The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 04, 1922, Image 5

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Tygh Valley, Wednesday, May 10th
Maupin, Thursday, May llth
Never before has the question of Spiritualism and after
life been so prominently before the public as in "Earth
bound. Its central character, the man who has lived
according to the creed "No C5od, no sin."
Comedy, "Old Bill Behave"
Admission 20 and 40 cents
The Only Westerner Ever Elected Vice-Chairman of the Republican National
The Republican National Committee consists of one member firm
each state in the Union and is the political organization of the party.
In June, 1921, at the. Committee's first meeting after the inaugeration of
President Warren G. Harding, every state cast its vote for K. E. Williams of
Oregon for vice-chairman of the committee, rccugnizing by their unamious vote
his fitness and ability as a leader to fill this responsible position.
A vote for It. E. Williams for Republican National Committeeman will
confirm the action of the forty-eight states in electing him vice-chairman of
the Republican National Committee, a position never before held by a Westei n
Ralph E. Williams of Oregon, as vice-chairman of tha Republican National
Committee, is directly in line to become National Chairman, the highest posi
tion attainable in the Republican organization.
A National Committeeman on the National Committee does not make or
execute the laws, but carries out the policies and platform of the party adopted
by the delegates at each previous National Convention.
Mr. Williams is senior member of the National Committee. Seniority in
this committee gives one the same power as seniority in the U, S. Senate.
(Paid Adv. by Committee of Republicans, C. L. Star, Sec'y. 617 Board of
Trade Bldg., Portland, Oregon.)
School Notes
(continued from page 1)
ing club, under the direction of
their leader Miss Derthick, gave
an exhibition of their work after
which they served a delicious
lunch to the visitors and mem
bers of the Literary Society.
Mrs, Kaiser, the leader of the
sewing club, and her class gave
an exhibition of the- sewing done
by the sewing club. Several of
the girls in the class explained
how different stitches should be
made. The ladies -present ex
amined the work on exhibition
and offered suggestions which
they thought Would better the
No special work is being done
iji ajiy of th e rooms except the
usual rout'ine of study. We are
workin steady to finish our
year'?, work and hope to be able
to. Ji'.ake good grades in our final
examinations if we find it necess
ary to take them.
Rev. Walter will preach the
Baccalaureate service for the
graduating classes on the even
ing of May 21.
Mabel H. Cyr C. E.
New Today
For Sale Netted Gem potatoes
at Maupin warehouse.
Don't waste your time using
"Bum" Fishing Tackle. We've
got the kind that gets the Fish.
Maupin Drug Store. i
It Costs You More
to rot buildings than it
does to let paint save them
CHECK the costs. Compare
the prices of lumber and
paint. They will show you how
extravagant it is to allow build
ings to depreciate for lack of
And huildings do depreciate
rapidly unless they are painted
when they need to be. Paint
saves the lumber. It protects
your investment.
To enjoy the biggest saving in
painting, use the best paint. It
spieads more easily eaves labor cost.
It covers more surface per gallon than
"cheap" paint.
It serves five or more years longer
than "cheap" paint.
The best paint is most economical
because it is scientific in formula and
preparation. We have been making
LoM paints for 73 years.
They contain the finest materials.
Our white lead, for instance, is PIO-
NKF.R WHITE LEAD. It is super
purified and ground so fine that it
will pass through a silk screen wilh
30,000 meshes to the square inch.
So with the other materials- pure
linseed oil, pure zinc and pure colors
all of the finest quality, combined
in Fuller's Paint in scientifically exact
proportions wilh long-time skill,
Free Advice
on Fainting
Ak nor igpnt for ' ' -,
i-olor rarda, etc.
Alk the Fuller Specific!,
tlen Department about the
moat riesirahla color achemea,
color harmony and any other
Makrn of Rnhber Cement
Floor Paint, All-Purpoaa
VarniaheJ, Slllcenwhlte
Enamel, Fifteen-for-Flonre
Varniih, Waahahle Wall Finiah, Auto Enamel,
Barn and Roof Paint. Porch and Step Paiat,
Portland Painless Dentist, 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
All work guaranteed, W. T.
Slatten D, D. S. Proprit tor
Phone Main 4821.
Three and one half ton s of
wheat hay for sale at twenty
dollars cash per ton.
C. E. Cunningham
"SNAPPY"- Four piece or
ehestra for dances and entertain
ments. -Call Chas. Brown or
Leon Frasier. Dufur, Oregon.
Straw Hat dye all colors 25cts.
Maupin Drug Store.
A few Young Cattle wanted
A- A. Bonney
Mouse Paints
Phoenix Pure Paint
Pure Prepared Point ,
M.-.m factored by W. P. Fuller & Co., Dept. 47, San Francisco
Branches in 19 Cities in the West
My house need? l aintinj. Fuller 's Specification House Paints are sold by the following Agent
Maupin Drug Store
To the Public
We have secured to represent
us in your different communities
Fitzpatrick & Son, of Tygh
Hills Cash Store, of Wapinitia
Rev. H. M. Walter, Maupin
We pay transportation charges
on all goods shipped to nearest
R. R, station and telephone calls
also order flowers and furnish
funeral supplies at cost. All
goods will be shipped from The
Dalles or Portland.
The train service at convenient
points makes it more desireable
and satisfactory to handle the
limited call for funeral supplies
at these points in this way, rath
er than to put in a stock, as it
would deteriorate, and would be
added capital invested. In deal
ing with us you are assured of
new stock at a figure that would
be impossible under other con
ditions, and gives to our patrons
a large range of prices and fin
ishes. We wish to say to our agents
and to those ordering goods
through them that we do not be
lieve tnat ones affections are
gaged by the amount expended
Incorporated Protection Sunshine and health. Good
Schools, Good Road . Good Homes, a good place to be.
Watch M-A-U-P-I-N Grow
In addition we give Pure, Simple, Absolute Title, War
antec Deed and Abstract to Date. A slight increase in
price has been added to nil Maupin lots and also to
Townsite and Springs. Another raise may be expected
soon as lots are selling fast.
Don't hesitate when you think of
M-A-U-P-I-N - Think of Better
H. L. M(
Lost Between Maupin and
Wapinitia, one new coupling pole
Finder please call E. A. llartman
Wapinitia Reward.
Wanted To pasture sdme
horses best of grass good fences
and plenty of water. Otto Her
ding Criterion.
For Sale New Hartford kero
sene cook stove in good condition
Inquire Times office
For Sale - The quarter section
fcnown as the Philip Arthur home
stead with water right near
Wamic. Would be good security
for a soldier's bonus loan.
John Gavin, 502 Bank Building,
the Dalles, Oregon.
Dr. Donnelly from The Dalles
was a Maupin visitor Friday.
U. F. Renickof theTumALum
Company, is erecting a garage
for his new Dodge car.
B. 1). Fraley took Mr. Gutzlers
household goods to Portland by
truck Sunday.
Oregon Woman Fights Typhoid,
Saves 1000 Children and
Runs Special Trains.
on funeral supplies, but that all
should be in keeping with finan
cial and social circumstances.
We therefore ask that you be
conservative in sales and pur
chases and there by avoid hard-
sFiips in meeting obligations and
disagreeable conditions arising
from excessive expenditure.
Zell's Funeral Home
Tel. Main 3451 The Dalles, Ore.
The Oregon Moline Plow Co's
proposition is a good one; don't
hesitate to take advantage of it
if in need of farm implements.
Their line is complete and has
been on the market for 50 years.
Gang plows and discs in stock.
Let us show you and quote you
prices. You'd be surprised.
Sha.ttuck Bros.. Distributors
Tractor For Sale
Cleveland 12 20 used one leaMO.
J, W. Ward Wapinitia
Movie Schedule
A few of the pictures you will
see soon :
Earth Bound
East Lynn
The Penalty
Outside the Law
Auction Block
No Woman Knows
The Fox
W. H. Mayfield was over from
Smocfc last Thursday.
Remember this is the time of
the year to paint your buildings.
We've got the Best paint at the
Right price. -Maupin Drug Store.
M Flynn of the Kelly Hotel,
purchased a Dodge car today.
Willie Aldrich purchased a
tractor from Shattuck Bros, one
day last week.
"My life has been so hum-drum and
as nothing haa happened to me nut of
the ordinary I am mire there Is noth
ing In liut I have done the lait two
vears In the Near Kant that would be
of Interest to my Oregon friends," stat
ed Mrs. Amy Anthony Bun of Bend,
Oregon, to J. J. Handsaker, 8tate
Director of the Near East Relief when
he met her In Constantinople last
"After much effort," says Mr. Hand
saker, "I persuaded her to tell me some
of the things of this hum drum life of
hers. Sitting In a Constantinople coffee-house
she told me of some of the
events of her life since March 1919,
when she arrived in the Near East."
"Her first work was at Karakltss,
where with her sister, Miss Gertrude
Anthony, she had charge of a large
orphanage and a territory 75 miles
Tiare for general relief. During the
le she " as there she nursed her sis
ter iii'Tiugh both typhoid and typhus.
The f 1 o -omen were slone in this sta
"After gc ng through this experience
they went to Mexandropol and there
one day receivd a message from the
English that thejr were evacuating
Baku, some BOO miles away. The
British had been feedlnp about 1,000
children, and unless they MM trans
ferred Immediately they would e'arre
as soon as the British left. This Oregon
woman whoee life was so hum drum
quietly secured two special trains, put
ling a man In charge of one, and tak
ing the other herself. On arriving at
Baku, she began loading the children
at 10 o'clock a. m. and had the children
and their supplies all aboard by :30
p. m. she read the riot act to me
Turkish captain in charge of the train
and he compelled the guards to e.ease
attempting to enter the cars where the
older girls md women were. The round
trip took nearly two weeks, but Mrs.
Burt returned to Alexandropol with
ber two train loads of children without
a'. Ing lost a sSriple child.