The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 23, 1922, Image 1

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    1 Jn, LJ.Pi
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 9, NO. 7
THE YEAR $1.50
American Legion Fall In!
Attention! American Legion
members. Maupin Post No. 73
will hold a regular meeting De
ember 4th in I. 0. 0. F. hall at
8 p. m. Purpose, election of
officers. Big feed.
I. E. Crabtree, Commander.
The Times $1:50 per 'year.
Arch Gutzlerand Miss Erma
Smith were married in Portland
on Wednesday of last week.
They have the good wishes of
the entire community for a long
happy, and prosperous
Sidney Wilson of American
Election Notice
Notice of general election for
election of officials of the Town
of Maupin and for the passage
of measures relating to theTown
married of Maupin.
Notice as hereby given tnat on
Monday, the 4th day of Decem
ber, 1922, at the usual poling
The Snowshoe Trail
Beautiful Jane Novak
The Picture with the Thousand Thrills of the
Big Snows
Two Reel Comedy Admission 20 and 40
Falls Idaho, suerit the week end place, to wit: in the I. 0. O. F.
with relatives here. - ?Min 0teJ wihin. th? Plat-
leu j. own ui lviaupui in vvasco
County, Oregon, .a general elec
tion will be held.
Said General Election will be
held to elect officials of the Town
of Maupin as follows to wit:
1 Mayor
i 6 Councilmen
1 Recorder
1 Marshal
1 Treasurer
Also to accept or reject meas
ures relating to the Town of
Maupin, as follows, to wit:
Charter of the Town of
Budget approved by the Bud-
g -f Committee.
Which election will be held at
2 o'clock in the afternoon and
vi continue until 7 o'clock in
th artrnoon of said day.
Dat 1 this 21st day of Novem
ber, 1922.
Geo. McDonald,
Recorder of the Town of Maupin
Around Maupin.
School Notes
success. About $G7.C0 was rais-
i , .Si.'N.
V. ' V .
- . V "A
November 27 - December 6
Local Committee
Mrs. F. D. Stuart Mrs. H. R. Kaiser
Mrs. J. Donaldson Mrs. J. Chalmers
Several truck loads of cement
were taken from here to be used
in the new bridge across White
river between Tygh End here.
Mrs. W. 0. Wilson left for The
Dalles Sunday where she will
make her home.
Shattuck 'Brothers have erect
ed an attractive electrical sign
over their gasoline pump. The
sign is wired from their Delco
electric lighting system, and at
night clearly spells g-a-vo 1 i-n-e
to travelers for a considerable
Fountain Pens $1.00 up
Maupin Drug Store.
This office acknowledges re
ceipt of the fust copy, issued for
the present month, of "Every
Living Creature", official organ
of the Oregon Humane Society,
a id published at Portland Ore
gon. This little magazine is
son'.ewhat after the style of thi
nation wide magazine "Oir
Dumb Animals", and evident'y
promises to be a strong factor n
teaching humane principals to
young in homes where its lajes
are appreciated.
Last Friday was an ideal
"Indian Summer" day after the
rainfall of last week.
Portland Painless Dentist,
seven years in The Dalles
painless extraction 1.00 305
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
W. T. Slatten D, D- S. Prop
rietorPhone Main 4821.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cunning
ham, P. H. Mott and Violet Mott
made a trip to The Dalles Thurs
day of last week and returned
B. D. Fraley and family left
Wednesday for California win re
they go in hopes of Orval beii g
benifited in health by the change
German Gillette Safety Razors
65 cts. -'Maupin Drug Store.
Chas. Pierca made a trip to
town Saturday driving a span of
horses one of which Mr. Pierce
taid was 24 years of age and had
d t .t a- n the fust automobile which
he ha 1 seen. The animal while
a little "slower" than his mate
in every apperanee to a casual
observer, looked i o less lively
than an ordinary animal of eight
or nine years, and is in full Heidi
Hand painted dish assortments
40 to 65 cents each - Maupin
Len Wilson left for Por'land
H. V. Retherfoid and family
spent Sunday at Van Laanens.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peterson
came Friday from Mosi.r and
are occupying V. Roberts house.
