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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 9, NO. 12
THE YEAR $1.50
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s'Mw. Year J
Council Meeting
Council met in regular session
last night with all officers pres
ent except the marshal and two
L Baldwin of Baldwin &
Swope contractors and builders
was present and contended for
the council to vote a payment on
the cement walks constructed
this winter of 85 per cent value
on the walks which have had a
top surface put on them. The
council were unable to pass an
order for payment due to the
fact that no contract has ever
been presented or signed by any
of the city officers.
What part of - the sidwalks
should be considered as com
pleted underwent considerable
Several property owners were
present who with members of
the council compromised to a
statement of 75 percent pay
ment to be made on the sur
faced walks, regardless of the
unfinished work. Mayor Wilson
objected, holding, and with
practical argument, that GO per
cent payment would be liberal
on the part of the city toward
the contractors, considering the
unfinished territory and the
damage done by the freezing of
the cement when it was fresh.
About 90 per cent of the sur
facing will have to be replaced
on the blocks above Sixth steet.
Mayor Wilson wrote a sugges
tive amendment to the present
ordinance, intended to clear up
difficulties and place the matter
in shape to be regularly cleared
of complications.
Mr. Baldwin stated that a
contract was mailed B. D. Fra
ley on the walk proposition, but
as it was never received or sign
ed by any of the city officers, it
. remains a frfct that they were
bound by no contract nor any
formal order for work given.
Dr. Stovall and L. C. Henne-
A ghan stated that 75 per cent was
not too much to allow for pres
ent payment.
Smoker Success.
Making use of local talent,
Maupin post no. 73 gave one of
the best smokers of the season.
The boxing and wrestling match
es were run off in first class
order, which gave the crowd
something to see every minute.
Between Bouts the singing by
Mrs. R. E. Wilson and the Miss
es Mabel Cyr and Erma Morris
was very much appreciated.
On the wrestling card,, were as
follows: Dolph Mayhew vs. Jim
Harpham won by Mayhew,
Marion Lister vs. Budge Green
won by Lister, Gus. Derthick vs
Roy Morris won by Morris, Ken
neth Batty vs Bustor. Miller won
by Batty, Bill Miller vs Ernest
Confer won by Confer, Earl
Crabtree vs Raymond Crabtree
draw. The bouts were evenly
matched. The boxing brought
out sure Boys as: Clifford Mc
Corkle, Dee Talcott, Clifford
Miller, Billie Fischer, Buckie
Harpham, Clare Greene, Chester
Pechette and Howard Nye.
After the smoker came the
dance which was well attended.
Maupin Post wishes to thank
all those 'who donated their time
and material, also the public
for their large attendance in
making the dance and smoker a
success. The Legion will hold
its regular meeting Tuesday Jan
uary 2. Be There.
Hotel Opening
Rebekah's Will Install.
Wapinitia Rebekah Lodge no.
194 will hold their semi annual
Installation January 3rd. All
members are urgently requested
I to be present. Rcbekahs from
OLJiei luugea are Bpeuianjr invit
ed to come. There will be a
short program after which re
freshments will be served.
Matches 6 boxes for 35 cents
Maupin Drug Store.
Portland Painless Dentist,
seven years in The Dalles
painless extraction 1.00 305
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
W. T. Slatten D, D. S. Prop
rietorPhone Main 4821.
J. H Woodcock went to
land Wednesday.
Maupin Theatre
Sunday, December 31st
Priscilla Dean
Under Two Flags
Ouida's immortal romance, teeming with color,
drama, romance, as been brought to you by
Universal in "Under Two Flags." The book has
ruled for generations." The play will live long upon
the screen. See Priscilla Dean in this greath love
story. It will burn in your memory forever.
Don't miss the Greatest Picture of the year
Starting 8 p. m. Admission 25 and 50
Sixty one guests enjoyed the
sumptuous dinner served at the
Harpham hotel on Christmas day
They were Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Henneghan, Mrs. Alice Batty,
Kenneth Batty, Mr. and Mrs. M.
F. Van Laanen, Dr. and Mrs.
Stovall, Lorraine and EstelStov
a!l, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Nell
Harpham, Vivian Barzee, Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Kaylor, Mr. and
Mrs. W. 0. Miller, James Butler
Mr. and Mrs. O. N Brown, Dr.
Elwood, C. R. Pechette, Clyde
T. Bonney, Thelma Bonney, Reg
ina Muller, Paul Muller, Fred
Miller, Clifford Miller, Everett
Kerr, Frank Brown, Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Butler, Gladys Mor
row, Clifford Morrow, W. BraV
field, Mr. ai d Mrs. E. A. Cyr,
Mabel Cyr, George Morris, Art.
Fargher, Violet Gossar, Mr. and
Mrs. F. D. Sluart and Crystal,
Loyd Woodsiclf, Art. Lubeck, J.
W. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. George
McDonald, Phyllis Fischer, A.
L. Herling, Mamie Walker, Mab
el Lewis J. A Felleiich and Bert
Around Maupin
The Sunday school Cl.r'f tmas
program at the local churc.; Sun
day night was a cuccessful t-ffair
The sacred program rentit d
was appreciated by all. Afttr
the literary exercises treats wtie
distributed to the crowd.
