The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 05, 1922, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 8, NO . 13
THE YEAR $1.50
watch n&n
Carl Powell is now employed
. by Julius Shipflin.
John Calvarly is moving to
Estacada for the winter.
John Hackler was married in
Vancouver on December 30.
Geo. Burnside is hauling logs
from the Ben Richardson place
to Hedin mill. Mr. Burnside will
use the lumber for new building
on his place.
Mr. Cyr has moved his family
to Maupin, where he will be em-
ployed as clerk at Shattuck's
Mr. Herbert Levis is clerking
at Hartman's store.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Sinclair
are moving to J, I. Wests place
where both will work this yfar.
Mrs. Anna Smith, who has so
long been house keeper for Mr.
West, has moved to her home on
the Peterson place,
Arby Magill of Wauiic was
over and spent three days with
the Eubanks last week.
J, I. Parker went to Wamic
Monday to visit with his sisters-
R. W. Richmond made a trip
to Maupin Tuesday. .
Gotleib Teschner hauled a load
of freight over from the depot
, for Hartmans store last Friday.
R. W. and Everett Richmond
are cutting wood with a gasoline
saw up on Spencer's place for
Jim Maddron.
John Lewis has charge of the
Pool hall during Mr. Evicks sick
ness. .
Mr. and Mrs. David Sharp and
Melba were down from Pine
Grove Friday.
Bill McClain has cora,e down
from his homestead and is enjoy
ing few days in Wapinitia.
The people of Pine drove met
at the school house Friday night
for a sing. They plan to hold
ike meetings every Friday night.
Mr. Bigbee spent his New Year
vacation in Portland.
Dr. GrirTer of Dufur came to
see Pearl Evick Thursday.
About a dozen Indians from
Yakama came thru here Thurs
day, going to Simnasho to cele
brate -the coming of a New Year.
Al. Dunning was in Maupin
Rev. Matthews and Harold
Stanton were over from Simnasho
M.. and
down in a
Mrs. Hedin were
fine new cutter
The new
has arrived.
High School piano
Wainic News
New Years day dawned cloudy'
here but the sun came out in the
forenoon and a lisht wind blew
from the south west melting the
snow and it seemed for a while
King Winter had lost his grippe;
but at night the temperture low
ered and froze heavy ice- Snow'
is falling today!
Pearl and Irene Chub came up
from Hood River Monday spend
ind the vacation week with their
mother, Mrs May Chub.
The Christmas dance given
here Monday night drew a large
crowd of people, many coming
from outside places.
Percy Driver went to Maupin
Wednesday for medicine for
Nao ma Magill, who had an att
ack of 'pneumonia, Irma I).
Munier accompanied him, being
on her way to Warm Springs
Agency to take up her school
after spending her holidays here
and at Smock.
Alma D. Brittain, of Tygh
went to Warm Springs Agency
Wednesday whereshe was award
ed the position of laundress.
Dr. Dake came up from Port
land Wednesday, spending the
week at the A. E. Lake home.
Guy Brittain, of Tygh, went
to Bend Wednesday.
Roy Herick, of Silverton spent
New Year Party Enjoyed
Given at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. B- Dahl a party which
was enjoyed by all. The old year
was spent in playing Five Hun
dred. At 12 A. M.. the bells
were rung, guns fired, refresh
ments served. The New Year
was welcomed by music, songs,
and dancing. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Dahl, Mr.
and Mrs. K. L. Hauser, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Karlen, Mr. and Mrs.
E. K. Knox, Mr. and Mrs. J, C.
Pybrun, Misses Clara Hauser,
Alta Weber, Messer. J. S. Pierce
Fred and Will Weber.
the latter part of last wek at
the Dick Palmateer home'.
Noah Kinwortby came over
from Friend Thursday remain
ing until New Years day with
his mother at the Dick Palmateer
Vi!!i? Willard went to Dufur
Wednesday. His sister, Miss
Leona ; eeompained him home1
after sp' ding a few days with
Miss Verne Martin at that place.
The gills had been, employed at
the cannery in The DaUes.
J. R. Woo leock returned Sat
urday for a vneks stay at Smock.
Smock gave a New Years dance
at the Frank Shoo1 house Friday
night. Many were in attendance
Rev. Allie Pratt conducted
services at the clinch New Years
Mr3, Josie Lake fntertained
with cards New Ytai eve. the
guests remained until midnight
watching the old year He and
witnessing the birth of il-p New
Year. A lunch was served.
Mrs. Jessie Woodcock find
children of Smock spent J
week at the Frank Driver hu e
Clifford Palmateer and Wi U
Willard attended the dance oi.
Smock Friday night.
Kcbekahs Install
0.1 Wednesday evening J in i
ary 4th, 1922, Wapinitia Rebekah
Lodge no 194 1. 0.0. F, installed
the following officers:
Violet Crabtree, N. G.
Lelah Davidson, V. G.
Lottie Donaldson, Sec.
Ica Derteick, Treas.
Franci3 Talcott, Con.
Bertha Stovall, W.
Lydia Frrley, R, S. N. G.
Margaret Wilson, L. S. N. G
Vena Kaiser. R. S -V. C.
Dee Talcott, L. S. V. G.
Lester Crabtree, 1, S. G.
Roy Crabtree, 0. S. G.
Graee Chalmers, Chap.
After in3ta!!atk n refreshments
were served.
Around Maupin
Don't forget the Pendleton
Woolen Mills robes and blankets
at R. E. Wilson Co. j
House for rent Mrs. Sinclair.
Wapinitia Oregon. Write orca 1
Reduced prices in Ivory Fyra
lin at Maupin Drug Store.
Mr and Mrs. Harvey Mnin
and daughter Miss Irma, spent!
New Years at the Bill Murr's
home in The Dalles. They it
turned to Maupin Monday.
John McCorkle, and son On en
were in Maupin Tuesday.
Leonard and Harry, Weburg
are, visiting their mothe.- and
sist"M in Maupin this week.
B. F. Turner, our postmaster
is suffering from an abscess iu
his ear.
Mrs. R. W. McCorkle is on
t he sick list.
Portland Painless DeiitM, 30.r,
Second St. The Dalles Orejnm,
All work guaranteed, W. T. .
Slat ten 1, D. S. Proprietor, j
Get your supply of woolen
blankets at Wilson's. j
Sid Wil m mid Harold Ruther
ford were in Maupin Thursday.
. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Aubery left
l' i t?r)ay for Fossil where they
will work in a hotel.
Bo n to Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Head, January 1st, a son.
Floyd Kelly vW in Maupin
The Misses Ica T) rthick and
Phyllis Fkcber who spent the
holidays in Portland returned
heme New Years day.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Tinpl
and daughter Corrine, attended
the dance at Wapinitia , Mpx
Years evening and spent Bun-
day at the R. M. Cant-well borne.
E. A. Cyr and family, who
for the past three .months -have
resided at Wapinitia, have return
ed to Maupin and will be enipoy
ed in Shattuck Brother atoia
The II. F. Wojdcick family
mo"cd into their new bungalow
last week.
Bud Hollenbeck, and the Rust
brothers were business cal'ers
at the Maupin State Bank Friday.
Jack Kelly? was in Maupin
Mr. and Mrs. F. 'M. Confer
and daughter Hazel, were in
Maupin Saturday.
Rev. Walter and eon Jeste
returned from The Dalles Friday
where they had been having den
tal work done.
Godlieb Teschner brought a
load of household goods to Mau
pin for E." A. Cyr.
P. J. Olsen was in Maupin
Vina' Ayers left Friday for
Monmouth, where she will attend
Normal school. ,
Job Crabtree was a Maupin
visitor Friday.
Jess Fleming was a Maupin
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Shepflin
were business callers in Maupin
M. F. VmLaanen retrtn.ed
from The Dalles Saturday v. here
he had been having some duntal
work done. '
Sam Winchester, who was call
ed to Enterprise by the serious
illness of his father, is back to
work again.
Mrs. J. H. Woodcock and little
daughter bene n turned from
Hood River Saturday where they
have spent the holida s.
Dewey Bothwell went to Port
land Friday to receive niedienl
Wasco County resident will appreciate a
pleasant home and delicious meals w hen in
The Dalles if you make your headquarters at
Mis. N. W.
tea ota
iLcii S
1100 Kelly Ave. The DaUes, Ore.
Plume Main 3-151
Horseshoeing, Wheel and
Wood Worll, 5hcr Grinding
nt Rr-asonnble Rates
Pay your bills by
And You Will Always Hae a
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to, Merit Approval
R. W. McCorkle is spending
the holidays with his family in
Carl Powell' was in Maupin
Friday from Pine Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Snodgrass
were in MauDin Saturday.
Mrs Mary Cunningham was
in" Maupin Saturday.
Miss Amy pavidson from The
Dalles, spent the week end here
with friends.
Lewis Derthick left Monday
Lr Corvallis to resume hU studies.
Flinn, Prop.