Atty. Dufur left Sunday lor
his home in Portland.
A baby girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. R. E. Richmond Mon
day morning.
Butler's have installed a Brow
ser kerosene pump in their store
A. Crabtree left Monday morn
iner for Milton Oregon, to be
with his daughter Mrs. Wm. Bar!
nett, who is quite ill.
A little card party of the young
er boys gathered for a farewell
game with Orval and Cyril Satur
'day night
I H. Wood is here from Tygh
Valley in charge of the Maupin
Garage while B. D. Fraley is
absent. His family will occupy
the Fraley residence.
I Five inches was cut oil the
front of James Chalmers' black
smith shop building last week to
fit the requirements of the recent
survey for the cement walks
now being laid on Deschutes
Snow fell Tuesday on the hills
surrounding this section.
Mr. and Mrs. A. , Agidious
moved into the Folely residence
on 6th street this week.
A number of visitors attended M and wil1 be u8ed to Pchase
a meeting of the high school liter j equipment to standardize the
loof vAa tv,q scnouis.
mo. j. iiuctj. Ail, i
ivir. ana
ary society
members of the grammar and
primary rooms were invited to
hear the program. The next
literary meeting will beheld Fri
day, December, 22.
There will be no school held
next week, due to the fact that
Teachers' Institute will be held
For Sale
Maytag washer and engine,
almost r.evv.- Shattuck Brothers
II. L. Morris is tuilding the
fid for the walk in front of his
property, also moved his effice
Council meeting was 1 eld last
Majhew Tns. and several
o'her farmers shipped hogs to
the Portland markets last Satur
day night.
Correspondents please send
your news in early next" week as
the Times force wish to get the
paper out on Wednesday and
"be at home" Thanksgiving day
t'ie former part of the week and
Thanksgiving will come next
Henry Peterson of Mosier was
in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Len D. W. dson
are moung to Portland. .
Bert Hammer who was ill is
able to be out airaiii.
Mr. and Mrs. Von Horn who
have worked for Mr. Gutter for
tiniehae gone to New York.
Little Nora Hammer is absent
from school because of sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gahel were
Sunday guests of Mis. Anna
The program aod Eccial at Pine
grove last Saturday night was a
Mrs. J. M. Powell
spent Tuesday in Maupin getting
acquainted with their new grand
Ira Grisham's mother of Leba
non and sister of The Dalles
have been with him this week.
He is reported as being better.
Sidney Wilson of Pocatelle Ida
was in our burg Saturday night
and attended the social at Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hartman
are staying at Ed Bothwells this
week while Mrs. Bothwell is at
Soap Lake Wn. visiting with
Two or three days lately the
ground has leen covered with
Last I ric'ay a wind, which
was a regular old twister struck
here. It tore the l oof off a barn
upset a number of grain bins and
one garage, uprooted several
juniper treea and twisted off one
large pine.
Last week a crowd of survey
ors went up to the mountains: to
survey a load out from Clear
Ed. Thomas who is in the hos
pital at Portland has had to have
another operation on his leg, re
moving it above the knee.
Jesse Lewis traded his team
of mules for some h.rses this
v c :k.
Mrs GaorgaBurnside has been
suflering with a badly alscessed
Mr. and Mrs. K E. Miller re
turned to Pottland Saturday,
N. G. Hedin has le n in the
mountains this week turning the
water out of the ditch.
f'one kind of an animal killed
27 of Ellen ouls ducks one night
lately. Earlier in the setson it
took nin a geese.
Better ' Service
Realizing that the southern part of Wasco County
is entitled to up to dale service in our line, we have
placed a complete slock of goods with
The Crandall Undertaking Co.
The Dalles, Oregon
Lu f used Enbalmers Motor Equipment
Is the Best. Policy
Keeping your capital in your
community; thereby benefiting
each individual and the com
munity at large.
We are here to render any ser
vice consistent with lawful, busi
ness like banking.
laiipin State Bank
W e Strive to Merit Approval