The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 20, 1921, Image 4

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Wapinitia, Thursday, Oct. 27
Tygh Valley, Friday, Oct. 28
Wamic, Saturday, Oct. 29
Maupin, Sunday, Oct. 30
His Latest Play
"The Toll Gate"
Full of Wfcstern thrills. Mail train robbery and
escape i Mexican Border
Best Picture he has made yet
Sennett Comedy
Admission 21 e and 50c
Hallowe'en Dance
Wamic, Saturday, October 29th
A real live time assured if you will only be one of them
Prizes given four best Ifcdy nd gentleman waltzers
Lurch served at Wamic Hotel
Good Music, latest popular pieces played
Lunch 3!c per plate Dance $1.10
Sound Insurance j
- Ze 's
1100 Kelly Ave. The Dalles, Ore.
Phone Main ,'451
The Maupin Times
lied every Tlmisday at
M;iiiMii, ( rregoo
i K. Morrison, Publish
Sllbociiption: One year
mouths, 75 cento: three
s,x I
Entered sccoim
K setter September ?,
i ost office :U Mupin
(it! the Act of March
;s mail
at the
on, lilt-
- Front the ashtt of the past, H&t
Triumph of the Present,
Anyone with half an eye car
at a glance the futuif of th(
promising little town of Maupin.
Since the recent disasterous
rlre new cottages ()f artistic
design and substantial construc
tion are "pringitfff up almost
O' ern.ight. Oorge Cunningham
i? Putins up a modern four-
KOfm eottage on Grant avenue
fern M. Jory das near
pleted a neat, tittfc five-room
bungalow or, Vifth street. R
L. Wilson ,Va already moved
into hi' ito-.v home and the
Woodwk Residence in the west
cuijoJ,' tewpn is fast n earing com
pletion, other residen ces will
ft&doubtfrdly be built this fall
befon sr.ow Hies and cur village
is fast lecoming a tow p.
V a lew-i'en pn gra u and n
basket socia! will be given by
And at the V ictor school, district
No. 65. oi Saturday. October 2!',
1921, at p. m. Everybody is
invited. Girls bring your bas
kets and boys the money.
of w oolen I
Get your supply
blankets at V
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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Driver
are staying at the Setlfert place
wIiiIIh Mr. Seufert and famil
are in Portland,
George Magill has traded his
track for a larger one.
C. J, Van Duyn bought the
Pa nsy Shannon place In Tygh
las t week.
.Belvie Patison went to The
iJal'es today to take up work at
'he A. M. Williams store as a
deck in the men's furnishing
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Plyler
we re Sere Saturday night from
Grass Valley giving a movie
Mrs. Poiihia Kistner was ill
llaat week at her home in Tvuh.
Pierce Mays has purchased the
hniil flume in Tygh and is going
use the lumber in the construc
tion of a large bain he is build
ing on his farm. Ben Brown,
J;m Kistner snd Guy Britton
were tearing the tin me down
last week.
Willis and Tom Driver and
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kennedy went
to the Morn fair last week
and Mrs. Henry Miller
I mm the Falls-
W are hating fine
since the rains.
w a! her
'Turd Palmateer and Mr.
and Mrs. Lyman Booth went to
Maupin Saturday
Henry Driver arrived to 'av
from Modesto, Cal., coming by
auto. I
Cecil Woodcock WW Over from
Maupin, today.
Optremetist Coming
Dr. Clark of the Clark-Brower,1
Optical Co., 112 Sixth St., Port
land. Ore., will be in Maupin
I'roin Sunday afternoon, October
23rd, until noon, Monday, Oct
ober 24th, at Kelly Hotel.
All those who are having ee.clUDS an ine mn scno01 orcneii
trouble or are in need of glasses tra W1" Participate in the pro
are requested to see him while ram- All iriends of the school
here. are invited to attend.
Get your Satutday Evening,
Post and Country Gentleman at)l'rogress
Tho Mdnnin rimii Qt i Permis
1 IIV .Mill I Mil . ' i .' I I .
Wapinitia School
School opened September 12
with 54 pupils, increased to 56;
30 boys and 24 girls.
