The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 17, 1921, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 8. NO 6
WAtCH tnrz
11 MVillQiW
New Garage
I The tenth new building under
construction in Maupin since the
fire is nearing completion. It is
a new garage located on Fifth
street and on the proposed new
highway route. A. W Temple
and W. 0. Miller are the proprie
tfcw.8,, the former to have the
Tftanagement of the garage. Mr.
TemDle who is quite well known
here, having been in the employ
of the Maupin Garage for several
months prior to this business
venture, believes Maupin is a
good location for another garage
and it is planned to open for
buisness in a few days5. The
building . which has been erected
in the past week is of lumber, to
be replaced with an adequate
cement strucure when spring
A good stock of tools and aec
essories will be carried.
The local Rebekahs are giving
an entertainment at the Cook
hall at Maupin. November 25.
Portland Painless Dentist, 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
All work guaranteed, W. T.
Slatten D, D. S. Proprietor.
Paint Them Yourself, Madam
Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Etc.
WE furnish free detailed
advice on refinishing
your own furniture, floors,
walls, etc. We tell you what
kind of paint, varnish or enamel
f to use. What kind of brusl
L Where to buy the material.
: "Just a can of paint or var
nish and a little work that's
fun," will work wonders in your
. home. Try it on furniture now
; in your storeroom.
. After 72 years of experience
with paints and painting prac
tice, t uller makes a special line
of paints, varnishes and enam-
ls for just such purposes for
you to use yourself.
They spread easily,- 'dry per
fectly, and give every desired
Easy, and great fun to use
them. Economical, too.
We are one of the largest
manufacturers of paints, var
nishes, etc., in the United States
and make the very finest kind of,
Let our 12 years' experience
aid you. Follow Fuller Specifi
j cations and you'll get the right
effects depend on that.
Don't think you can't do
work like this simply because
vou haven't ever done it. Try
it, with our help. See how de
fc lighted you will be.
"Home Service" Paints
Vomit hs - Inomelt W. P. Fuller & Co.
ttnt that you get the right mi
teriftl 10 be eure to go to en
tuthorlied Puller deiler. Cut
out coupon to the right it a
memo to direct you.
Write for kooVItt of Fuller'
Soeeificitioa "Home SerTice"
Painta, whidh. tell, you )ut
whet to buy. Detcribe and get
our free advice on any kind of
painting job you went to Co.
For all axtarlor Jobs of painting It la advlaabla to abtai
t tha aarvlcea of a Maiter Painter ' J
t f
For Furniture and
F' ler'e Specification
for !l'Ourpose varnish,
he at home for furni
ture. b!ea, chain, lin
cleu. :, etc. Boiling
vrater rnnot harm it,
nor ri: iing furniture.
TJriea d..vt-free in iour
henrt. Walk en it over
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er euttitie. The meet durable
obtainable. Withatanda intarlor wear
and weather erpoaure. Doet not aeratcb,
peel, tub c rr turn white. Driea over
Produce, a nrror-lika elastic loot
finaih. WiMiatande the eruftng, heel
mark! and hot water, Holdt iti gloat,
Cltana eaaily.
Alto maVeri of Pybber-Ceroent Floor
Paint, Waehablr Wall Finish, Silken
white Enamel, Autr, F.nemel, Poich and
Step Paint.
W. P. Fuller & Co.
Dept. JO. San Fra aieco
Pioneer Paint Manufi : ere for
11 Year,
Ettablithed 119
Jranvhei- in It citiM In t Weal
Dealere Everywhere
(Cttt ttila out and put It fn """
porketbook or handbag aa a mem? I
Puller't "Home Rervlee' Paime
are aolr) bf the following In your
AGENT Pure Prepared PAINT
Maupin Drug Co.
Maupin, Oregon
"Your Money Goes Farther at Hill's"
Thanksgiving will soon be Here
We too, like our forefathers, the Pilgrims, have
a whole lot to he thankful for.
We are not involved in war. And another thing
that Thanksgiving was first set aside for: We have
bountiful crops, Peace, Happiness; therefore it will
soon be1 time to prepare that oldtime Thanksgiving feed
We have for Pies
We have for Cakes
Squash, Pumpkin, Apples Bananas, Walnuts, liasins
Lemons, Sweet Potatoes Cocoanut, Extracts
For Sauce: Cranberries, Apples
We have also a good line of fresh fruits, Eating
Apples, Grapes, Pears, Comb Honey, and a general
line of groceries.
Hill's Cash Store
"Your Money Goes Farther at Hill's"
School Notes
The primary room has a new
pupil, Charles Bothwell.
Mrs. Wertz, the primary teach
er, will spend Thanksgiving
vacation, following the institute
in The Dalles, in Portland.
The Maupin Literary Society
will hold its regular program
Friday, November 18. Every
body is invited to come and dis
cuss and lay plans for the Christ
mas program.
The student body had a special
meeting to prepare for the en
tertainment coming December 5.
Several committees were appoint
ed: Financial committee, Emia
Morris, chairman tnl Willitm
McClure and Doris Talcott; en
tertainment committee, Clifford
McCorkle, chairman and Jean
Wilson and Lorraine StovaU; ad
vertising committee., Mildred
Talcott, - chai r ma n, Winifred
Kaiser and Stanley Houghton;
arrangement committee, Jesse
Walter, chairman, Arthur Philm
lee and Elza Derthick. .These
students will do all in their
Bjwer to make the entertainment
a success and the remainder of
the student body are ready to
h i i them.
Orland Walter, C. E.
Tygh Valley School Notes
Ti r'teys and other decorations
are taking the place of the flags
and other Armiscice Day decor
ations. The Armistice Day program
was attended by a very large
and appreciative audience. Music
by the orchestra and glee club
was greatly enjoj el. The war
time songs were sung. An. in
teresting and instructive talk
was given by Rex Bonn-y, rep
resenting the soldiers.
The next program will be giv
en by the student body at the
halt on Friday evening, Decem
ber 9. It will be preliminary to
a basket social and dance. All
are invited.
Tim student bidy has adopted
for its motto, "Possunt quia
posse videntur." The preamble
to cur constitution recently
adopted is as fullo.vs: To the
end thai the highest and finest
development of bod, mind and
soul may le soul may be secured,
we do establish this constitution
f jr the Student Body of the
Tygh Valley High School.
The enrollment of the schot I
is constantly increasing and ev
erybody is happy.
Winston R. Lake, Editor.
plies, such as paper towels, towel
rack, chalk, etc., were also re
ceived and 'Mr. O'Brien has been
generally repairing the school
Several of the high school pu
pils are taking up their Palmer
method writing work again, un
der the manasement of Jennie
Bronner and Josephine O'Brien,
both of these girls having their
final certificates in this work.
The attendance and interest
in the work in the grades was
heeter last week than any time
since scrol opened. We psrn
estly hope that such reports may
Around Maupin
Lead pencils, 2 for 5c Maupin
T. W. Shaughnessy, aftera
few weeks on the Centeral Ore
gon Sun at Bend, stopped here
Wednesday, before going on to
Roy Batty is still harveating
tomatoes from his garden. Last
week he brought a five gallon
picking to town.
Sid Wilson was in Maupin Wed
continue from week to week.
Mabel H. Cyr, Editor.
Wasco County residents will appreciate a
pleasant home and delicious meals whcnJn
The Dalles if j ou make your headquarters at
Mrs. N. W. Flinn, Prop.
Zell S
1100 Kelly Ave. The Dalles, Ore.
Phone Main 3151
160 acre Farm Wanted
Fair Improvements
Wapinitia School
The basket social given at
Wapinitia Friday night, Novem
ber 11, was a grand success,
$112.28 being made. Those who
contributed to the program out
side of school were Mrs. Walter
Sharp, who gave a reading, Mrs.
Ered Magill who helped with the
music, and Mr. N. G. Hedin, I
who sang a solo and gave a very
interesting Armistice Day talk.
T) these people the school ex
tir.di.its thanks for so kindly
helping us with the program.
We also wish to thank the ladies
in the community who helped in
making our social a success t y
' bringing baskets and pies, and
I the men for so generously bid
ding on them. The school board
now has the proceeds in Us care
and is investigating to find the
best bargain possible for a piano.
Next week will be vacation
week for tne schools, us the
teachers' institute will beheld in
The Dalles at that time.
The high school received a
new dictionary stand and a wast
j paper basket WedueaJay worn
,ing. Several qther minor sup-
Horseshoeing, Wheel and
Wood Work, Shear Grinding
at Reasonable Rates
The Problem of Saving
Hard l.o Start and Harder Still to Keep Up
A TIME DEPOSIT must be loft cither
Ax months or o'ue year (at the option of
I he depositor) before it will draw four
per (cut interest.
1-et l's Help You to Get the Right Start
Maupin State Bank
Yc Strive to Merit Approval