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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
NO. 33
School Notes
The class leaders in the high
school regular examination are
Senior, Mabel Cyr; Junior, Jesse
Walter; Sophomore Floyd Rich
mond; Freshman, Olive Turner.
Those that averaged 90 or more
are Jean Wilson, Helen Philmlee
Winifred Kaiser, Olive Turner,
Floyd Richmond, Lorraine Stovall
Mabel Cyr, Or'land Walter, and
Jesse Walter.
The students exempt from fin
als examinasion in all their sub
jects are Mabel Cyr, Jesse Walter
Orland Walter, Lorraine Stovall,
Olive Turner, Jean Wilson and
Helen Philmlee. The finals .will
be given this week.
Five eighth graders, Helen
Weberg, Alda Pugh, Fred Shear
er, Margaret Doss, and Ilda
Miller, successfully passed the
state examinations. "All of the
pupils of the seventh grade pass
ed the geography examination,
and the sixth grade passed in
physiology. The grammar grade
are going to end the year with a
picnic Friday. They were busy
with examinations the first of
the week. The primary grades
will have their picnic Thursday.
Public Sale
Jay I. Fowler has a long list
of stock and farming equipment
of all kinds listed in a bill for
sale, Tuesday, the 29th.
it's easier
oronto .
j R. B.
w-V) -
We would appreciate your trade. We sell the
best goods. We give the best service for the
least money in Maupin. Your dollar does double
duty at the
Harris Cash Store
Eyes Tested
Saturdays and Sundays
Old Bank Building - Maupin, Oregon
0. It. Dinwiddie
Registered Optician . .
Dufur to Celebrate
A grand celebration will be
staged at Dufur, July 4, under
the auspices of the Dufur Fire
At the last meeting of the Fire
Department it was decided that
a celebration for the 4th of July
would be given by the depart
ment, and plans are being per
fected for what promises to be
one of the' biggest celebrations
ever staged here in the past
history of Wasco county.
The best is none to good for
our city, and visitors will be
shown what our Firemen can do
when it comes to entertaining a
Committees have been appoint
ed and plans are going forward
for the bfg event Committees
are as follows:
Executive, C. W. Heisler, D.
C. Evans, H. C. Martin.
Publicity, M. E. Phillipps, H.
C. Martin, C. W. Heisler.
Parade, American Legion.
Program, Willard Vanderpool,
F. P.. Ingels.
Dinner, L. M. Smith.
Field Sports, W. C. Hanna, L.
A. Smith.
Concessions, Herb Mulkins.
Water sports, Bill Fvans, Tom
Dance, W. C. Hanna, H. C.
Fire Works, Geo. Furneaux,
D. C. Evans.
Was the most direct trans
continental route when it
teas blazed and IS NOW
to negotiate now than tnen,
and the REDUCED round trip ...
" Id effect daily between
May 15 and September 15
over the
will make it very attractive. Study thta table.
Denver. . $64.00 Buffalo . J?gg2
Oraahn . . 72.00 Pltteburgh . 119.76
Kansas City . 72.00 Washington 141.56
St. Louis . . 81.50 Philadelphia 44.93
Chicago . . 86.00 New York . 147.4
'Detroit . . 105.62 Boston. 153.80
, ' lUb.dU Atlanta , a 4 '.;
. 113.75 Montreal . 132.74
with corresponding f arcs to other Important center.
Final return limit October 31(t. Libersl itop-ovtf
privileges going and returning.
A side trip to Yellowetone at small additional
cost will afford the experience of 1 life time.
Call ua by phone and let ua make all your arrangements
It coats no more and will save you lota of worry.
Bell. Maupin, Oregon
Commencement exercises will
be held in the I. 0. 0. F. hall
W. H. Talcott, former resident
and a number of years postmaster
here. arrived last Thursday at
the home of his son D. W. Talcott
from Sheridan, coming by auto
with a party of young people
of that place. He says Juniper
Flat never looked better to him
and intends to spend the summer
- Mrs. C. S. McCorkle died at
2 o'clock this morning in Port
land, where she and her husband
were residing, in hopes of im
provement of her health. Funer
al services will be held Saturday
at the Wamic cemetary, near
lliclr former home.
E. A. Mayhew and D. M.
Shattuck were here the first part
of the week from Portiand.
A few of the local men went
to Shearers yesterday and came
home last evening each carrying
a large salmon.
W. N. Mulvaney was a business
visitor from his sawmill at Smock
B D Frah'y and Ivan Donald
son started T' esday for Califor
nia. They will be accompanied
from Roscbui'K by Mrs. Donald
son who has been attending
Grand Lodge at North Bend.
Mr. and Mrs Carl Dahl of
Tygh VallejMiacI fur their week
end guests, Mr. an 1 Mrs. Ed.
Murry and Dr. G. 0 in from
Portland and Mr. and Mis. Jay
Rorick, Mr. and Mra--Ffatik
Heulat, and Mr. and Mrs. James
Sharpe from The Dalles.
Wm. Beckwith an.d Glen Morris
worked a couple of days on the
local lines, connecting up Ih
business houses with central,
each on a private line. The
Times will now answer when
called Main 23
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Bonney
Rex and Thelma Bonney, and
Mrs. Margie Harper were Mau
pin visitors from Tygh, Tuesday.
Jqhnsop was i town Moo
day with a crate of strawberries
this being the 6econd crate he
has brought to town this year.
Mrs. Pugh of near Dufur is
visiting at the home of her
daughter Mrs. James Chalmers
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Anderson
of Walla Walla were Maupin
visitors over the week end.
Several went from here to at
tend the play a,t Tygh Saturday
W. 0. Miller, A. Agidius, and
D. Stuart went up to North
Junction Saturday for a fishing
Brenton Slusher and family
are planning to come from Dufur
and occupy the school section
west of Maupin owned by the
Slusher Bros.
H. R. Kaiser, R. E. Wilson,
Mrs. R. R Crabtree, end Mrs. J.
Donaldson left Monday morning
for North Bend to attend grand
Side Lights
The people of Maupin are anx
ious to know the names of those
Indians from whom Messrs Frank
Stuart, John Confer, Oscar Rcn-
ick, George Morris, and Lew.
Henneehan purchased their sal-
mon at Sherars Bridge on Wed
nesday, so that they can go
Sherars and obtain some. They
wquld also like to know the
amount paid,
The question has been raised
at Washington, D. C if it is the
correct thing for a Senator to be
seen running to his office.
Is it true that Dad Cjle, the
Mining Engineer, was seen fish
ing on the banks of the Deschutes
River with a well known society
lady the other day?.
R. B. Bell the Station Master
has returned from Portland
where he was the guest of the
Henry Ford Motor works Mr.
Bell states that Mr. Ford is doing
considerable to discard all poor
business " and is looking up
wealthy clients.
Mrs. J. M. Stockwell of Mar
quam arrived here Tuesday for
a visit with her sister Mrs. E- M.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Flinn
came over from Simnasho Tues
day and returned the same day
taking Mrs. Alice Chappie with
them. She will cook at the saw
Mr. Alt and brother who are
in the Forest service came out
from .Portland Monday. Joe
Graham met them at Maupin.
They have gone on to the mount
ains. Chester Pcchette who has been
in Portland learning the barber
trade has finished his course and
returned home Tuesday.
. Mrs. Blanche Pierce is working
for J. P. Abbotts. Mrs. Anna
Smith is preparing to go to the
mountains as one of the cooks
this summer.
Fred Hornquist purchased a
new baby Overland on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hartman
and Mrs. Harvey Hartman left
Monday for their respective
homes after a week9 visit here
with, relatives.
School closed Tuesday with a
fitting program followed by a
picnic at the Grove. Lojs Gray left Wednesday
for her home in Tho Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Perle Evick are
in The Dalles for the formers
Jeanette Burnside has been
visiting Anna West this week.
The Revival meeting will con
tinue during the week and over
next Sunday. Let every body
The high school commencement
program will b.e. held at trie
school house Friday evening
Mrs. L. M. Woodside returned
home Saturday from Woodburn
where she had been visiting her
Wamic News
Rev. Harris, a missionary bab
tist minister from Mexico, held
meetings on Smock last week.
Chester Bargenholt was able
to ride over from Wasco to his
home on Smock last week for a
few days stay. His nurse Miss
Curratt accompanied him,
Tom Woodcock went to The
Dalloa Friday for Mrs. Woodcock
who has been in the hospital
several weeks treating for gall
Joo Prout has returned to
Huntington, Mrs. Prout is still
here visiting relatives and friends
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chandler
and babv Opal went to Dufur
toSaturday to
see Mrs, Luella
Johnson, who is taking treatment
from Dr. Griffith.
Paul and Rogina Muller, Hilda
Norval, and Dewey Lofton went
Local Post to Give Social
1 Monday evening the 28th
Maupin Post no. 73 will give a
dance and supper for the members
and their wives at the local 1. Q.
0. F. Hall. All ex-service men
and their families! are invited to
attend. Be there. Let's m,ake
it a good time.
to Dufur Sunday to get Mrs.
Muller who has been there a.
month under Dr. Griffith's care.
Miss Naomi Young is visiting
at the Zene Watkins home.
Claud .lones moved Chris Paul
sons goods from Kent to Wapini
tia yesterday.
Several from here and Tygh
Vallev witnessed the ball game
at -Wapinitia Sunday.
A party going to Sherars
Bridge to fish Saturday were
hurt when their car upset near
the Myrtle Brittain place. They
were taken to The Dalles for
medical aid.
A very serious accident occur
ed at the road camp in Butlers
canyon Monday morning . when
a premature blast injured the
face and eyes of a laborer who
was tamping for the blast. His
hands were badly torn.
The commencement exercises
Grocery and Meat Market
Everything for the Table
Two Big Events Big Auction Sale
of Live Stock and Farm ImplemeirtB..- l ots of small
articles useful on the farm and irr the home.
Saturday the 26th at T. 1L Woodcocks, Wamic
Tuesday the 29th at Jay ' Fowler's farm
two miles south of Wamic
You cannot afford to miss them
Don't FEED That Destructive Squirrel. KILL it.
We have Poisoned Barley made by our County Agent.
Costs very Little, Saves lots of grain
Bring in your Eggs. Get the Cash
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
The Dalles, Oregon
Licensed Enbalmcrs
Start That Account
when you think of a Bank, think of
then come iii and fret acquainted.
man with five dollars trmud with
much courtesy ass the
You Need Us
We Need You
As buainiss friends vc
We Strive to
Eighth Grade Successful
Maupin graduates for this
month are, Helen Weberg 92.2;
Alda Pugh 88.6; Fred R. Shearer
87.1 Margaret Doss 84.3 and Ilda
Miller 82.4.
Criterion, James Burton Appl
ing 88.4; Elizabeth M. Appling
89.1; Edgar Hall 82.4; Wapinitia,
Elizabeth J. Burnside 87.5, Ruby
Powell; 85.8, Wamic, Carmel
M. Woodcock 88, Vernon Ayres
of the Tygh Valley high school
were held Wednesday night in
the Odd Fellow hall. Much
credit is due the graduates who
showed much ability in their,
essays and readings. Prof. C.
T. Bonney presented diplomas to
Misses Thelma Bonney and Lena
Wing and Winston Lake. Open
ing and closing songs by the
chorus girls and a solo by Prof.
C. 0. Bay, accompanied by Dr.
Corin of Maupin was ft charming
feature, as was an address by
Prof's Bonney and Bay and a
pleasing talk by Dr. H. L. Bates
of Pacific University was well
encored. '
A banquet was given in tho
school room Friday night to the
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Motor Equipment
man with 1 IioiishihIh.
are both made stronger
State Bank
Merit Approval