as cook at the mid
'"Rev. .Matthews spent most of
last week in Prdai;d atteidhigi
the annual meeting of the prt sb;
tery. He returned Thursday.
The Fred Hornquist i'amiiy
have come down from the moun
tains and are living in the Delb
ert McCoy cottage.
Loj'd McCoy has purchased a
a new Ford.
Mr. Height, the goverment
tr:.p,jer has' returned from Fort
la;id where he spent a few da;, s.
Ben Furman shipped a load of
hogs to Portland Saturday.
- Anumberof folks from Vv'amic
Smock, and Maupin were heie
Saturday to attend the C. J. JVic
Corkle sale.
Mr. Ileimerick of The Dalles
and Mr. Smith his engineer came
out Monday on business. ,
Mr. and Mrs. E- E. Miller of
Portland were Monday guests of
Portland were Monday guests of
R. E. Ellinwood.
daughter Eoulah.
Th" birth of a daughter to Mr.
and Mrs. John Delco atl'rineville
cn September 23 is of interest to
Ui'-jir many friends here. All
join in congratulations.
George Burnside wife and hahy
went, to Dufur Sunday, Mrs. B,
and baby will remain this week.
Truman Pease was a Dufur
visitor Sunday.
N. G. lied in went to The Dal
les Wednesday.
Rev. G E. McDonald of Port
land pvrnched Sundav mornine
and evening and remained until
Wednesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnmn of Port
land the parents of Mrs. Jacob
le-,enner spnt tne week em
here visiting their daughter.
Mrs. Wilson left Saturday for
Idaho for a visit with her son's
York and Sidney.
Crvstal Hattmnn spent Mon
day night at the James Hartman
home making acquaintance of
the new cousin.
The cattle men went to the
mountains Monday to bring cat
tie out.
Monday was the birthday of
Mrs. R, E- Ellinwood bo her
many friends gathered at tluj
West home to celebrate the occ
sian. About 50 were present.
The affair was a surprise.
Mrs. N. G. Heriin and Mrs. Dav
id S'narpe were joint hostesses.
Ga .k-s and music were main fe;
tures. Dainty refreshment
were served. Out of town guests
were Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Miller
and Rev. McDonald of Portland
and Mr. Fischer of Maupin.
Ben Forman and wife were in
The Dalles Thursday.
u relay. I Rufus McCotkle went to Shan-
J. W. Farlow is putting up hisiiko Sunday to visit his wife and
last ci op of alfalfa. 'son. He returned Monday.
Edvvartl Disbrmv, with hisj Mrs. Herb Hammer is staying
mother and s ister motored to at the home of her sister Mrs.
Hood River and Portland Thurs
day of last week, returning on
Vnnless D-must, ,'505
The Dalle:--, Oregon,
i st Jewelry Store.
Second St
over Lin
Rooms 1, 12, 3.
Aluminum Vacuum, bottles,
$1.50. - Maiuin Drug Store.
James Ilartman this week. '
Mrs. Melvy Magill has return
ed from Portland.
Sunday was Laurence Powells
birthday and the occasion was
celebrated with a big dinner.
Those from Maupin who were
present were Mr. and Mrs. R, W
Richmond and son Floyd and
Mrs. Everett Richmond and
coMTLi'n.' si of GROCERIES
A Full Lino of i'ocKs and Overalls
Also Shirts and Shoes
ash Store
Ei arris
The Crandal! Undertaking1 Co.
Tho Dalles, Oregon
Li;viii-'"(l Kiibahiu'i's
Motor Etiuipment
N. Y. Vlinn, Prop. The Dalles
Rooms 50c to Sl.OO
Meals, family style
Harness, Saddle, Shn
tap I tr
wok uuaranieei
F. I?. Perry
:&t End cf Drug Maupin, Oregon
I'Vr Hale j
Fifty fine bronze turkey toms
and pullets. Mrs. J. E. Sinclair,
Box 40, Wapinitia. .
Fine residence property for
sale. Easy plan. -II. L. Morris.
Three cars of stock are sehed-;
uled for Saturday night's ship-j
ment, two sent by 0. S. Wallers'
aid one by J. E. Kennedy.
Blue Stone, Formaldehyde and ;
Copper Carbonate for sale it
Maupin Drug Store. I
Silo sales are getting better. '
Hood River sold throe and Pros-
ses one recently. Lew Wilhelm, 1
expert Tum-A-Lum silo erector,
from the Maupin yard, is erect
ing Hood River silos. Tum-A-Lum
Notice A representative ard
st jrlent of the Chicago Enginetr
ing Work3 school of electricity is
in Maupin. Any man wishing to
get better pay from $10 to $1:0
per day should correspond with
mm. It costs nothing to investi
gate. Address Box 85, Maupin.
Local citizens who were for
tunate enough to be in the lo
cality of Deschutes axenue and
Fifth street when it passed
through town last Friday, say
they saw the show of their lives.
For an accurate description ask
M -s. James Chalmers.
Cash buyers waiting. If you
want to sell let me hear your
proposition II. L. Morris
At Grade C
He Who Hesitates is Safe
Wamic News
A boy .weighing ten lbs was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wood
cock at Huntington, Sept. 30.
C. S. McCorkle and Frank Ma
gill returaed from Portland Tues
John Eubanks was over from
Juniper Flat Thursday. Mrs.
Eubanks accompanied him home.
S. W. Tracey was here Mon
day taking the garden seeds
from the Lake store to the D
M. Ferry Seed Company.
Chester Brittain and Ed Driver
returned from Portland Tuesday
where they took beef cattle and
fat hogs.
Ellis Doughton was here Mon
day from Juniper Flat.
Mrs. Luella Johnson was very
ill last week but is improving.
Mr. and Mr?. Bill Woodcock
and Mrs. Woodcock's mother
went to Tne Dalles Saturday re
turning Monday.
Heavy rains fell here Friday
night and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Norval
moved to Tygh today having pur
chased the Geo. Woodruff house.
Geo. Woodruff has bought the
W. T. Norval farm here.
C. M. Plyler has sold his mov
ing picture show to Christenson
J. Mr Tatison of Corvallis
spent the past two nights here
with relatives.
Belvie Patison is building a
new house in The Dalles.
Dave Campbell hauled a load
of freight from Maupin Monday
for the Lake store. v
Winston Lake had an accident
to his car on Tygh hill while
coming from his school Friday.
Mrs. Guy Brittain and Jack
came up from Tygh Valley Mon
day visiting at the Percy Driver
Peocy Driver, Guy Brittain,
John and Liberty Chastain are
working the roads here and at
Rock creek-
Mr. and Mrs- Frank Driver
wpnt to Hood River Sunday re-; 9
retaining over night. 9
Much wood is being hauled f
from here and Smock. j J
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kennedy iti
and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chastain !S
were Dalles visitors Monday. I
Bernard Welche's house is H
nearing completion.
Dr. T. Deiarkue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drng store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
Department of t lie Interior
U. S. Land Orlice at Tho Dalles, Oregon,-
Oc ober 5, 1923.
Notice is herebv yiven that I
Roy R. Crabtree
of Maupin, Oregon, who on Feby. 10
1922, made Homestead Entry No. 021515
for vvl-2svvl-4 sec. 10, wl-2NWl-4,'Nwl-
4swl-4, Sfittion 15, Tp. 6 south, Range
10 east, Willamette Meridian, has hied
notice of intention to make fml
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described. Before F. D. Stuart.
U'. S. Commissioner at Maupin, Oregon
on the 17ih day oi November. 1921
Claimant names as witnesses: M. P.
Miller, Chester Crabtree h, FSitic'aiV,
Floyd McLeod, all of Maupin, Oregon.
J. W. Donnelly, Register
Self preservation would seem to be nature's last law.
For im the last five years, 9,101 persons (almost
twice the number killed at the battle of Gettysburg)
have sacrificed their lives at highway grade crossings
in the United States through failure to Stop, Look and
Train operation is safe because railway employes are
carefully trained. Except in a few states automobile
drivers are turned loose without even an examination.
Trains and street cars stop before crossing another
railroad where there is no interlocking device. If it be
necessary for them, bow much more necessary for the
auto driver! For most automobiles carry loved ones
and friends of the driver.
Yet eight out of ten automobile drivers race across
railroad tracks withot stopping and looking in either
direction. Many motorists disregard the watchman's
stop signal. Running through and breaking crossing
gates is a Common occurrence. One-fifth of all train
accidents involving automobiles are caused by the auto
mobile running into the side of the train.
