The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 22, 1923, Image 4

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    The Maupin Times
Published Every Thursday at Maupin, Oregon,
Jessiline E. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50c
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, 1914. at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Meet you Friends at
Harpham Hotel or Confectionery
Something good to eat HOTEL
Something good to drink Confectionery
Best of Candies
eed Wheat
Woodcock Bros.' Mi
I have opened a blacksmith shop for all
around blacksmithing at my old stand
opposite Woodcock's mill and am prepared
to do work at reasonable rates.
Ul "WW i 'AV ItYS
Grain Farmers Know the
Oliver 19-B Gang for Its
Sterling Performance
Long, powerful levers, high clearance, and
adjustable cut adapted to hard or soft soils have
made the Oliver 19-B Gang Plow of plows
throughout the Northwest.
, The work of this plow, with its shifting
clevis, and its evenly plowed, square corners
is a joy to thorough farmers.
We want to show you this Oliver plow that
, is so ideally suited to our conditions.
Oak Grove Cattle Associa
tion Take Notice.
The undersigned is going to
cultivate and plant crops on the
NJ of the SWi and the Ei of the
NWi section 3 T. 6 S. R. 11 E.
W. M. Poison spray will be
used to eradicate pests. You
are hereby notified to herd your
stock off the above described
property, or restore the fence
you willfully, maliciously, and
feloniously destroyed while 'said
property was held by you under
lease and in your possesion.
A. M. Daniels
A bisiinMshes
Warning Notice '
As garden plapting' time is at
hand all those having chickens
running at large within the
town limits will save themselves
trouble and their neighbors
much anoyance by keeping them
up. The city marshal has in
structions to enforce the "chick
en ordinance' which requires
chickens to be cooped up.
A. C. Martin constructed some
ready-cut sheep corrals at the
Tum-A-Lum yard the first of the
week for Connolly's ranch.
Ine war against disease goes
on, After long and tedious effort
the germ of Spanish inflenza has
been isolated. This is a long
step forward in the scientific
study of the malady; but the
next step, that of finding an
effective antitoxin, is longer still
Smallpox, diphtheria, and typ
hoid "have yeilded to the test
tubes and cultures of the bacteri
ologist, and even leprosy, we are
told, now has a specific. Possi
bly influenza will be the next to
the self-sacrificing men who hold
their position on humanity's fir
ing line. Keview and Herald.
iOOD paint makes the difference between
a house M'hich inspires pride and a house
dull and characterless between snowing a
property off and showing it up between an in
vestment and a liability. Good paint not only
beautifies, but prererves shielding against moist
ure, weather and decay.
is that kind good paint, good measure and no
disappointment after using. We carry it. Many
'shades. You'll save money by using it. v
Protect your porch floors and steps with
Acme Quality Veranda Floor' Paint.
R. E. Wilson Co., Maupin, Ore.
etc. In all, the service which
the Knights plan to run for some
years yet at economical cost
reaches individually every man
in the hospital. In addition the
Knights through the American
egion, have provided cash aid
to the' thousands of tubercular
veterans not hospitalizes Daily
American Tribune.
Oranges! Fine large sweet
ones at Shattucks. Special this
week at 60 cents per dozen.
"Eat Oranges for Health".
Latest tailored hats at R. E.
Wilson Co's.
A Frst Class Farm
A First Class Location
on First Class Terms
at Fifth Class Price
Get Particulars II. L. MORRIS
K. of C. Help Veterans
Supreme office issues chart
which makes plain the extension
work carried on by the organiza
tion in behalf of about 30,000 un
How more than $100,000 per
month is spent by the hoSpitaliza
tion bureau of the Knights of
Columbus for the benefit of the
approximately 30,000 disabled
.veterans of all demoninations
who remain living memories of
America's participation in the
war is made plain by a chart
issued bv the Supreme office of
the K. of C. from New Haven,
The Knights hospital work
comes under three main divisions
Entertainment;, Distribution of
creature comforts and personal
service, and each division sup
plies a need felt by the disabled
mtn. There is a fourth division
technical training exemplified
principally by the maintenance
of the toy-factory at St Eliza
beth3 hospital, Washington, D
C-, where hundreds of badly
al'-sbocked men, many of
them nraculy hopeless cases,
are taught how toTake tos
through the year for the Chi.'.'
mas season.
Every month in the four hun
dred hospitals served by the 165
experienced K. of C. secretaries
moving pictures, vaudeville and
boxing and wrestling exibitions
are provided by the Knights,
the hospitals containing . the
largest number of men, as in
New York, Chicago and the
other large cities, San Francisco
etc., naturally receiving the
greater number of entertainment
Almost every day the K. of C.
secretaries distribute large quan
tities of free creature comforts,
cigarettes, candy, toilet articles,
etc., to the men, as the Knights
did in the camps and at the front
during the war.
The feature of personal service
is the personal attention which
the K. of C. hospital, workers
give the men, running errands,
shaving those unable to shave
themselves, writing letters, at
tending to compensation claims,
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, February, 10, 1923.
To Lewis S. Williams, of Wapinitia,
Oregon, Cdntestee:
You are hereby notified that
Earl L. Birchard
who gives Maupin, Oregon, as his post
office address, did on February 6, 1923,
file in this office his duly corrobo
rated abplication to contest and secure
the cancellation of your homestead
Serial No. 022150, made July 12, 1921,
for Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, BEl-4swl-4, SEl-4NE1-4,
NB1-4SE1-4, Sec. 18, Lots 1, 2,
3, Section 19, Township 6 south, Range
12 east, Willamette Meridian, and as
grounds for his contest he alleges that
said Lewis S. Williams has never
establish residence on the land; that
said Lewis.S.Williamsisnot now in the
military or naval forces of the United
States and has not been in the military
or naval forces of the United States
since filing on the land.
You are theretore further notified
that the said allegations will be taken
as confessed, and your said entry will
be cancelled without further right to
be heard, either before this office or on
appeal, if you fail to file in this office
within 20 days from the t UUKTH pub
lication of this notice as shown below,
your answer, under oath, Bpecihcally
responding to these allegations ot con
test, together with due proof that you
have Berved a copy of your answer on
the said contestant either in person or
by registered mail.
Kou should state in your answer the
name of the postoffice :o which you de
sire future notices to be sent to you.
J. W. nonnellv, Kegister.
Date of first publication Feb. 22, 1923.
" second " Mar. 1, 1923.
" third " " 8, 1923.
" fourth " . " 15, 1923.
Came to my place one steer
calf (short yearling) no marks
or brands. One can have same
by proving property and settling
for this adv.-R. W. McCorkle.
Legion Doings
Maupin Post 73 meets every
first and third Mondays of each
month. BE THERE. Ex-service
man ure you a member, if
not why? All visiting mem
bers are cordially invited.
J. Chalmers Com.
A. E. Majtiew Adj.
New Today-
Three rooms to let B.'F. Cook.
For Sale 1 Fanning mill with
sacker, almost new cream sepa
rator, 1 Vaughn Drag saw, cut
almost 125 cords wood. Write
H. Wood, Maupin Ore.
For Sale One span mares com
ing 4 and 5, halter broke weight
1250-S.G. Ledford, Wamic.
For Sale Eleven pipe feede pigs
will weigh about 125 lbs. One
coming five year old Registered
Aberdeen Angus Bull Bruce
Department Pf the Interior '
U. S. Land Otlice at Thepalles, Orcr
gon, March 15ih, 1923.
Notice is hereby triven that
William II. Shelly
. i. . . . XT In
v,onilfn ucgon. wno on iov. in,
1919. made Homester f-iury
for swl-4SEl-4, section z&, bti-awi-,
,i.9mi?i d sect. onCT.Towrisnipo souui,
u.rc lScnaf wi nmeite ienum i, ijhs
diorf nnti.'H of Intention to make final
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Register and
RocoivPiv United States L,una uince,
The lialles, Oregon, on the 25th day of
April, 1HS3.
C, aimant names as witnesses: r. t.
Conroy, A. .J. Conroy, Mary (.onroy,
allot snaiHko, (iregon, jonn juamoii,
Maupin, Oregon.
J. W. Donnelly, Kt-guter.
Department of the Interior
U, S. Land Office at The Dallas, Ore
gon. March 6, 1923.
Notice is hereby given that
Waldo L. Fischer
of Maupin, Oregon, who on Nov. 20,
1920. made Homestead Entry, Mo.
0220S9, for Lots 3, 4. El-2wl-2, section
31. T 5 s, R 14 E, Lots 1. 2, 3, 4, BEl-4,
NEl-4, section B, and Lots ii, 4, section
5. of Township 6, south, Range 14
East Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before F. D. Stuart.
United t-tates Commissioner, at Maupin
Oregon, on the 21th day of April, 1923.
Claimant names as witnesses: B. F.
Turner, Geo. Moss, H. D. Hollis, Hen
ry Richardson, all of Maupin, Oregon.
J. W, Donnelly, Register.
In the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon for Wasco
County. ,
B.A. Kliks, : )
Plaintiff, Notice
vs. ) of
Joseph iraxtle, H,d
Traxtle, Everett A V Sheriffs
Nelson and Nellie Nel ) Sale
son, his wile, Grace
Nelson, a minor and j
Elmer Nelson, a minor j
Defendants. )
Bv virtue of an execution is
sued out of the above entitled
cause and Court, dated March
13th, 1923, to the undersigned
Sheriff of Wasco County, direct
ed, based upon that certain
judgment order, decree and or
der of sale, made in the above
entitled cause and Court, dated
March 9, 1923, wherein it was
adjudged and decreed that the
plaintitt, is. A. Kilks, recover
from the defendant, Joseph
Traxtle, the sum of $548.57,
with interest at 10 per cent per
annum; plus the following sums
witn interest at b per cent per
annum, to-wit: lhe sum ot
$111.03, taxes advanced, plus
the sum of $75.00 as plaintiff's
reasonable attorney fees, and
the costs and disbursements
taxed at $30.80, all of which
sums bear interest from the
date of said decree, March 9,
1923; and further, said Writ
commanded me to make sale of
the following described real
property, to-wit:
The Southwest quarter of the
Northwest Quarter and the
Northwest Quarter of the South
west Quarter of Section 26, and
the South Half of the Northeast
Quarter and the North Half of
the Southeast Quarter of Section
27, all in Township 3 South of
Range 12, East of the' Willamette
Meridian in Wasco uounty, Ure
gon, containing 241) acres.
Now therefore, by virtue of
said execution, said Judgment
Order, Decree and Order of Sale
and in compliance with the com
mands of said Writ, I will, on
Friday, April L0, li'23, at 10:00
o clock A. M. at the east rront
door of the Wasco County Court
House, at The Dalles, -Oregon
sell at public auction, subject to
redemption, to the highest bidder
for cash in hand, all the right
title and interest which any of
the within named 'defendants
and each of them, had on Febru
ary J5, 1913, the data 0f the
mortgage nerein rorec )sed, or
since that date, had in or to the
above described real property
or any part thereof, in order to
satisfy said execution, judgment
order, and decrpe, interest, costs
,i ' '
Dated March 13, 1923.
Levi Chrisman,
Sheriff of Waseo County, Oregon
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore- '
gon, Marcn, b, rj23.
Notice is hereby given that,
Albert E. Troutman,
of Maupin, Oregon, who on October
20, 1920, made Additional Homestead
entry No. 016942 for El-2swl-4, section
WI-2NE1-4, E1-2NW1-4. Lot 2. NEl-
4swl-4, Section 18 Township 6 south,
Range 14 Last, Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make
three year proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
F. D. Stuart. U. S. Commissioner, at
Maupin, Oregon, on the 17th day of
April, 1923.
Claimant names as witnesses: E. J.
Fischer, W. L. Fischer, Henry Rich
ardson, B. F. Turner, all of Maupin,
J. W. Donnelly, Register.
George E. Penny i
and Martha E. Pen-1
ny, Plaintiffs, i
John Wittliff and
Anna Wittliff, Hen
ry Wittliff,. a minor i
Walter Wittliff, a'
minor, Florence
Wittliff, a minor, and
Wilbur Wittliff, a',
minor, Defendants;
To John Wittliff, defendant
above named; "
In the name of the State of
You are hereby required to
appear and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff, within six weeks
trom the date at the first publi
cation of this summons, and if
you fail so to appear and answer
Plaintiff's complaint then the
Plaintiffs will apply to the Court
herein for the .relief demanded
in Plaintiff's complaint, to-wit:
A judgment against John
Wittliff and Anna Wittliff for
the sum of $600 with interest
thereon at the rate of 7 per cent
per annum from April itjth, 1920
for the sum of $120.00 taxes
paid . on mortgaged premises,
and for $100.00 attorney fees,
and Plaintiff's costs and disburs
ments. That the mortgage executed
by yourself and Anna Wittliff to
the Plaintiffs herein be fore
closed, and that the premises
mentioned therein, to-wit; Nl-2
of se1-4 of Nwl-4 of Sec. 21, Td.
1 N. R. 13, E. W. M. and lots D,
E. and F in Block 69 of Fort
Dalles Millitary Reservation to
Dalles City and swl-4 of se1-4 of
Sec, 1, Tp. 1 N. R. 12 E. W. M..
be sold and the proceeds thereof
be applied in Satisfaction of
All persons axe hereby notified to
file their objections, if any, to the fhal
account ot the administrator oX ,(i
restate ot William ti. iarlow. on or
before April 7, 1923, at 10:00 A. J.,
which U the time fixed by the Courty
Court of Wasco County, Oregon ftr
the settlement of said final accowt,
and the County Court chambers) in
Dalles City, Oregon is the place tiJfd
for hearing said account. J
Charles N. Farlow, Administral".
Frank G. Dick, Atty. (
Plaintiff's judgment and that
any surplus after the payment
of Plaintiff's claim be paid to
Anna Wittliff, Henry Wittliff,
Florence Wittliff and Wilbur
Wittliff, and, for such other and
further relief as to the Court
shall seem meet and proper,
This summons is served upon
you by pub)icatipn for a term of
six consecutive weeks, by order
of the Hon. Fred W. Wilson,
Circuit Judge, dated February 1,
Date of first publication Feb
ruary 1, 1923.
Date of last publication March
15, 1923.
J. W. Allen,
Attorney for Plaintiffs.
Residence and P. O. Address,
The Dalles, Oregon.