The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, August 24, 1922, Image 3

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Buttonholing Buttons Plaiting Tucking and Chainstitching
All Mnil Orders given careful and prompt attention
ELITE SHOP, 128J Tenth near Washington.
Write for Prices and Shipping Tags
Grand Avenue at Yamhill
Sgjj Dyeing & Cleaning
By Parcel Tost Return Postage Paid. Write for
Circulars and Prices.
"At Your Beck and Call"
If your RADIATOR heat, or
leak., send it to us,
Armstrong Auto Radiator Co.,
67 Burnsicie street, Portland, Oregon
Expert advice on any
income tax problems.
Several years' actual
experience In Govern-
ntnDI F El O merit Bureaus Is offered
rnUDLCIsli? those unable to visit our
office. State your troubles briefly and
send in with U and we will give you hon
est to goodness advice. It will pay you to
get in touch with us now. E. J. Curtln,
Room 806 Lewis Blcig., Portland, Oregon.
Fire Proof and Modern
Denot Morrison Cars direct to Hotel. Popular
Prices. Center Shopping- and Theater district.
formerly with Clyde Hotel.
tales $1.00 and so, 128 N. 6lh Si.. Portland. Ore
Very Centrally Located. Convenient to all
Depot, and one block from main Postoffice
Hotel Hoyt
Located Sixth and Hoyt
Strictly Fireproof and Modern. Near
both depots and convenient car service
to all parts of city.
1 to 5 ton GMC, Republics, Whites, etc.
Send for our List.
Oregon Distributors for GMC Trucks
200 Second St., Cor. Taylor Portland, Oi
ing and all other rectal
conditions except Cancer
permanently cured with
out a surgical operation.
My method of treatment
saves the tissue instead of
destroying it. It Is pain
less, requires no anes
thetic and is permanent.
There is no confinement
to bed. no interference
with business or social engagements. I
ruarontee a cure or will refund your fee.
Call or write for booklet. Mention this
paper when writing.
Second and Morrison St.., Portland, Or..
Her Face Transformed Into Mask
of White and Vermilion, With
Joined Eyebrows.
"Come, I will make you as beau
tiful as the morning star," ..aid the
queen, commanding the servants to
bring pastes, paints and perfumes.
I was docile. A white paint cov
ered my pallor; my cheeks were turns
formed mto two vermilion apples, a
layer of surma united into one olack
arc my two eyebrows. On my fore
head a few painted stars made me re
semble a starlit night ; golden powder
on my hair Imitated the sun.
"Now you are dazzling," said the
aueen, holding a mirror before me.
"find nil powerful 1 I cried. "What
a fright !"
,A vicious and powerful face looked
t me from the glass. It was like
the Persian Images of Zuleika In an
rer complaining of Joseph of Pharaoh
I was overcome. The very sight of it
terrified me. But there was nothing
to do; the paint was of the best, and
United States Mints Produce
Million Pieces Less Than for
the Year 1921.
Washington. Total domestic coin
age of the United States during the
fiscal yenr just ended fell off by more
than 350,000,000 pieces, as compared
with the previous year, according to a
summary of operations Issued by the
mint '
Portland, Orejron
Complete Change Saturday. Adults, Matinee, 20c:
Evenings, 39c. Continuous 1 to 11 p. m. Children
10 cents all times.
will make Silos, Granaries, BaBements, etc., Water
proof, Kotproof, Ratproof and Fireproof.
Medusa Waterproofed White Portland Cement ll
the best for Stucco Plaster on outside for Bunga
lows Does not stain and dirt can be hosed off.
Write for Literature. Sold by A. Mc MILL AN & CO..
340-350 East Ankeny Street, Corner Second.
A rood place to Eat Mid Live WelL
Remarkable 40c luncheon at noon.
Open 7 a. m. to 2 a. m., SUA Stark St
We Pay Highest Prices for
Address Department B
The Phonograph Known for Tone
Agents wanted. Order direct from factory, 330 East
Morrison St., Portland, Oregon.
Quirt, 75c: hall
gallon, 11.25;
gallon, 12.00.
Oroer from
your dealer. If
he hasn't it,
we'll send you
a gallon, charges paid, for $2.00. Postage stamps
Clarke, Woodward Drug Cp.,
Manufacturers of all kinds of Tanks,
hard and soft wood Barrels and Keg-s.