The railroads maintain warning signs and require,
enginemen to whistle and ring the bell for every cross
ing, Highways are being relocated to eliminate cross
ings.' But railroads are powerless to prevent injury to
occupants of automobiles who fail to exercise care for
their own safety.
It has been suggested that all grade crossings be re
moved. There are 250,000 in the United States and at
$50,000 each it would cost $12,500,000,000-and take at
least 30 years --to remove (hem. This expense is about
two-thirds the value of all the railroads of the country
as tentatively found by the Interstate Commerce Com
mission, and neither the railroads nor the municipali
ties have the money. The "Stop, Look and Listen"
- rule can be followed NOW without cost. It takes a
train but a few minutes lo pass over a crossing. Surely
no one would sacrifice his life and his love ones to save
a few seconds!
Lives of rail passengers are imperiled by grade cross
ing accidents. Recently several trains on eastern roads
have been derailed by striking motor vehicles, and
enginemen and passengers have been killed.
Grade crossing accidtnia would absolutely cease if
every autoTnobile driver would stop, look and li&ten at
emrij grade crossing.
Won't you do it.
Omaha, Nebraska C. R. Gray,
October 1, 1923 President
Times. $1.50 a year
Notice is hereby given that
Julia F. Endersby Ward, Admin
istratrix of the pstate of Valen
tine W. Endersby, deceased, has
filed her final account in said
estate; and that Monday, ihe
20th day of October, 1923, at 10
o'clock A. M., in the County
Courtroom in the Court House in
The Dalles, Wasco County, Ore
gon, has been fixed as the time
and place for the hearing of
objections to said Account and
the settlement thereof.
Julia F. Endersby Ward,
James Chalmers
Horse Shoeing and
General Blacksniithing
Plow Share Grinding
Maupin. Ore.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Oitice at The Dalles, Ore
gon, August 2uth, 1P23.
Notice is hereby civen that
Henry Thomas
of Criterion, Oregon, who on March 10,
HUU, made llonu-slead Kntry No. 020461
and on Oct. 19, 1922, made Additional
Homestead entry No. 022643, tor Lots
1, 2, section 18, T. 7 e, R 15 E, Nt-2sEl-4,
swl-4st;l-4, sul-4swl-4, section 10.
Cl-2Nwl-4, Nlit-4swt-4, sec. 15, si
imi'i, BE1-4NW1-4. NEl-4swl-4, Wl
2 loirl, Section 13, Township 7 south
Range 14 east, Willamette Meridian,
has liled notice of intention to make
three year proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before F. D.
Sluart United Mates Commissioner,
at ivlaupin, Oregon, on the 6th day of
Oelober, 15:23.
Claimant names as witnesses: P. J.
Kirsch, 1). R. Appling, J. G. Kramer
all of Criterion, Oregon, M. H. Martin
of KhatnliO. Oregon.
J. VV. Donnelly, Register.
Coleman Gas lights, $7 50,
Maupin Drug Store. .
7- I.O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
1. O. O. F. bail. Visiling mem
oers always welcome.
F. D. Stuart, Secretary
B. D. Fraley, N. G.
Department of the Interior
U, S. Land Oitice at The Dalles, Ore
gon, September 13, 1923.
Notice is hereby given that
Jefferson O, Winifree
of Box 762, The Dalles, Oregon, who on
Jan. 25, 1922, made Additional Home
stead Entry. No. 020892, for swl-4'iwl-4,
section 3, NW1-4NW1-4, beI-4NW1-4,
Nl-28wl-4, NWl-4sEl-4, section
10, Township 6, south, Range 11
East Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before F. D.
Stuart, United States Commissioner
at Maupin, Oregon, on tlie 23rd day of
October, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses: C. A.
Dims, L. B. DeCamp, C. G. Skogpberg
W. E. Hunt, all of Criterion, Oregon.
J. W. Donnelly, Register.
111. tO MIL
1 wi srH
;ii at J.1111C8
Carbon Paper, 25x39 inch pieces
Thin paper for tracing patterns
Butter paper and cartons
Typewriter paper and ribbons
Envelopes, commercial and 10 inch lengths
Cardboards, heavy to 21x10 inch sizes
Business and calling cards .
Ruled letter paper part of this is ruled
on both sides ideal farm stationery. Low
prices in lots of 100 or more. In tablet
form if desired
Call or Phone Main 231
The Maimin Times