The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 31, 1923, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
NO. 34
Work on Dam
Work started again today on
the dap that is to make a fish
pond of several acres aronnd the
Maupin springs below the source
of the town water supply. This
pond when completed is to be
stocked with fish. Woodcock
Bros, are having the dam built,
and will make use of the over
flow for the operation of an
electric light plant to be con
structed and owned by them.
The fish pond is to remain the
property of Mrs. W. H. Staats.
Jesse Walter is employed in
R. E. Wilson Co's. store.
Side Lights
During one of Mr. Henry
Ford's recent visits to Florida
he was asked by one of his en
thusiastic admirers the following
"Mr. Ford, what is your great
est ambition in life?"
Mr. Ford replied:
''That I might sit in house by
the side of the road,
And watch the Fords go by;
They are good, they are bad,
they are weak, they are st. ong;
Tinny so am I. ,
I would not sit in the scorner's
seat, '
Or hurl the cynic's ban,
Union Pacific to Spend
Forty-two Millions
for 1923 Improvements
To care for increased business and to better serve
its patrons by handling traffic without delay, even
during times of peak business, the Union Paciffic
has entered upon a program of improvements for
1923 estimated to cost $42, 817, 708, the principal items
of which are:
Branch lines and extentions .! $5,992,837
Equipment ..... .. 11,547,895
Additional main tracks(double tracking).....5,198,756
Additional yard and passing tracks 3,001,022
Shops, enginehouses, tools and machinery 3,992,621
Water and fuel stations ..1,802,783
, Station pnd terminal facilities 2,651,771
Property for terminal expansion. .....1,143,725
Elimination of grade crossings 858,364
Additional signals and interlocking.......... 241,539
Heavier rails ...2,907,260
Bridge betterments. .2,024,255
Ballasting and other road improvements. . .2,454,880
Total. : ....$42,817,708
New construction includes a line from Lund to
Cedar City, Utah, opening up a territory rich in
agriculture, iron and the scenic attractions of Zion
National Park, Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks;
also an alternate main line through Boise, Idaho and
a branch in the Idaho Falls District. A line from
Delta to Fillmore, Utah, not included in the fore
going, was completed last month.
The additional main track will provide double
track from Omaha to Ogden and Salt Lake, except
for 27 miles. With connections east of Omaho, it
means 1,515 miles of double track westward from
Chicago, the longest continuous stretch of double
, track in the United States over which solid through
trains are run.
New equipment includes 78 freight locomotives
; and 57 all-steel passenger train cars. All main line
through passenger trains will now be all-steel equipped
These expenditures are in addition to 4,500 box and
automobile cars, . 45 steel passenger train cars, 80
locomotives and 100 tank cars, purchased last year1
; and delivered this year. Nor do the figures include
8,630 new refrigerator cars of Pacific Fruit Express
Company owned jointly by the Union Pacific and '
Southern Pacific, purchased in 1922 and 1923 that
" will be available for the 1923 perishable traffic.
,..'..;These improvements are in addition to the regular
, , maintenance program. They will be made from new
.capital and not from earnings. The work will give
. employment to a vast number of persons in the
territory served.
: ; This program is entered upon with a firm
belief in the prosperity of the Western states
and a confidence that the people in the terri
. tory served by the Union Pacific will co-operate
in maintaining the railroad at a point
of greatest effectiveness.
" " Constructive suggestions are always welcome.
C. li. Gray, '
But let me sit in tho house by
the side of the road,
And be a friend to the tin can."
Dr.Corin was asked by one of
his well known patients to state
the period at which the cain was
most severe in the extracting of
a tooth, to which he replied, that
the pain was not severe during
theoperation but IMMEDIETLY
The quesion has been raised
in the Maupin City Council as
to what restrictions should be
placed on camping grounds. Any
one having any anything to offer
on this subject kindly send same
to the City Recorder.
Word has been, received from
Washington D .C, that all broad
catting stations are -in future
compelled to clise down for the
required two minute listening
perio !. No exceptions to this!day Mr.
rule can hfl maflp All rnnrorneri StBBtS.
kindly take notice.
- Mr. Johnson being too busy
this year to have a formal open
ing of his strawberry patches,
will bh glad to furnish free sam
ples of his delicious fruit to any
one making upplication for same
Medical scitne has substantia
ted the fact that athletes at a
certain period of their lives find
themselves slipping a little.
John Stovall arrived Tuesday
and is guest of his brother, Dr.
L. S. at Drug Store. f
Orrion Farlow, eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Farlow of
the Smock : section, and Miss
Mary Morrison, 15 year old
daughter of W, L. Morrison of
Tygh Valley, were married in
The Dalles Monday afternoon.
Both young people have attend
ed the Maupin school and have
the best wishes of , their many
friends for a happy home.
Kreso Dip No. 1. A real stand
ardized dip for all purposes, for
sale at Maupin Drug Store.
Many visited the cemetery yes
terday, while the local business
houses closed their doors in me
morial respect.
Mr. and MraC Geo. Moner of
Portland were guests Wednes-
and Mrs. W. H.
Criterion News
We would appreciate your trade. We sell the
best goods. We give the best service for the
least money in Maupin. Your dollar does double
duty at the '
- Harris Cash Store
Bill McClain is spending a few
days in Wap. this wetk visiting
O. L. Pacquet.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Endersby
spent Sunday with Mis. Julia
Endersby. ,
Mr. Sanford was in our midst
from Portland last week. He
attended the high school con
mencement exercises while heie.
Mrs. R. E. Ellenwood and son
Bobbie returned from Portland
John Ward took Louie McCoy
to Dufur Monday to consult with
Dr. Griffith.
Roscoe Batty went to Maupin
Wednesday to visit a few days
with his grandmother and other
The farmers here and near
here shipped a couple car loads
of hogs to Portland last Srturday
Mrs. Maude Hammer returned
Monday from Portland where
she had been a couple of weeks
Mrs. R. W. McCorkie is visit
ing relatives at Wamic this week
Dorothy Harpham of Maupin
spent several daps last week
visiting Mrs. E. A. Hartman.
Alva Blackerby of Wamic was
over here Saturday bringing
some horses for Alva Wilcox.
Mamie Walker spent Sunday
with Mabel Lewis.
High School will close Friday.
The students are looking forward
to a gay time on that day.
Mr. and Mrs. George Burnside
took Sunday dinner with Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Sharpe.
The Revival meetings are con
tinuing through this week with
an all day meeting planned lor
next Sunday. Everybody come
and bring lunch.
If the party who entered M rs.
Burnside's cellar and so gener
ously helped to, kraut, beans,
corn, and other canned goods
will please return the jars no
questions will be asked. If said
party feels it would be easier to
to leave said fruit jars at the
Burnside mail box, well and good
but by all means return the jars.
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Mr and Mrs. A. Agidius yes.
terday moved into the pretty
little bungalow on Dufur avenue
built by R. Johnson, this spring
for their occupancy. J. R. Mc
Kee and family moved today in
to the Foley cottage.
Take a Kodak with you on
your vacation.All makes for
sale at Maupin Drug Store.
Found Tuesdayt between Geo.
Claymier's and Julius SJjipflin's,
set of tire chains. Owner may
have same by calling J. C. Pratt
proving property and paying for
Subscribers renewing for the
Times this week are: H. I$J2m
mons, Mrs. P. J. King, Mrs.
Anna Smith, F. W. Wilson, R.
D. Williams, M. D. Ashley, W.
N. Mulvany. . .' ;
For sale, 400 head of ewes, most
ly2yr. olds at $9 per head.
Lambs $5 per head if taken soon
Will sell in bunches to suit.
C. B. Dhl..
A party of local people went
down to Sheravs Bridge fishing
yesterday afteinoon. While en
deavoring to obtain some salmon
eggs for bate of some Indian
women, Mrs- O. F. Renick and
Mrs. M. F. Van Lannen had the
thrilling experience . of having
their pictures taken by a promi
nent attorney of The Dalles
while the squaws'protested, call
ing him "Dirty Dutchman."