Write for prices. 254 Front, Portland, Ore
Cut, warn, hem and machine
pleat skirts ready for band.
85 cents
Hemstitching, Etc.
85V4 Fifth St. Portland. Or.
Northwest Welding; &. Supply Co. 88 1st St
For reliable Cleaning ana
Dyeing service send parcels to
fj'TJjfl Information and prices given
XiMtr upon request.
Established 1890 Portland
Clarke Brosjnorists, 287 Morrison St-
Commercial Iron Works, 7th & Madison.
Teaches trade in 8 weeks. Some nay while learn
ing-. Positions secured. Write for catalogue
234 Buroside street, Portland, Ore.
MOMMUPNTS F. 3d and Pin. St..
Otto Schumann Granite & Marble Works.
Marry if Lonely: most successful "Horn.
Maker": hundreds rich: confidential
reliable: years experience: descriptions
free. "The Successful Club," Mr.. Nash,
Box 556, Oakland, California.
Clmmr.g, tvlir.M .J a.ttrsf. Cry.uu
Springs Woolen Mills, 7S0 Umatilla, Portland.
We help the appearance of women.
Twenty-two inch switch or transforma
tion, value 7-60, price S2.45.
MO Jo 412 Dekum Bldg. "
Model Shoe Kepair, 272 Washington St
VETERINARIAN Cattle a Specialty
Dr. Chas. M. Anderson, Kenton. Portland.
Wedding Bouquet, and Funeral Piece.
Lublincr Florists, 348 Morrison St.
True Greatness.
He only is great who has the habits
of greatness; who, after performing
what none in ten thousand could ac
complish, passes on like Samson, and
"tells neither father nor mother of it."
Beats Stove for Heat.
Of European Invention Is a sheet
metal stove pipe drum which is claim-
ed to radiate more heat In a room
than the stove with which it Is used.
would, defy water and oil for weeks.
I must present myself under this
"So much the worse," I said, with
a shrug. "Let me go now to charm
your Bahman 1"
At the house of Zehlr we found all
the young women painted thus, In
the traditional fashion for grand
fetes, , I did not see Bahman, but
could only suppose that he had not
been disappointed, for our Idle life
was for a long time enlivened by his
letters. Little by little these letters,
delicately passionate, became a need
to me. Fearing to Itse his respect
by replying to them, I answered only
by symbolic signs, by a flower or a
bird In an enameled cae. From
"The Dancer of Sliamakha, IV, In
Teheran," by Armen Ohanlan, In
Asia Magazine.
Alderney Is Tax Exempt
There are no tuxes of any kind In
life island of Alderney.
During the fiscal year 1922, there
were 105,090,175 coins turned out by
the various mints of the country,
with a total value of $145,712,742,
against 4G2.420.140 coins for the $38,
580,540 in 1921.
Myrose, one of the most Important
native states in India, Is to amend
Its constitution so as to permit women
to vote.
While Not So Common at Bronze It It
Widely Raised Hat Many
Excellent Qualities.
The white Holland turkey, while not
so common as the bronze variety, is
nevertheless widely raised and ex
ceedingly popular. People who keep
them long euough to get familiar with
their qualities and characteristics
generally prefer them to any other
The origin of the white Holland is
not known, according to writers on
poultry, but it is believed to have been
developed by breeding white birds se
lected from other breeds, which appear
occasionally as among chickens and
are classed as "sports." It seems quite
certain that they did not come from
Holland or the Netherlands. It has
come to the front as a distinct breed
since about 1800. The standard
weights are, 28 lbs. for a cock ; 10 lbs.
for a cockerel ; 10 for a hen and 10 for
a pullet. At the same time any of
these classes may be fattened to
from three to six pounds above the
weight quoted. Six months old gob
blers, or cockerels, have been known
White Holland Turkey.
to weigh 10 pounds dressed for mar
ket. The flesh Is white and makes flue
White Holland turkeys are said to
be the best layers, as a rule, among the
turkey family. In some flocks the
hens will not go broody or hatch; or,
If they do, it will be only after the
season Is far advanced. Other speci
mens will want to sit before laying a
dozen eggs and some have raised two
broods in a season. One man is re
ported to have owned four turkey hens
which laid 264 eggs during the season,
while one of them raised a brood in
July. Like all other breeds the white
birds must have proper care and prop
er feed to be profitable. Colds, lice
and filth and general neglect will be
Plan to Have as Few Cracks and
Crevices as Possible, Built In
Portable Sections.
When first In the poultry business
we thought that nests made of scrap
lumber or small boxes were satisfac
tory. Now we believe that the nests
should be of smooth matched lumber
with as few cracks and crevices as
possible, says a writer In an exchange.
They must never be nailed to the
sides of the wall or beneath the drop
ping boards, but built In portable sec
tions, so they can be easily carried
from the house for sunning and spray
When we used open nests In some
of the houses the birds were constant
Ing roosting on them or bothering the
hens while they were laying. After
several eggs had been laid In a nest
another hen might decide to scratch
around in the litter In that nest. This
resulted in broken eggs and then it
was only a short step to the egg eat
ing habit.
The best nests are built with
small track at the rear Wi.ere the
hens can enter. The eggs are removed
by lowering a hinged door In front.
These nests are slightly darkened and
the hens hardly see the. eggs that are
laid. There Is not much scratching
in the litter In a darkened nest.
a soft-shelled egg is laid and broken
the danger of the hen eating it Is re
The egg-eating habit probably
causes as much loss and discourage
ment as ,any habit or disease which
troubles poultry keepers. The remedy
Is lurgely In prevention and this con
sists In building the right kind of
-.......,....... 4
Keep chicks out of the wet grass,
The boarder hen always Jumps her
board bill. Give her the crate.
Geese grow fast, and need no feed
in the summer If they have a grassy
Filth causes more sickness
anything else. Clean up and
things clean!
Laying hens and hens being fat
tened for market should not be kept
In the same pen.
A cement floor Is considered best
for the permanent laylng-house as It
lasts a long time and Is easily cleuued
and keeps out rats.
Plans Being Made to Give Month-
ly Changes in Situation on
Farms of Country.
Careful Study Being Made of Possiblt
Methods for Gathering and Dis
tributing Information to Those
(Prepared by the United State. Department
oi Agriculture.)
Plans for a nation-wide live stock re
porting service showing the monthly
changes In the live stock situation on
farms are now being made by the Unit
ed States Department of Agriculture,
under the $70,000 congressional ap
propriation recently made for this
work. The service will also include
the forecasting and reporting of the
important live stock movements.
Make-Up of Reports.
At recent conferences of statisticians
and crop and live stock estimating ex-
A Man May Feel Independent If He
Possesses a Nice Bunch of Cattle,
perts it was felt that the monthly re
ports of changes on the farm should
Include reports of births, deaths,
losses, marketings, purchases, and
animals bred, with periodical classi
fications of the numbers of animals
on farms. This service will be an
expansion of experimental work car
ried on by the division of crop and
live stock estimates during the last
three or four years. Monthly reports
will be obtained from 70,000 to 100,
000 farms, and state Indexes of
changes at least for the corn belt.
and eastern and southern states will
be developed. The range stntes on
cattle and sheep will be covered by
a series of semi-annual reports be
cause of the difficulty of getting
monthly reports from those states,
Information to Be Given.
The forecasting and reporting of the
Important live stock movements will
be based upon the movement of feeder
cattle and lambs from the range states
to the corn belt' feed lots, the move
ment from the feed lots to market,
the movement into the eastern feed
lots Buch as Lancaster, Pa., and the
movement out, the forecasting and
estimating of the yearly lamb and
calf crop of the range states, and
estimates of the feeder hog move
ment In the Middle West. A careful
study Is now beipg made of possible
methods for gathering and reporting
this information.
At conferences held to develop
live stock reporting program, repre
sentatives of farmers' organizations,
co-operative live stock shipping as
sociations, the packing establishments,
and other live stock interests were
present. Many lurge live stock pro
ducers' associations In the West have
also indicated a desire to co-operate,
Specialists In Many States Now De
vote Full Time to Management
Extension Work.
Twenty-four northern and western
states now have 30 specialists to de
vote full time to farm management
extension work. County agents In 895
counties report that they distributed
51,083 furm account books In 1921
519 counties reported 18,448 books
kept, and 444 reported that 8,454 farm
ers were assisted In summarizing their
accounts. County agents In 237 coun
ties report that 2,972 farmers made
changes In their business as a result
of keeping accounts. More than 800
farm-account schools, with an at
tendance of 20,000, were held In 1921,
the United States Department of Agri
culture reports.
Odoriferous Little Animals Coax
Honey Gatherers Out at Night
and Eat Them.
A report from Ohio received by tht
biological survey of the United States
Department of Agriculture says that
skunks are giving a great deal
trouble to beekeepers In thut region,
The Bkunks visit the hives at night
and scratch on the outside till the
bees come out. As soon as they ap
pear the skunks eat them. The bi
ological survey recommends that un
der such conditions the hives
fenced In with chicken wire at least
three feet high.
Roseburg. Officers are endeavor
ing to locate fruit thieves who have
been causing growers of the Umpqua
alley heavy losses. Large quantities
of fruit have been stripped from trees
In many orchards. The thieves, it is
believed, are disposing of the fruit
tor profit.
Astoria. Harley J. Slusher, who
was elected sheriff of Clatsop county
at the recent recall election, assumed
the duties of the position Saturday.
Salem. Although the next regular
session of the Oregon legisature will
not convene until January, state offi
cials, state departments and superin
tendents of the state institutions are
already working out in their minds
various bills which will be submitted
for consideration of the lawmaking
Salem. Prices for the 1922 prunes
have not yet been announced, and
sellers, dealers and consumers, are
peculating with relation ttf the prob
able market. Estimates have placed
the 1922 dried prune crop in the north
west district at 70,000,000 pounds,
while California will have 200,000,000
pounds of the product.
Salem. "The very existence of
western fruit production Is threatened
if the strike continues," was the mes
sage sent by the Oregon Growers' Co
operative association to President
Harding, Secretary of Agriculture
Wallace and the congressmen of Ore
gon, at Washington, according to an
official announcement.
Eugene. Milling of the Lane coun
ty wheat crop started at the plant of
the Eugene Mill & Elevator company
Monday. A 12-hour shift started oper
ations in addition to the crew for the
handling of the coming 'supply.
total of 10,000 bushels is at present in
the warehouse with about 2000 addl
tlonal bushels already in transit.
La Grande. The Nibley-MImnaugh
Lumber company of Wallowa has put
on extra shifts In their Bltlpptng de
partment. About 20 men were em
ployed in the night shift of the box
factory and planing mill. The output
of the mill has increased lately and
now that cars are plentiful and the
market good the company is working
to full capacity.
Salem. The city of Portland, under
a Bupreme court decision in which it
was held that the municipality was
liable for the payment of motor vehi
cle licenses, the same as individuals,
owes the state a total of $6406 cover
ing the operation of its cars during
the years 1920 and 1921. This was
announced here Saturday by Sam A.
Kozer, secretary of state.
Roseburg. The Roseburg Country
club voted to proceed with the erec
tion of the $5000 clubhouse planned by
that organization for some time. The
clubhouse will be situated on the
grounds recently purchased from the
Curry estate and will be the first In
Douglas county. It will have all mod
em conveniences and comforts, In ad
dition to a large dancing floor.
Salem. Plans have, been completed
for the annual tour of the Western
Walnut Growers' association, which
will start from Salem August 23. The
walnut growers will visit a number of
Marlon county orchards, after which
they will go to Lane county and other
points in southern Oregon. The tour
will cover practically all of western
and southern Oregon and occupy a
Portland. Stockholders in the de
funct State Bank of Portland must
pay the 100 per cent assessment lev
ied against them or face suit by the
state superintendent of banks. Less
than 10 per cent of the $300,000 due
as assessments against that amount
of capital stock had been actually paid
In or pledged by Saturday, according
to those now in charge of liquidating
the bank.
Salem. Officials of the Oregon
state fair have announced a special
attraction In the art department this
year, a collection of 30 pictures from
the Metropolitan Museum of Arts,
New York city, to be sent west in
time to be exhibited at the Gist an
nual event, which opens In Salem
September 25. This is the finest loan
exhibit that ever has been sent out In
the United States, and consists of per
fect replicas oi original paintings by
the world's greatest masters.
Brownsville. Funeral services for
Aunt Eliza, last of the Calapoola In
dlans, were held Sunday from the
Starr undertaking chapel, with Rev.
W. P. Elmore officiating. She died
Friday night at the home of Johnny
Moore In thU city. Some pioneers
estimate her age to have been in the
neighborhood of 100 years. She had
been blind for many years and de
pendent upon the county for support,
She was Interred in the Masonic cem
etery by the side of her two children,
Susan Indian and L. B. Indian.
,ydia E. Piakham's Vegetable Com
pound Often Does That. Read
Mrs. Miner's Testimony
Churubusco. N. Y. "I was under the
doctor's care for over five years for
oackacne ana naa no
relief from his medi
cine. One day a
neighbor told me
about your Vegeta
ble Compound and l
took it. It helped mo
so much that 1 wish
to advise all women
to try LydiaE. Pink
ham s Vegetable
Compound for fe
male trouDies ana
backache. It is a
great help in carrying a child, as I have
noticed a difference when I didn't take
it. I thank you for this medicine and if
l ever come to mis point again i uo not
want to be without the Vegetable Com
pound. I give you permission to publish
this letter so tnat an women can ia&e
my advice. "-Mrs. Fred Miner, Box
102, Churubusco, N. Y.
It's the same story over again.
Women suffer from ailments for years.
They try doctors and different medi
cines, but feel no better. Finally they
takeLydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and you can see its value in
the case of Mrs. Miner.
That's the truth of the matter. If you
are suffering from any of the troubles
women have, you ought to try this med
icine. It can be taken in safety by young
or old, as it contains no harmful drugs.
No Soap Better
' For Your Skin -
Than Cuticura
Samp!" "ich (Sosn, OtntmnntTsletmO fw. of
nn I..bnMorlH, Dapt. X. MUd.a. UuL Ql
Climate and Deafness.
It is curious to note how deaf
mutism varies in different countries.
In Switzerland, for Instance, owing to
the prevalence of cretinism, 245 per
100,000 of the inhabitants suffer from
It, whereas the general average among
European countries is 79, and in the
United States, 68, per 100,000.
Red Oilcloth Effective.
Red, a very bright red oilcloth,
makes an unusually effective table
covering for a dark corner. Usually
the place for Buch material is in the
kitchen, but occasionally one sees it
in studios and sitting rooms and In
the dull light the effect Js really quite
A Lady of Distinction.
Is recognized by the delicate fascinat
ing Influence of the perfume she uses.
A, bath with. Cutlcura Sonp and hot
water to thoroughly cleanse the pores,
followed by a dusting with Cutlcura
Talcum Powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin. Adv.
Two Sorts of Contagion.
Diseases are not the only things
that are contagious. Kindness is con
tagious; manly Integrity is conta
gious; all the positive vlrtuos, with
real red blood in their veins, are con
tagious. Henry VanDyke.
First Sleeping-Car Berth.
In 1853, Zenas Cobb invented a
sleeping-car berth and sold his inven
tion to George M. Pullman for $4,000.
Mr. Pullman perfected the invention
and Mr. Cobb afterward manufactured
car-spring seats, supplying the entire
Pullman service.
No Such Luck.
Many a thing would go without say
ing It. people had wisdom enough to
let them.
An Eel Mystery.
How the baby eels which push up
the river from their birthplace in the
depths of the ocean circumvent the
falls of the Rhine and even Niagara
fulls Is a puzzle science has so far
been unable to solve.
Wall paper was very costly when
first Introduced, As late as the end of
the Eighteenth century when an owner
was leaving a house he advertised
among the things which he desired to
sell or to rent the paper on the walls.
Brooklyn Eagle.
Highest Priced Tobacco.
The highest-priced tobacco grown In
the world is produced in a certain area
near the western const of Cuba which
is more than twenty-fivo miles square.
The fine aromatic tobacco grown there
can be produced nowhere else, Brook
lyn Eagle.
1. needed In every department of house
keeptng. Equally sood
Unen,.hetndpUlowcae.. Groan
Are You Satisfied?
Is the biggest, mont perfectly equipped
Bunlnes Training Bohoal In the Nurth
west. Fit yourttelf for a higher position
with more money. Permanent positrons
aranred our Graduates.
Write for catalog Fourth and Yamhill,
P. N. U.
No. 34, 1922
IsiiiiiTiTi ii milium!