The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 02, 1922, Image 6

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Per Box
Faced and Filled
Yellow Newtowns, Winesaps
Sorted Apples No Worms-Not Orchard Run
ilson Co.
R. E.
Smock News
Mrs, Cecil Mayfield is spending
the week in Wasco with her sis
ter. Ethe! Ledford has been quite
ill but is now recovering.
Farlow Bros, hauled hogs to
Maupin Friday and Saturday
' C N, accompanied the shitiment
on Saturday night to Portland.
J. W. Farlow and family spent
Saturday in The Dalles.
F. T. Feltch went to The Dalles
Wednesday on business for L.
and B. Ditch Co.
. Willis Farlow went to Maupin
to make needed repairs on Leon
ard's house.
D. M. Stancliff returned from
Mosier Monday and is busy pick
ing his apples, which are a fine
crop this year.
W. II. Mayfield shipped sheep
to Portlond on Saturday.
Marion Duncan is still bring
ing cattle out of the mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Beaty of
Hood River visited with J. E,
Woodcocks from Friday till Sun
with daily milk supply.
Portland Painless Dentist,
seven years in The Dalles
nninless extraction $1.00 305
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
W. T. Slatten D, D. S. Prop
rietorPhone Main 4821.
Butter Nut Bread
The bread that made mother
stoD baking. Received fresh
every day at
State Monopoly of Schools would cost
Ill taxes
over $1,000,000 year fr operation
Over $3,000,000 for buildings and grounds
HPHE first cost of state monopoly of schools
JL would be something over three million
dollars for new buildings and grounds. We
would have to pay a yearly tax of over one
million dollars for operation in. addition to
what we are paying now.
They propose that Oregonians pay this bill
for "Real Americanism." But it is not Amer
icanism to take away the right of the parent
to control the education of the child.
Carl Powell is supplying the
the Oak Grove and Pine Grove
school houses with winter wood.
Al Daniels, Ben Richardson
Sam Appling and Jess Cox have
the leading wood cutting camps
this fall.
Georg Ileitz has employed W.
A. Diine to add an annex to his
house at the mill.
II W. Richmond. Jack Kelly
Leonard Weberg, and Walter
Woudside are hauling lumber
fro.n Hedin Lumber Co. to Mau
pin lor shipment r.asi ior me
Cunningham Lumber Co. of
John Powell is hauling lumber
for some improvements to his
Walter Sharpe lias moved to
R. E. EUinwood ranch to help in
the farming. John Davis is
working for Robt EUinwood who
has taken upon himself the job
of supplying the city of Maupin
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon.
meets every Saturday nigni ir
I. O. O. F. hall. Visiting mem
oers always welcome.
B. F. Turner, Secretary
H. K. Kaiser, N. G.
They propose that we pay this bill to have "Compulsory
School" But we actually have compulsory school right
now under the present law.
Be not deceived. What this burden of added taxes will
go for i3 an experiment in education along communistic
lines the substitution of state monopoly in education for
parental guidance. Russia is. trying this experiment
Let us profit by her failure. Let us maintain our democ
racy and Eave millions of dollars.
Vote NO oii the
School Monopoly Bill
Called on the BaUot Compulsory Education Bill
This advertisement U paid for by the Non-Sectarian and Protestant SchooU Committee
James Chalmers
Horse Shoeing and
General Blacksmhhing
Maupin, Ore.
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
Attorney at Law
New Today-
"SNAPPY" Four niece or
chestra for danfiesand entertain
ments. Call Chas. Brown or
Leon Frasier. Dufur, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed Francis V. Galloway ha8 been
duly appointed Administrator of the es
tate of Mary A. Woodside, deceased,
and has qualified as such Administrator
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified and
required to present the same duly
verified to the undersigned at his office
in The Dalles, Oregon, within six mon
ths from the first date ot the publ ca
tion of this notice; first date of publica
tion being October. 26, 1922.
r rancis V. ualloway,
For Sale Re&istredDuroc Jersey
Boar3. Farrowed April 14, sired
by Red KingGanjto, sweep stake
winner of Oregon State Fair
1922, dam Sacajauea second prize
sow, Oregon State Fair 1921.
Crabtree Bros. Maupin Oregon.
For Sale One large work horse
-J. M. Glass, Wapinitia, Oregon
Don't forget the
blankets at Wilsons.
For Sale 15 registered Hamp
shire Rams and 1 Shrop Ram
price $25. 00-C. B. Dahl.