At the Farmers Union meeting
of last Saturday, the following
new officers were chosen; Dolph
Mayhew President, Don Stogs
dill Vice President, J. H.
Eubanks Sec, Dee Talcott Con
ductor, Earl Crabtree door keep
er. The next meeting will be on
the second Saturday in January.
New subscribers and renewals
made this week for the Maupin
Times are Lee Steers, A. H.
Cunningham, G. C. Mayfield,
Ed Thomas, J. W. Ayres.
All kinds of watches and jewel
ry Maupin Drug Store.
Mrs. G. L. Harpham and
daughter Nellie came out from
The Dalles Saturday and spent
Christmas with the family at
the hotel. Nellie returned to
The DallesiTuesday, her parents
returned Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Kelly
entertained Saturday night at
their home with a Christmas
tree for the residents of the east
side of Maupin. The house was
fully opened to the pleasure of
the guests and nuts, candy, pop
corn and presents from Old San
ta were there for all. Music and
dancing added to the festivities
of the evening which closed
promptly at midnight. All re
port a wonderful time.
The water was off this morn
ing and citizens individually
formed a bucket party to the
spring. Something about the
ram is disabled.
Mrs. L. D. Kelly and W. C.
Bolton went to The Dalles Tues
day. Alfred Herling came from
Bend to spend Christmas.
Mrs. Sam Winchester and
children went to Portland to
spend Xmas.
Mr. E. M. Hartman is quite
sick. Dr. Elwood was up Mon
day to see her. At this writing
she seems better.
Nathan Hill was was in Port
land on business last week.
Mr. Moore, the trapper whose
feet were so badly frozen was
taken to The Dalles to the hos
pital last Friday Reports are
that he will not lose his feet but
that his toes were taken off.
Florence Woodside spent Xmas
with her cousins the misses We
berg at Maupin.
Albert Hammer made a trip
to Maupin last Thursday to meet
Mrs. Hammer who has been visi
ting in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Perle Evick were
Maupin visitors last Wednesday.
John Teschner and family of
Linton, Oregon. The brothers
had not visited together for 13
Mrs. Gray and Miss Toole left
Saturday for The Dalles to spend
Christmas. John Ward took
them to Maupin.
Jack Wall was in Maupin Fri
day. Dee Woodside and Anna
West left Monday for Portland.
Walter Driver and family of
Tygh Valley were Sunday visi
tors with Mr. and Mrs. L. M
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Driver
had as their Christmas guests,
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Woodside,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Driver and
son Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Bud
Harvey and daughter Nadine.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batty and
Mr. and Mrs.. Harold Retherford
and baby spent Christmasday at
the N. G. Hedin home at Pine
Floyd Richmond came up from
Maupin Monday A. M. and on
the way home wrecked his car.
We are glad to hear he was not
much hurt only receiving a few
minor cuts and bruises.
Gladys Smith visited with Mr.
and Mrs. Arch Gutzler Christ
mas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester McCorkle
are pleased to have Mr. Hansen
and family of Redmond with
them. Mrs. Hansen is a sister
of Mrs. McCorkle.
J. M. Powell and family were
in Maupin enjoying a Merry
Xmas with the Richmonds.
J. L. Madron returned to his
home in Westwood California
this week.
Mamie Walker is spending a
few days with Mabel Lewis.
Prof Loyd and family had a
merry time and enjoyed Xmas.
dinner with the O' Briens.
A number of Wapinitia folks
went to Maupin Monday night
to attend the Legion doings.
Oren Parker i3 spending his
vacation with Cloyce Burnside
at Pine Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Endersly
and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Appling
and babies spent Christmas with
Mrs. Julia Endcrsby.
Herb. Lewis and family, Chas
Lewis and family, Jack Kelly,
G,rapdma and Richard Delco took
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John
Lewis Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. David Sharpe
spent Xmas. with the Laughlins.
yHERE the sun shines most of
v v the time. Out-of-door life all
the time.
Thousands of miles of paved high-
ways through picturesque semi-1
tropic settings make motoring won
derfully exhilarating.
Most attractive ocean beaches on
the Pacific Coast.
Most complete system of hotels,
apartment houses, cottages, bunga
lows and small suites for tourists of
any country in the world, and all
costs reasonable. Room for everybody.
Representatives of the
will Rladly furnish Instructive and beautifully illustrated booklet
Riving complete information about the glorious playground m
the West. Let them toll all about hotel rates, railroad fare,
through car service, the famous Circle Tour through San Frsa
Cisco and Salt Lake City, or a part of the way by ocean trip. !
Journey of iual intereat in America.
R. B. BELL, Agent, Maupin, Oregon
WM. McMURRAY General Passenger
Agent, Portland, Oregon
etter Service
Realizing that the southern part of Wasco Connty
is entitled to up to date service in our line, we have
placed a complete stock of goods with
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
The Dalles, Oregon
l icensed Enbalmcrs Motor Equipment
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War Saving Certificates
The Secretary of the Treasury lias called for
redemption on December 15th of Victory Notes
bearing the distinguishing letters
A, 13, C, D, E, or F
War Saving Certificates Series of 1918 wi't be
due January 1, 1923.
We will be glad to help you in disposing of
cither or both of the above issues. .
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval