The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 19, 1923, Image 3

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Excellent Cuie Special Weekly ltutcs Uub Meets All Tralnl
lllh and Bturk, Purtlund, Ore.
D A D'C DITGTs 7H A AT1 A IpIm to Eat and Lire Well.
liA f) ? JU IVJ1X 1 Kemarkablt 40c luncheon at noon.
Writ for Price, and Shipping lug.
Page & Son
Portland, Oregon
Jack King Curei It. Ladies and CJenti Exam
ination free. 207 Dekum bldif., Portland, Ore
Right Down Town
Park and Morrison Sts Portland, Ore
Cheerful Large Lobby. Well furnished rooms
with all modern conveniences. Prices $1.00 up.
You will certainly feel at hoine here.
W. J. Sofield, Manager.
Cleaning, carding and mattresses. Crystal
Springs Woolen Mills, 7o0 Umatilla, Portland.
Protect that Idea with a United
Btatea Patent. Others have made fortunes
out of Patents. Why not you? Thomas
Bllyeu, 202 Stevens Bldg., Portland, Ore.
for farm produce brings producer bet
ter returns. We like to tell you of
our plan.
215 Front St.
Portland, Or.
BE positively and peima- -nently
cured of your Piles
by a highly specialised phy.l
cisn. My method Is non-iura-Icsl,
pslnleis snd GUARAN
TEED to cure you. Send for
FREE Illustrated book.
Construction of Hard-Surfaced Floats
Enables Fire Department to Pro
tect Farmers.
Dallas county, Texas, has made it
possible for the rural districts to ob
tain protection from the fire depart
ment In Dallas through the construc
tion of modern hard-surfaced high
ways. A contract executed recently
between the Dallas City commission
and the county commissioners provides
for fire protection to farmers on nil
paved roads within a radius of 15
miles of Dallas. When a farmhouse
or barn along a paved roafl catches
fire all the farmer has to do is to tele
phone the Dallas department and It
Apparatus on Hard
will respond-at forty to fifty miles an
hour wlti a chemical engine or a
steamer as occasion may warrant.
Dallas county is one of the first In
the country to make such an arrange
ment Several fires have already been
extinguished with small loss. A gen-
eral reduction In fire Insurance rates In
th smaller towns and farming dis
tricts has been the result. The service
will be made more extensive when the
big road building program now under
way In Dallas county Is finished. Farm
ers affected by the arrangement are re
ported to be delighted with the protec
tion afforded.
Crude Tin Can Still
I Tucson, Ariz. Henry Bode, a min
ting engineer, and his wife, are in
I Tucson after a successful fight against
I the desert region that lies along the
i eastern shores of the Culf of Califor
nia. Their supply of water gave out
la the hills, where no springs could
ha found, while the nearest settle
ment was several days' travel away.
So, seeking the shore of the gulf,
they Improvised a crude distilling ap
You Will F..I
Rlthl at Horn
Portland, Oretron
Complete Change Saturday. Adults, Matlnm, JOo:
Evenings, Sue. Continuous 1 to U p. m. Children
10 cent, ell time.
Onen 1 a. m. to 2 a. in.. a(14 YumhlllSt
CO. mSSfa
Address Department B
Now in th tim to market
capon i. We are pioneer and
lariat handlers of thtuw in the
Northwest. Write us.
Cut, seam, hem and machine
pleat skirts ready for band.
85 cents
Hemstitching, picoting and tucking.
86V4 Fifth St. Portland. Ore
Sanitary Beauty Parlors We fix you up.
we make all kinds o( Hair Goods of your
combings. Join our School of Beauty
Culture. 400 to 414 Dekum Bldg., Phone
proaoway oauz, Kortiana, Oregon.
Northwest Welding & Supply Co. U 1st St
For reliable Cleaning and
siDIujfla Dyeing Bervice send parcels to
FTBJfiir H ua 6 pu return postage.
upon request.
Established 1890 Portland
Clarke Bros., Florists, 287 Morrison St
Commercial Iron Works, 7th & Madison.
I Featherweight Arch Supports made to
order. J. E. Tryzelaar, 618 Plttock Block,
Teaches trade in 8 weeks. Some pay while learn
ing. Positions secured. Write for catalogue.
234 Burnside street, Portland. Ore.
"iir it hurts nrw-T PAY."
Guaranteed dental work. Crowns $6.00,
Plates 116.00. Bridgework 15. Ul) a tooth.