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Meiers
and children and Mrs. Bernard
Huston of Dufur were Maupin
visitors Friday.
E. W. Griffin, local O. T. agent
who was taken suddenly ill re
cently, is under Dr. Warren's
care at Bend, and getting along
nicely, being able to drive his
car around town Sunday. They
have purchased a home there
and expect to remain tor six
weeks or two months.
Prof. C. T. Bonney, who has
been principal of the Tygh Val
ley high school for . the past two
years nas; signed up for the
coming school year with Shaniko
for a salary of 1225 per month.
Mr, Bonney has made it a point
to build up his schools and our
neighbor town maye assured of
their biggest school this next
Mrs. B. F. Turner is tending
postoffice at Sherars Bridge
while Mrs. J. S. Taylor is taking
her vacation.
Mr, and Mrs. L. C. Henneghan
Mrs. A. Batty and Kenneth
Batty motored to Hepner Satur
day, returning yesterday minus
Kenneth who remained at the
home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Batty at that pface.
A light shower fell S inday
and was followed by a heavy
frost that night. . r
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wilson and
family left Friday morning for a
weeks visit with friends in Port
land and from there they expect
to drive to Forest Grove to visit
Mrs. Wilson's mother Mrs. Aus
tin before returning home. ',,
C. A. Duua left Sunday morn
ing for The Dalles.
Mrs. P. J. Kirsch and Alfred
Herrling left Monday for Rend
to visit their sister Mrs. Charles
Paul Kirsch underwent an
operation in Hood River last
Sunday; is getting along nicely
at the last report. His many
friends here wish him a speedy
recovery. ;
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. DeCamp
of Maupin spent Thursday with
their daughter, Mrs. Carl Duus,
and were out to the entertain
ment given by Miss Fischer's
school on Thursday. Everyone
reported a good Time.
Mr. and- Mrs. Joe Kramer,
with Ernest, Sylvester and Har
old left Friday for a few days'
visit in Vancouver. Wn.
S. F Lease left Thursday for1
Mrs. Bert Appling entertained!
her Sunday School class Satur-;
day from 1 until 4 The after- j
noon was spent in music, songs
and games after which a dainty
lunch was served.
Ordered Contracted
A call for bids on the grading
of about ; 12 miles' of The Dalles
California highway, from the top
of the ' White rber grade to
Maupin and several miles, past
was : today ordered by the state
highway commission, meeting in
Portland, according to word re
ceived from County Judge J. T.
Adkisson, who was in attend
ance. ,
; The placing of this stretch
under contract will leave but
two units of the highway not
under construction, that between
Dufur and the top of Butler
canyon, and between the end of
Cow canyon and the terminus of
the contract ordered advertised
to(Ja,y, beyond Maupin.
Both of these stretches are of
comparatively light construction,
all of the heavy work now being
assured of early completion.
The Dalles-Dufur section is
now nearing completion. Con
tractors are busy on the units of
heavy construction, down Butler
canyon into Tygh Valley, up the
White river grade and out again.
Today's order by the commis
sion will satisfy the wants of
Matjpiu residents, who have
urged the county court to work
for early letting of this contract.
Chronicle, Tuesday.
The ube left in the hall two
weeks ago belonged to Mrs. F.C
Thompson's Fluffy Marshmallows
are good fried, toasted, in hot
chocolate, on cakes and ice
cream. Also good to eat
as they are. 48c lb.
See 'em, buy 'em at
Harpham Confectionery
The Crandali Undertaking CoTI
The Dalles, Oregon
Licensed Enbalmers ' ' ' rioter Equfpihcnf
Start That Account
and when you think ,of a Ifenk, think of our
Bank then come in and ' pet acquainted.
The man With five dollars is trnted vith as
much courtesy as the man with - thousands.
You Need Us
We Need You
As business friends we are both made stronger
i i
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval