The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 20, 1922, Image 1

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    WATPH Swf?
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 8, NO. 28
THE YEAR $1.50
Tractor For Sale
Cleveland 12-20 used one season.
J. W. Ward Wapinitia
Three and one half tons of
wheat hay for sale at twenty
dollars cash per ton.
C. E. Cunningham
60 cts. Boxes of Linen Station
ary Reduced to 25cts. Maupin
Drug Store.
For Sale-Netted Gem potatoes
at Maupin warehouse.
Double Mesh Quaker Maid
Hair nets 2 for 25 cts. Maupin
Drutr Store.
Folks that use them couldn't
keep house without a Maytag;
neither could you if you ever
tried one. Buy your Maytag
today. Terms.
A few Young Cattle wanted
A. A. "Bonney
Portland Painless
Seven Years in The Dalles
Until May the 1st we will make, the following
prices on your Dental Work:
Bridge work, per tooth $ 6.00
Gold Crowns 6.00
Painless Extraction , 1-00
Full Set of Teeth (upper and lower) 40.00
This includes extracting
Fillings in proportion
This work is all guaranteed and is first class
in every respect.
This offer is not good after May 31st
W. T. SLATTEN, D. D. S.," Proprietor
305 Second St., The Dalles, Ore.
Phone Main 4821
Incorporation Carried
Votes cast at the special election here last Friday
carried in favor of Maupin municipal organization by
56 to 7. Nomination for the election of city officers to
take place Friday night.
Base Ball
do about it?". There is but one
way out of the difficulty and
after all the problem i's really
solved when the big farmer gets
the fast snappy team of that city ' . ,
,, i j i i this1 condition.
The Maupin base ball team
won its third game of the season
last Sunday at Madras against
One class of farmers ht9 made
I'g a better showing than the aver-
He is the
man who
il was a cola windy day out a
large crowd of spectators were
out. to witness the came
Maupin hoys won much Credit in lae above mentioned,
the manner thev handled the hall'40 acre to 200 acre
The score was 12 to 5 in favor of intensifies and practices rotation
Maupin. farming In the dry belt of
n .. . At n wheat land it is not bo simple to
Batteries Maupin, Morrow ,tri .. , , ... . ,,
Renick Madras. Young . . ,..,. . i .
out, on vvapimua riains wnere
better yet two thirds and then
put your thought and efforts be
hind the small farm and you will
find a few good cattle and hogs,
silo and alfalfa, a family orchard
some berries, a flock of some
good strain of fowls and you are
on the road that spells success in
thousands of instances in all our
projects the West over, ;You
dont want to raise potatoes and
vou don't like hogs about to
break down your lame old fences
then for goodness sake, pell it all
as its no real pleasure 1o be in
the red either. There are thous
ands of homeseekers vho will
Vome west in 1922 and each year
up to and including the big crop
of Eastern farmers who will
come in 1925 for the fair and to
look at Oregon land. If you cut
up your land so that these 40 to
30 acre men with funds to success
fully farm can take hold you are
out of the mire and the Wapini
tia Plains District will develop
and prosper. Then will come
co-operative creameries, cream
routes, rual mail, community
trade centers will grow and. en
large Maupin will be a city of
a few thousand people, Wapini
tia will increase 1000 percent in
5 years, trading posts at Victor
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Brothers. The schedule for future
games is Sunday April 30th
Madras vs Maupin at Maupin.
Sui'day May 7 Dufur vs Maupin
at Maupin The game for next
Sunday was advertised to be
nlflvpd with Antelnne hilt, on ac-
count of sickness of some of the too many acres before contrcatd
players the game with this team for stil1 more here as elsewhere
will be placed later. There wilt,and ntnv theiT face 3 percent and
' mcr nocco rvrra rna mnva rnpv
rotation is now made possible
through irrigation the small
farm will solve the problem as it
' is doing it in other places,
People went land crazy in 1918
!-19 and 1920, that is men with
be no game Sunday. '
Our Maup n team is playing
excellent ball as usual this year
and deserve the support of the
community. Come out to the
games and see them perform.
The ball boys will give a dance
in the I. O. O. F. hall after
moving picture show Thursday
evening, April 27th.
vStop at Andy's
Refresh yourself with an Ice Cream Soda
This season we are going in for the best line of
Confections and
Fountain Goods
money can buy
Always Fresh and Sovc Clean
Ice Cream and Soft Drinks of all kinds
Lunch Goods and Restaurant
Cigars, Tobacco, Pool Hall in connection
Maupin, Ore.
Smaller Farms
The recent hearifig1) for the
committee that visited many
parts of Oregon in the intest
i of tax reduction disclosed a v ry
interesting fact at The Dalit f--namely
that Wasco County Fai m
ers realized an average of the ir
long hours of toil as applied to
the oversized farms of Wasco
This means considerable to the
thinking tiller of the soil. The
writer has interviewed a number
of ptominent farmers among the
class who rent or employ hired
help at least a portion of the
year and they all say that 3 per
i3 th8 out side for the returns.
A prominent LaGrande farmer
who has three large farms recent
ly reported that two of his farms
were in the red column and
bought the worse off they are
which only proves the point that
the large unit farm is a mill
stone about owners neck and
prevents the successful affilica
tion of intensive farming as it
should be done to pay out. '
The small farmer with the aid
of his farmer does most of his
work and keeps the money in
side. He puts in more thought
than the big land unit man can
require from his hired help and
find by that practice of a thrift
that is needed rather than ease
and shorter hours he gets results
He so farms that he has some
money returns along monthly, or
quarterly, where as the larger
unit man hari outlay of cash month
ly and quarterly but must wpit
fur two years on each acre to
Out of the Ruins!
of Burning Maupin
A progressive little store, mod
ern in equipment, well stocked
with choice merchandise, threw
open it's doors to the public-
one The people sensing the ailvan-
just broke even. This at a time tage and value of this new
when money lenders are being enterprise responded heartily.
t I .11. 1 J?. I
sought out ana Deggeu ior money lTn(j... nnih ,tm
at 8 and 10 percent. Land is
only worth what it will pay anet
interest rate on if we are to judge
the business of farming as -we
do other lines of activity.
You say "What are e going
Some Things we are Proud of:
Consistent Service
Courteous Treatment
Merchandise of Real Merit g
U Ten Years Experience in Studying Your Needs
Maupin, Oregon
very young,
it is a vital business factor in a
better Maupin. It is a Mecca
for the thrifty housewife, a te
treat for all progressive farmers.
It is a modern trading post
where local veal or hogs or any
number of eggs are purchased,
at a fair price.
It embodies the spirit of a new
Incorporated Maupin and does
business for her common inter
It will grow even as Maupin will
prosper in the prosperity of
A close examination of 'its pre
vailing prices, scrutiny of its
high grade merchandise will
convince the most cautious buyer
of its profitable advantages.
BUTLER S Big Little Store
solicits your patronage and in
vites you to I enjoy pleasant
bring the returns that often fail
to, pay his help, his overhead,
his taxes, his 8 percent to the
bank for the harvest and other
forced advances, his living etc.
so he stays in the red and wond
ers what is the matter. Sell off
The Cost of
Rotting Building
now running into millions
A ROTTING building h abso
lute waste, because a small
investment in paint will save it.
A building that is not protected
by paint must either be rebuilt
or repaired in a few years at a
costly figure. '
Check ' the cost. Compare the
prices of paint and lumber. Can you
afford to bear the expense of rebuild
ing or repairing your home, when to.
save it costs so little?
Whe,n you paint, make an additional
saving by using tht best paint. It
spreads easily saves labor cost. It
covers more surface per gallon than
"cheap" paint.
But more important, the best paint
serves five or more yean longer than
"cheap" paint.
The best paints are scientific In
formula and preparation. We've been
making them for 73 yens.
The best ' materials PIONEER
WHITE LEAD, pur linseed oil, pure
tine, and pure colors are combined
in Fuller's Paints In scientifically
exact proportions with long-time skill.
Free Advice
on Painting
Ask nnr aimt for advice,
color carda, He.
Aik the Fuller SpeHfloe.
Hob Pptrtat Ibout tfee
moat Hettrable color erhemea.
otnr harmony and nf
Makere of rVtfcber Cement
floor Paint, All-Pursoee
Virniebee. Silkeawhite
Eeemel, riften-for-Kloori ;
Yatniib, Wiihihle Well Fieilh, Ante Enamel,
Bam and Roof Paint, Poreh and Step Faint,
House Painto
Phoenix Pur Point
furs Prepared Paint
Manufactured by W. P, Fuller & Co., Dept. 46, San Francisco
Branches In 19 Cities in tht West
Mv house needs painting. Fuller's Specification House Faints ere sold by the following Ageatai
Maupin Drug Store
When You Waste a Dollar
You not only lose the dollar but you lose
the interest on it for the rest of your life.
Put your money to work at four
per cent interest with the
Maupin State Bank
Time certificates issued for one dollar or more
Maupin State Bank.
W e Strive to Merit Approval
half of your over sized farm, or