1 wentv-fniir- nnnils wprp not
.. r-e .. IWQ wno W18n tQ alie tni8 courge
absent or tarday during month. next year. The successsul corn
High school opened October 3 pletion of thjs course giveg a
mrs. n.goee, racing cnarge unci teachet,s certiricate without an
a teacher could be secured, Mrs. 'examination. Thus the useful
Bigbees health preventing her ness of our high school is further
from teaching throughout the extended and we are happy and
.yeai. iMnoiiuieiii in eigiu, in-
creased to thirteen. Mrs. Bar-
' ' r i i i i i i i i m i i i f i , l t r, ii i 1 i '
her duties us tacher of the high
school, Monday, October 10.
The high school is using the
old school house across the street
from the grade school. Black -beards
and new desks have been
installed and the interior Iib.s
been generally rearranged..
On October 17 a joint meeting
was held in Mr. Bigbee's room
to distribute checks to the pupils
of Wapinitia school who wot
prizes at the Tygh Valley fair.
The sum of $151 was won by the
pupils oi tins district (4b) am
;8 to Anna West and Gladvs
Smith, pupils from district 4
1 Lie following are names ol
pupils winning checks
Josephine O'Brien llthGr. $ 7 00
Vivian Barzee 8th
Floyd Richmond 8th
Vera Magill 8th
Elsie Lewis 8th
Crystal Hartman 7th
Mary O'Brien 7th
Roy Woodside 7th
Robert Lewis 7th
Louis Delco 6th
Ralph Hammer 6th
Mercy Maddron 6th
Bessie Arnett 6th
Loretta Delco 6th
Florence Woodside 5th
10 00
8 00
7 00
7 00
14 00
7 00
5 00
2 00
5 50
5 50
5 00
3 00
2 00
13 00
Oren Parker 5th
Alba Hackler 5th
Robert Magill 5th
Verla Lewis 4th
Richard Delco 4th
Margaret Magill 4th
Maggie Delco 4th
Frankie Hackler tth
Marion O'Brien 3rd
Ernie Endersby 3rd
Alva Delco 3rd
8 00
3 00
2 00
7 00
5 00
4 00
3 00
2 00
9 00
5 00
2 00
The pcrcentago of attendance
for the first month in the ele
mentary grades was 93 '?.
The nineteen library books
that were ordered last spring
have been received.
The three rooms are planning
to have a program on Friday
afternoon, October 28, in Mr
Bigbee's room in honor of Fran
cis K. Willard. Parents and
patrons invited to attend.
Mabel H. Cyr, Editor
Lead pencils, 2 for 5c
Drug Store.
Tygh Valley Sehool Notes
The girls in the intermediate
room have organized a cooking
and a sewing club.
A sewing club, a cooking cluh
and a home making club were
organized in the high school.
The two glee clubs of the
high school are progressing
leautifully in their work. All
the students are taking glet
club work. There are nine bovs
and five girls in the high school
0 chestra and excellent progress
!is being made. The two musi
cal directors confess themselves
very happy at the interest shown
.by the young people. The regu-
lar school work is a marvel of
The high school attendance for
the first month of school was
100 per cent. This perfect at-
I tendance record is an index of
eiieial anuuue oi tne iiirii
school students toward their
Prenarat ions ftrs iindorwav for
I the student body mixer to be
I held November 4. Both jflee
i -i i - ,i i . i i , ,
The classes in typewriting and
shorthand are making excellent
ermission has been granted
by the Supt of Public Instruc
tion to give the teacher's train
ing course in the Tygh Valley
high schoo, 0ne Wm
Leone Matthews, is taking this
lwork thja year and th(,)V are
. .
.,,.,. ,i t haM ho , ,;,ajad , lf t h n
city high schools are ours right
at home.
Winston R. Lake, Editor.
Portland Painless Dentist, 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon
(All work guaranteed, W. T.
iSlatten D, 1). S. Proprietor,
School Notes
Ol valle Fralev who bus hppn
'absent the pa8t vvnpk, on Bccount
0f jnesg is back in 8chool
,Iames Butler is a new member
of the 6th grade. James comes
from the Corvallis schools and
brings the grammar grade en
rollment up to 20.
Witches, black cats and owls
have begun to make their ap
pearance in the grammar grades
aw well as the primary room.
The two new Remington type
writers No. 10 recently secured
by the school board have arrived
and the classes will be organized
The school children are very
much pleased to announce to
their parents and friends the
winning of nine prizes Three
firsts, three seconds and three
third prizes. In sewing first
and second by Olive Turner and
Winifred Kaiser respectively.
Eighth grade arithmetic second
prize by Arthur Philmlee; in 7th
grade arithmetic by Helen Philm
lee. Spelling In the 7th fiisl
and third by Jean Wilson and
Olive Turner respectively. In
the 6th spelling tied for first by
Mary Morrison. In 5th Spelling
third by Earl Greene. In the
4th spelling third byMelvin Jor
Making a total of 127,50.
This is our first entry into the
county contest and we are quite
well pleased with the result.
The student body is perfecting
its organization. They voted
unimously to celebrate the good
English week in the early pait
of November, as set aside by tlu
Council for better English rn I
are entering the preparation
with zest and we believe they
will carry the celebration through
in a manner that will be an
honor and a profit to themselves,
that is the Maupin Way.
Our next literary program will
be given October 28. From the
buzz and hum of preparation
that is going on it promises to
be full of pleasure and zest of
frolic and profit as the witch of
Hallowe'en herself and tose that
tiail to come are going to miss a
treat such as only our pupils can
give. E, very body is invited.
Jesse Walter, C. E.
Parsnips and squashes for sale
A. H. Philmlee.
Fourteen Years Ago
(from the Tygh Valley Bee, Fall
of 1907, E- O. Shepherd. Editor)
(Mrs. John McCorkle)
Good farm hand wanted. A
A. Bounev.
If you want to rent land see
A. Bonney.
Charles Heisler of
Dufur was
in Tygh this week.
Coming to
Dr. Mellenthin
for the past fifteen years
Does Not Use Surgery
Will be at
The Dalles Hotel
Tuesday and Wednesday
November 8 and 9
Office Hours 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.
No Charge for Examination
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular
graduate in medicine and surgery
and is licensed by the state of
Oregon. He visits professionally
the more important towns and
cities and offers to all who call
on this trip consultation ami ex
annition free, except the ex
pense of treatment when desired.
According to his method of
treatment he does not operate
fir chronic appendicitis, gal
scones, ulcers of stomach, tonsils
or adenoids.
He has to his credit man J
wonderful results in disease.; ol
the stomach, liver, bowels, blood
km, nerves,' heart, kidney blad
der, bed wetting, catarrh, weak
lung-, and rectal ailments.
li you have been ailing lor ai y
length of time and do not gtc
any better, do not. fail to call, as
improper measures rather than
d sease are very often the cause
if your lung standing trouble.
Remember above date, that
examination on this trip will be
freehand that his treatment is
Address: 3?6 Boston Block.
Minneapolis, Minn.
For Sale Beardless seed rye,
best acclimated seed at Manpin
Warehouse Co.
See the blankets and robes at
John Donaldson's neat little
cottage presents an entirely new
appearance with a dressing ol
white paint trimmed with green.
A new stock of woolen blan
kets at Wilson's.
Seed Rye for sale at Hunts
Ferry Whse. See Bolton.
House and Lot in Wamic, at
$225. See F. C. Butler.
Fred A. Covey wrote from
Stanford University, Cal.. fore
copy of the Times telling of the
fire. The stock of extra copies
were long since exhausted.
Stovall's fly Swatters 5c each
Maupin Drug Store.
For Sale
Three room house, shade trees
and lawn on Deschutes avenue,
$750.00 cash. H. A. Whaite.
For Sale
All kinds of Rough Lumbei
for sale for $15 M. - Kramer &
Grossman, 9 miles west of Tvgh
Iva Wing is reported as being
on th? sick list this week.
Lvda Powell returned home
Sunday, her father meeting her
a: Dufur.
Grandma Chastain has moved
into the bouse formerly occupied
by H. H. Hull.
H. H. Hull and wife have
moved to Smock where thev
will spend the winter.
Mrs. Milstead is at home
after spending a few weeks with
Grandma Cook.
Sam Brown and wife left Fri
day for their old home in Georg
ia to make an extended visit.
Esther Rogers is home again
after spending a couple of weeks
at the home of Tom ('hacf -;-,
M. F. Coberth and G. Marsh
are to be connected to the adjoin
ing neighborhood by means of a
The Ladies Aid Society will
meet at the parsonage tomorrow
afternoon. Business of import
ance regarding the Bazaar will
be transacted, and all ladies are
urged to be present.
accompanied the Grand Master o
I. O. O. F. over from Dnfur last
Friday, returning Saturday.
James Millstead has been em
ployed the past week moving
straw from the farm of J. G.
The Ladies Aid Society will
hold their Annual Bazaar in the
hall on the night of December 11.
P. A. Scott and wife are in
Portland visiting with a neicil
During tin irabscence MrsSlentz
will have charge of their ranch.
Pneumonia Follows a,cold but
never follows the use of Foley's
Honey and Tar. It stops the cough
heals and strengthens the lungs
and prevents pneumonia. J.
Davies, druggist.
At the White River school
house yesterday a Thanksgiving
dinner was given to the children
of that district. The children
had a merry time. 1
J, G. Tunison, after visiting
his son and daughter in Portland,
returned home one day last week.
His wife attended to the duties of
the home during his ;ibsence.
Nui ice is horeliy given tliattlic under
iki.im1 lias lieen appointed Administra
tor of the i'sUiIp of Isaac J. Powell,
late of Wasco county, and now deceas
ed. All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby required
to present then, properly verified to
the undersigned at the officlsof E. B.
Dufur, in Maupin Oregon, within six
months from the fust date of this
iiuhl cation, t-aid date being Octo
ber 6th. 1921.
John M. Powell,
Public Land Kale
Department of the interior
U. 8. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
Son, August 15, 1921.
Notice is hereby given (hat as
directed by the Comruissloner of the
General Land office, under provisions
of Sec. 2465, It. S.. pursuant to the
application of Thomas Jomee, Serial
No. 022131, we will offer at public
sale to the highest bidder, but at not
leu than S3. 60 per acre, at 11 o'clock
A.M. on tlie 22nd day of Novembtr
nent, at this office, the following tract
of land: swl 4 NEl-4, sl-2Nwl-4, Sec.
16, T. 'A S., R. 14 E. VV. M. (Containing
120 Acres).
The sale will not. be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
present at the hour named have ceased
bidding. The person making the high
est bid will be required to immediately
pay to the Receiver the amount thereof
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
L, A. Booth. Receiver.
MENT Notice is hereby given that the under
signed Francis V. Galloway has (iled
his final account as the Administrator
of the estate of William Breen, de
caaed, and that the County Court lixed November 18, 1921, in the
County Court Room of the county
court bouse in The Dalles, WascoA
county, Oregon, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon as the time
an I place for the heal ing of objections
thereto if any there be.
All persons interested in said estate
are hereby notified and required to
appear at uaid time and place and
then and there show cause, if any
exists, why said final account si.ould
net be allowed and approved and the
s nd estate settled.
Dated this llth day of October, 1921.
Francis V. Galloway
Attorney at Law
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
I. O. (J. F. hail. Visiting uiem
oers always welcome.
B. F. Turner, Secretary
Lester Crabtree, N. G.
James Chalmers
General Blacksmithing
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
Maupin, Ore.
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-1 Yogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
Eil Hill and Frank Peabod