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Devoted to the Interest? of Southern Watsco County
VOL 7, NO 40
THE YEAR $1.50
Early Resident of Tygh Valley
Dies in Portland.
J. T. Harper, 65 years old,
died in Portland Sunday, follow
ing an extended illness. Mr.
Harper was an early resident of
The Dalles at one time operating
a grocery store here. Later he
moved to Tygh Valley where he
operated a general merchandise
store until about four months
ago, when he moved to Portland
He is survived by his wife, one
sister, Mrs. Mary Bass of St.
Joseph, Mo., and three brothers,
J. II., A. II., and W. D. Harper,
all of The Dalles. He was a
member of the Tvgh Valley Odd
Fellows' lodge and the Dufur
Masonic lodge. The body will
arrive in The Dalles tomorrow,
Funeral services will be held
tomorrow at 6:30 p. m. from the
Crandall Undertaking' company's
chapel, Rev. W. H. H. For3yth
officiating. Fraternal services
will be held at the grave, under
the direction of the Mosonic
lodge. Burial will be in the Odd
Fellows' cemetery. Chronicle,
July 11.
Excursion Date Changed.
The excursion of farmers from
the middle west to Oregon which
was scheduled to leave Omaha
on July 19 and which would have
reached Maupin on July 27 has
been postponed until some time
in September.
The reasons given are that
because of the excessive rains
throughout that section, there
are miles of wheat in Kansas,
Nebraaka and Missouri still in
the shock and the weather is
such that it cannot be threshed
and the farmers are unable to
leave at this season of the year.
The farmers interviewed by the
Union Pacific men and others
assisting in the work have stated
that they would be glad to come
to Oregon in September and re
quest that the date for them to
leave be postponed until that
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Mnnnin. Sunday.
July 10
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Wapinitia Irrigation Co. Wins
ZZ:Bitterly Contested Suit." Si
The decree of Judge Wolver
ton in the Keep-Morgan suit
against the Wapinitia Irrigation
Company and water users is here
in below printed. It was one of
the most bitterly contested cases
in the U. S. Federal Court in
many years. It lasted ten days.
Among the witnesses who attend
ed the trial were L. B. Kelly,
J. S. Brown, v John Ayers, W. B.
Keen, Joe Colt Edward Fisher,
and others. This victory over
Keep and the Eastern Irrigation
Power and Lumber Company is
ocasion for rejoicing over Wap
initia Plains. The attorneys for
Morgan and Keep were Shepherd
& Mendelshon. Richard Montague
repiesenled the farmers and
wat'i' users. Attorneys Harry
Hay a idS. B. Houston, the late
senator, represented. Wapinitia
Irrigation Company. '
That the complaint should be,
and hereby is dismissed.
That the defendant Joseph R.
Keep and M agents, employees
and attorneys should be, and
hereby are, perpetually enjoined
from interfering, directly or in
directly, with the Wapinitia
Irrigation Company in its enjoy
ment of the property and rights,
franchises, etc., acquired by
said defendant corporation by
virtue of the deed to it from the
Eastern Irrigation, power and
Lumber . Company which 'said
deed is further described as
bearing date on or alout the
twenty-fifth day of September,
1914; and are also perpetually
enjoined irom in any manner
disturbing the said Wapinitia
Irrigation Company and UK
water users securing water from
the ditches of said defendant
company, or either or any oi
them, in the full enjoyment of
their respective properties, rights
and privileges with reference
to the irrigation plant of said
Wapinitia Irrigation Company.
That the answering defendants
in the suit, namely, the Wapini
tia Irrigation Company, a cor
poration; E. E. Miller, J. P,
Abbott, C. E. Alexander, J. W.
Ayres, Fen Batty, Frank Batty,
Roy Batty, Ed Bothwell, H. F.
Bothwell, O. D. Bothwell, A. A.
Britton, John Carlin, W. O.
Chastain, George Claymier, F.
M. Confer, Charles Cox, J. S,
Brown, Andrew Crabtree, M.
Delore, Earnest Dodge, R. B.
Diriver, Volney Endersby, Floyd
Eubanks, A. F. Evick, F. S
Fleming, N. W. Flinn, B. L,
Foreman, Joe Graham, Herbert
Hammee, Ira Grishani, Bert
Hammer, Hank Harpham, James
Hartman, L. C. Henneghan,
Frank Huston, L. B., Kelly
Calvin McCorkle, R. W. McCor
kle, Fred Magill, P. H. Mott, E.
