The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 02, 1921, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
; VOL 7. NO 34
THE YEAR $1.50
R. Johnson brought a few
boxes of his delecious straw ber
ries to Maupin Tuesday, many of
which measure four to five
inches around and smell and look
like all that strawberres should
be. Ye scribe is indebted to Mr.
Johnson for a couple of fine
boxes. Mr. Johnson will be in
Maupin several times a week
f now during the season with fresh
Try Hazelwood ice cream and
a malted milk shake at Andy's
Local Items
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batty mo
tored up to Eight Mile, Oregon
last week visiting at the Joe
Batty home. They returned Tues
day, accompanied by Mrs. Joe
Batty and Mrs. Ray Aubrey who
will visit friends here three
Portland Painless Dentist. 305,
Second St. The Dalles Oregon,
All work guaranteed, W. T.
Slatten D, D. S. Proprietor.
While in Portland last week
Mrs. W. H. Staats was initiated
into the order, Daughters of
The Maupin-Townsite or lots will be taken off the market
June 7th, 1921, for an indefinite period and will be
repriced before offering for sale again. Buy your lot
before that time. Don't forget we sell insurance, take
applications for loans, do notary work, or accommodate
you in any reasonable manner.
MORRIS BROS., Maupin. .
and Homemakers, Conference
A Week of toll ege Life at O. A. C.
Cooperative Conventions
Excursions Let's Go
Corvallis, Ore.
June 13-15
Paint is on the drop. Get our
prices. Maupin Drug Store.
The Maupin School Commence
ment exercises, Friday night
were well attended and veiy im
pressive. Chas. Duncan was over from
Smock Tuesday.
The Stock Grower's Associa
tion picnic will be held at Tygh
tomorrow. A full program is
scheduled and a good time assur
ed. Bring your baskets.
J. F. Blanchard of Smock is
here as deputy assessor.
Water Patrons, Warning: Be
careful that you do not let your
water run later than 10 o'clock
at night. This is for your own
Bruce Bothwell took suddenly
ill Sunday evening and is still
confined to his bed.
Little Raymond Jory caught a
Redside in the river, near the
bridge Monday afternoon. The
fish weighed one and one-half
pounds and was seventeen inches
Miss Lydia Westergard of
Portland was the guest of friends
here the first of the week.
Mrs. Lillian Schlais and little
son and sister from Moro, come
last Thursday and are guests of
A. A. Britton, Mrs. Schlais will
remain and keep house for her
uncle. .
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
Supplies. -Maupin Drug Store.
How We Build
The Structure of Good Paint
WE make good paints like
this to save you money ;
and we've put 72 years' experi
ence into them.
We use pure HONEEK
WHITE LEAD, pure linseed
Oil, zinc and color in scientific-
silly exact proportions.
The lead base is made so fine
that it will paes through a silk
screen with. 40,000 meshes to
the square inch. That means
covering capacity and ease of
A special device super-purifies
the lead, making it "Whiter" so
Fuller paints are exceptionally
clear-toned. All ingredients are
thoroughly mixed in specially
designed machines, so the paint
is always uniform and smooth.
The result on the house is a
fceautiful, elastic, tough, protec
tive coating that 6tays, if proper
ly applied, five or more years,
keeping the wood like new.
Some people figure paint econ
omy as "cost per gallon." That
is wrong. For "cheap" paint
Idoesn't cover so much surface
J ou buy more gallons. "Cheap"
paint is harder to spread and you
have, more labor cost. So the
. "cheap" paint on the house costs
just as much as the best of paint.
Don't allow surfaces to rot
it costs lets to paint them.
"Cheap" paint on tlis aver
age starts craf.king in twelve
months, while the best paint
stays intact from five to ten
times longer, if properly applied.
Figure the cost per year of
service and decide which paint
you want to u-e.
We spend more to make
paint3 for your economy. Be
sure you get them when you
Fin i m
Pheentx Purs Paint
Fure Prepared Paint
Manufactured by W. P. Fuller & Co.
'Tiirs Pr'pat'4" fl4 "Phse
nix" are Fuller's Specifications
for house patatteg. Get either
and you hive the best
' thit anyone tin make,
u mi. e.tutr. tt.mta.
THEM. These piirrfs r lm
portant to you, so it's Important
to o to the right store to g't
them. Agents' names end ad
dresses are printed in the memo,
coupon to the right. Cut it oul
and put it in your pocket now.
Tat All Exterior Jobs of PsicHnf tt l Advisable- to
Sscure the Services of a Master Painter
on Painting
ASK our agent for our free ad
vice. He will shovs you a color
card which shows 32
shades of this desir
able paint.
We bjve a Fuller
Specification Depart
ment which will tell
you all about the
most desirable color
tchrmes, color har
mony and those other
details you want to
Take advantage of Fuller House
Paints. . Take steps to paint now.
Von't let weather depreciate your
Pent. 10, San Francisco
fieneer Msnufa?turr ef Pilntj,
Varnishes, Enamels, Stains, and
for 72 Years
Established 1S45.
Brch3 in 16 Cities in thi West
Dealers ery-htr!.
Also makets ef Rubber Omenl Florr
faint, AH Futpose Varnishes, Silken
vhite Enamel, Fifteen f?r-Floirs Var- -ish,
Washable Wall Finish, Auto
Enamel, Earn and Roof Paint, frn-M
nd Step Paint and PIONEER
Cut thij out and piste it In your
note book as memo,)
My house needs painting. Puller'i
Gratification House Faints ate sold by
the following Agent, i
AGENT Pure Prepared PAINT
Maupin Drug Co.
Maupin, Oregon
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
"Important" is the heading of
an anomious letter sent out to
the voters of Wasco county to
destroy votes for The Dalles
California, Highway Bond Issue.
I say anonimous because it is
signed "Citizens Welfare League
of Wasco County". "There is
no such animal". If this letter
was fair and its insticators were
clean purposed they would have
complied with the law and have
igned by their officers as pro-
vived by the Corrupt Practice
It has been stated by men who
are working heart and soul for
Wasco county in this road fight
as Well as for other county im
provements that Marcus A.
Mayer, a Portland retired capi
talist, with orchard property
holding in Wasco county is the
prime mover, the dark horse in
this attack on Wasco county's
much needed highway.
The people are entitled to
know about this letter and this
Citizen's Welfare League scheme
People can be fooled often and
it seems that the framers of this
plot desire to slip some eleventh:
hour stuff over on us without
givin time to answer-but we
are on the job. First read The
Dalles-Wasco County , Chamber
of Commerce ads . in the count y
papers this week-. ;
Mark A. Mayer owns a palacial
farm mension and valuable or
chard east of Mosier. I'll not
state how the deal wa3 arranged
that the Columbia Highway hap
pens to go rightthrough his
property for about a mile and
that $400,000 or more was spent
for the first four miles of Wasco
County Columbia Highway that
passes his door. This $400,000
includes the paving, and the
crews are at work laying tne
cement as this goes to press
What does he care for the sheep
men and "Rubes" of Central
Oregon or of Wasco county he
hrs his highway what if the
broken link in The Dalles-Cali
fornia Highway by failure of
our Bond issue would crippie
Wasco county, and Sherman
county would get our Highway
he is well taken cave of. What
if responsible and desireablt
American farmers, pioneers ol
our commonwealth, are isoiateo
by the impassible winter loads -
even to the exclusion m tnt
doctor's visit ofttimes he ha
his paved highway and does no
want to help the farmers to gel
even a graveled market road.
Mr. Edward C. Pease, a re
sponsible Dalles pioneer bushiest
man. mad public statement at
Maupin to a great throng ot
taxpayers, 'that can be relied on
as true and carefully checked by
the assessor. I wo lid look with
susoicion on a letter mat cioes
not conform with these state
ments of Mr. Pease since the
letter is not signed as by law
Times eome in the affairs of
counties as well as men when
the flood tide must be taken to
move with success. Today Was
co county stands at the thres
hold of its first and greatest
opportunity with the entire state
behind it and it seems vicious
that some outside resident, in
order to save a few coppers
wauld attempt to sidetrack 6000
Signed: N. G. Hedin.
Smock Items
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mayfield
are in The Dalles the past week,
Mrs. Mayfield being in the hos
pital for a minor operation, and
getting along fine.
The frost May 27th did great
damage, to fruit and gardens,
which will work hardship to the
E.nM. Wall and C. N. Farlow
are helping J. C. Bradway build
fence this week.
A number of Smockits will at
tend the Children's Day exer
cises at Abbott's Grove, Sunday
June 5th.
Saturday night seven carloads
of sheep, cattle and hogs were
shipped from the local Oregon
Trunk yards to Portland. Four
carloads were shipped the week
Base Ball
The baseball game at Maupin
last Sunday between the home
nine and a team from Grass Val
ley was one of the most exciting
games staged on the local field
so far this season. Although
our boys proved to be too much
for the Sherman county delega
tion, it was not too one-sided to
be interesting.
A large crowd of spectators
were out to witness the game. '
The score was 7 to 4 in favor of
Maupin. The same teams will
play at Tygh Valley fair grounds
tomorrow afternoon, June 3rd,
at the Stockmen's Annual Pionic
The Maupin boys play at
Madras next Sunday, June 5th.
The next same to be plajed at
Maupin will be June 12, Gate
way vs. Maupin. Everybody
remember the date for this game
First Annual
Recall of Times and Feats of Early Day
Presented by the Promoters of the ANTELOPE "STAMPEDE"
which has been a Grand Success each year from start to finish
Antelope, Ore. June 16-19, '21
At ; this Rouiul-Up will be 20 of the
worst bucking horses in Eastern Ore.
in Prizes and Purses
Full Racing Program
Something Doing all the Timet
Dancing and Shows Every Night
For further information address all communications: td. HENRY
STFVENSON, promoter, Mitchell. Or. or Billy Ray. Mer. Antelone
by Edgar Lewis
Life on the Plains of Okolohoma in early days, showing in reality
Sandstorms, Outlaws, Indians and Deserts. All nlav their Darts.
f you fail to see Tahoma you have missed a real good Western
as good or better than Desert Gold.
Bringing up of Father in Society
Show in Tygh Valley, June? 3, Wapinitia4
M a i p l n 5 . DANCE at Ty jh Valley after Show.
COMING, Wapinitia, June 10
Maupin 12
Will give you many a thrill, marry a moment of suspense and a
very great deal to think about after i t 'is all over,
Poland Comedy Admissission 20, 40
Now for the Ffshing Tackle.
It don't pay to bother with bum
stuff. We've got the kind that
gets the Fish. Maupin Drug
Some of the Many Things
at Andy's Place
Hazelwood Ice Cream, Vogan Candies
Fresh and Cured Meats
1 Iome Rendered Lard
Meals at all Hours
Hutter-Krust Bread
Confectionery, Cigars, Tobacco
Pool and Billiard Room in Connection
And y'l Place, Maupin, Ore.