Water users' attention There
will be a meeting of the water
users Monday, Nov. 6th at one
o'clock, November 6th, at the
Kelly church.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hartman
have returned from Weiser,
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, October, lo 1922.
Notice is hereby given mac
William H. Shelly,
of Shaniko, Oregon, who on November
10, 1919, made Homestead Entrv No.
019866, for swl-4sEl-4, Bection 22, wl--2nb1-4,
seI-4nw1-4, section 27, Town
ship 5 south, Range 15 east. Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice' of intention to
make final three year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before Register and Receiver, United
States Land Office, at The Dalles,
Oregon, onthe 6th day of Decembr,1922.
Claimant names as witnesses: P. E.
Conroy, of Shaniko. Oregon, A. J. Con
roy, of Shaniko, Oregon, James poran,
of Maupin, Oregon, John Manion, of
Maupin, ortgon.
J. W. Donnelly, Register.
Department of the Interior
U, S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon. October 19th, 1922.
.Notice is hereby given that
John H. McMillan
of Maupin, Oregon, who on Aug. 1, 1919
made Homestead Entry, No. 020884
for swl-4 NEl-4, seI-4. section 11
Nl-2 NEl-4; sw!-4ne1-4, section 14, Town
ship 5. south. Ranee 14 East Willamet
te Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make final three year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
before F. D. Stuart. United Htates
Commissioner, at Maupin, Oregon, on
the 12th day of December 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses: A. H.
Philmlee, of Maupin Oregon. W. C.
Richardson of Maupin Oregon, John
Foley of Maupin Oregon. Tom Faherty
of The Dalles, Oregon.
J. W. Donnelly, Register.
In virtue of an execution and
order of sale issued out of the
Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon lor Wasco bounty upon
a judgment in favor ot W. E
Hunt, and against Arthur Hen
derson for $501.20, with interest
at 8 per cent from October 2,
1922, $75.00 attorney's fees, and
$31.80 costs and disbursements.
Now, therelore, pursuant to
the commands of said execution
I will, on the 2nd day of Decem-
Der, 1922, at the hour of 2:00
1 . Y" HIT I 1 .1 1 iL.
o clocK f. ivi. or saia aay, at me
courthouse door in Dalles City,
Wasco County, Oregon, sell at
puolic auction to the highest bid
der for cash, the following de
scribed real praperty, to wit: '
The Southwest quarter of the
Northeast quarter and the East
one half of the Northwest quar
ter and the Northeast quarter of
the Southwest quarter ot bee
; tion Seventeen, Township Six
South, Range Fifteen, E W. M.
be declared the sole and exclusive sit aated in Wasco County, State
owners in fee simple ot tne iana 0t Urtgon.
For Sale-Four milk cows, gen
tle good milkers, Boon to be
fresh 145 to $55 each,-C. G.
Skogsberg Criterion.
Our fall shipment of blankets
and robes and auto robes just
arrived-K. E. Wilson Co.
For Sale 20 tons choice wheat
and 8 tons rye hay. House and
fpedinir trrounds furnished if
desired Otto Herrling.
Eyes Tested 0N
Saturdays and Sundays
Old Bank Building Maupin, Oregon
O. II. Dinwiddie
Registered Optician
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, uctober zum, ivzz.
Notice is hereby given mac
John E. Porchett
of Wapintia, Oregon, who on November
6. 1920, made Homestead kntry No.
017021 for Lot 1, Bection 28, Lots 3. 4.
bw1-4nw1-4, nwI-4 bw1-4, Section 29,
swl-4NEl-4, M-2SE1-4, NEl-4swl-4, S"f
tion 30, Township 6 south, Range 14
east, Willamette Meridian, has tiled
notice of intention to make final proof
to establish claim to the land above
described, before F. D. Stuart. U. S.
Commissioner, at Maupin, Oregon, on
the 15th day of December 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses: Chester
Pochette. W. R. Sturgis. Lewis McCoy,
A. R. Wilcox, and H. John Dolco, all
of Wapinitia, Oregon.
j. w. uonncuy, Kegister.
I have opened a blacksmith sl. i. r all
around blacksmithing at my old stand
opposite Woodcock's mill and am prepared
to do work at reasonable rates.
Why Clou Private 8choolt
Financial wronj li seen in the pro
posed compulsory education bill on
the November 7 ballot. Injustice to
owners of old-Mtabllfthed schools,
against which there has been no com
pliant, would be worked by the bill's
adoption; a large number ot employes
would be out of work and taxes would
be Increased In order to house tod
teach thousands ot pupils now la
private school.
