The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 14, 1922, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 9, NO. 10
THE YEAR $1.50
Council Meeting:
The Maupin Town Council was
called to order at 8 o'clock last
night by Mayor R. E. Wilson in
Butler's store office in response
to Mr. Butler's invitation- Coun
cilmen present were F C. But
ler, B. Shattuck, J. H. Woodcock
L. S. Stovall. Treasurer F. D.
Stuart, Recorder Geo. McDonald
and Marshal L. C. Wilhelm com
pleted the list of officers present
Several visitors were in attend
ance. Two bills, $15 for 'the election
board and $21 for printing:, were
A special ordinance granting
a franchise to E. C. Woodcock
to construct a light and power
plant and lines to supply Maupin
was read, after a little discus
sion as to time was passed and
ordered posted.
The subject of obtaining a
municipally owned water system
received the main attention of
the evening. An architect's
drawing was considered which
suggested 2Gi acres around the
Maupin springs as water pro
tection and reservoir site.
The necessity of that quantity
of land was discussed, also value
in compensation to offer Mrs.
Staats for the location- Motion
was finally made and seconded
and the recorder ordered to
make the offer to Mrs. Staats'
agent, H. L. Morris of 53,000
for the water and location as
shown in the architect's drawing
requiring an answer within two
An ammendment to Section 2
of Ordinance 23 was passed to
permit moving picture operators
to show subject to a tax of $12
a year in advance.
A big 84 page ink tablet, letter
size for 10 cents at R. E. Wilson
Co. store.
Judge A- S. Bennett visited
with his neice Mrs. L. B. Kelly
this week.
1 1 t "MkV tfj1"3!
Honor these Seals
A nation-wide riiovement is carrying on
a warfare against the scourge of Consump
tion. In saving over 100,000 lives last year,
it actually cut the death rate-from tuberculosis
in half. '
Each year these organizations sell Tuber
culosis Christmas Seals. The proceeds from
these sales are devoted to the work of caring
for and curing tuberculosis patients and to
educational and other work to prevent the
dread disease.
Buv these Seals and nrp-e
your friends to buy and use
thern. To do this is both
Charity and Patriotism.
Stamp Out Tuberculosis
with Christmas Seals
Maupin Theatre
Sunday, December 17th 7:30 P.M.
Desperate Trails
Is one of the most dramatic and thrilling stories
of the .old frontier days ever screened t
A Rip Roaring Comedy featuring
Brownie the wonder dog
Admission 20 and 40
Show for December 24
KentucRy Derby
Will show in Fori land first show in week of Dec. 18
December 31st Show
Under Two Flags
Biggest Fietue of the Year
School Notes
Examinations were held in the
high school last week. The
names of those averaging above
90 per cent will not be printed
this week owing to the fact that
the Social Problems class has
not had its examinations yet.
The final reports will be publish
ed in a week or two.
The school athletics are at a
standstill at present, but will be
renewed with enthusiasm when
the new high school is completed
and the students will have ac
cess to the gymnasium.
Those on the Roll of Honor for
November in the Primary Room
are the following: Thelma Morris
Evelyn McKee, John McKee,
Philip Stockston, Glen Moss,
Naomi Walter, Greatha Turner,
Laco Greene, Evelyn Doss, Doro
thy Harpham, Edmund Wilson,
M iry Greene, Ruel Walter, Doris
Doss, Ralph Moss, Ivan Donald
son. Mabel Webcrg, Melvin Lind
ley, Wendel Lindley.
The high school literary society
will hold its regular meeting
Fridaj, December, 15, at 2:45 P.
M. Tnt re will not be the regular
debate on the program this meet
ing ' All are cordially invited to
The high school is now en rolled
in the Oregon high school debat
ing league, and have received
the questi n lor district debate.
This brings the Maupin debators
against the high chools of Wasco
Sherman, Hood Kiver, Crook and
Deschutes CcunJis for debate.
A "try-out" of six ( abators will
be held in the high school Friday
December, 22. Thcst six stu
dents will debate on the district
question which is: "Kif-clved
That the principal of the open
shop should be adopted in .rneri
can Industries."
Three students will be selec ted
from these six to form the
debating team. The students to
take part are: affiirmative: Erma
Morris, Arthur Philmlee, Mabel
Cyr; negative: Lorraine Stovall,
Clifford McCorkle, Orland Wal
ter. Every one is urged to come
The high school would like to
have as many as possible attend
this debate. Don't forget. Fri
day, December, 22 at 2:30, P. M.
Matches 6 boxes for 35 cents
Maupin Drug Store.
Werks Soap can now be secur
ed from R. E. Wilson Co , Mau
pin agents for this wonderful
laundry soap.
After spending year at
Pendleton, Mrs. William May
nard returned to Wapinitia on
Monday. Mr. Maynard met her
at Maupin.
Loyd Woodside carried the
Sitnnasho mail on Saturday and
Art. Eubeck took it on Tuesday.
Mail carrier Teschner is on the
sick list.
Mrs. Louis McCoy entertained
a number of young folks at din
ner Sunday. The occasion was
the birthday of her daughter
Miss .Vivian Barzee.