A. Mayhew, J. W. O'Brien, O,
L. Paquet, Mrs. Mary Pechette
John Powell, J. L Kelly, Bren
ton Slusher, Harvey , Slusher,
Grover Slusher, Roy Slusher,
Elmer Snodgrass, Arabel Staats?
D. W. Talcott, I. C. San ford
Louis Walters, Walter Woodside,
L. W. Woodside, Dee Woodside
G. E. Wood, J. W. Ward, J. I
West, W. 0. Wilson, E,
Fischer"; and each of said answer
ing defendants hane and recover
of and from the above-named
complaint, their respective costs
and disbursements in the abov
entitled suit.
Done and dated at Portland
Oregon, this 9th day of May
Chas E. Wolverton,
District Judge.
Game Warden Makes Catch
Verily the way of the trans
gressor is strewn with much
grief, and he that fisheth with
out a license had best keep his
weather eye peeled for the wily
srame warden.
"One gentleman of Maupin and
two more of Tygh Valley have
cause to believe there is wisdom
in the above paragraph.
L. B. Kelly of Maupin, being
of the opinion that Old Sol was
miling too brightly for comfort
on tne hill, hied himself to the
river to whjle away an hour or
two in the shade of a willow and
neidently angle for the'luscious
ainbow. Mr. Kell is not really
fond of fishing and seldom in
dulges in this form of sport oi-
pastime, consequently Mr. Kellj
ad neglected ' to secure the
necessary angler's license, (We
think Mr. Kelly will agree the
word necessary is well nsed).
Mr. Earl B. Houston, game
warden of , Bend, being a very
ndustrious game warden, and a
game warden who ranges wide
and silently, - silently ranged
upon Mr, Kelly in his quiet and
deluded and shady spot. Mr.
Houston is not a fisherman
and seldom indulges in the
sport but seems to have an over
grown hankering to feast his
eyes upon the little blue tinted
slip the state uses for a receipt
for the coin they extract from
your bank roll for the priviledge
of fishing. Of course Mr. Houston
Could not visit with Mr. Kelly
very long without mentioning
this special hankering of his and
Mr. Kelly being unable" to
assuage said hankering because
Mr. Kelly does not care a great
deal about fishing -just goes
occatsionly for want of something
better to do and perhaps kill a
little time in the shade and
breathe the pure air and refresh-
ng breeze that interferes with
accurate fly casting, Mr. Houston
n formed him that the state
demanded that all of ,the male
gender over the age of sixteen
carry one of those little blue
tinted slips whilo flirting with
the finny tribe if fur no other
reason than to show game
wardens who have a hankering
to look at them, and provides a
penalty for failure to satisfy the
desires of the hankering game
warden. Mr. Kelly, being of a
very generous and obliging dis
position, deplored his inability
to satisfy Mr. Huston's craving,
accompanied Mr Houston to the
chambers of Judge Fischer and
contributed the required salve
for the healing of the wound
Louis J. Bonney resident of
Tygh Valley, was also encount
ered by Mr. Houston, while fish
ing near Shearers bridge without
permission by the state as indi
cated by the little blue tinted
slip. He also made the usual
contribution in Judge Fischer's
The Bonney case came up
Monday and Mr.. Kelly had his
turn Tuesday.
When you come to Maupin come in and see
us and bring the family. We will be glad
to meet you and you can eat at the Hotel
Kelly as cheap as you can at home.
M. FLYNN, Prop.
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coat; also to quote fares, prepare your itiner
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R. B. BELL, Agent
Maupin, Oregon
or address
WM. McMURRAY, General l'aasuner Atfenl
Portland, Oregon
The Times for the Home News
The Harvest is On.
Threshing commenced for the
season on Juniper Flat at R. W.
McCorkle's farm Wednesday,
when Mr. McCorkle and sons
started up their machine.
Considerable binder work has
been done and some heading,
and in .a few days harvesting
and threshing will he underway
in the entire section.
Tuesday's Dalles Chronicle
made following comment:
Fall wheat is now sufficiently
hardened that no amount of
heat, even including the dreaded
41 U t ,lt ,' -r ' ' I i
fV ' ''.'ihv-'lj
f ,VV V ".'1
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You've fitted Machinery to your Farm
me fit music to your home
Maupin, Oregon