What Tom Marshall Says
"I have an old-fashioned notion that
In a government where freedom ot
religion it guaranteed to me cmioa.
as the father of t child. 1 have a right
to train it along the lines of my own
religious belief. 1
I doubt' that tny officer, however
girted tnd high-minded he mX be,
can hava a tenderer regard for my
child than I myself possess, that he
can more sincerely desire his health,
happiness and success." Former Vice
President Thomat R. Marshall in the.
Chicago Vi Newt, Janiinry H 192.
German Gillette Safety Razors
65 cts. Maupin Drug Store. j
In the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon for Wasco
Charles N. Farlow and James M.
Farlow, Plaintiffs, vs. T. J.
Driver and Jane Doe Driver,
husband and wife, Defendants.
To T. J. Driver and Jane Doe
Driver, Defendants:
In the Name of the State of
Oregon: You and each of you
are here-by required to answer
the complaint filed in the above
cause within six weeks from the
date of the first publication of
this summons, and if you fail
for want thereof, the plaintiffs
will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint;
for a decree that the plaintiffs
rloanrihprl in the comDlaint, to-
wit, the East one-halt oi tne
Northwest quarter of Section
Twenty-seven, in Township Four,
South, Range Twelve, East ot
the Willamette Meridian in
Wasco County, State ot Uregon,
and that an alleged deed made
by Robert Kelly to the said l. J.
Driver be held void, and that the
sain T. .T. Driver and Jane Doe
Driver, his wife, be required to
make and deliver to the plaintiffs
a deed, by the terms of which
thpv shall convev the above de
scribed premises to the plaintiffs
and in case they shall fail to so
rWH and convev the above de
scribed premises tothe plaintiffs,
the decree of the court shall
operate as a deed and operate to
runvpv the Dremises irom me
defendants to the plaintiffs; that
the cloud created by the deed
made by Robert Kelly to T. J.
Driver be removed from the
premises above described, and
for plaintiffs' costs and disburse
ments, and for such other relief
as to the court shall seem equit
able. This summons is served upon
vou pursuant to an order of Fred
W. Wilson, iudue of the above
entitled court, which directs that
this summons be published once
each week for six consecutive
weeks in the Maupin Times, a
newspaper, and that a copy of
the complaint and summons be
deposited in the postoffice at The
Dalles. Oretron. directed to the
defendants. ,
The date of the first publication
! of this summons is the 19th day
of October, 19E2.
Frank G. Dick
Attorney for Plaintiffs
Postoffice address, The Dalles,
Dated this 28th day of Octo
ber, 1922.
Levi unrisman
Sheriff of Wasco County, Oregon
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, UcWDer, Li, viu..
Notice is nereDy Kiven mat
Irl Davis
of Dufur, Oregon, who on September
12th, 1917, made Homestead Miry
No. 019249, for se1-4seU, Sec 23, '
sl-2 swl-4, sec. 24, nw1-4nw1-4. sec.
25, N1-2N1 2, sec. 26 and Feby. 21, 1921
made stockraising Additional home
stead entrv No. 021789 for sl-2sEl-4,
sec. 27, N1-2N1-2, swl-4NEl-4, NwWsEl
4, Section 34, all in Township 8
south, Range 13 East, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make three year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore Register and Receiver, United
States Land Office at The Dalles Ore
iron, on the 15th dav of December 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses: ibuob
C. Foster, of The Dalits, Oregon. Ed
Faulk, of The Dalles, Oregon, John M,
Conroy, of Tygh Valley, Oregon, Cy
rus Lolton, of Tygh Valley, Oregon.
J. W. Uonnelly, Register.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, October 16th, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that
Arthur Dyer
of Maupin, Oregon, who on April
25th, 1919. made HomesteadEntry No.
1120622, and on Nov. 11, 1920 mad ad
ditional homestead entry No. 020623
for bw1-4se1-4, 8El-4swl-4, Sec. 19,
wl-2swl-4, Section 20, wl-2Nwl-4. Nw.
l-4swl-4, section 29, NEl-4, NEl-4NWl-4,
El-2swl-4. Nl-2sEl-4, Bection 30, Town
ship 6 south, Range 14 east, Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make final three year proof,
to establish clBim to the land above
fii scribed, before F. D. Stuart, United
States Commissioner at Maupin, Ore.
gon, on the 4th day of December 19'. 2.
Claimant names as witnesses: E.
J. Fischer, E. A. Troutman, A. J.
Connolly, H. P. Hellis. all of Maupin,
Oregon. . ,
J. W. I'onnelly, Register.
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