' N. G. Hedin and family return
ed Monday from Portland where
they have been since before
Thanksgiving. They had start
ed home once before via the
highway but met with an acci
dent that nearly demolished
their car. None of the occupants
of the car were badly hurt.
Ben Foreman is suffering an
attack of his old trouble and has
been confined to his bed for over
a week. At this, writing he is a
little improved.
Anna West spent Monday night
with Vera Magill and Ishom stay
ed with Loyd Woodside.
A short time ago Mrs. Caroline
Pegg had the misfortune to get
her hand badly crushed. Dr.
Elwood was called to dress it.
Mrs. George Burnside has re
turned to her home after spend
ing some time in Maupin having
dental work done.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Brittain
spent Thanksgiving day with Mr.
and Mrs. Sharpe.
Mr and Mrs. George Beebe
are living on the Harpham farm
this winter.
Oscar Hammer has returned
from Idaho.
The infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Bercharddied kst
Friday A. M- and was buried at
the Kelly cemetery Saturday.
Because of the weather a short
service was held at the house.
Mrs. Jas. Gray a sister of Mr.
Berchard came from The Dalles
to attend funeral.
Mr. Merrick and his crowd of
surveyors, who were surveying
road from Clear Lake south,
were rescued and brought out
from their camp at the Fost
Camp last Friday night by Got
lieb Teschner and John Delco.
Lawson and J. L. Maddron
were also there wiih hones to
help with the moving. Everett
Richmond took them from Wap.
to Maupin on Saturday.
The R. E. Wilson Co. are
Maupin agents for "Werks Soap
Werks Lanndry Soap. Try it.
Buy it from R. E. Wilson Co.
Lee Laughlin who has been
quite sick is able to be out of
Mr. and Mrs. George Heitz
have gone to The Dalles w here
Mrs. Heitz will remain for treat
ment. ' -
Several car loads of clear pine
lumber were shipped from this
community lately by Geo. Heitz
and Mr. Linn.
Jean McCorkle has been on the
sick list.
School children and others are
busy working on Christmas pro
grams. One to be given at the
school house on Friday and the
other at the church' Saturday
night December 23.
Mrs. Nathan Hill and children
visited with relatives on Smock
Mrs. Anna Smith is working
at the Grisham home.
The birthdays of Crystal Hart
man and Roy Rice were celebrat
ed last Tuesday night a party
at the parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis were
over Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. George Beebee.
Roy Rice installed a Radio for
James Abbott during vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair are
spendjng several weeks in the
valley near Sandy.
Ben Richardson, having spent,
a couple of weeks here, has re-1
turned to Prineville.
Weather very cold 4 below zero
Tuesday A. M.
Around Maupin
The Tum-A-Lum Co., an l the
Maupin Garage brought a truck
load of fir trees from the timber
and yesterday distributing them
to all visitors at the garage-and
lumber yards. It was stated
that as they were issueing
no calanders this season they
would like to extend compliments
to patrons and know of nothing
more generally acceptable than
Xma3 trees.
Somewhat out of sight of the
main part of Maupin, , near the
steel bridge in an excellent loca
tion is nearing completion one of
Maupins most handsome homes
yet constructed. Mr. and Mrs.
L B. Kelly are the owners and
will move therein when it is
finished. The building is two
story 30 feet square with an 8
foot porch and a full basement.
It wi.ll be plastered throughout
and modern.
Get " Werks Soap" at R. E.
Wilson Co.
All kinds of watches and jewel
ry Maupin Drug Store.
Smock News
Winter has arrived. 10 de
grees below zero on Tuesday
morning. The coldest here to
fore being 15 adove.
Hello Victor! send in items;
news being scarce on Smock.
Master Leslie Woodcock has
been ill but is getting better.
Orin Farlow is accross the
river feeding cattle.
Butter Nut Bread
The bread that made mother
stop baking. Received fresh
every day at
WHERE the sun shines most of
''the time. Out-of-door life all
the time.
Thousands of miles of paved high
ways through picturesque semi
tropic settings make motoring won
derfully exhilarating.
Most attractive ocean beaches on
the Pacific Coast.
Most complete system of hotels,
apartment houses, cottages, bunga
lows and small suites for tourists of
any country in the world, and all
costs reasonable. Room for everybody.
Representatives of the
will gladly furnish Instructive and beautifully Illustrated booklet
giving complete information about the glorious playground J
the West. Let them tell all about hotel rates, railroad fare,
throush car service, the famous Circle Toiirthrough San Frj
cisco anrl Salt Lake City, or a part of the way by ocean trip, tm
Journey of eciuaJ interest in America.
R. B. BELL, Agent, Maupin, -On ge n
WM. MtMULTAY, Genual' FceetBEcr
Agent, Portland,' Oregon
etter Service
Realizing that the southern part of Wasco Connly
is entitled to up to date service in our line, we have
placed a complete stock of goods with
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
The Dalles, Oregon
Licensed Enbalmers Motor Equipment
War Saving Certificates
Tha Secretary of the Treasury I ns railed for
redemption on December 15th of Vidoiy Notes
bearing1 the distinguishing letters
A, B, C, D, E, or F
War Saving Certificates Series of 1918 will bo
due January 1, 1923. j
We will be glad to help you in disposing of
either or both of the above issues.
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval