The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 22, 1922, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. 8, NO. 37
THE YEAR $1.50
Antelope Chautauqua and Miss Helen Smith, pianist,
are capanie assisting artists io
Mr. Bates. The Patricia Trio is
built around Miss Patricia Hale,
dramatic soprano and possessor
of a glorius voice, whose work
in the east has attracted wide
The Junior Chautauqua, as
usual, will be a big feature, and
already there is considerable in
terest manifested among the
children of the cits.
The Chautauqua season of
1922 is an important one in the
history of the Ellison-White
Lyceum and Chautauqua Associa
tion as it is the Tenth Anniver
sary of the establishing of their
Chautauqua business in the West j
To build a program which would j
fittingly celebrate this happy j
event was evidently in theminds
of the Ellison-White Manage-1
ment when the program for the j
coming season was arranged.
The dates for the Antelope! Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hennehan
Chautauqua have been definitely left Wednesday afternoon for a
set for June 29 to July 3. j 10 days outing. They will visit
The Loren Bates Company and I at Hepuener, Spokane, Golden;
the Patricia Trio are two musical dale Centralia and will be ac
entertainment companies which compained by Mr. and Mrs. P.
will meet with popular favor. W. Knowles of Dufur, and Mrs.
Loren Bates is a clever young Alice Batty,
characterist who specializes in Mrs. C. F. Butler from Cor
"wig and grease paint" work, vallis is here visiting her son P,
Miss Leatha Shriber, soprano, C. Butler-
Stop at Andy's
Refresh yourself with an Ice Cream Soda
This season we are going in for the best line of
Confections and
Fountain Goods
money can buy
Always Fresh Bnd aJre Clean
Ice Cream and Soft DrjnRs of all kinds
Lunch, Goods and Restaurant
Cigars, Tobacco, Pool Hall in connection
H, Anderson
Maupin, Ore.
A Rousing Fourth
All Wasco County is invited to
celebrate July 3 and 4 at Tygh
Valley. There will be two days
of real fun or in other words
forty-eight hours of rest or riot,
and people will be able to enjoy
a real old fashioned Fourth of
July with plenty of fire-works,
dancing, music, sports, oratory
and other things.
Two baseball games are sched
uled. They will be between
Wasco and Dufur, and Antelope
and Maupin.
A display of fireworks will be
one of the features at night and
a lt-piece opchestra will play for
the dancing in the open air paviU
lion. Splendid camping facilities
can be easily obtained for the out
of town visitors, as, Tygh Valley
1 1 noted for its beautiful camping
to C. B Dahl for a 10-round box
ing bout and preliminaries.
K. L. Hauser will be marshal
of the day and no disorderly con
duct will be allowed.
The committees in charge are
as follows: music, H. F. Wood
cock, advertising, BatesShattuck
entertainment, N. G. Hedin;
grounds, H. A. Muller; baseball,
Willis Norval; races and sports,
J. C. Thrall; decorations, J. H.
Fitzpatrick; fireworks, R. E.
Wilson; concessions, H. L. Mor
ris of Maupin.
Tygh Valley will hang out a
welcome sign to all Wasco county
on these two days and hundreds
are expected to attend.
BatesShattuck, F. C. Butler
and H. Kaiser have added a con
crete sidewalk which greatly im
proves -the looks of the town.
A concession has been granted Lets keep the good work going
COMING Next Week
Frank Mayo
in - .
"Tiger True"
Hunting big game was his hobby, but he forgot to aim
when he encountered a girl with the gentleness of a dove
the heart of a lion and the grace of a gazelle. . Whether
you you hunt your game in the jungle or the park, you
can Lake a man out of the jungle, but you can't take
the jungle out of a man.
See Mayo in Tiger True
Watch for Posters
Admission 20 and 40 Cents
!f l I chance
SU j g rjr it
Uo pov r on oarth can save
your t p when once tho
flames e -weeping over tho
fields-,, B- : you can protect
yourself i om money loss
through JH ;brd Gnu'n in
Field Imuran
The c68t i federate, the
protection compete. From
seeding time to harvest your
crop is covered frn , nil dan
gers df fire. If yourr; op burns,
the Hartford pays Hue loss
promptly and in full.
Morris Bros.
Smock News
Strawberries are ripe and a
heavy crop despite the frosts.
There is snow on Badger Mt.
but the days are very warm in
the valley.
D. M. Stancliff returned to
Mosier to look after his orchard
and garden.
Monday was annual school
meeting day in Oregon. Quite
a number turned out on Smock.
Albert Hill was elected director
as Iona Filtche's three year term
as director had expired she was
elected clerk, suceeding J. C
Bradway. The district is out of
debt but no teacher has been
hired as yet.
