The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 23, 1921, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 7, NO 37
THE YEAR $1.50
1 1
Your Harvest Supply
Lubricating Oils
and Greases
Should Be
Lubricates Better
Costs Less
Goes Further
No. 1-35-7-9 in
Bbla. and less quantity
Our Prices are
Standard Oil Co. Prices plus
5 cts. per gallon freight
Holdups Foiled.
While K. L. Hauser's car was
parked on the roadside near
Tygh Valley Sunday a couple
chaps in a car from Yakima re
lieved it of a gun. Mr. Hauser
returning to his machine in a
short time missed his gun and
took chase, overtaking the boys
at Tygh and recovered his fire
arm. Upon being informed that
they would be placed under ar
rest, the young men left their
machine andj proceeded down
Tygh creek, making their emape
It is alleged the machine . was
stolen at Yakima,
Anybody wanting farm labor
ers or harvest hands notify W.
0. Miller, Post Commander,
American Legion, Maupin Post
73. These men are ex-service
men and need the work.
The following teachers were
elected for the coming year:
Principal, A. M. Winn; inter
mediate, lea Derthick; Primary,
Jeannette Graham Wertz, from
Estacada, Oregon. . School will
start September 12th.
Sanitary and Commercial Rooms
Remember we run on pre-war prices -home cooking, neat and clean
Meals Served: Breakfast 6 to 8; Dinner 12 to 2; Supper 6 to 8.
Our Motto is SERVICE
Warning Reyersed
State Game Commission, Port
land, June 20, 1921.
Mr. Robert Carland,
Maupin, Oregon,
Dear Sir:
Replying to your inquiry of
the 18th instant, will say that a
woman is not required to obtain
an anglers' license to catch the
game fish of the State of Oregon
with hook and line. A woman
does not have to have a license
to Cmh for game fish in the
National Forests of the State.
The Forest Ranger is mistaken.
A woman will have to have a
license, however, to hunt deer
in order to obtain the tags to put
on the. deer when she kills it.
We have written the Forest
Warden about this as you sug
gest. Yours very truly,
State Game Commission. .
By F M. Brown.
Chief Deputy Game Warden.
Among Southern Wasco county
residents visiting The Dalles the
last of the week are A. G. Har
vey, Wamic, Mr. and Mrs. C. T.
Wing, Maii"i Allen, Tygh Val
ley, N. G. lledin, Wapinitia, E.
H. Snodgras?, M. L Shearer, A.
J. Connolly, Maupin, D. Conroy,
Now for Che Fishing Tackle.
It don't pay to bother with bum
stuff. We've got the kind that
gets the Fish. Maupin Drug
Mrs. Harry Anderson and
children returned home from
Portland Thursday afternoon.
Base Ball
The Maupin ball team spent
last Saturday and Sunday in
Moro, playing a same of ball
each day.
For this special occasion the
management of Moro had col
lected a bunch of star players
from Portland, Corvallis, Wasco,
Condon, Arlington and Grass
Valley, in fact, every place ex
cept Moro.
Saturday was rainy and a bad
day for base ball. Our Maupin
J-toys held the bunch of stars to
a 3 to 1 score until the last of
the 9th when everybody seemed
to go to pieces, letting in 3 runs.
'Sunday was an ideal day for
hall playipg and the Maupin
boys went in with the intention
of winning the game and won it,
shutting out the all Btar players
to the tune of 4 to 0.
The batteries for Saturday
were: Maupin Morrow and Ren-
nick; Moro Kewpie dough,
Portland pitcher playing for
Wasco, and Mad eras, Grass Val
Sunday: Maupin Arthur Mor
ris, Oscar Rennick; Moro-Lefty
Baldwin, Condon, Maderas, Grass
Valley, Wilson, Corvallis.
Next Sunday, June 26th is the
last game to be played at Maupin
this Eeason. between teams from
Antelope and Maupin.
These teams are evenly match
ed and will surely put up a good
Be on hand for next Sunday's
Admission 25 and 50 cents.
Mil's Cash Store
Freight is getting so high that I will quote yo'i Portland prices so that you
can compare them with mail order houses. I have the following
supplies always in stock
Tomatoes $2.65 case, equal to about 11c each by case
Corn $3.85 case, equal to about 16c each by case
String Beans $3.50 " " " 14c each by case
10 lbs Coffee $2.25 " " " 22 l-2c per Lb.
Pink Salmon $5.75 " " " 12c eack by case
Bacon 18c per lb Karo Syrup per gallon $1
Sugar handled on very small margin. Beans, Rice, Dried Fruits, canned
Fruits, Crackers, Peas and general line of Groceries all coining down
It will l)e worth your while to let me figure with you on your harvest bill.
"Your Money Goes Farther at Hill's
Wapinitia, Oregon
Carrying your surplus money around in your pocket is
Putting it on Time Deposit with us at four per cent Interest is
Start today
Wamic News'
Miss Erma Morris of Maupin
spent several days with Miss
Alda Norval.
A band of sheep belonging to
Jockel brothers of boyd passed
through here Thursday, going to
the mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Anderson
f Madras spent several days at
the C. S. McCorkle home last
week. Mrs. Anderson was Miss
Doratliy McCorkle's first teacher
Mr. Anderson is the secretary
f the Madras Irrigation com
pany and has been to Washing
ton D. C. to interview Congress
in behalf of the irrigation project.
The fanners here have an
abundant alfalfa hay crop this
year. Rill Johnson has so much
liay that he thinks of seeming
100 head of three-year-old steers
to fatten on the hay.
Many persons here witnessed
the air plane Fridav, passing
this way from Portland to Ante
lope. This is the first air craft
to pass over this place.
Ed Driver busied himself last
week looking after the irrigation
iatterals. The ditches are all
full this spring.
A heavy rain fell here Friday
night. Light showers fell Sat
urday and Sunday.
Eugene Pratt and Miss Crystal
Pratt arrived Friday from Oak
land where they have been some
time with Carl Pratt and family.
Among thos who went from
here to the Stampede at Ante
lope were Mr. and Mrs. Vard
Norval, Miss Crystal Pratt,
Housty Johnson, Miss Claris
?umwalt, Belvie Patison, Mr.
and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wing
and Miss Lena Wing, Mr. and
Mrs. uy Brittain.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Chastain
were over from Juniper Flat
Sunday, guests of Mrs. Emma
Hauser & Dahl sheep passed
through here today in charge of
L: ' Yxjz'ti
Case Grain-Saving Vamhtvs
Case tMhi.ilt ihnther with irop'r
mentg u-hlch we ore prenared fo futnkh
it'll thresh till gmint and seeds ptvirn,
TASE thresbera are sturdily built of steel,
v insuring long life. Steel construction also
prevents total destruction by fire. Rotting
and warping is impossible in a Case steel
thresher. Distorted frames and disalignment
of shafts and bearings from the pull of main
drive belts are avoided by the Case method of
construction. Gal vanning prevents rusting.
Add to this the fact that Case threshers in
sure the cleanest of threshing:, thorough sepa
ration, perfect cleaning: and unequaled saving
and you have the reason why more Caw
threshers were built and sold bt sason than
in any previous year of the history of the
J. 1. Case Threshing Machine Co.
We suggest you place year crdst for a Caas thrthr
89 early as possible. If you buy a Case you will b
satisfied. Come m and let's talk it over.
Wapinitia 24, Wamic 25, Maupin 26
lace i-vcecSo in
, Valley of the Giants
A picture of the Big Things of earth, Giant Men, Giant Trees
a struggle of Hearts' Wits and fists, a tale of the Big Outdoors
and the Redwood Lumber Camps of the West.
Sennett Bathing Girls Comedy
Poland Comedy Admissission 20, 40
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You've filled Machinery to your Farm
let me (it music to your home
Maupin, Oregon
W. A. Zaik. E. C. Fitzpatrick
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