The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 07, 1922, Image 3

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Excellent Car Npeual Weekly Knts Uus Meets All Trslns
11 Wi and Bturk, Portland, Ore.
MTL7 T TT C A will make Hlloi. Granaries, Basements, etc., Water
Jf J It? X proof, Koturoof, Kutproof and Fireproof.
Buttonholing Buttons Halting; Tucklnt and Chalnstltchlnf
All Mall Orders given careful and prompt attention
ELITE SHOP, 128, Tenth near Washington.
Writ (or Prices and Shipping Tags
Page & Son
Portland, Oregon
Be Sure to Hear this
Wonderful Phonograph
$65 to $475
$5.00 monthly buys any
model to $125.
Hyatt Talking Machine Co.
350 Alder Street
Portland, Oregon
Jack King CureB It. Ladies and Gents Exam
ination free. 207 Dekum bldg., Portland, On
bin $1.00 uJap. 128N. 64 St-PorilulOn
Very Centrally Located. Convenient to all
Depots, and one block from main Postofnce
VETERINARIAN Cattle a Specialty
Dr. Chas. M. Anderson, Kenton, Portland.
"-""v If yon RADIATOR heats or
I ' j leaks, aend it to us.
j Armstrong Auto Radiator Co.,
KBornslde street. Portland, Oregon
11 Of! IIC Expert advice on any
lllUUMC income tax problems.
T A V Several years' actual
AA experience in Govern-
nDnDI CHQment Bureaus is offered
rHUDLCmO those unable to visit our
oftice. biaie your troubles briefly and
end In with $1 and we will give you hon
est to goodness advice. It will pay you to
get In touch with us now. E. J. Curtin,
Room 806 Lewis Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
""ALL or write for my FREE booklet telling
how I can guarantee to permanently cure
your Filet without cutting, turning. Hitching,
anaesthetic, paia or confinement.
College Professor's Pet Has Regular
6eat In Classes and Shows
Great Wisdom.
Mlllenrvllle, Pa. Many persons
have wondered how owls got their wis
dom, but the pupils at the Miller
vllle State Normal school know. Baby
owls go to school the same as children
You Will F..I
Rlf hi at Horn Here
Portland, Oretron
CompUte Chang Saturday. Adults, Matinee, 20s;
Evenings, 8Bc. Continuous 1 to 11 p. m, Children
10 nnti all timet.
waterproofed White Portland Cement !
me uet ror mucco Piaster on outside ror Bunga
lows Doe not stain and dirt can be hosed off.
Write for Literature. Bold by A. McMILLAN CO.,
840-atU East Ankeny Street, Corner Second, Portland.
A rood place to Eat and Lire Welt,
Remarkable 40c luncheon at noon.
Open 7 a.m. to 2 a. m., 12 Stark 8t
We Pay Highest feces for
Address Department B
Phonograph Known for Tone
Agents wanted. Order direct from factory, 330 East
Uorriaon St., Portland. Oreiron.
Turkeys and Fresh Eggs
Write (or Prices
and Phonographs sold on Installment
Mccormick music co.
Oregon Distributors
Washington Street, Portland, Oregon
Cut. seam, hem and machine QC --,f-pleat
skirts ready for band. oa tCIUS
Hemstitching, 6 cents per yard.
85tt Fifth St, Purtland. Ore
Northwest Welding & Supply Co. 88 1st St
jfUh. For reliable Cleaning and
aWiCTura Dyeing service aend parcels to
"inner fl us' "S pay return postage.
K 2jB Information and prices given
WtlrWy upon request.
Established 1890 Portland
Clarke Bros., Floriata, 287 Morrison Bt
Commercial Iron Works, 7 th & Madlaon.
Featherweight Arch Supports made to
order. J, E. Tryzelaar, 618 Plttock Block,
Portland, Ore..
We tan deerskins properly tagged, also
pay highest prices for horsehldes.
West Coast Tanning Co., 892 Tenlno St..
