The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 24, 1921, Image 1

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    , WATCH FfS? f
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 8, NO 7
THE YEAR $1.50
Paint Them Yourself, Madam
Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Etc.
WE furnish free detailed
advice on refinishing
your own " furniture, floors,
walls, etc. We tell you what
kind of paint, varnish or enarnel
to use. What kind of brusl
Where to buy the material.
1 "Just a can of paint or var
nish and a little work that's
fun," will work wonders in your
home. Try it on furniture now
in your storeroom.
' . After 72 years of experience
with paints and painting prac
tice, Fuller makes a special line
cf paints, varnishes and enam
els for just such purposes for
you to use yourself.
They spread easily, 'dry per
fectly, and
give every desired
Easy, and great fun to use
them. Economical, too.
We are one of the largest
manufacturers of paints, var
nishes, etc., in the United States
and make the very finet kind of
Let our 72 years' experience
aid you. Follow Fuller Specifi
cations and you'll get the right
effects depend on that.
Don't think you can't do
work like this simply because
you haven't ever done it. Try
it, with our help. See how de
lighted you will be.
Tor Furniture and
T .?r't Specification
f'jr i'.'. purpose varnish-i-vi
,v. home for fumi
t'jrs 'shies, chairs, lin-cle'j-1
etc. Boiling
vater -nnot harm it,
nor r. -ng furniture.
Dries i r t-fre in four
hours. . . il's on it over
"Tp AU Purpose Varnish"
Aarted rrr any surface either intid
or outsidf. Tht most durable varnish
obtainable, V-'ithstands interior wear
and weather o ;fure. Poes net scratch,
peel, rub off cr turn white. Dries over
Produces 9 r: -tor-like el?t'C floor
ilk ft
the icurhng, heel
.Holds its gloss.
Anderson and Viola, F. R.
Kaiser and son are local people
detained away from home.
The local teachers were unable
the balance of the trip on top of
the snow.
The Times appologizes for the
belated abrievated appearance
Varnishes Enamels
MTd. by V. P. Fuller & Co.
WHERE TO BUT: I-pnr-tnt
that you get the right ma
tfHal io be sure to go to n
uthorijtwl Fuller dcilsr. Cut
out coupon to the right as a
memo to direct you.
Write for fcoWt of Filler's
f Dciicition "Home Service"
Points, which tells yru jmt
what to buy. Dficribn and get
our free advice on any kind o
painting job you want to do.
For all txtarior Jobi of It U Hflvisable to obtain
the services of a Master Painter
finish. Wiht:
marks and hrt v..
Cleans easily.
Alo rruVers f T'Sr Cment Floor
Paint, Washable' v v) Finifh. Silken
white Enamel, Au,, hnamel, Porth and
Step Faint,
VV. P. Fuller & Co.
Dept. 20. San KYa.,uco
Pioneer Paint Manufiti- rtra for
)2 Year
Established 1819
Branches in 10 cities in the West
Dealers Everywhere
'(Cut this out and put it In ymir
pock.tbook or handbag is A memo
Fuller's "Home Service" Paints
are sold by th. following in your
citys I
Maupin Drug Co.
Maupin, Oregon
Your Money Goes Farther at Hill's"
Thanksgiving will soon be Here
We loo, like our forefathers, the Pilgrims, have
a whole lot to be thankful for.
We are not involved in war. And another thing
that Thanksgiving was first set aside for: We have
bountiful crops, Peace, Happiness; therefore it will
soon be time to prepare that oldtime Thanksgiving feed
We have for Pies We have for Cakes
Squash, Pumpkin, Apples Bananas, Walnuts, Rasins
Lemons, Sweet Potatoes Cocoanut, Extracts
For Sauce: Cranberries, Apples
We have also a good line of fresh fruits, Eating,
Apples, Grapes, Pears, Comb Honey, and a general
line of groceries.
Hill's Cash Store
Your Money Goes Farther at Hill's'
A storm, such as old timers
here have never before witness
ed in winter. months, much lees,
this season (f the year, hrol-e
into our beatifui Indian Summer
Friday night, November 1& For
the fust 24 hours it was in the
form of a heavy snow, fulling
continuously, changing to frozen
rain or sleet Saturday evening,
continuing until about thi e -o'clock
Monday at'ternocn. In
Maupin thtj snow and it e rea hi
ed the depth of 18 inches, but ot
comparative weight as i e , On
the Flat it va3 about 2 feet and
at the timber line 3 feet deep.
A peculiarity , the storm is
that while the lower regions
experienced the snow and ice,
above Mecca, and in the Cascade
mountains to the west the storm'
took the form of rain, which
accounts for the rising of the
streams to extraordinary heigh
water. While from the north,
mercury chopped only a few de
grees below freezing point.
IVany flocks of wild geere
seern to have been taken un
aware of the coming Etor.ii and
all week have been seen passing
to the south.
The roads are rendered' im
pasrtable by the heavy packed
crust, yet not sufficient to hold
horses or cars. Melting process
n from underneath, . '
Telegraph communicaton is
BOV'oriJ'i hftt.'mirl RKopmnn avA
AGENT Pllfe PreparCtl PAiiT Fallbridg to the north. Part of
the time telephone F.m'ice has
been had between here and The
linilway service ha3 been dis
continued since Saturday. Sun-j
day uiorning'B Oregon Trunk up i
train, being stalled above Ner.s, i
the passengers wem transferred :
to Bend Tuesday. ir fa said that i
. a number of trains ai e blocaded !
oi the main lints along the j
Columbia river. !
! Raymond, F. M. Con'
jfer, C. E Alexander, I!o, tyuty '
arid M. L. Arnett on the Flat
had sher's break in with li e
snow Sunday and Monday. The
j only loss to stock was Mr Arn-i
ett's cow. L. B. Kelly nude
jhjsway by team to his rnch ;
Sunday, arriving in time to
brace his big larn and prevent1
its breaking in. j
Ice and driftwood lo lgingon,
the timbers reinforcing the'
White river bridge near Tvgh!
Valley formed a dam, driving!
1 the current south of the bridge, i
!for. a time endangering the!
j bridge and Barney Allen'8 house
j on the south bank below. , Pow
I der from the road camp was
, secured and removed the debris,
ile' ting the river return to its
regular channel. The bridge,
i however, is unsafe for travel,
j It is reported that snow is 3
feet deep in The Dalles, and a
I number of buildings have fallen
in with the weight, also that
j water was cut off for 24 hourr,
'during which time two residen
ces burned.
I Sunday and Monday Maup!n
was out of water, due to trouble
! with the pumping apparat js.
So far, food for man and beast
j has been sufficient, as per reports
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Kelly, Mrs
F. D. Stuart and Crystal, VV. H.
Staats, W. C. Bolton, Mrs. H.
the institute held in The Dalles,
so held school Tuesday and
Thanksgiving day, passed
quietly among local people and
Mrs. Pruits fine birds are still
among the living. '
Chester Riei walked down the
fore part of the wetk for medi
cine for E. M Harinun. On
his return he borrowed a bicycle
at the L. B. Kelly place
to meet their appointments at' this little sheet, but cannot
promise much improvement un
til travel and mail service can be
resumed, meanwhile we are
thankful for a supply of blank
Lead pencils, 2 for 5c Maupin
Drug Store.
Portland Painless Dentist, 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
All work guaranteed, W. T.
o make Slatten 1', I). S. Proprietor,
Wasco County residents will appreciate a
pleasant home and delicious meala when in
The Dallea ii' you make your headquarters at
Mrs. N. W. Flinn, Trop.
'a -mo
1100 Kelly Ave. The Dalles, Ore.
Phone Main 3451
160 acre Farm Wanted
Fair Improvements
Horseshoeing, Wheel and
Wood WorK, Shear Grinding
Reasonable Rates
A. F.
ihe Probkm
of Saving
Hard Io Slarl juid Harder Still hi Keep Up
A TIME DEPOSIT must bo 1. I t cil.tu-r
i rnoiilhs or one year (at 1 ho option cf
tlir depositor) before it will draw four
per' cent interest.
Let I'm Help You to Get the Right Start
laupin State Bank
We Strive tu Merit Approval