Teeth extracted bv gas. Latest modern
methods. Dr. Harry Semler, Dentist, 3rd
md Morrison, 2nd floor Allsky iiiug., r-on-land,
Or. Write or phone for appointment
fitrawhnrrv and Rasnberrv Plants
Write Platers Gardens, 3912 W. Queen
Ave.. Knokane. Wash., for price 1st ever
bearing strawberry and raspberry plants
and save money.
MONUMENTS E, 3d and Pine Sts.
Otto Schumann Granite & Marble Works.
Marry If Lonely; most successful "Horn.
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential;
reliable; years experience; descriptions
free. "The Successful Club," Mrs. Nash,
Box 659, Oakland, California.
Wedding Bouquet and Funeral Pieces
Lubllner Florists, 348 Morrison St
However, It Should Be Intelligent and
Constructive, Not Destructive
and Detrimental.
Itoads are seen the most, used the
most, and needed the piost of any
public utility. It is natural that they
should be talked about because they
are continually in evidence. Every
now and then we hear criticism of
the road building program. Now crit
icism is one of the most necessary
requisites of success providing It is in
telligent and constructive, but criticism
that has no basis In fact is, to sny the
least, destructive and detrimental
While a well-aimed shot may bring
down the proper objective, a stone
thrown at random will do much dam-
ae and no good. If you want your criti
cism to do good be sure you know the
facts. Think before you speak.
Department Public Works, Nebraska.
Heavy Sheets of Steel Fabric Are Now
Imbedded In Most Improved
Types of Concrete.
Flat sheets of heavy steel fabric are
now Imbedded In the most improved
types of concrete roads to increase
their life. The state Highway depart
ments of both New York and Pennsyl
vanla have been so thoroughly con
vinced of the value of the innovation
that hereafter the flat reinforcements
will be specified in all contracts let by
them, soys Popular Mechanics Maga
zine In an illustrated article. Of even
greater significance Is the use of a
contraction Joint in the center of the
Sire High Producers?
A bull can only transmit to his prog
eny what he has received from his
ancestry. Time will answer the ques
tion, "Can a bull sire high producersr
Ancestry Counts In Bulls.
A bull should be more than Just a
bull. Ancestry counts in bulls as in
men. Doubtful ancestors are an ex
pensive luxury In the dairy business.
Saves Two in Desert
paratus, mainly from a five-gallon oil
can and several tomato cans. Thus
they obtained enough water for them
selves and four burros for ten days.
Then the party sighted a small
Mexican coastwise trat'ing steamer,
which was slgnuled by the burning
of palm fronds and which sent a boat
to the beach. Return to the United
States was by way of the Port of
Statute Challenged by Chicago Board
of Trade Held Constitutional.
Washington, D. C The gruin fu
tures act, placing all grain exchanges
under federal control and compelling
them to admit to membership repre
sentatives of farmers' co-operative as
sociations, was declared constitutional
by the supremo court Monday, the
court dividing, seven to two.
The luw was challenged by the Chi
cago board of trade, acting also In" be
half of other grain exchanges, on the
ground that trading in grain futures
was a matter strictly within the police
power of the states and outside the
jurisdiction of the federal government.
When congress, seeking to accom
plish the result aimed at In the pres
ent law, Imposed a prohibitive tax
on all future trading not conducted
on "contract" markets and required
all exchanges to place themselves un
der government control as a condition
precedent to becoming such markets,
the supreme court declared the law
invalid and an unconstitutional exer
cise of authority.
Promptly congress met the issue by
re-enacting substantially all the regu
latory features of the law, but based
its new exercise of authority on its
control over interstate commerce, de
claring that trading in grain futures,
unless properly regulated by the fed
eral government, could be made a re
straint upon interstate shipments of
Grain exchanges interposed un-com-
pronnslng objections. The govern
ment supervision was declared by
them irksome and impracticable, as
well as unnecessary, but their prin
cipal attack was made on that part
of the law which gave farmers' co
operative associations a right to mem
bership on the grain exchanges. This
constituted confiscation of property,
the grain exchanges contended, be
cause it admitted to membership in
the corporation men who would not be
governed by the rebating rules which
all exchanges had found Imperative,
and would give them an interest, in
the buildings and property of the ex
Paris. Wide divergence of views be
tween the delegates of the United
States and the allies on the question
of reimbursing the United States for
the cost of its occupation of the Rhine-
land developed Monday just as it was
hoped to terminate the negotiations.
When the latest Instructions re
ceived by Eliot Wadsworth, the Amer
ican representative, were put before
the other delegates they found them
of such a nature that they desire to
study and discuss them among them
selves before making any pronounce
ment. To give them this opportunity
Mr. Wadsworth withdrew.
Neither the American nor allied
delegates would say on what point
the conflict rested, but it was re
ported on good authority that it was
an essential point, if not a vital one
The allied delegations considering the
matter decided to refer it to their re
spective governments.
1,500,000 Pigs Killed,
Sioux City, la One and a half mil
lion young pigs were lost by farmers
of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and
Minnesota, as a result of the cold
weather and blizzard which prevailed
throughout the month of March, ac
cording to figures compiled by W
Kennedy, vice-president of the Serum
The greatest loss occurred in Iowa
where 800,000 pigs were lost, more
than the combined losses of the other
three hog-producing states. Minnesota
and South Dakota each lost 200,000 of
the young porkers.
Deaf Mute Hears Radio.
Pendleton, Or. Wesley Peters of
this city, deaf since boyhood, now
hears by radio. Mr. Peters' first thrill
came when he was asked to listen in
on a local set. Rather skeptical, h
placed the ear pieces on his head and
by means of paper and pencil, he told
of his marvelous experience. "Strange
sounds, I don't understand," he wrote,
but listened through the entire first
evening, and now he spends the great
er part of his night with a radio set.
Five Children Die in Fire.
Sacramento, Cal. Five Japanese
children and one Japanese school
teacher were burned to death and nine
others were still unaccounted for in
fire which destroyed a boarding school
at 418 O street early' Sunday morning
The bodies were all found in a room
on the top floor, where firemen bat
tied their way through the flames.
k & i l-Mrr ' J
ft is4rti-W.iii:.Ll nil a
Doctor It. V. Plorco, whoso picture
appears abovo, was not only a success
ful physlclun but also a profound
student of tlio medicinal qualities of
Nature's remedies, roots and herbs, and
by close observation ot tha methods
used by tlio Indians, ho discovered their
grout remedial qualities, especially for
weaknesses of women, and after care
ful preparation succeeded In giving to
the world a remedy which has been
used by women with the best result:!
for half a century. Dr. Pierce's Fuvorlta
Prescription is still in emit demand,
while many other so called "cure-alls "
havo como and gono. The reason for
its phenomenal success Is because of Its
absolute purity, and Dr. Pierce's high
tundlug as an honored citizen of
liiillalo Is a guarantee of all that is
lalmed for the Favorite Proscription
j a regulator for tlio ills peculiar
) women.
Send 10c. for trial pkg. to Dr. IMcrco's
"iMs Hotel. Iluffalo, N. Y.
- Toothache Superstition.
Some quaint superstitions still linger
around common flowers in England.
Groundsel is said to cure toothache if
dug up with an implement having no
iron in it, and the aching tooth is
touched five times with the root.
First Methods of Cooking.
Roasting in earth ovens and boiling
by placing hot stones in earthenware
vessels were prehistoric means of
cooking food.
Lincoln vs. You
Lincoln belongs to the ages. He was a
man among men and all the world today
recognizes his genius of character.
T.lnpnln was Rplf-tnught. Instead of
waiting for someone to pound knowledge
into htm. he would walk mtlea to Becure
a book thnt he might pursue the quest of
knowledge which was a supreme passion
with him throughout ms me.
Lincoln instinctively knew that knowl
edge was the key that unlocks the door
tn tame and lortune. or any success irmi
man desires. He went directly after
knowledge to prepare himself so that
when his chance came he would be ready.
Ynn mnv look handsomer than Lincoln:
you may have more native strength than
Lincoln; you may have an intellect that
could easily be developed; but If you
have not the burning desire to develop
yourself, you are certain to stick In the
mud-sock class.
Knowledge Is distinctly a matter of In
clinatlon. If you do not secure knowledge
you are Just as certain to suffer for your
lack of development In a mental way as
you would certainly deteriorate pnysicany
if you laid In bed all the time and would
neglect to develop your musctes. hazi
ness leads to pain and failure. If you In
sist on being lazy, the law of compensa
tion will force vou to Bay compound In
terest for your Idleness. You will be
whipped and scourged and made to do the
meanest worK ot tne worm, me nuru
laws of necessity are sure to overtake
vnn. Vou must eat and neoole will Insist
that you earn what you eat. The whip
of necessity will beat your bleeding hack
and the sharp tongue of a heartless world
will tear to shreds your sensibilities. When
you are stretched on the cross of neces
sity, people of this world will crown you
witn tnorns ana drive into yuur iiesn,
nails expressing their scorn.
Lincoln knew that the world will never
forgive failure. Logically he equipped
himself to succeed and he did succeed,
You, too, can succeed, but you must pre
pare yourself for the battle ot life.
The ercatest asset In life Is a strong
character and the ability to express your
self. If vou are dumb as a dog you will
receive the reward of a dog, the crumbs
from some rich man's table, who under
stands the way to express himself.
The great mass of men have made no
effort to develop themselves. Nearly all
are capable of Infinite development, but
tnev no not remise it. -iney are
by the thought that they are Inferior
when In reality the only difference be
tween a successful man and themselves
Is development.
Thev could easily arrow If they would
get busy and develop themselves as Lin
coln ana otner great men nave uone.
Vou do not have to be a suner-man or
a giant of Intellect, but you do have to
be Just a little better than the average
to be selected to occupy a Beat of honor
and ease where you will work less and
get more.
If you slmnly develop the stiff hack
of a Jack-ass and the physical strength
of a mule you will naturally be paid for
brute Btrength and nothing more, because
that Is all your equipment will enable you
to render in doing the work of the world.
Lincoln wisely learned to talk convinc
ingly. We are offering Dr. Frederick Houk
Law's course on "Mastery of Speech,"
which will quickly develop your ability
to express yourself enectiveiy.
The good talker, you have noticed, Is
the fellow who gets In the lead every
Dr. Frederick Houk, of Oxford
Academy, Amherst College, and Brown
ing University, holding the degrees of A.
B., A. M and Ph. D., has prepared a
course entitled "Mastery of Speech," that
Is not only simple but exceedingly Inter
esting. By following the Instructions he
gives, it is possible for anybody to be
come a convincing talker. Probably riot
a Demosthenes, but a rattling good, en
tertalning speaker. -
Do not delay. Cut off this coupon today
and send It In without any money, and
we will send you this course for $3.50.
Settle with the postman when ho delivers
of Portland, Ore.
418-19-20 U. S. National Bank Bldg,
Please mall me Dr. Law's course,
"Mastery of Speech." I will pay the post
man 83, B0 on delivery, which completes
the transaction and pays for the course
In full. Thereafter the course Is mine
City .
State .
Write Plainly.
(rjMMaRaBfra -&:
Something to
Think About
THOSE apostles of laxity who can
never find time to do unythlug as
It ought to be done, go crookedly
through life complaining in their semi
serious moments thut they are lugging
leagues behind their rlvuls and never
getting anywhere.
They admit this without any appar
ent sense of shame or compunction of
Sometimes to their Intimates of like
ilk, they boast of their short-comings
in a spirit of bravado.
A laziness that distinguishes them
from what- they dlsdulnfully term the
"common class," to whom they will
scarcely nod a courteous good morn
ing, seem in their minds to put them
upon a worshipful pedestal.
Dally they go about their tusk In
a slipshod manner, shunning respon
sibility as a lien avoids a pool of
water. Everything they do is half
Cureless in observing how the pro
ficient save time and energy, and thus
make work a pleusure instead of a
drag, these listless persons are always
In trouble, scowling and finding fault,
even when everything about them Is
Their desks or benches are contin
ually In confusion, quite In keeping
with their unmethodlcul minds.
When urgently needed no paper or
tool is within sight or reach.
It is generally hidden somewhere In
a disordered heap. Precious minutes
are lost while searching for the elusive
thing, and should the task of finding
it happen to be more vexatious than
usunl, some Innocent fellow-worker Is
openly charged with pilfering.
Then a storm breaks and the at
mosphere is surcharged with anger,
which in the customary slowness of
cooling off Is likely to leave the prin
cipals for days and days in sulky
Persons of this character are doomed
to fall In everything they undertake,
except In the making of quarrels and
the wrecking of friendships.
Blameful themselves, they pile their
sins on the blameless.
Wherever they are found there Is
turmoil, inefficiency, disloyalty and un-
happlness, four danger signals which
block the way In every truck of en
deavor to promotion to the higher
(ffi, 1121, by MoClure Mswspaper Syndicate.)
"A friend is a bank of credit on which
we can draw supplies of confidence, coun-
sel, sympatny, Help ana love.
TF YOU have a small amount of left-
over rice stir It into the muiun or
griddle cake batter for breukfust.
Prune Pie.
Take two cupfuls of cooked prunes,
one teuspoonful of cinnamon, one
fourth of a cupful of sugar und one
tablespoonful of butter. Soften the
prunes In water over night, stew until
soft, then remove the pits and add to
the other Ingredients. Put Into
pastry-lined plate, dot with bits of the
butter, cover with a top crust mid bake
In a quick oven. Urusli over the crust
with milk Just before putting the pie
in the oven. This will give a rich
brown crust when baked.
Chocolate Macaroons.
Melt two squares of chocolate, mix
with one can of condensed milk. Add
one-half pound of shredded coconut,
mix thoroughly and odd one teaspoon
ful of vanilla. Drop on greased bak
ing sheets, one teuspoonful at a time
one Inch apart. Bake In a moderate
oven until nicely browned.
Coconut Balls.
Take one tablespoonful of con
densed milk, or the same of honey
one and one-quarter cupfuls of shred
ded coconut, four tnblespoonfuls ol
chopped raisins and one-half cupful of
chopped walnut meats. Mix and shape
into balls the size of marbles, roll In
Cabbage 8alad.
Make a mixture of finely-shredded
cabbage, green peppers and olives. He
move the stones from the olives; to
one small cabbage use one green pep
per, seeds and white fiber removed,
and one cupful of chopped olives,
Moisten with a rich, highly-seasoned
boiled dressing or a mayonnaise. Fill
lemon helves with the mixture and
srve with oysters.
Shredded lettuce added to cream
cheese well-seasoned and sprinkled
thickly with currants makes a tasty
salad to serve with bread and butter
for Sunday night lunch.
Cottage cheese to which two
more tnblespoonfuls of boiled dressing
is added and served on lettuce with
a French dressing, Is another simple
and easy way to prepare salad.
(J, 1921, Western Nswapapsr union.)
Forty thousand separate and dis
tinct species of locust, the historic
pests which annuolly cost the world
about 1100,000,000, have been identi
fied and collected by American scien
give your diges
tion a "kick" with
Sound teeth, a good
appetite and proper
digestion mean MUCH
to your bealtb.
helper In all this
work -a pleasant,
beneficial pick-me-up.
Modern Poetry Summed Up.
Modern poetry has its own genius,
however, aud we need nut weigh It
against that of another age as we de
light In its sensibility, its wealth of
observation, its conquest of new
themes, Its perpetual rediscovery of
imple things and of their effect on
the consciousness. Robert Lynd.
How It Happened.
It was the first time I had ever
driven a car," feebly explained the
victim of the accident, "I got to go
ing pretty fast and forgot how to stop.
looked ahead and saw a bridge
rushing to meet me. I tried to turn
out to let the bridge pass and that
is all I know about It."
Porcelain Mads by Accident.
A potter experimenting with var
ious earths in an attempt to find a
mixture which would stand continual
heat, discovered porcelain, while an
optician's boy whilst mending glasses
thought out the arrangement and uses
of lenses for telescopes.
Don't Forget Cutlcura Talcum
When adding to your toilet requisites.
An exquisitely scented face, skin, baby
and dusting powder and perfume, ren
dering other perfumes superfluous.
You may rely on it because one of the
Cutlcura Trio (Soap, Ointment and
Talcum). 25c each everywhere. Adv.
Seek to Understand Principles.
Knowledge of law is not necessary
as understanding of fundamental prin
ciples on which law is based. One
may know the law without appreciat
ing why it is the law, hence perfunc
torily obey it and thus not support it.
"A little knowledge is a dangerous
Sociological Note.
Anyone who has watched an indi
vidual beggar for any length of time
will not conclude that the vocation Is
elevating in character or that Its re
action upon the Individual is a desir
able one. Greater New York.
Banana Has Few Foes.
A peculiar fact about the banana Is
that no Insect will attack it, and an
other is that It is Immune from the
diseases that fruits are subject to.
His Honesty Assured.
To a tramp who wanted to earn a
bite to eat a woman said: "If I thought
you were honest I'd let you go to the
chicken house and gather the eggs."
"Lady," he replied with dignity, "1
was manager at a bathhouse for 15
years, and never took a bath." Bos
ton Transcript.
Do Today's Duty Well.
Why should wo desire to meet diffi
culties prematurely when we have
neither strength nor light provided for
them? Let us give heed to the pres
ent, whose duties are pressing ;it Is
fidelity to the present which prepares
us for fidelity to the future. Fenelon.
Full Lips Reveal Character.
Cleopatran lips, dark red and full,
which take their name from the fa
mous Egyptian queen, denote a cruel
and vicious disposition.
Is needed in every department of house
keeping. Equally good for towo'" W
linen, sheets and pillow case.
Shave, Bathe and
'Shampoo with one
Soap. Cuticura
Ouur Sosplsths fnorluf orsMTrrsilnt
Are Von Satisfied? IWtifiSta
is the biggest, most perfectly equlpse
Business Training School In the Nortfc
west Fit yourself for a higher soeltioB
with more money. Permanent posjltlolla
aaBured our Graduates.
Write tor ataiot; FourU and TsjaaUll,
P. N. U.
No. 16, 19f3