Portland, Ore.
TeacheH trade in 8 weeks. Some pay while learn
ing. Positions secured. Write for catalogue.
214 Burnside street, Portland, Ore.
MONUMENTS E. 3d and Pine Sta.
Otto Schumann Granite & Marble Works.
Marry If Lonely; most successful "Home
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential;
reliable: years -experience; descriptions
free. "The Successful Club," Mrs. Nash,
Box 656, Oakland, California.
Cleaning, carding and mattresses. Crystal
Springs Woolen Milla, 760 Umatilla, Portland.
We help the appearance of women.
Twenty-two Inch switch or transforma
tion, value 7.60, price S 2. 45.
400 to 412 Dekum Bldg.
Wedding Bouquets and Funeral Pieces
Lubliner Florists, S48 Morrison St.
Guaranteed dental work. Crowns $5.00,
Plates $15.00, Brldgework $5.00 a tooth.
Teeth extracted by gas. Latest modern
methods. Dr. Harry Semler, Dentist, 3rd
ind Morrison, 2nd floor Alisky Bldg., Port
land, Or. Write or phone for appointment
1 to 5 ton GMC, Republics. Whites, etc
Send for our List.
Oregon Distributors for GMC Trucks
200 Second St., Cor. Taylor Portland, Oi
Hotel Hoyt
f ocated Sixth and I loyt
Strictly Fireproof and Modern. Near
both depots and convenient car service
to all parts of city.
Manufacturers of ail kinds of Tanks,
hard and soft wood Barrels and Kegs.
Write for prices. 254 Front, Portland, Ore
Why Moses Was Absent.
Note received by a New York teach
er: "Kindly exculpate my bod Moses
from being one aggrlgate day absent.
For why his mother being sick, he had
to sojourn in the house perpetual, bo
kindly apology him for not coming
once day to school." Boston Tran
script. .
Growth of Hair After Death.
Some apparent .growth of hair oc
curs after death because of the shrink
age of the skin, but no actual growth
takes place.
All Cowards.
Many an orchestra leader has made
us wonder why none of his players
ever had courage to strike back at
For Instance. Dr. H. Justice Roddy
of the normal faculty has an owl at
tending his physical geography, agrt
cultural and nature study classes.
The bird has a regular seat at all the
classes and already displays much wis
dom by minding bis own business.
Doctor Roddy found the orphan owl
on the campus. An attachment grew
between them at once, and now they
Laurette Taylor
vi. " Vi
Laurette Taylor, better known on
the speaking stage, Is one of the latest
additions to ths "movie" star ranks.
J. Hartley Manners, her husband, la
the author of the first play in which
the star appears.
"What sin a Name?"
Facti otouf your name; lit hlttory)
mmtnti uhtnc II an JeriotJi
ilgnlficanct; your ludfcy day
and lucky Jewl
T IKE so many feminine names, Eve
lyn comes from Aolffe, whose
more modern equivalent was Eva, In
early times Aevin, or Evln, was occa
sionally found In the house of Ken
nedy, but Eveleen is by far the most
common form of both names In Ire
land. Avellne, or Eveline, made their ap
pearance among the Nornujns long be
fore the marriage of, the earl of Pem
broke. Aveline was .the name of the
sister of Gunnar, the great-grandmoth
er of William the Conqueror, and Ave
line, or Eveline, was so favorite a Nor
man name that It well suits the Lady
of the Garde Douloureuse in the "Be
Avellna de Longo Cnmpo, as the
name Is Latinized In old chronicles,
married the last earl of Lancaster, and
her daughter, the heiress Avellna, or
Eveline, brought to her husband and
his sons by a subsequent marriage, the
great county of Lancaster, thus estab
lishing the widespread power of the
Red Rose. An Eveline Elstove lived
In 1539, but, though history faithfully
chronicles her name, there Is no rec
ord of her activities or explanation
concerning the reason for her carefully
preserved memory.
The name suffered a temporary
eclipse In England In the early Seven
teenth century, but was revived In an
ornamental fashion by Miss Burney's
"Evalina." Since then, Its vogue has
been unquestionable, but it would be
difficult to say what nffected Influence
brought about the change in spelling
to Evelyn. Etymologists insist that it
should only be spelled with a "y" If it
is meant to Imitate the old French
form of the Latin avellann, meaning
hazel. Eveline is really a man's name
and few women have used that form,
preferring rather to employ Evelina, or
Cat's-eye is Evelyn's jewel. Its mys
terious translucent depths, shot with
green, Indicates a vigilant charm
against evil spirits and promises Its
wearer Immunity from all harm. Thurs
day Is her lucky day find 8 her lucky
( by the Wheeler Syndicate, Inc.)
How to Road Your
UAm Characteristics
and Tendencies the)
Capabilities or Weak
nesses That Make for Success or
Failure as Shown in Your Palm
TN THE hand of a good man or worn
an of business, the fingers are well
opened, when held naturally, this show
ing versatility and self-confidence. The
mount of Mars, which lies below the
mount of Mercury (the latter Is at the
base of the little finger, should be
strong and well-marked, because this
indicates courage and willingness to
take risks when necessary.
An exceptionally favorable sign for
a man or woman of business Is a tri
pod, or three-pronged division of the
line of fate at Its end. The line of fate
runs up to the center of the hand. This
sign shows great success In business.
If the finger of Mercury is unusually
long, In proportion to the other fingers,
It shows acquisitiveness and care of
money, and Is therefore a good sign for
a business person. If there Is a short
line running upward from the line of
life to or toward the finger of Jupiter,
which is the index or first finger, it Is
a sign of ambition that Is or will be
gratified. Last, look In the center of
the palm for a triangle that Is well
formed. This Indicates forethought
and intuition, valuable qualities in
(0 by the Wheeler Syndicate, Ine.)
fff ffffff ?f ww ffefff wwvw
Dallas. At a special election a few
days ago the people of Falls City voted
a bond Issue of $15,000 to purchase
the electric light and power plant there
from Claud Ellison.
Klamath Falls. The county budget
committee In a report filed Saturday
fixed the necessary tax for the com
ing year at $549,966, an Increase of
$2760 over last year.
Salem. There are at the present
time 116 registered architects In Ore
gon, according to a report prepared
by the secretary of the state board of
architect examiners filed with the gov
ernor Saturday,
St. Helens. Five of the 16 road dis
tricts in Columbia county have voted
special taxes for road Improvement.
This Is In addition to the general levy
fixed by the court. The amount to
be raised will be about $45,000.
Salem. For the year 1922, up to and
Including November 30, there were reg
istered with the state department a
total of 133,816 motor vehicles, 3203
motorcycles, 541 dealers, 12,115 chauf
feurs and 29,952 operators.
Salem. An executive committee
headed by John L. McNary, local at
torney, this week will comb the entire
Salem district In quest of subscrip
tions In the $1,250,000 endowment cam
paign now being conducted by Wil
lamette university.
Salem. Loans In Oregon involv
ing the Irreducible school funds aggre
gate $6,447,864.50, according to a fi
nancing report prepared here'Saturday
by George G. Brown, clerk cf the state
land board. These loans draw Inter
est at the rate of 6 per cent.
Salem. Because of the Increase In
the cost of grain and hay, local milk
distributors Friday advanced the price
of milk 1 cent a quart. The distribu
tors declared the price of dairy feeds
have Increased more than 50 per cent
during the last three months.
Dallas. Mrs. Mary Kemp, a widow,
about 63 years old, during a fit of
despondency, cut her tongue off with
a pair of shears. Mrs. Kemp resides
with a daughter in Monmouth. Phy
sicians were called from this city and
her condition is not now considered
Salem. Letters received in Salem
recently from some of the largest In
dustrial operators In Oregon Indicated
that these concerns are not in any
way interested in any effort that may
be made by casualty insurance com
panies to repeal or weaken the pres
ent workmen's compensation act.
Ashland. Construction work on a
large siphon to carry water from the
Murphy hill to thl bluffs on Pom
padour, crossing through Emigrant
creek bottoms east of the city, has
begun. The work is being done for
the Talent irrigation district and it is
expected will be completed In about a
Tillamook Tillamook county has
just closed its banner year in road
building. Owing to the Ideal weather
and favorable labor conditions, the
county's 'road workers completed the
county court's program and cleaned
up several jobs besides, leaving Tilla
mook highways in the best condition
in the county's history.
Vale. One of Vale's business blocks
was wiped out by a tire of undetermin
ed origin about 1 o'clock Saturday
morning with a damage of $30,000. The
Warm Springs Dry Goods store, and
Rex theater were a total loss and the
Vale Meat company and Legion dance
hall were badly damaged before the
blaze was controlled.
Salem. There were three fatalities
in Oregon due to industrial accidents
during the week ending November 30,
according to a report prepared by the
Btate Industrial accident commission
here. The victims were: Earl Perkins,
state traffic officer. Oak Grove; Erick
Erickson, logger, St. Helens, and Jack
Mclver, carpenter and millwright,
Salem. The population at the Ore
gon state penitentiary which last Aug'
ust totaled 470 has dropped to 458, a&
cording to a report prepared by prison
officials Sunday. In August the popu
lation reached the highest tide for sev
eral years. " The decrease in the num
ber of Inmates, officials said, prob
ably was due to the fact that few of
the circuit courts held sessions dur
ing the months of September or Octo
ber. Klamath Falls. J. E. Wheeler of
Portland', member of the Soper-Wheel
er Timber company and part owner
of the Portland Telegram, has pur
chased the defunct Klamath Pine
Manufacturing company's plant at
Pelican City, according to announce
ment made here Friday. The plant
adjoins that of the Pelican Bay Lum
ber company, and comprises a 63-acre
site, and a small sawmill. The mill
will be enlarged and a box factory
The Secret of
a Convincing Talker
Mow I Learned Jt in One Evening.
"HtiVB you heard the newi about Frank
Jordan." The question quickly brought me
to the little fro up which baa gathered In
th center of the of Hob. Jordan and I had
started with the lireat Eastern Machine?
Company, within a month of such other, four
fears ago, A year ngo, Jordan waa taken
nto thu accounting division and I wat sent
out aa salesman. Neither of ua waa blessed
with an uuuiual amount of brilliancy, but we
"got by" iu our new jubi wil euough to
hold then).
Jmiiifine my amaiement, then, when I heard:
"Jordan's just been wade Treasurer ot tha
Company I "
I could hardly believe my aari. But then
whs tha "Notice to Employees ' on the but
letin board, telling about Jordan's good for
Now I knew that Jordan was a capable
fellow, quiet, and unasKUminfr, but I never
would have picked him for any auch sudden
rise. I knew, too, that the Treaaurer of the
Great Kustern had to be a big man, and 1
wondered how In the world Jordan lauded
the place.
The first chance I got, I walked Into Jordan's
new office and after congratulating him warm
ly, I asked him to let me "in" on the details
of how he jumped ahead so quickly. His story
is so intensely Interesting that I am going
to repeat it as closely as I remember.
"I'll tell you just how it happened, George,
because you may pick up a pointer or two
that will help yon.
"You remember how seared I used to be
whenever I had to talk to the chief f Tou
remember how you used to tell me that every
time I opened my mouth I put my foot into it,
meaning of course that every time I spoke I got
into troubfe ( You remember when Kalph
Bin ton left to take charge of the Western of
fice and I was asked to present him with the
loving cup the boys gave him, how flustered
I was and how I couldn't say word bec'ise
there were people around f You remember how
con f lined I used to be every time I met new
people f I couldn't say what I wanted to say
when I wanted to say it; and I determined
that if there was any possible chance to learn
bow to talk I was going to do it.
"The first thing 1 did was to buy a num
ber of books on public speaking, but they
seemed to be meant for those who wanted
to become orators, whereas what I wanted
to learn was not only how to speak In public
but how to speak to individuals under various
conditions in business and social life.
"A few weeks later, juat as I was about
to give up hope of ever learning how to
talk interestingly, I read an announcement
stating that Dr. Frederick Houk haw had just
completed a new course in business talking
and public speaking entitled 'Mastery of
wpeecn. i sent ior tnem ana in a lew aays
they arrived. I glanced through the entire
eight lessons, reading the headings and a i&w
ptirnprrHpliA here and there, and in about an
hour the whole secret of effective speaking
was opened to me.
"For example, I learned why I had always
lacked confidence, why talking had always
seemed something to be dreaded, whereas it
is really the simplest thing in the world to get
up and talk. I learned how to secure complete
attention to what I was saying and how to
make everything I said interesting, forceful and
convincing. I loomed the art of listening, the
value of silence, and the power of brevity In
stead of being funny at the wrong time, I
learned how and when to use humor with tell
ing effect.
"Hut perhaps the most wonderful thing
about the lessons were the actual examples of
what things to sny and when to say them to
meet every condition. I found that there was
a knnck in making oral reports to my superiors.
Cuticura for Sore Hands.
Soak hands on retiring in the hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry and rub in Cu
ticura Ointment. Remove surplus
Ointment with tissue paper. This is
only one of the things Cuticura will do
tf Soap, Ointment and Talcum are used
W all toilet purposes. Adv.
Threshing In Tibet.
The threshing o barley in Tibet is
an amusing process. It is strewn sev
eral Inches deep In an Inclosure of
hard earth, into which a number of
yaks, frightened by the beating of
drums, are driven back and forth over
the barley.
Truth in Italian Proverb.
When children are little they make
our heads ache; when grown, our
hearts. Italian Proverb.
Kindness the Universal Bond.
Kindness is the golden chain by
which society is Tiound together.
A Successful Man
Among the notable professional
men of this country who achieved
great success along strictly legitimate
lines was Dr. B. V. Pierce. Devot
ing his attention to the specialty of
women's diseases, he became a
recognized authority in that line.
Over fifty years ago this noted
physician gave to the world a Pre
scription which has never been
equaled lor the weakness of
women. Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
long since found out what is natu
rally best for women's diseases. He
learned it all thru treating thou
sands of cases. The result oi his
studies was a medicine called Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which
is made of vegetable growths that
nature surely intended for backache,
headache, weakening pains, and for
the many disorders common to
women in all ages of life. Women
"who take this standard remedy know
that in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription they are getting, a safe
woman's tonic so good that druggists
everywhere Bell it in tablets or fluid.
Send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Invalids
Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y., for trial pkg
Write for free medical advice.
nit ieu ailisucuj business collecf
Is ths blfrrsst, most perfectly equipped
Business Training Hchool In the North
west. Fit yourself for s higher sosIUob
with mora money. Permanent positions
tssured our Graduates.
Write for ca.te.lof Fourth and Yamhill
P. N. U.
No. 49, 1922
n.,J y;
MstMsJWaa! sftCTliiMaiMnTfflffi'' ' il"lT
I found that thera was a right way and a
wrong way to preient complaints, to give ett
motes, and to Issue orders.
"1 picked up some "wonderful pointers about
how to give ray opiuioni, about how to answer
complaints, about how to auk the bank for a
loan, about how to k for extensions. Another
thing that struck me forcibly was taut in
land of antagonitiug people when 1 didn't
agree with them, 1 learned how to bring them
around to my way oi thinking In the mo tit
pleasant sort of way. Then, of course, along
with those lessons there were chapters on
speaking before large audiences, how to find
material for talking and speaking, bow to talk
to friends, how to talk to servauts. and how
to talk to children.
"Why I got the secret the very first even
ing and It was ouly a abort time before I was
able to apply all of the principles and found
that my words were beginning to have an
almost magical effect upon everybody to whom
I apokfl. It seemed that 1 got things done
instantly, where formerly, ns you know, what I
said 'went In one ear and out the other.' I
be Ran to acquire an executive ability that sur
prised me. 1 smoothed out difficulties like
a true diplomat. In my talks with the chief
I spoke clearly, simply, convincingly. Then
came my first promotion since 1 entered the
accounting department, I was given the job
of answering complaints, snd X made good.
From that I waa given the job of making
collections. When Mr. Buckley joined the
Officers' Training Camp, I was made Treasurer.
Between you and me, Qeorge, my sulary is
now $7,500 a year and I expect it will be
more from the first of the year.
"And I want to tell yon sincerely, that I
attribute my success solely to the fact that I
learned how to talk to people."
When Jordan finished, I asked hlra for the
address of the publishers of Ir, Law's course
and he guve it to me. I sent for it and found
it to be exactly as he had stated. After study
ing the eight simple lessons I began to sell to
people who had previously refused to listen to
me at all. After four months of record-breaking
aales during the dullest season of the
year, I received ft wire from the chief asking
me to return to the home office. We had quite
a long talk In which I expluined how I was
able to break sales records -and I was ap
pointed Bales Manager at almost twice my'
former salary. 1 know that there was noth
ing in me that had changed except that I had
acquired the ability to talk where formerly
I simply used "words without reason." 1 can
never thank Jordun enough for telling me about
Dr. Law's Course in Business Talking and
Public Speaking. Jordan and I are both
spending all our spare time making public
speeches and Jordan is being talked about now
as. Mayor of our little town.
of Portland, Ore.
418 19 20 U. S. National Bank Bldg.
Gentlemen: N
Please mall me Dr, Law's course, "Mastery
of Speech." I will pay the postman 93.50 on
delivery, which completes the transaction and
pays for the course in full. Thereafter the
course is mine absolutely.
City ..
Write Plainly.
How a Baltimore Girl Recov
ered Her Health
Baltimore, Maryland. "For several
months I suffered with severe backache
and general weak
ness. I could not sleep
comfortably at night
tor pains in my bacK.
I found your book at
home one day and
after reading it be
gan at once to take
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound. I have had
very good results and
some of my girl
friends are taking it
now. iou may use wns leuer 10 neip
other girls, aa the letters in your book
helped me." Rose Waidneu, 3018
Eoseland Place, Baltimore, Md.
That is the thought so of ten expressed
in letters recommending Lyuia h. I'ink
ham's Vegetable Compound. These wo
men know what they have suffered, they
describe their symptoms and state how
they were finally made well. Just plain
statements, but they want other women
to be helped.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound is a medicine made from medi
cinal roots and herbs, and wilhoutdruga,
to relieve the sickness women so often
have, which is indicated by backache,
weak feelings, nervousness, and no am
bition to get anything done or to go
anywhere. It has he!;ed many women.
Why not try it?
Timely Repairs Important.
The best security against revolution
is In constant correction of abuses
and introduction of needed improve
ments. It is the neglect of timely
repair that makes rebuilding neces
sary. Whately.
Docker Carries 716 Pounds.
In a dockers' weiglit-carrying com
petition In France the winner carried
a burden of 716 pounds a distance of
13 yards.
Lions Furnish Good Steak.
Lion flesh Is said to he very good
eating, but tiger is tough and sinewy.
Nevertheless, the latter is eaten in
India, as there is a superstition that it
Imparts strength and cunning to the
Comfort Baby's Skin
With Cuticura Soap
And Fragrant Talcum
A'4Jrw UaMeark Lbrtri,Lpt X,Jstlum,
Is the finest product of Its kind in the
world. Every woman who has used
It knows this statement to be true.
'I h
ft J
ar Inseparable.