The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 21, 1923, Image 3

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    DADTri A MiV
Hot and Cold Water and Phone in Every Room. Comfortable Accommodation
at Moderate Prices.
European Plan HOTEL MORRIS ,Free
MR. AND MRS. H. H BRANSON. Proprietors.
Phone Broadway 1270. Tenth and Stark. Portland, Oregon
A Lunch that Lasts and Satsfys; at a Price You Will Bt Clad to Poy.
106 Fifth Street AQ rrJ J J TT"T7I jrp PORTLAND,
New Cill Building & 1 JU LllXtl 11 ORECON
Cor. 4th and Alder, Portland, ura.
give positions FREE on application.
have Employment offices at West Linn,
Oregon, Camas, Washington, and 209 Commonwealth
building, Sixth and Burnside, Portland, Oregon.
Crown Willamette Paper Co.
We Pay Same Day Su
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
Branch at Pocatello, Idaho.
Write for Pncea and Shipping Tags
Northwest Welding & Supply Co. till 1st St
Clarke Bios., Florists, 287 Morrison Bt
For sale. 1840 acres. 1150 cultivated. 160
acres bottom land (alfalfa) irrigated
. own water right two miles river front
luo acres wneat land 600 acres In Turkey
Red wheat. Good improvements good
six room house full concrete baHement
gravity water system, hot and cold water,
bath, toilet, laundry tubs, wood house,
bunk house, blacksmith shop and con
crete chicken house. Good story-and-half
barn for thirty horses. Good well, wind
mill and concrete water tank In barn lot
granary, large machine shed and hog
House. Rural mail delivery and telephone.
Farm Is located about 18 miles northwest
of Walla Walla. Only six miles to good
town hard surface road. Thfs farm Is
well adapted for diversified grain and
stock farm. Price $40 per acre with one
half of hay and share of 500 acres wheat
easy terms. Jas. C. Cunningham, Own
er, 309-311 Stark Street, Phone Broadway
2161 or Tabor 2727, Portland, Oregon.
T WILL guarantee to pen-nan-
ently cure your Pilet without
operation, anaesthetic, pain or
confinement. Write today for
my FREE illustrated book which
contain! letter from coin of
former patients.
Use for Cold Potato.
If there is no paste on hand for the
label you want to put on the trunk
or bag rub a cold potato over the back
of the paper label and it will stick as
firmly as If glued.
' Enormous Stock of Surplus Silver Kept
In Storage Beneath the Tower
of London.
Storage for a portion of the enor
' moua surplus of silver coinage has
been found in the dungeon beneath
. the Wakefield tower of the Tower of
" London, says Tit-Bits of that .city.
'Other dungeons will probably be put
to the same use.
1 No safer deposit In the world than
.the Wakefield tower could possibly be
; found. An armed guard of the Cold
stream guards is always on duty
The silver hoard is inspected at fre
quent intervals by officials of the
royal mint, who are guarded through
out the proceeding by armed police
and "beef-eaters," while watch Is kept
outside by the garrison majn guard.
The Wakefield tower itself contains
wealth estimated at hundreds of mil
lions. The famous jewel house is lo
cated in the tower and there are, In
addition to the crown Jewels, Includ
Bigamist Returns to Work In Village
Where He Was Sentenced
'o Prison.
New York. Alexander Dujat of
Corona, former county dark of Queens
county, who served time in Sing Sing
for bigamy, lias assumed his duties as
harbor master at the state barge canal
terminal, Long Island City.
Portland, Oreron
Complet Changa Saturday. Adult. Matinee, 20c:
vninffa, Utfc. Continuuu t to 11 p. m, Children
11) Mnta all time.
Falrneea, Courtesy, Good Service. European Plan i
Exclusively. Kateell.UO, 11.50 and t2.uo. Moit
Central Hotel in Portland. FRED SMITH, Mar.
A mod plaoa to Gat and Live WeU
Remarkable 40e luncheon at noon
Open 7 a. m. to 2 a. m., 364 Yamhill B
use men between ages of 18 and 50.
pay 40c per hour as minimun wage,
give best of meals at 35c each,
supply beds for 25c, 30c and 40c.
have FREE hot and cold water baths,
advance employees rapidly.
Sanitary Beauty Parlort We fix you up,
we make all kinds of Hair Goods of your
combings. Join our School ofBeauty
Culture. 400 to 414 Dekum Bldfl., Phono
Broadway 6902, Portland, Oregon.
Commercial Iron Works, 7th& Madison.
Featherweight Arch Supports made to
order. J. E. Tryielaar, 618 Pittock Block,
Portland, Ore.
Marry If Lonely; most successful "Home
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential;
reliable: years experience; description,
free. "The Successful Club," Mra, Na,h,
BojM,akJandallfornla. '
Wedding Bouquets and Funeral Places
LubUner Florists, 14t Morrison St.
Cut, warn, hem and machine OC ...u
pleat akirts ready for band. OJ CCIHS
Hemstitching-, picotin? and tucking.
86tt Fifth St. Portland. Ore
Protect that Idea with a United
States Patent. Others have made fortunes
out of Patents. Why "not you? Thomas
Bllyeu, 202 Steve Bldg., Portland, Ore.
MONUMENTS E. 3d andPlna Stal
Otto Schumann Granite A Marble Works.
Timber Fallers and
Buckers. Contract
work. Near Coast.
Apply 209 Common
wealth building, Port
land, Oregon.
Pointer for Pew Opener.
Retiring Pew-Opener (initiating new
one Into his duties) Remember, Mr.
Higglns, they are very good Christians
here until you show some one else into
their pew. London Punch.
ing the Star of Africa, cut fmm the
famous Cullinan diamond, other pre
cious stones. a.
The dungeon beneath, where the
hoard of unwanted silver reposes, Is
below the level of the river. It held
Its quota of prisoners when the his
tory of the Tower of London wag in
the making.
She Knew Where She Stood.
A widely known Indianapolis speak
er had been called by a church work
er to speak at the entertainment at
her church.
"I really can't." she demurred, "I
have to leave the city."
She thought of another speaker and
mentioned her name.
"Why not try to get herr she said.
"Oh, I did try her," came backtbe
answer. "Too were to have been her
A new word In literary circles runs
Its course like an epidemic.
When Dujat was released from Sing
Sing on August 23, 1919, he expressed
confidence In his ability to regain the
esteem of those who had known him
as the village blacksmith for 30 yeara
before he became county clerk, it
wag on the eve of his expected renom
Ination for that office that he was In
dicted and convicted on a charge of
having married Miss Edna Marl
Young of Corona.
JWW w w v w w w
The Dalles. Wasco county's bump
er crop of cherries this year will total
650 tons of Royal Annes and 400 tons
of black cherries, according to esti
mates, McMlnnvllfe. L. W. Riley, presi
dent of Llnfleld college, who hag just
returned from the east, Sunday night
conferred degrees upon thirty-one
graduates of the college.
Eugene Cherry growers of Lane
county have their troubles this year.
The crop 18 short and now wild pigeons
in some sections of the county, es
pecially in the hill orchards, are de
vouring what few cherries are on the
trees. The loss will be heavy.
Corvallls. Fire Friday night totally
destroyed a barn and contents belong
ing to Jarvey Bullls of this city. Five
head of horses and one motor car
were among the property destroyed.
Salem. The state tax on gasoline
and distillate produced a total of J 115,
639.82 in April, according to a state
ment prepared here by Sam A. Kozer,
secretary of state. This exceeded the
revenue from the same source for the
preceding month by approximately 25
per cent.
Baker. The first carload of ore for
the Sumpter smelter, which has re
sumed operations, was received at the
plant last week. The ore came from
the Psyche mine in the Greenhorn
district and was loaded on the railroad
at Tipton. Another car was at Tipton
ready for the smelter.
Albany. Ten tons of strawberries
were packed in barrels Friday by a
crew of 50 persons In the Stenberg
packing station. This sets a record
for daily packs in this plant. The
fruit Is packed in sugar in barrels
and is sent via Portland to San Fran
cisco, where the berries are further
Salem. The Btate bond commission,
at a special meeting held here Friday,
Invested approximately $131,000 of
funds of the state industrial accident
commission In school district bonds.
The commission is composed of Gov
ernor Pierce, State Treasurer Hoff
and E. E. Bragg, member of the acci
dent commission.
The Dalles. Accompanied by a ter
rific cannonading of thunder and bril
liant flashes of lightening the heav
lest rain fall within so short a period
in years was recorded in The Dalles
Saturday night, Water literally fell
in sheets, the total precipitation being
,7 of an inch. The previous heaviest
shower during the year was .23 of an
Pendleton. Umatilla county Satur
day was relieved from a sudden at
tack of hot weather in which the mer
cury reached 90 degrees, when a vio
lent dust storm, followed by thunder,
lightning, hail and rain, cooled the
air. The precipitation was an eighth
of an Inch. The hail and heavy rain
did some damage to the rank growth
of wheat, which is falling every day,
Tualatin. Boldly backing their
truck up to the J. Martinazzl ranch at
Tualatin at 9 o'clock Friday night,
chicken thieves took 60 fine Rhode
Island Red hens. Members of the
family were entertaining company and
piano playing with a chorus of voicfes
gave the robbers opportunity to get
the birds without being heard,
though the poultry house was quite
near the residence.
Grants Pass. After selecting Hills-
boro as the next convention city, the
delegateg to the forty-second annual
encampment of the Grand Army of the
Republic adopted a few resolutions.
thanking the people of Grants Pass
for their entertainment, and ended
their sessions. The veterans were
unanimous in their declaration that
this wag the best convention in recent
years and adopted a resolution to that
Medford. Seven-year-old Bobby
Lewis suffered minor injuries Friday
in a strange acoident on the sleep
ing porch at his home on the second
floor. He was playing on his bed, div
ing Into the mattress, circus-like. The
bed springs functioned well for the
first few dives but finally they bounc
ed him so violently that he catapult
ed out the window for a 20-foot drop
to the sidewalk, where he landed In
an old baby carriage left standing
Reedsport. A loss of $7500 was bus
talned and the city of Reedsport en
dangered when the city meat market
owned by Robert Boyer and Frank
Ruhe burned at 2 A. M. Friday. The
blaze started in the rear of the shop,
and before water could be applied
three terrific explosions of ammonia
tanks spread the flames greatly
throwing sparks and endangering the
lives of the fire fighters. The blaze
was shooting along the wooden streets
and the building had caved in before
any water could be applied.
TWO little drops of dew resting on
a rnaohiiah nna tnorntnir trpmhled
with delight as the rayg of Mr. Sun
came shimmering through the garden
Ah, we shall goon be beautiful,"
said one; "all the colors of the lovely
rainbow will goon be ours Come, let
us creep out from under tills leaf
where the gun can fall full upon us."
But the other little dewdrop, trem
bling, said: "Sister, I am afraid the
gun will burn us, for Its rays will grow
warm, and though for a while we shall
Down the Stem Rolled the Vain Little
be beantlful I am sure we shall goon
be destroyed.
"Let ns stay under this leaf and help
the rosebush to grow. I shall try to
find the heart of the rose aud nestle
close. I am sure I shall live longer
there, even If I am not as beautiful
aa the rayg of the gun would make
'Oh, fie, sister, why are yon go
"tesm aflame?"
Facts about your name; lit kttoryt
- mtanbigi uhtnct H wot aVnW;
ilgnlfieanu! your lacfa day
and lucky iafl
SARAH lately by fashionable con
sent spelled Sara Is derived from
a good old Biblical name and re
ceived Its right to sturdy religious sig
nificance since it first attached to the
wife of the patriarch Abraham.
It is derived originally from a verb
meaning to fight or to rule and
the name of Abraham's spouse
Saral (quarrelsome) was thus con
verted Into Sarah (the princess). If
we may Judge from the example of the
bride of Tobias, the daughters of
Sarah were occasionally called by her
name and Zare is used as an eastern
name. Similarity of sound has led
etymologists to derive the term Sara
cen from the assumption that this race
was descended from Surah, but their
belief li not substantiated.
Sara Beauchamp was one of the
first famous women to bear the name.
Sarrota de Multon, who lived much
earlier, wag really Sarah, given an
Italian translation. Sarah was not
popular in England until after the
Reformation, when the contraction
Sally had enormous vogue. At the
game time it was adopted as an equiv
alent for no less than three Irish
names, Sadobm, Sorcha and Snrald.
France quickly adopted Sarah, but
insisted on omitting the final "h" that
Biblical translation gave It, evolving
from It another equally popular form
Sarotte. Sally and Sallle have
greater vogue today In this country
than any other derivative; In fact,
they outweigh the more formal and
uncompromising Sarah in a country
which favors contractions and dimin
utives. Sarah has never had great vogue
among the poets, who have favored
the more approachable Sallle and
written graceful Utile ditties to the
fluffy young person we all visualize as
a typical Sallle.
Sarah's gem Is the beryl, which Is
considered a talisman against misfor
tune. Ancient lore has It that the
beryl has power to make its wearer
unconquerable and Increases amiabil
ity ; It also reawakens love In married
people. Saturday Is Sarah's lucky day
and 5 her lucky number.
( by the Wheeler Syndicate, Ino.)
2n I L
(Oawrlfht, br MeClsra ftrvAlaauJi
silly?" said the other dewdrop. "I'd
rather be beautiful for a little while
than let the rose hold me close to her
heart She will get all the credit for
beauty and no one will ever know
about you.
"No, I shall creep down the stem of
this rose and catch the ray, of the sun
and all who see me will say, 'How
beautiful!' when they behold me."
Down the stem rolled the vain little
dewdrop and soon It was away from
the protecting leaf where its sister was
Soon the warm sun found It and Its
wish was granted all the beautiful
colors of the rainbow now belonged to
the little detvdrop and it was happy.
The other little drop nestled close to
the rose leaf and soon It dropped down
deep Into the very heart of the open
ing flower and was rJltt of sight, but it
sunk so deep that the rose grew sweet
and a passing bee stopped to tell the
rose It was the prettleBt and sweetest
flower In the garden.
"That Is because a little dewdrop
nestles In my heart, making me hap
py," said the rose. "This morning I
had two, but one did not grhy ; It crept
down my gtera to meet the sun, so that
It might grow beautiful with the rain
bow colors, but the other stayed with
me and I owe to It a duty for Its
"I must grow beautiful and sweet
for the dewdrop and myself to repay
It, and If as you say, Mr. Bee, I am
the prettiest and sweetest flower in the
garden this morning, It Is because a
dewdrop nestleg In my heart."
Mr. Bee buzzed away. He did not
tell the rose that the little dewdrop
that had rolled from under the leaf to
meet the sun was no more; he knew
that the little dewdrop In the heart of
the rose would be sad when It learned
the fate of its sister, and because It
had chosen so wisely what to do that
morning he wished It to be happy.
(ffl by McClur. Nawapapar Syndicate.)
Has a Man Like Thfs Propoaed
to You?
Symptoms: Nervous, long face,
tight clothes, fidgety has abil
ity. But tells you, "You'd be a
big help to a feller like me. I
need to be steadied. I hate this
living by myself. Working all
day and no one cares. You've
got a better head than anyone
I ever knew. I need you and
Gosh can't you gee what I'd be
If we had our own little place?
He Is always in need of a
Prescription for bride-to-be:
n Study concrete reinforce
& ment. Have It always on
Absorb This:
( by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
fTTHow to RoadYoor
UAWn CWact.ristics
and Tendencies the
Capabilities or Wti
eases That Mai;; for Succots or
Failure at Shown in Your Palm
TT7IIEN a person carries the hands
" at the side, with the fingers
nearly open, and the hands dangling In
a listless manner, It Is safe to set him
down as lacking In decision of charac
ter and In fixedness of purpose. Be
careful in entrusting such a person
with a secret, and also with entrusting
him with the execution of any purpose
upon which much depends, or on which
you have set your heart.
Often the person who carries his
hands as described in the foregoing
paragraph Is easily led, for good or
evil purpose, and either cannot or will
not take the trouble to wrestle with
the problems of life. In money mat
ters he will, of course, be "generous to
a fault," parting easily with his sub
stance, Just as the man or woman who
holds the hand closed tightly, or nearly
so, will hold to what he or she has
often to the point of niggardliness. In
this respect, and in mental matters
also, the more open the hand Is, the
more liberal will be the possessor. But
there Is such a thing as too much liber
ality, as shown by the hand that Is
held too wide open.
( by Wheeler Syndicate. Ino.)
By John Kendrlck Bangs,
IF YOU would fill your 'dayt
with eorrow
To pay your bills, beg, steal or
From Tomorrow;
But If you'd walk the primrose
Let Yesterday
Your Taxes pay,
And thus I'll warrant you will
The secret of the Easy Mind.
(3 by McClure ti.watiaper Syndicate.)
After Every Meal
Top oil each meal
with a bit ol
sweet In the form
It satisfies the
sweet tooth and
aids digestion.
Pleasure and
benefit combined.
Cuticura Soap
Is Ideal for
The Complexion
SoBp.Olntnifmt.Talrtim.aifl.tvgTvwhffni Forcumplw
Native Game Birds In Danger.
Our native species of quail, pheas
ant and wild turkey are fast coming
to a point where, if not protected by
stringent lawB, they will become ex
tinct It Is true that Imported birds
can be brought in from time to time,
but it Is also true that there is noth
ing quite bo sweet to the ear of the
seasoned gunner as the plaintive
bob-white" call of the quail of Penn
sylvania or the one and only "whirr"
of the native pheasant as it takes
Ears In Their Feet.
A peculiarity of deaf cats is that
they seem to have a very great sense
of feeling In their foot-pads. It Is al
most an Impossibility for a heavy ani
mal to approach a deaf cat from be
hind without giving It warning, and
this may be attributed to the extreme
sensitiveness of the cat's feet record
ing the slightest tremor of the ground.
Cuticura SoaD fot the Complexion.
Nothing better than Cuticura Soap
dally and Ointment now and then as
needed to make the complexion clear,
scalp clean and hands soft and white.
Add to this the fascinating, fragrant
Cuticura Talcum and you have the
Cuticura Toilet Trio. Adv.
Apples Long Preserved.
While engaged In repair work In a
cold storage plant at Zelah, Wash.,
workmen uncovered three boxes of
apples that, upon investigation, were
found to have been in storage upward
of five years. The fruit was in ex
cellent condition.
Came Back.
Village Storekeeper (as pastor goes
out after making purchase) Dinged
old hypocrite! This is the same bud
quarter I put in the collection last
Sunday morning. Boston Evening
Signs of Wisdom.
These are the signs of a wise man:
to reprove nobody, to pralso nobody;
to blame nobody, nor even to speak of
himself or his own merits. Eplctetus.
Ocean Jurisdiction.
Although the ocean is tho common
property of every country, and, as
such, is free to all, yet, according to
generally recognized international law,
every country exercises jurisdiction
over the sea within three miles, of its
Mucilage for Postage Stamps.
The mucilage for postage stamps is
made of gum dextrin, two parts;
water, five parts; acetio acid, one
part. Dissolve by the aid of heat and
add one part of 90 per cent alcohol.
Stray Bits of Wisdom.
The heart is like a millstone, which
gives meal if you supply It with corn,
but frets Itself It you don't C. J.
The Wise Rich.
The rich people are wise. They let
the poor people raise the families
while they raise the rents.
l needed In every department of home
keeping. Equally good fot towela.table
Unea.aheeta and pillow caaea. Cwei
Are Yon Satisfied? 5 &ffis&ES
Is the blscest, most perfectly equlpaed
Business Training; School In the North
west Fit yourself for a higher soaltloa
with mora money. Permanent smiUoks
insured our Graduates.
Write (or sataiuc Fovrtk anl Yamhill,
P. N. U.
No. 24, 1923
Save (he