The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 20, 1922, Image 3

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Pupils of Mrs. H. F. Bothwell
Maupin Orchestra
April 30, Maupin Schoolhouse
8:30 P. M.
Two Pianos Used Everybody Invited
The following music students will take part in the program:
James Butler, Mrs. Rose Dahl, Yoland Delletiglie, Melvin
Jory, Mrs. Fern Jory, Doris Kelly, Mrs. h. D. Kelly, Erma
Morris, Frank Morrison, Merle Snodgvass, Lei ah Weberg,
Helen Weberg, Jean Wilson.
Evangelist A. J. Tiffany
has been secured to conduct
Revival Services
Platform of George A. White
Republican Canidate for Nomin
ation for, Governor of Oregon.
Achievement of the purposes
outlined herein 'is the basis uoon
which I present my name to the
men ane women of Oregon as a
canidate forthe Republican
nomination for Governor of the
I Immediate deflation of State
expenditures by cutting at least
one million dollars lrom the
present cost at the next session
of the legislature. This is vital
as the first step in forcing a
downward trend upon all tax
levying bodies in order to bring
relief from unnecessary tax
2. , Immediate consolidation
and concentration of all existing
commissions, boards and scatter
ed functions of goverment, in-
hiding the Public Service Coin-
mission, into not to exceed ten
departments .all directly account
able to the govenor who in turn
is directly responsibld to the
neoule for their conduct. This
centralization of administrative
responsibility is necessary in the
jetting up a simple, economical
ind responsible method ot hand
ling the Stat es business.
3." Immediate, definate equit
ible nd certain plan for retiring
the State's - present overwhelm
ing bonded indebtednees. Up-
Wapinitia United Breth
em Church
the Meetings will begin
Sunday A. M.
April 23rd
The evening services will begin
at 7:30 each evening during the
week. 1
While this is a very busy time
for farmers there is none is
this locality that can afford to
miss these services.
A cordial invitation is extended
to all.
J. I. PARKER, Pastor
pose submitting any further
proposals for bond issues or
appropriations at special elections
4 Immediate insistence upon
a show-down on the Japanese
in Oregon. A white man can
not compete with a Japanese
coolie and we have got to halt
this insidious invasioni of our
lands and industries without
further delay. '
5 My mission as governor will
be to stimulate progress in
Oregon and promote the good
name of popular government in
our State.
To this end my earnest support
will be given to the relief of our
agricultural interests which must
find encouragement through co
operative marketing and market
roads, and to the developement
of our industries and natural re
sources upon which the State's
material welfare depend. My
earnest support will likewise k
given to the cause of public
education upon w hich the State's
moral and social welfare depends
In omitting from my plat four.
a mass of incidental and supple
mentary issues, I am willing that
my stand and stability on all
matters affecting the moral,
social and industrial welfare ol
our State and Country shall be
measured by my record as fc
George A. White
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April 25
April 26
Tygh Valley, Tuasday,
wapinitia, Wednesday,
Maupin, Thursday,
i 1
Riders of the Dawn
From the Book "Desert of Wheat" by Zane Gray
Better than Man of the Forest
One jjou should alt see
Poland Comedy Admission 20 and 40 cents
April 27
lni-or'i rated Protection Si'unshiuo and hcalih. Goul
Sclioi.'!.'. Good Road?, Goofl Homes, a good place to bo.
Watch M-A-U-P-I-N Grow
In addition we give Pure, Simple, Absolute Title, War
antee Deed and Abstract to Date. A slight increase in
price has km added to all Maupin lots and also to
Townsite and Springs. Another raise may be expected
soon as lots arc selling fast.
Doil hesitate when you think of
M-A-U-P-I-N - Think of Better
.... -i ... .
Prices ' .
h: l. morris
Erma Morris
We got quite a lot of literature
on iithelelic work. We also at
tended two track mee ts and saw
the way they do it nt Eujrene,
O. A. (.'. and wo will ( rolit by
our triu.
The main topic in all of the
talks was cooperation and the
friendlv attitude towards the
contesting schools in track meets
Clifford McCorkle
One of the benefits derived
from sending, dek gates to the
student body conference it
Eugene Oregon, was that of
adopting the student concil phn
in our student body. After the
reports of the delegates it wis
moved and carried that we adopt
this plan. Ihis provides that
the president, secretary treasurer
of the student body and the
principal of the high school glial'
meet and difieuts the advantages
ind difficulties of any probbm
coming up and then present it to
the school or student body Willi
Unusual Exccllance
The Dalles
Municipal Auditoriam
Seldom have the people..', this d. -trkt had the opportunity to enjoy
niiMicakn of the of the on- . 1 he upcrr I tin on
the evening of Wednesday. April 26. when 1 rotaeor W.a , no ui
viatiniat; Mw Eva Richmond, soprano rloir.t and Mis
lee, vivacious and pretty dancer, will entertain in a JW' "
which the world famous pismst. .Sergei hachmanmon Lcopald
Godowsky, Adolphe Borehard. . and. others, will be heaid o the
unparalleled Ampico reproducing piano. Urn will to an en ertau i
mmt which will rleligh all loyers ot good music good singing and
interpretive dancing. In musical centers, a high clats eriterUin
3S 'L this Jl be. would justify admission; 1"A
but vou can procute reserved seats for this one for (5 and .50 cents
and genera" admission 35 cents. A special section will be reserved
for school children for 25 cents, and all of the proceeds will be given
to The Dalle municipal auditorium fund. Phone or write for reser
vations to
CORSON, the Music man
Everything in Music
Born to Mr. and J. E Wood
cock on Easter morning, a 101b
boy, his name is Wilt'amLeland.
A. A. Bonncy was operated o
Tuesday morning at The Dalles
Hospital for appendicitis.
School Notes
Throe' Cheers For Maupin
Maupin sent four delegates to
the high school convention ai
Eugene, April 14 and 15 and they
came back , very well, pleased
with their trip and some very
o-nnrl ren'orts. The delegates
showed the other schools of the
state that Maupin was on the
One of the members. Miss
Mabel Cyr, fwas nominated for
vice president of the convention
at Eugene in October, 1922, but
to our great dissapointment she
was defeated by a Vote of 13 to
10 and another member, Lester
Crofoot, was appointed on tne
nominating committee and sein
ed his term. -
Th MauDin Delegates were
honored by being asked to rise
at. the banauet 1' nday night De
ean.enf the r large delegation
of which three of the members
were'present. ,
t.pster Crofoot had a little ex-
nerience the last night in Eugene
.... .n.n
bv being awakened aoout 14..00
in the night with robbers in the
house, he 'was fortunate enough
to not lose anything. The dele
gates were Erma Morns and
Mabel '.Cyr. who attended th?
president secretary's convention
Clifford McCorkle who represen
ted the athletic work, and Lester
f. n-hr was interested in
VlUlWu , ,iv
tt,p news miner or journal Dept.
The influence of a high school
discussed. General
- . ,, ,
nnininn favored, even tnougn a
high school published its items
in the local paper its items shouja
appear under its own individual
Further the importance of the
student's best work was empha
sized because high school paperb
are read more widely than we
a.-p at first inclined to think. .
Lester Crofoot
Thursday afternoon the girls
who went as delegates to Eugene
these advantages and difficulties
We believe that in this way we
will be able to get more immedi
ate action on our work in that
Also after the delegate's reports
it was unanimously voted that
we iiend our fee of one- dollar
which was organized at Eugene
conference. It was further '
moved and unanimously carried
that a vote of thanks be extend
ed to the delegates and their
parents for furnishing expenses
for this trip to' Eugene that the
student body may profit by their
We all fee! sure that we are
not sorry of the trip and that we
may profit a great deal from the
trip and sincerely that Maupin
will be able to send dolrgalcs
next year and also say that it is
well worth their time and money
Erma Morris
Mabel Cyr
( Clifford McCorkle
Lester Crofoot
Around Maupin Norval-Compton Wedding-A
cars purchased in Maupin this,
enjoyed a very interesting meet
ing at the Y- W. C. A Bungalow
where thev witnessed the instal
lation of new officers and , heart
'i very interesting Easter sermot
by Mrs. George Bohler.. Fridaj
morning a conference was helc
in the Y. M. C. A. Hut wbprpin
President Campbell J. A. Church-
chill and Lv e Bartho nmfiw o-nvf
talks concerning the co-operative
tnat stiouici exist in schools ane
the friendly relations that should
prevail between different schoo!
On Friday afternoon conferenct
wai held in the Woman:-; Imildins;
for women and girls exulu '.ivrly.
Mrs. George Bolder an I Dr.
Bertha Stewart gave talks
"High School Girls Ideal;,".
Saturday noon a delic'oui
luncheon was served to the girh
the Woman's Building by tin
Womans League. Immediate!
alter luncheon a conference wai
held in the adminstration build
ing where an Oregon high schoo1
student body association was or
ganized. Later a style show was
given in the women' s building
showing the different costume;
neressary for the girls who go to
the Oregon University.1 '11k
conferences closed with a tea fo;
the girls at the Y. W. C. A.