V. T. Fcilch with his sister
and mother made a business trip
to Dufur on Friday.
The Smock Sunday School
Supt. and a few others met at
the church on Monday and clean
ed it preparatory to having a
meeting in the near future.
Miss Myrtle Mulvaney return
ed home Friday from Douglas
Co., where she has been attend
ing school.
A. H. Berry visited bis family
last week returning to his work
on Saturday.
Glen Large is working near
Mrs. W. Mayfield has been
quite poorly.
C. N. Farlow spent last week
on his farnnear Wamie where
he harrowed summer fallow
Mr. Oervin and son Clifford
are hauling wood to Sherman Co.
Mrs Jessie Woodcock is at
home after a two weeks visit
with relatives at Warnic.
New Today-
Wanted by Forest Service Men
to work on roads near Clackamas
lake. All summers job. Wages
$3.50 per day with $1.00 off for
board. No board charged on
Sunday if men remain in camp.
No guns or dogs allowed in camp
Call me up through Tygh Valley
central- Joe A. Graham
For sale or trade 3 good work
horses. Will trade for wagon,
hogs, or anything I can use on
ranch. Roy Batty, Wapinitia.
Wanted Horses for pasture.
-Ed Kramer, Criterion, Oregon.
"SNAPPY"-Four piece or
chestra for dances and entertain
ments. Call Chas. Brown or
Leon Frasier. Dufur, Oregon.
Straw Hat dye all colors 25cts.
Maupin Drug Store.
Portland Painless Dentist. 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
All work guaranteed. W. T.
Slatten D, D. S. Proprietor
Phone Main 4821.
Don't waste your time using
"Bum" Fishing Tackle. We've
got the kind that gets the Fish.
Maupin Drug Store.
To Fanners Union Membera
Our next regular meeting is
on tne zltn ot June. BiVery
body come and bring your crow
bar, spade and hammer as we
are going to tence the ground.
It you want to know what the
Union is and what we are doing
come and join. Be progressive.
R. El Batty. President.
Remember this is the time of
the year to paint your buildings.
We've got the Best paint at the
Right price. -Maupin Drug Store.
Clifford Morrow lias returned
home from Corvallis where he
attended (J. A. C.
For Sale With or without power
Advance - Rumley 20-36, prac
tically new with blower elevator
spout, long and short feed, com
pletely belted including 125 foot
driving belt. Cash or Terms.
Inquire at Wasco County Bank,
The Dalles, OregoTi.
For Sale-One 3 and 3-4 Half
Truck Kushford wagon 125 bu.
bulk grain bed
One Davenport 5 ton capacity
Roller bearing steel wagon 125
bu. bulk grain bed. F. S. Flem
ing, 404 Webster St. The Dalles.
Lost, strayed or stolen Four
sheep, 2 Lincoln ewes and 2 short
wool sheep, unsheared. Harry
Lewis, Wapinitia. Reward.
Mr. Dinges, a carpenter from
Corvallis, is here and will build
the new house being erected by
Mrs. G, F. Butler.
Allen Canfield formerly of this
place, is now in a Portland hos
pital after another operation on
his knee in which a piece of bone
about 4-1 inches long was' taken
New Machinery or Repairs
Q We Have Both
Twelve and Fourteen Foot Headers
Reapers, Mowers, Rakes, Binders
Whether vou want to fix
up till
a mighty
new one. NOW 1
old one or buy a
good time to do it.
Around Maupin
That the "Baby Combine" l as
come to stay is proved by recent
sale3 by Shattuck Bros,, Local
agents for these machine?.
Crabtree Bros., Tunison and
Head and S. N. Morris having
purchased the new 1922 Deering
Combines. These aggressive
young men have found this the
best and most econimical way of
harvesting, all of them having
had previous experience with
these machines.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Morrison
returned from Portland Wednes
day where they have spent the
past week attending the Seventh
Day Adventist Camp Meeting.
Win. Bolton is spending this
week in J ne uanes.
A J. Conroy is in The Dalles
this week.
g H. L. Morris is a Dalles busi
ness visitor this week.
Don Gilbert who has been em
ployed in the Maupin Drugstore
! for the past three months, hat
' accepted a position with the Geo.
C. Blakeley Co. in The Dalles
and moved to that city Tuesday
Lewis Derthick has taken his
place in the Drug Store here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brown
were Maupin -isitors today.
I will be in Maupin to do
Eental work on and after JUNE 24TH
Is the Best Policy
Keeping your capital in your
community; thereby benefiting
each individual and the com
munity at large.
We are here to render any ser
vice consistent with lawful, busi
ness like banking.
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval