The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 10, 1921, Image 4

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Mr. and Mrs. Banty havt
moved in with Clyde Flinn for
the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Sinclair
returned from Roseburg Friday.
Ira Flinn and family arrived
Saturday and are visiting with
Clyde Flinn.
Mrs. Fred Magill has started a
music class.
D. W. Sharpe and family have
returned from The Dalles where
they have been visiting the
E. M. Hartman went to The
Dalles Wednesday with Ben
Richardson. ,
Prof. Bigbee spent the week
end in Portland, getting ac
quainted with Miss Jean Ann,
his granddaughter. He also took
in the football game between
California and Washington 6tate
teams while there.
Rev. McDonald preached here
Sunday night. He returned to
Portland Wednesday.
J. I. Parker and Rev. Mc
Donald were Warnic visitors
Jamie Abbott went to The
Dalles Monday night. '
Hank Ilarpham has moved his
family into their new house in
There will be a basket social
at the school house November
18th, Proceeds to be applied ss
first payment on a piano for the
high sohool. A good progran is
heiiitf prepared. Let's all boost
and each fix a basket.
Mrs. Rice is not so well.
Ira Giisham is in Dufur
Chester Rice is doing the chores
at (Jrisham's this week.
Miss Lenora Klindt and Mr.
Schvieberof Friend were Sun
day guests of Miss Mahaney at,
the Burnside.home.
A pie social was held at the
Pine Grove school house Oct. 28
A goodly number were present
and the sum of ifi.'8 was taken in
and is to be applied on. library
books for the school.
Mr. and Mrs Burnside enter
tained a large crowd of friends
and neighbors at a Hollowe'en
party Monday night.
A number from here went to
the basket social at the Victor
school house Saturday night A
flue time was reported.
The pupils of the Powell school
entertained their parents and
friends at a Hollowe'en party.
A good program was rendered
after which a bonfire and gamesi
were enjoyed until 10:30 when
refreshments consisting of cttke
and colYve were served. Murh
credit is due the teacher, Mi
Lui'.k for the success of the
Mis. 1). Woodside is, home
from Dufur,
Wood hauling is the rhjrf oc
cupation now days.
About 100 persons were prev
ent Ht the church last Sunda t
for the Rally day -provrrnm.
Mr. and Mr.s, Calvin McOrkle
spent Wednesday in The Dalles
Wairtic News
lii-t werk)
Mr. and Mr.'. C. M, Flyler
tnve a picture show ;nd Hul
lowe'en dance in the I nil f?atur-'
day night. Mr. and Airs. I'yt
of Maupin won the first i?ii?pl
f"f the best dancers hud Johnie
(liastain and Mrs. rjaura Clips
tain and Guy ami AJma Briton
ti"d for lh second, prize.
were drawn and ."nhnie and m
sister in law woj the leward.
The prizes otT.rjd were dainty
boxes of candy. ,
We have hnd unusually warm
d;iya hare s inc ! th rainst of last
-. J li. Woodowk and A. K.
Liike were Dalles vijitoti Friday
lemainipg over irfsh-
Frank ")rier uag a Dalles
visitor Friday.
A clown' wad rwst ivtr this
place last week "when tha sad
news of the" death of Lewie
Eurlipgame was announced. lie
1 resided here when a child and
was well and favorably known.
He was killed in an auto acci
dent. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood
cock were over from Maupin
Sunday, visiting at the A. E.
Lake home.
About thirty of the young
friends of Miss Claris Zumwali
gathered at her home last even
ing to celebrate her birthdaj
anniversary. Coffee, sandwiches
cake and dainty candies were
served. The evening was spent
in playing games, instrumental
music and singing. She receiv
ed many beautiful birthday gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Vard Norval
were Dalles visitors today.
Arby Magill killed a larje
buck in the mountains last week
that weighed two hundred
pounds. Mart New was hunt
ing with him.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Luke return
ed to Portland Friday after a
two week's stay with relatives
Mrs. Alice Batty is visittng her
sim Roy. on Juniper Flat this
Wsrtlj Travul in Cycle, 8peakerj and
Wrlteri Dropping Into the Mods
of the Moment.
"All oct t Ion," atd the wordmonger.
"Is a word that is being given con
sldmble prominence, It became popu
lar during the war In connection with
ships find loans. The 'allocation' o!
quipping and the 'allocation' of loan
tame to be current phrases. Not long
ago the tenate called on the Presiden
for information as to how he had 'al
located' certain funds. In. a recent
newspaper story about an operatic
benefit In one of the big cities the
newspapers said that 'the allocation oi
boxes Is to be based on the size and
dale of the contribution.'
"'Allocation' In so closely allied to
'nllnt,' 'assign' and 'apportion' that the
shipping and treasury authorities
might Just as well have said the
'allotment' of ships and the 'apportion
ment' of funds or loans. But words
come into fashion and writers and
speakers fall luto i fall for' the pre
vailing mode In words as some per
sons do for the prevailing color. tn
socks or neckties and the prevailing
style in haircuts, says the Washing
ton Star. In the 'olden times' that is,
when grandfather wa In business
'allocation' had somewhat of a run as
a financial word and one could oftn
hear and see the phrase 'allocation of
he shares of the company.' "
Fox Ranching In Europe,
Although It Is not generally knowu,
qiflte a number of foxes were sold last
jetir to parties residing in Europe,
mainly throughout Sweden, Norway
ami Switzerland. One rancher who
has supplied a number of pair to
rhev Kuropeans, states that fhe In
dustry is spreading In a truly wonder
ful manner in these countries, and
that tlfl year he expects fo be able
to sell practically all bis foxes abroad.
There is only one drawback at present
to a general spread of the Industry
there, and that Is the rather high cost
of feeding, but this is being overcome,
and the s:ile of breeding stock at good
prices win amply covet the higher ex
peiifp. The present rate of exchange
Is Also a dladvantage, but this does
not Sfrm to affect those who want to
'tint In at the business, as the Euro
icnns urn now usr-d to this. Thre Is
most certainly a big field in Europe
for the fox industry, and that It will
pi me day amount to something big Is
a surrtv.
Congressman Nick Sinnott has
notified The Maupin Times that
h will make distribution of
government seeds allotted to him
this year through the papers in
hi district as this method has
proved so suecFfrsful for several
years in getting lame into the
hinds of those who most desired
them. There will be several
i t bivi da t-i .-1 mna C,li ollcttfrl Ia
each member of congress thi6
year than there were last year.
Congressman Sinnott will send
a package of seeds to any con
?tituent writing directly to him
at Washington, after they are
ready for distribution; sometime
after the first of the year.
Are nn usiug The Time liner
(column when you lu uv thing
M" ,,r w"nl I'uy wm Mkle
"r ""'bI'Iht m have or
lo dispose .1? If not try ad iu thaUpluuiu.
The Maupin Tunes
Published every Thrusday at
Maupin, Oregon
Jecbiliiie li.. Morrison,- Publisher
Subscription: Oue year, fi..SQ; six
iiouths, 75 cents; three uiuuiua, 50
Ktitered as second class mail
nutter September 2, 1914, at the
ostuffice at Maupin, Oregon, uu
ler the Act of March 3, 1879.
Around Maupin
James Brown is 'down from
Redmond, and expects to start
back tomorrow from Criterion
with thirty-five head of cattle.
Stovall's fly Swatters 5c each
Maupin Drug Store.
See the .blankets and robes at
For Sale Fat hens for Thanks
giving. Inquire of Mrs. H. F.
Geo. McDonald went to Port
land Sunday and returned Tues
Jay. Mr.and Mrs A H.Cunningham
noved to Willard Cunningham's
jlace last week.
Rev. Walter's parents who have
visited here the last few weeks,
eft Friday to visit a son in Idaho.
Mrs. Walter is getting up 3
Thanksgiving program.
Roy Batty was in from his
farm Wednesday.
House and Lot in Wamie, at
See F. Butler.
For Sale
All kinds of Rough Lumber
for sale for $15 M. Kramer &
irossinan, 9 miles west of Tygh
Valley. ,? . t
For Sale
Three room house, shade trees
and lawn on Deschutes avenue,
$750.00 cash. II.; A. WhaiteA'
. Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles; Ore
,frm, Nor. .7. 1921. l
Notice is hereby given that' t ''" K
Michael fl. Conrov "
of Maupin. Oregon, who. on October
i, 1950 made Additional Homestead
Entry No. 016938. for wl-2 swl-4.
section 14, SEl-4, SEl-4 ewl-4, Section
15, Nl-2 NEl-4, Section 22. Township 6
south, Range 15 east Willamette Me
ridian, has Tiled notice of intention to
make final three year proof to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
netore the Kegister and Keciver,
United StateB Land Office, at The
Dalles. Oregon, on tha 20th day of
December, 1921. ,
Claimant names as witnesses: Ed
Wakerlig, Lester Wilkins, lonald
Morrison, and Patrick H. Conroy all of
MianiKo, uregon.
J. W. Donnolly, Register,
This oriifinal estimate is made in compliance with section 231-A of the school laws of 1921
and shows in parallel columns
three fiscal years next preceeding the current year, the detail expenditures for the last one of said
three preceeding fiscal years and the budget allowances and expenriitures for six months of the
current year. ("Six months of the current year" means six months of the last school year )
Teachers (
Other services
3735 00
180 00
to 00
20 00
115 00
100 00
10 CO
50 00
185 00
25 00
5 00
573 00
loo 00
100 00
Total - Pergonal Services $
Furniture, (desks, fte.f $
Supplies, (chalk, etc.) i
Library books i
Flags !
Janitor's supplies j
Fuel i
Tostage and stationery
Total-Material. Supul'iea I
Maintenance and KepairsS
Total Maintenance
Bonded, Interest thereon
Wariant.interest thereon
All other indebtedness
and interest thereon
Total indebtedness
t." .
fetal Insurance
Total -Miscellaneous
Cimnd Total
I, Lawrence S. Stovall, do hereby certify that the above estimate of expenditures for the
year 1921-1922 was prepared by me and that the expenditures and budget allowance for six months
of the current year and the expenditures for the three fiscal years next preceeding the current year
as shown above hve been compiled from the records in my charge and are true and correct copies
Laurence S. Stovall, District Clerk.
Public Land Sale
Department of the interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dallej, Ore
gon, October 24. 11121.
nuucv us nereuy tnven mat as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land office, under provunona
of feec. 24o5, R. b., pursuant to the '
application of Malcom McDonald Serial
No. 022151, we will offer at public
sale, to the highest bidder, but at not
less than $3.00 per acre, at 10.45
o'clock A. M. on the 14th day of Dec
ember next, at this office, the following
tract of land: sEl-4 SEl-4, Section 2,
Township 7, South Range 14 East,
W. M. (Containing 40 Acres.
"This tract is ordered into the
market on a showing that the greater
portion thereof is mountainous or too
rough for cultivation."
The Bale will not be kept open but
will be declared closed when those
present at the hour named have ceased
bidding. . The person making the high-j
est bid will be required to immediately
pay to the Receiver the amount thereof
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
nie tneir claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
J. W. Donnolly, Register.
T. C. Queen, Receiver,
Department of the Interior
U. S Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, November 4, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
Jacob Teschner
of Wapinitia. Oregon, who on Seitt-
embcr, 12, 1917, made Homestead
entry No. 019248, for Lot 6, section 6,
Township t south, Range 13 east, Nl
2 SEl-4, svvl-4 SEl-4. Section 1, and
"IWl-4 NEl-4, section 12, Township 6
outh, Range 12 east, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make final three year proof to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before F. I. Stuart, United
states Commissioner at Maupin, Ore
gon, on the 16th day of December,
Claimant names as witnesses: O. I..
Pauuct, A. R. Wilcox. W. S Wooiiside
Jaclteon Rice, all ot Wapinitia, Oiefjon
J. W. Hotinolly, Register.
Notice is hereby given to the
legal voters of School District
No. 84 of Wasco County, State
of Oregon, that an election will
be held in said district at School
House on the 28th day of Novern
ber. 1921, 3:30 o'clock in the
aiternoon to vote on the ques
tion of increasing the amount of
the levy in said District for the
year 1921 by more than six per
cent over, the amount of such
levy for the year immediatel)
It is necessary to raise this
additional amount by special levy
for the following reasons;
Payment on erection of a New-
High school building and em
ploying an extra teacher.
Dated this 28th day of October
F.D. Stuart,
Chairman Hoard of Directors.
Lawrence S. Stovall,
the unit costs of the several services, material and supplies for the
Expenditures and budget j
allowance for six months
of last school year
I. I II . iu" .
t- , . . , v.ji tiud get al-,Uetailed ex v
"'rtnJi'-'jnnditures si
- - - - .i-lrtail A 1111
for tail J 1920-21 ZXJ"
the ensuing expenses ,,u
. UMU L Ollll 11 I
rl I l n
, isoo oo ,$ 1440 on s
1800 00
f0 00
12 50
90 00 i
12 50 :
1902 50 $
1540 50
50 '00
175 00
50 00
5 00
60 00
98 25
fi 75
2 50
J 47 50
25 00"
25 00
775 00
127 21
87 0
100 00
6 70
314 71
45 00"
45 00
359 16
40 00 "
40 00
775 00 f
80 00
80 00
! to the legal voters of School Dis-
j trict No. 84 of Wasco Countv,
State of Oregon, that a SCHOOL
MEETING of said district will
he held at School House on the
ocl j c xt u inn, .
th day Of November, 1921, at
3:30 o'clock in the afternoon for
the purpose of discussing the
budget hereinafter set out with
the levying board, and to vote
on the proposition of levying a
special district tax.
Tha total amount of money
needed by the said school dis
trict during the fiscal year be
ginning on June 30, 1921, and
ending June 30, 1922, is estima
ted in the following budget and
includes the amounts to be re
ceived from the county school
fund, state school fund, element
ary school fund, special district
tax, and all other moneys of the
Estimated Expenditures
Principal. $1575
Teachers 3 1125
Other services
Total $5200
Furniture (desks,
stoves.curtains, etc
Supplies (chalk,
$ 75
10 ,
erasers, etc.)
Library hooks
Janitor's supplies
b uel
Postage, stationery
Total $575
Construction $1500 1
Total $16U0
Maintenance and
Total .
' $500
Total estimated
amount of money
for all purposes
during the year
Estimated Receipts
From county school
fund during the
coming school year $916.25
From state school fund
during the coming
Bchool year 3028.00
From elementary school
fund during the com-
ing year 404.00
High School fund 800.00
Total estimated
receipts, not including
proposed tax
Balance, amount .
to be raised by dis
trict tax $3100.76
Dated this 28th day of October
F. D. Stuart,
Board of Directors
Laurence S. Stovall,
District Clerk..
Expenditures for three fiscal years
next preceeding the last
school year
First year
give yearly
fnr ,s oat1 r:
'."'"l TCJ'"
Till III LI IT. t'DH 1' if Tn
1917 18
l r jl tA n
nerind 1919! imom
I -1020 I
?po no
180 00
25 00
$ SI 4t no ,1 3505 00
3405 00
125 00
210 00
50 00
2(i0 00
13 50
jWO 90
200 00"'
2fi0 00
$ OW 50
$ 800 00
$ 325 00
. 3tU 1 7
216 00
577 77
$ 1550 00 $ 4112 00
Department of the Interior
U. s. Land Office at The Dalies. Ore
gon, INov. i,
Notice is hereby given -that
Lee K. Jackson
of Tygh Valley Oregon, w ho on I'ecem-
ber 1, 19ib made Homestead t-ntry Mo.
0167S7, and on April 7. 1920, made
additional Homestead No. 0177KJ, for
sl-2SEl-4, sec. 24, NEl-4, NEl-4 NWl-4,
NEl-4 SEl-4, section 25, lownship i
south. Range 13 east, swl-4 SEl-4,
SEl-4 swl-4, Lot 4, section 19, Nwl
4 NEl-4, El-2 Nwl-4 and Lots 1 and 2,
section 30, Township 3 south, Range
14 east, Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make three
vear proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before F. .
Stuart. United states Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 19th day of
December, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses: W. M,
Morrison, C. C. Con ley, T. L. Ashley,
W. R. Head, all of Tygh Valley, Ore
gon. J. W. Donnolly, Register.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed Executor
of the estate of John A. Evick who
recently resided at Wapiniti3. Wasco
County, Oregon, and is now deceased.
All persons having claims against
the said estate are required to present
them, properly verified, to the under-.
signed at the office of Robert E. Ellin- '
wood, his attorney, Post Office address
Box 2b, Wapinitia, Oregon, within six
months from the date of the first pub
lication of this notice that is within
six months from October 27th, 1921.
Newton C. lledin, Executor.
Notice is hereby given that, the under
signed has been appointed Administra
tor ot the estate ot laaac J. fovvell,
late of Wasco county, and now deceas
ed, All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby required
to present them. nroDerlv verified to
the undersigned at the olticc of K. B.
Uutur, in Maupin, Oregon, within six
months from the first date of this
uubl cation, paid date being Octo
ber 6th. 1321.
John M. Powell,
Public Land Sale
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, August 15, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land office, under provisions
of Sec. 2455, R. S.. pursuant to the
application of Thomas Jones, Serial
No. 022131, we will offer at public
sale to the highest bidder, but at not
less than $3. B0 per acre, at 11 o'clock
A.M. on the 22nd day of November
next, at this office, the following tract
of land: swl-4 NEl-4, sl-2Nwl-4, Sec.
15, T. a S., R. 14 E. W. M. (Containing
1.20 Acres),
The sale will not be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
present at the hour named have ceased
bidding. The person making the high
est bid will be required to immediately
pay to the Receiver the amount thereof
Any persona claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
tile their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
L. A. Booth, Receiver.
MENT Notice Ib hereby given that the under
signed Francis V. Galloway lies filed
his final account as the Administrator
of the estate of William Breen, de
ceased, and that the County Court
lias fixed November 19, 1921, in the
County Court Room of the county
court house in Tha Dalles, Wasco,
county, Oregon, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon as the time
and place for the hearing of objections
thereto if any there be.
All persons interested in said estate
aie hereby notified and required lo
appear at said time and place and
then and there show cause, if Hny
exists, why said final account si.ould
not be allowed and approved and the
said estate settled.
Dated this 11th day of October, 1321.
Francis V. Galloway
Attorney at Law
ifr I.O. O. F.
Irfidge Nu. 200, MiMipin, Oregon,
inept every .Saturday night in
I. O. O. F. hail. Visiting inpin
wrs alnars nrclruniP.
B. F. Tl'RNER, Secretary
Lester Crabtree, N. G.
James Chalmers
General Blacksmithing
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
Maupin. Ore.
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Km.nii 17-1S VoRt Block, oyer
Crosby' I'rug glore,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Bla-k Hit