The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 11, 1923, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
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I J l TO M 91.1
School Notes
High School
The boys' ball team has been
organized. Lewis Batty was
elected captain, Floyd Richmond
manager. ' The guards are Earl
Locke and Kenneth Batty, for
wards Lewis Batty and Vivian
Eubanks, center Ployd Richmond
The j?irl3 have elected Jean
Wilson as captain of the team,
but have not lined the players
up yet. Both boys and girls are
practising with very much en
thusiasm and pep.
The new basketball equipment
including a new ball, goals and
baskets have orrived. The new
ball is to be for official use only.
The literary society has elect
ed its new officers for the semes
ter. Vivien Eubanks president,
Winifred Kaiser vice president,
and Helen Webefg secretary.
A program committee was ap
pointed and the society expects
to give a first class program in
about three weeks.
. Mr. Bailey, representing the
Curtis Publishing company visit
ed the school Monday and started
a campaign in the interest, of the
Country Gentleman magazine.
The school was orgonized into
two sections, with Jean Wilson
and Larraine Stovall appointed
as leaders Half the . money
which is taken in on the sub
scriptions will go to the high
school student body treasury.
Myrtle Hall ha3 been absent
for several days on account of
Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs. Shat tuck
visited the H S. this morning.
The II. S. isi giving a short,
impromptu program for the ob
servance of Columbus day Friday
Grade School
Those neither absent nor tardy
who received 90 percent or more
in the grammar room are: Delia
Sprouse, Lelah Weberg, Hazel
Martin, Gladys Martin, Doris
Kelley, Aliene Greene, Elden
Allen, Donald Locke and Mabel
We are preparing a short pro
gram for Columbus Day.
Melvin Jory is out this week
on account of sickness.
We thank the high school for
Building or Remodeling,
ur free architectuaa)
seryice can save you
. m
The Smaller SizesM
of Coal are H
and for many uses f
Come in and we will tel' $
you why and also why M
you will use good judg- 4
merit in getting your sup hi
ply now There's a J
reason. fA
AJ Sui 11 1 ID 1
305 Second St.
The Dalles, Ore.
Over Linquist' Jewelry
Herd Law Void
of the week.
Jack Staats was a visitor on
our streets the fore part of the
week. When Jack, Ira Kit tner,
rru i , . . - , wukk. vvnenjacK, ira JUtcner.
there ha3 been considerable .the same provisions of the stat-' n-a r,,j T n ... , '
controversy and difference of lute. This decision of the miZlTrTl'
nnininn nmnnir Ignnmra oo in P.. 11 """ wu ,iain mm
KL.tifi, txv iJicuic vuull ociuca an qucauuui irdsOn ha
whether or not any of the herd None of the precinct herd laws v,
or the general county herd
aws adopted in various precincts
of the county under the proceed
ure outlined in Sections 9381 et
eq. of the Oregon Code have
been valid. The same questions
have been raised relative to the
general county herd law adopted
at the last general election under
ve all returned home
from their mountain rpfwnta it-
'aw will seem time for winter asrain.
are valid or enforceable. The , ,,
. , , . . L Sunday saw the departure of
question of stock running at Lu HenneRhan Bate, Shattuck,
large is left exactly where it was Bob Wilson, Joe Kramer, Ben
before the question was voted on Fraley and Ray Kaylor for a
in any of the precincts or the hunting trip to Silver Lake. The
the foot ball and volley ball.
The boys plan to get the volley
ball net up and put up the swings
for the primary room Saturday.
Primary Room
Following are the names of
those neither absent nor tardy
for the month ending October 5:
J-nn Renick Herbert Kramer
Jimmie Agidius Bernice Ho His
Thtiiiia' Morris Genevieve Allen
Phiiip Stockton Mabel Roberts
Greatl.e Turner Edmund Wilson
Charles Bothwell.
The attendance for the month
is 06.5 percent.
Lort.-iine Stovall,- Editor.
Vivien Eul .'inks, Ass't. Editor.
have a larger enrollment than in
any previous year despite the
efforts of some to make it othor
wise. You can t keep a good
thing dbwn very long. -
latter two didn't get started un
til afternoon, planning to catch
the others at Bend.
F. C. Butler is a business vis
itor in The Dalles.
A. C. Martin is looking after
, the Maupin Garage this week.
J. M. Conroy arrived Saturday' M. F. Van Laanen is doing
morning from his summer range some carpenter work at the
near Mt. Hood with his band of Brenton Slusher home.
sheep and reports considerable . T , . ,
, . j A. J. and son Claude Jones
rain and some snow in the moun- . , ,
. . i were over from Tygh Monday,
W. H. Morrison was a Dalles' The "erou9 cars from the
visitor on Thursday. .surrounding country visiting
W. S. Sloan is taking a vaca-i18 place the past week ia notic
tion after a strenerous summer able- A dozen or more at OTce
nf Hnrr three nrnnane QipL.if,. are frequently seen parked in
f-, - t.- -
on the May's ranch,' and is so-
front of local stores.
journing in Dufur and elsewhere
Ray and Mrs. Kaylor returned
0. M. Briltain is looking after, home Saturday night after spend
Portland Prices
James Kistncr was much im
proved last week but took a re
lapse and is confined to the bed
again and intends truing to Dufur
to take treatments; as soon as
his condition will permit.
The epidemic of .s,ore throats
ami colds seems to hit every one
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Koch's of
Grass Valley were visitii'ir at
Mrs. Koch's parents horrid Sun
day, A number from here attended
the Calvin McCorkle salt
Juniper Flat Saturday
the rain and muddy roads.
The bridge crew are taking a
rest on account of the rain and
the two"Mc's'' are visiting in
Portland, leaving here Saturday
The show Saturday night was
well attended and the dance
given afterward was well patron
Rex New who has spent the
summer with the P. R. L and P
Co on Clackamas River, arrived
home last week for the winter.
Fay New is visiting her friend
Hilda Norvai this week.
Claud Jones sold his Eederal
truck to W. Stillwell.
Alf-'ed McCorkle who was
much improved last week is
confined again to his bed.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Doring
were visiting their daughter Mrs
A. McCorkle last Sunday.
There will be Sunday school
every bunclay now under the
leadership of D. C Bones.
Services were conducted Sun
day evening at the church by
Rev. Smith of The Dalles.
The enrollment at our high
school has passed the mark for
one instructor, and the board
has hired an assistant, who will
arrive in a few days, and in
another month our High will
the ranch in his absence.
John Kenyon who lived here
several years ago but has been
sojourning in California since,
is now visiting his sister Mrs.
Henry Brown.
If Henry goes to the White
House we wonder if he will want
to . take 1 Lizzie along to make it
more homefied or. if he will be
contented to ride in one of the!
official "Limoseen"? '
Sam Bennet is delivering wood
to Maupin.
C. -H. Thaxter construction
superintendant on the highway
l ': spent Sunday in Iho Dalles.
j Zene Watkina is moving his
i family onto the Geo. Burliiiganu1
ing the
summer at McKinzie
Celebrates 100 Years
Grandma Cook, Mrs. R. John
son's mother, is today celebrat
ing 100th birthday. For many
years the 11th of October has
been a date for home-coming of
relatives, and is again a gather
ing of as many of the descend
ants as could be present. Grand
ma is bright and cheerful, eats
heartily and is spending the day
reviewing early day events.
The pupils of Mrs. Buzan's room
are proud to have sent Grandma
a letter of congratulation.
To the water users and non
water users:
There will be a meeting at the
Kelly church, Saturday, October
27. Everyone come. It is for
the purpose of electing officers
for the coming year and to make
arrangements to meet with the
state engineer who will be in
Maupin November 7th.
By order of O. L. Paquet,
R. W. McCorkle, secretary.
C. M. and Mrs. Plyler were
here Sunday night and put on
the screen, probably their last
show here. They expect to open
a theatre in Portland soon.
ranch north of town.
I.E. Morrow and son Quentin
returned this week from their
trip to Boise, Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Wing visited
their son at W.anm: last Sunday.
Ed Faulk, an olii lime resident
of this , place, but now of The
Dalles, was renewing acquainces
here last week.
The local member of the W. O.
W. are talking of getting a char
ter instead of going to Dufur to
. Ralph Chandler of Wamic will
move his family to Tygh in the
near future in order to give his
son the benefit of our high school
No Mail Today
Eleven box cars in the ditch. Suppose these 11
box cars were 1 1 stock cars loaded with your stock ,
cattle, hogs or sheep. Crippled and dead,
Transit Insurance
Cos is small
covers in just these kind of cases
Protection Complete. See
II. L. MORRIS, Agent
Cars Derailed
Eleven box cars were derailed
last evening on the joint tract at
lmilepost77 between North and
South junction, completely ob
structing the track for both rail
roads. No trains went through
here today, but it is planned for
tomorrow s trains to meet at
the wreck and transfer mail aw!
passengers. It is hoped to have
the track cleared by Saturday.
' 1
XVil0 viUHtRa RED BAND made .by j
Around Maupin
Water users are requested to
at the Van Laanen residence be
tween the 15th and 25th of each
month, by order of Mrs. Staats.
Mrs. C L. Harpham and Mrs
unas. Miner aeturnecl to lhe
Dalles Tuesday.
L. M. Confer and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dyer left
the first of the week for a trip to
the coast.
Mrs. Claud Wilson and chil
dren moved into the Johnson
cottage on Grant avenue the first
Harpham Confectionery
ii Our Candies are as fresh as ney, mown hay
A good assortment of
.Nut, Chocolate, Caromel, Nougat and Fudge Bars
Licorice, Suckers and other penny goods
Just in some Fresh
Business Headquarters
' Come to us with your financial problems.
We will be glad to help as far as consistent with
sound banking principles,
If you are interested in the dairy business
we have a booklet, "The Cow the Mother of
Prosperity," that you will be interested in. Ask
for your copy.
aiipin Stale Bank
We Strive to Merii Approval