Bungalow on Saturday afternoon
Mabel Cyr
Friday morning at the Y. Bun
galow G. A. Howard gave us a
very interesting tarn along co
operation in the schools. He
showed that a school, that has
not a student body cannot devel
op cooperation among its students
like it can and does with a stu-
bent body. Then at the woman-
ais building. Dean Fox gave uf
a talk along social life, emphasiz
ing the need of a balanced life
in physical, economic, mental
and spiritual fitnec-s. Saturday
morning further interesting talka
were given by'the Deans of diff
erent schools, from which we
hope to get much good in the
week. The purchasers were I
F. D. Stuart, J. II. Woodcock,
E. W. , Griffin, O. B. Derthiek,
W. II.' Staata, Dr. Elwood and
O. F. Kenick.
Special deal of J670.00 factory
r , , . t '1' 1 1
oi lb international traeioranu
bottom Little Genius plow ex
pires April 30th- You will never
niv a belter tractor lor less
money than this. Farmers, get
in on this deal. Terms are very
reasonable; more so than they
ire likely to be again. ACT NOW
-Shattuck Bro3.
Hau Rvpiiinor at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. B. M. Patison at 1616
I street,, when Miss Mary Comp-
ton of Wapinitia .became the
the bride of Vernon O. Norval.
Rev. G.K. Hartman of the United
Brethren Church officiating. The
bride is the primary tercher of
Wapinitia school and she taught
several years in Waniic Echool.
The bridegroom is employed in
A. M. Williams & company's
store, and fs the son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Norval of Wamc
where he was reared.
How to Be Healthy
The Crusade of the Double Barred Crott
Practical Talks on Diseaie Prevention
Prepared bv t'i
,r,,v.u.Hltn.rnn I Inf.-fd with tub.rolml.. Thi InfMtlon nwd not h
. r-.,7 7 . - . . . . ifarl inn fr ni r-nfiminq ctiHAa, nnnny rr m-
IZ' '.7t.thTh.i i'r!!. of-rHc... .ho. yoU how tn Kn heHhy,
John Hopkln llnivettity Medir,l School, Baltlmor.
Is the only that habitually anr1 unneotssiully unes his bodily
r tioni to excess In overwork, overplay, ove. exercise, overworry,
In p.uli,'Ml and emotional stres, in iinnnluial nour ot iictivity
without if, 1. And being ovgaoued into communiiies, men neru ifjgemifi
and thu ei.i!lish t'ontlnual contact with one another snd become unduly
exposed to oiw miotlier' lnfectlopt.
In most men s bodies are little groww 01 usue caueu iupurcir m ni. n
).! concealed the gerino uf tuherculosls. These tubercle form apherlcnl walls
around the germ, called ii iwcle bacilli, and thus Imprison the, germs. A
long as the wall Is strong umi unbroken the genii caunot iprend; they cause
no UhiPS and are no more tn uf uaieri umn a cu.uuiuu "an ui u
the skin. .. . .
)f the tifRiie around the tubi'i. function nnmuilly, tl.ese wans lenu
to remain strong and no tisl.t tl.nt !-" no bacilli can make their way out
of them and (spread throughout the hol;. I'.ui too prolnngerl activity of thu
body as a whole, or of the pin t In win. ,. nun v inn ruonwim, nm in k.iu-i.
hrliife about condition that favor the w- .. t;m of the tutiercie wan ami
ttiv iwriwe' of bacilli,
i vi un tuhfercitlr.-slR by re?t-f a knee, f iho imi, of the whole body,
iv o hecoma ill wiih tuben ulosis by rn ?i.'iti ot c eiM mil., other diseases,
ripeii.ll.y IhoBe that cause liiHainnuitions and conmstions In the lun!, whip
tip the Phvslologlcal activities ot me oouy aim iuro u mikiii u-u .i.o.
of tnbei-fie. 60 do certain bodily activities, like repeated and long-continued
work without sleep, prgnancy, childbirth, dissipation, etc.
Xhe point where activity becomes overstrain I an Individual iiffnlr. The
miner, the broker, the farmer, the tchool teacher, rjight every one ot them
become fatigutd by the other' ordinary labor. The phleimntle and the
Irritable, the. boefy and the wiry, respond tery differently to the fain,
ttimulna, this be pley, labor, eircle or flls!pt!on. Every mau's
point of fatigue Is hi own, regliterd In hi ea conclotines by tensmmt.s
that all have experienced. Every rational mao Vnow when h I tired or
experience soon teaches hltn wtat will make him tired. And no rational
wan should push himself beyond this point unless he mut.
To reduce exposure to all Infection to a minimum and to balance one's
activities so there will always be a healthy surplus on the credit side of
rest, nav, more, a good reserve to draw upon In time of needthis Is building
up resistance. At thirty we build It a little differently than at. twenty, at
forty galn differently than at thirty; there Is a different proportion of
details, j-fct principles and rt'teUs remain the same.
Food, elfin air, a'lcrpiH'e clothlm;, decent hours of iieep, conserve and
promote health the normal body. Rut the normal machine was built, for on
man power and too rn!.'ent effort ,to out more will sooner or
Inter mean an over h-a ted boiler end oiiloru tears; rtiited. roughened and
thinned out metal, and then - the coll.-tpie or the explosion. Then may an
Insignificant little tubercle become nhla.e.